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Twitter Fame


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No Fun Alone by Mali Music


Waited till she followed

Clicked back and checked on the avatar she might have borrowed

Times have moved along

Things have changed

No one and nothing has remained the same

We fight and bicker each day

We stay scrolling through the timeline

Looking for the next prey

Some come bleeding emotionally

Looking for a Dr

Like Grey

And even those with no useful thoughts

Feel they have something to say



We’ve formed cliques

From West Coast to East

If you don’t agree or relate

You’ll be branded or even the next feast

Time flies by

People forget

But self-esteem they crush

And abandon like child neglect

They say it’s all jokes

But is it really

If it’s only your ego it stokes

She’s catfish

But trying to ruin her is childish

Bigger problems lie

But we argue about being light skinned

Conditioning ourselves towards tribalism

The divide has slowly become a reality

You don’t need ask.fm

It’s now vocalized vanity







Everyone has been assigned a position

Self appointed with no election

A constant state of emotional chaos

We led ourselves to self-destruction

By putting powers in the hands of some that clearly need evaluation

We’ve tied clout and esteem to LOL’s and RETWEETS

How stupid and beneath us does that seem

Decades ago our father’s wouldn’t have been able to imagine

That 140 characters would define us

Written loosely on a white and blue screen



It’s an escape

It’s the release

But what happens when you turn your playground into someone else’s nightmare

Did someone say Greyjoy?

Leaving them bare and exposed like playboy

Some have followings they use to humiliate people

On their knees

Some beg each day for a chance to get higher

But it’s impossible

Because unless invited up

You stay in the caste system

You can have as many followers as you want

But if the leaders don’t coronate

You can remain a nobody with whom none wants to relate



Cyber fights

From spineless women who need Jesus in their plight

It’s a daily thing

Constant like selling dreams and summer flings

We block

We stalk

We unfollow

And things we borrow

We leave lasting impressions on others for tomorrow

Sadly no one is thinking that far ahead

Hold on, let me get back to you

I need to post this tweet

And quickly stalk my boo

Don’t even judge me

Aren’t you scrolling down his timeline too?



Remember when certain things were just so exciting you couldn’t keep your hands off it? Those first new toys, new shoes, new boyfriend or girlfriend, oh I already mentioned toys, right? And then slowly, the fun drifted away and it became this lethargic and somewhat tedious job to keep up with the times. Think Facebook.

Well that vibe has slowly crept into Twitter. IT used to be a getaway and DO NOT GET ME WRONG, it has it’s days where it is totally fun but others it’s just blehhhhh…
Not a single day goes with a fight of some sorts ranging from who is sleeping with who’s dad or which one is truly light skinned or not. It can become tiring and frankly overwhelming.. Slander is brought on by a select few, they target the “weak” and turn their misery into trending topics. It ain’t right. It feels in some cases like cyber bulling all in the name of jokes.

Now I’m not the Twitter police and I’m definitely not a saint but I think it is important to be consicous of the effects that some of these things have on people. Some are fine with it but some take just a bit too far. There are people who have committed suicide based on things said to them. Nudes are leaked by scorned partners. Ask.fm hides the ridiculousness of some.

I guess today I’m encouraging us to be a bit more aware of the marks we leave on people. It might only be invisible to you but it makes some unstable. It might only be a 140 characters but it opens up chapters of failure, low self esteem and fear in people.

Be careful. All it takes is sliding into the wrong DMs or you going against the wrong person and you could be brought down really fast. Do good and give good.

Till next time.

Stay Up!


The End

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