This Game

This Game


Buzz… Buzz…

You turn around and take glance

Nah, He’s not getting a reply

 Not a chance

And yet you wait

For that guy you’ve thrown everything at waiting for date

I shake my head

Not at you

I could care less

But I shake my head

At this game we all play


See I’ll go to war and back to fight for her

The one that won’t even bother

To consider me as a human being

While I lose all my dignity

Or you’ll ignore all the “good” guys you tweet about

But chase around the one you tell your friends to do without

This game

It’s not the same


The lines are blurred

The roles are turned

It’s not a battle for the good

But a quest of survival for those that understood

That going in

The one person you should care about is you

Because that’s the motto and theme

To this game we play


Now don’t get me wrong

I am no saint

As a matter of fact

I consider myself a player

Dominant in the paint

I make the same mistakes

And use the same excuses

Hold on


That was this girl “I’m talking to”

That thinks I’m really into

I won’t tell her

Wait, so I can lose her?

Nah, let’s string her along

Till the right one comes to stop me from this wrong

This game


Some of us keep many sides

And as long as we don’t cheat

The rules don’t apply

I love you to the boo and good night

Means hey let’s talk to the other

We playing games

The sad bit is we only live for the now

We hurting each other

And ruining the pool for others

Great women and men are out there

But they’ll never open up again

Cos of the pain they felt in here


Some of you are with people today playing games

Are they a step ahead of you?

Or do you even know if you’re in the game or not?

Wake up mate

You really don’t want to be looking like a fool

When your partner dumps you

And it’s checkmate. 



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