Paper Boats

Even paper boats can float, till they can’t anymore.

There were days I would stay up late building castles with you
Home of gold with you

Rooms filled with play and tickle
Filled with love, lust, and passion
I would fight sleep to sit with you
Then give in to my dreams because I would get to be with you
Now I can’t sleep
My heart pinches with pain
And it’s all because of you

Life is fast but progress can be slow. Do what you can now, move the needle now

The other day I was thinking about how I started my weightloss journey in the middle of March. I was sooo annoyed that I didn’t feel like I was seeing significant progress till like July and then suddenly, it was as if I was just peeing all the fat away.
Then my mind got used to expecting that type of speedy impact. But that’s not real life.
The reality is that life is sooo fast. So much is happening daily and at an incredible rate but the goal should be what you can now and keep going, your impact will eventually snowball down the road. Sometimes it takes meeting the right energy/person/situation to realize great impact but don’t use the fact that life is moving fast, to not move.
For example, fitness folks will tell you that doing a daily work of 15 minutes will have a lasting impact than doing a 1hr workout once a month. Just move the needle today, however small. Your whole being will be grateful for it.

3 ways to get and maintain internal and external happiness

Relationships are everything

you usually get your first job because you know someone. Be that bonding agent for the next person. Pour into your relationships, friendships and more. I am realizing as I get older that more than what you have saved or not saved, I am happy about the human beings I call home in my life. They are all invaluable currency to me. Cherish that. Some people spend their whole lives looking for meaningful connections. If you have them, appreciate them. This is your cue to text or call that person you have been meaning to call. Life is also too damn short. Do it!

Keep learning and figuring out new ways to learn

What have you learned recently? What new thing have you picked up or learned that has improved you?It is not a major prerequisite to life but a sure way to stay happy/encouraged/motivated and growing is by continuing to learn every day.
Someone recently told me about how I know a “little about many things” and I laughed.
I certainly picked that up from my father. He knows a lot about a lot of different things.
But I love learning new things – it’s why I love history, discovery and animal channels. I am always trying to absorb new things about the world I live in and my place in it. Find something new to learn today. Preferably not work-related and let me know in the comments what it is.

Be a problem solver and innovator – use your privilege.

It is very likely that you hold some privilege, whatever marginalized group you are a part of.
Understand what that privilege is and how you can take that into the world to make it better.
For example, I am a black man in America. They are literally trying to kill us every day.
But I am also a black educated man in tech in America with some resources, so I am using that to try and better the lives of kids in Nigeria and other parts of the world.
It may not be a lot but to those 100+ kids and families, it is much. Find your privilege and make it the gift you give others. PS: if you will like to be part of the @TheRantsShow’s Annual Giveback happening in Nigeria every December, leave me a comment or message me. Fundraising will start very shortly!

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