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Selfish 3

Selfish 3


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 I sat down on Fola’s couch, which I would eventually become very familiar. She was getting me a glass of water as I took in a deep breath. She began talking,

“So did you guys argue or something?”

I sighed and said,

“No we didn’t. Well she asked me to give her money to go to New York and I said no. She got mad and called the police. They issued an order telling me to stay away from her. So here we are. I needed a police officer to escort me out of my own house Fola. I still can’t even believe it.”

She came and sat next to me placing her left hand on my right shoulder as she handed me the cup of water.

“Bada, I’m truly sorry about all of this. I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels. This is horrible and she’s just trying to ruin you. But those of us that care about you will actually be here for you all the way. You can stay here as long as you need to. You’re like family here.”

I turned over and gave her a hug. She was warm. She smelled like flowers.


The hug held for a bit and then we broke off as she rubbed my back. She got up and walked towards her room and stopped. She turned to look at me as she said,

“You know after Yemi. I was confident that you would end up in a happy marriage. I guess the marriage is truly in every sense of the word a couple’s thing. There are some truly evil people out there.”

 I shrugged and leaned back into the couch. Flicking through the channels, my eyes grew heavy. They closed for a bit as I fought sleep. The next time they opened, it was morning.

 My shoes had been taken off and my computer and phone charged. Fola had gone to work but she had taken care of all that I needed to get going. I smiled in appreciation as I got ready for work.

The ride to work was shorter as I was driving against traffic coming from Fola’s house. I couldn’t stop thinking of what Fola said about Yemi. Yemi was my ex girlfriend, the one before my most recent.


.       .       .       .       .         .

 I was on my lunch break eating by myself in the corner of the office lounge when I started thinking about what Fola had said the night before. Surprisingly, it was Fola that introduced me to her 7 years before. Yemi and I had been dating for 6years when I called the relationship quits. It had gotten extremely serious and all I could see was the lifetime decision of marriage on the horizon. I wasn’t ready and I immediately wanted to back out.

Slowly, the fights became more frequent. Her mother became involved. Yemi moved closer to my apartment. It was barely a twenty minute drive. We became more and more enmeshed in each other. Spending less time with other friends and not really growing a life outside our relationship.

It was only a matter of time. I could feel her slipping away and I was pulling further away too.

As much as I loved her, I just wasn’t ready for the next step. She accused me of cheating and even not wanting to leave the “baby boy” life. The singlehood and the attractions I was receiving from women. Those weren’t the reasons but like Fola knew back then, if I had married Yemi at that time, I definitely would have cheated on her.

Breaking off that relationship was extremely hard but I believed that I did it to not be selfish but I guess thinking of my life and not cheating on her was in some ways selfish too.

Yemi ended up marrying someone else and I remember weeping that day because she was an amazing woman but I just knew I wasn’t ready. I loved her but I had to love her from a distance.

Maybe this was karma trying to get back at me for not being “man” enough to have held on tighter. Sigh.

I was just tired. If what Ada was doing to me was meant to be repayment for breaking Yemi’s heart, it was not fair punishment because days with Ada felt like hell.

 I was walking out of the office that evening when I received a call from my mother. I looked at the phone, sighed and rolled my eyes. I just didn’t want to talk to her at that moment. I knew what she was going to say and that was the main reason why I didn’t want to talk to her.

I took one more deep breath and then I answered the phone.

“Good evening mummy?”

“My son, how are you?”

I obviously couldn’t really tell her how I was. I said,

“I’m fine ma.”

She went to her next question.

“How is work?”

“It was fine ma”

I replied. I knew where she was going but her preliminary questions seemed to frustrate me because she would somewhat dance around what she was calling for.

“I’m sorry to hear about Ada. I heard that you guys were having some difficulty”

SOME?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but this was my mother and I was a directive to respect her. I was beyond frustrated with her. I was in this mess because of her.

Well some of it was her fault. I still had the veto power to have said “no” back then but I didn’t. She should have guided me more than she did though but it was whatever. I contained myself and responded

“Things are as they are mother but God is in control”

She was about to respond when I said,

“Mummy, I’m about to start driving. I’ll call you once I stop”

Oh! Don’t judge me! You do it all the time. Act like you don’t blow off your parents sometimes. I wasn’t proud of it but I couldn’t get over the fact that every time I talked to her, I was filled with regret. I regretted ever even taking the meeting with my uncle back then and agreeing to whatever this had now become.


The music was blasting loudly through the speakers as I made my way home. I was a few minutes away from Fola’s place when the music cut for a bit between songs, I glanced at my phone and noticed a call coming in. Ugh!

Why was everyone trying to talk to me today? It was Pearl.

Pearl was Ada’s best friend. Why was she calling me?

I quickly scanned my surroundings to make sure that no police officer was lurking around. I picked the phone up and began to talking.

“Hey, what’s up”

A bit of rudeness in my voice; she certainly wasn’t on my list of people to talk to. And considering that she was one of the people I spoke to once Ada started acting out and she didn’t do anything, she wasn’t in my good books at all.

“Bada, I know you’re mad at me. Or don’t even want to talk to me but I was just calling about Ada”

I interrupted and said,

“What about her? I haven’t even spoken to her in over a week. Remember, I’ve been ordered to stay away from her. You were there remember? OR have you forgotten?”

“Bada, I remember what went down but I wasn’t sure how bad things really were until I found out that Ada has been sleeping with my boyfriend.”

She closed her sentence as I pulled back my laugh. It wasn’t surprising to me at that point. I guess the only thing that took me back was the man she chose to do that with. I composed myself and said,

“Oh really? I’m sorry to hear that”

Lying through my teeth, she responded,

 “Apparently, she had been talking to him before she left Nigeria and that was the only reason we became friends. She got close to me so she could eventually have him. Now they have been fucking all over town and he broke up with me”

I fought back a smile and said,

“Pearl, how does this have anything to do with me though?”

She said,

“He now lives in your house”

I had just parked the car and I thought I heard her wrong. I asked her,

“What did you say?”

She replied and said

“Yes. He just moved into your house. He lives with her there now”

The smile on my face was now a distant memory. I asked her why she hadn’t confronted Ada.

She told me that the man was dangerous and into illegal things. I ended the call. I took a couple of deep breaths and then I hopped out of the car. I walked to the trunk of the car. I pulled out my laptop bag and headed into the apartment.

I was fuming.

After all that Ada had done to me, this one struck a nerve.

I was upset that Ada had moved someone into my house and I was sleeping on someone else’s couch.

All I did for her and her family and this was how I was being repaid. I never said a foul word to that woman. All I gave her was love and my biggest mistake was actually falling for her. All I wanted to do now was get detached from her.

Before you crucify me for acting too late, think about the family court system in America. It is corrupt and things are not handled appropriately. The police report showed that I never laid a hand on her yet they put out a restraining order on me.

I couldn’t directly ask for a divorce because it could raise red flags with the immigration department and I could have ended up in jail.

The situation was depressing me at an alarming rate. I was being screwed and paying mortgage for another man to fuck my wife in MY bed.


.         .         .       .         .         .


 The next day, I was dressed in all black to work. Black shoes, slacks, button up shirt and I even had my tinted glasses on. Black was always my favorite color to wear but that day it also mirrored my mood to the world. I felt darkness in my heart.

If I tried to divorce her, I could go to jail.

If I stayed and let her run wild, I would be depressed and disrespected from here to the end of the seas and back.

I just felt stuck. I couldn’t focus at work.

It was about noon when I decided to leave the office. All calls were to be directed to my cell phone and I very shortly ended up on the couch in Fola’s apartment; my safe place for the time being.

Fola returned a few hours later and had a surprised look on her face as she noticed me sitting there. I normally arrived at home much later than she did.

“Why are you home so early, Bada?”

She asked,

 “Long day and too much on my mind.”

I replied,

“Wanna talk about it?”

I heard her send out with concern.

I responded with a short


She got it and she said,

“That bad?”

And I said,


As I changed the channel. She didn’t push any further. She walked into her room and emerged a few minutes later and said,

“Get up. We’re going to get ice cream. Don’t even try to say no. It’ll make you feel better”

I grumbled in my seat and said,

“Isn’t that a remedy for only women?”

She had a puzzled look on her face behind her smile as she said,

“Is someone being sexist?”

She stretched out her hand and pulled me off the couch. And out we went.


 We were in line at the ice cream parlor and Fola was yapping away next to me. I was not paying any attention to her as I was trying to figure what new flavors I should experiment with when she tapped me on the shoulder. We were at the front of the line and holding up the rest of the people behind us. She called out her order and they began preparing it. She got her cheesecake flavors with Reese’s peanut buttercups broken in with a sweet amount of caramel on top. Pun intended.

I was still looking up to the menu board and about to answer the guy.

I said

 “What does the….”

 Fola jumped in and said,

“He’s going to take forever and still order the same thing. Strawberry and cheesecake with brownies broken in. Can he get that in the Gotta Have It size?


 I looked down at her and I couldn’t help but smile. But there was something different about the way she looked now. She looked anew. I felt something. That right there was the moment I felt there was something there. I looked down at her again and she said with a huge and beautiful smile across her face,


 I said nothing and we headed back home.

We were turning the corner a few blocks from her apartment when a man walking on the same side of the street as us walked by. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was wearing her black yoga pants that hugged her hips so perfectly. I couldn’t blame the guy.

I remember she cracked a joke and I teased her that men in her neighborhood were stalking her because she had a great body. She said no. I drew her attention to the man that had just walked right by her and she said,

 “He looked weak. He couldn’t handle all this”

 I laughed as I waited for her to open the apartment up. We walked in and it just felt like a response from me was required and then I said,

  “Well I bet I could”

She was standing in front of her bedroom with the slutiest look on her face and she said,

  “Would you now?”

I smiled and she did too. The she said,

 “I guess we’ll never know”

  and then disappeared into her room.

My dick grew hard. What The Heck Man.


I changed my clothes and lay on the couch. Getting outside for the walk and the sugar certainly lifted my spirits but tired out my body. I needed a nap but it was already 7pm. I knew that if I slept then, sleeping later that night would have been a pain but I was tired. I tried to fight it but I finally gave in.

 I woke up from my nap to a couple of missed calls from Ada and my home. I was genuinely surprised and curious about why she was calling me. A part of me thought it was because she just wanted something else from me or had found a new way to drain me of the money I had.

My lawyer had convinced me to just give her what she wanted without trying to extend the process with her.

I kept thinking to myself about going over to the house to see her. I finally decided to call her. I dialed her number. It rang a few times and nobody answered on the other side. That was when I began to worry about her. For various reasons, I was confident that Ada either had a mental condition or she was just evil. Sometimes it leaned towards the former with her erratic and irrational behavior.

I finally convinced myself to go and check on her. I grabbed my keys off the kitchen counter and I was headed out the door when Fola walked out of her room.

“Bada, where are you going at this time? It’s almost midnight”

As she looked down to the couch that had been my bedroom for the time I had been there.

I turned sideways to look at her and almost didn’t want to answer because I was so caught up in my own head but I decided to as she stared at me.

“I’m just going to check on Ada. I got a couple of calls from her and I’m a little worried”

Fola rolled her eyes and scuffed.

“You’re going to go to the house they told you not to go to because she called you a few times. Did she leave a message?

Obviously not. Because she’s a snake and she knows what she’s doing!

Doesn’t she know how to text or leave a freaking voicemail. She had you wrapped around her finger and she’ll continue to play with you until you wake up!”

 I immediately became defensive. What Fola was saying was the truth and it hit hard. It was very possible that Ada was still just trying to mess with me. Afterall, who knew what she was capable of?

She had already done way more than I could have ever expected her to. But something kept pulling me back.

I had been in a vulnerable place the past few weeks and I was just tired of having people peek into my life and even though it was Fola, I didn’t realize when my response came out as,

“ So are you saying I shouldn’t go? What do you know about marriage Fola? The responsibility of having someone tied to you for the rest of their lives. Two families on your back, yet you have to play along and act like you have it all figured out when you clearly don’t. Having to man up in situations when life is clearly and viciously emasculating you. Do you even know what that feels like? To feel like an outsider in your own home? To feel like you cannot place your burdens to anyone?”

Fola stepped closer to me and said,

“Bada, I’m here for you. I’ve always been. I know you’re going through a lot and I can’t sway your decisions and I don’t have all the answers but I know it will get better. You just have to let the people you love hold your hand and help you through this tough time”

I shook my head as I bowed it. Bouncing my keys up in my open right palm, I turned and headed for the door.

I heard Fola speak. Her voice carried a palpable feel of frustration and anger. I turned to look at her as she glared at me. Her eyes burning through my skin as her breaths became visibly shallow. She said,

“You’re still going to leave?! After all I just said. Bada are you that fucking blind. This woman is trying to ruin you. You know what, you’re never going to see it. Until you crash and burn or even die. People are out here staying and waiting for you to wake up and see who truly loves you but you want to stay stuck on that evil thing. You know what?! Go!

Go and get hurt! I’m done being there and fighting for you. For years, I’ve been here waiting for you to finally realize what you needed to do! You’re so fucking blind by stupid love and FOR THE WRONG WOMAN!”

She stormed out of the room and into her room. I heard her lock the door behind her.

I was somewhat in shock. Where did that come from?

I was also a little upset so I turned and continued out of the apartment. I walked around the block in the night cold. What did she mean?

I began to piece things together. I began to paint a picture; one that I had been blind to the entire time.

The feelings I just discovered I might have had for Fola might have been new for me but for her, they must have been there for a long time. I could not believe it.

Every gesture seemed more magnified and meant more. I understand her frustration completely now. I was so blind to it all. I could feel heat gathering inside my heart.

I began to walk faster. I had to fix all of it.

I let myself into the apartment and headed straight for Fola’s bedroom. I tried to open it but it was still locked.

“Fola, please open the door. I just want to talk”

I received no response. I knocked again and still nothing. I returned to the couch after turning the lights off in the living room. I was staring at the ceiling and thinking about everything that had just happened and I desperately wanted to fix everything.

About 10 minutes later, I heard the door lock inside her room turn. The door didn’t open though.

I waited about 15 minutes and then I got up and walked to her door. I opened it and closed it behind me. I walked to the foot of the bed as Fola lay there with her head in her pillow facing the headboard. I pulled the covers off her revealing her toned physique and her perfectly sculpted butt.

She was wearing her blue short shorts and a tank top.

I bent down and began kissing her from the back of her ankles upwards; slowly I reached her left calf and then the back of her left thigh. She began to squirm as my lips planted each kiss on her thigh. I honestly wasn’t thinking very much and for the first time, that made sense.

I arrived at her back, sliding up her shirt. I continued to kiss her. Now I was behind her neck. Her moans were clearer for me to hear and I could feel the heat building up between our bodies.

Then I stopped; she went silent and then slowly turned around. Staring into her eyes, I could see all of her clearly now. I could feel the love. I could almost touch the heat between us.

She didn’t need to say anything. As I looked at her perfect lips, her bold eyes, her braids as they parted around her beautiful face I could feel my dick getting hard between my legs but my heart was working harder.

I wanted to envelope her; not sexually but emotionally. She felt so available to me. So much of me had been deposited into her. She was my best friend and the love I had for her was genuine.

My hands on both sides of her, I towered over her. She continued to look up at me waiting for me to say something. It must have felt awkward in her mind, like she had wanted something for so long and now I was over her and I couldn’t make a move.

I knew what I needed to do. I moved my right hand and placed it on her face as my fingers touched her smooth skin. I leaned in and planted a kiss on her soft pink lips. They were wet and warm. I could feel myself getting lost in them. That one kiss communicated years of unconditional love and trust. I couldn’t believe what I had missed.

I slowly pulled back from the kiss as she opened her eyes and looked into mine.

I smiled and said,

“Fola, I love you too.”

The End

I’m killing of a character in Selfish 4. The question now is, how well do you know your writer? Who do you think I’m going to take out? Do you really know #WhatTheHeckMan




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