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Stay With Me by Sam Smith


In Memory of my Uncles Diji and Gboyega, who gave me so much and asked for nothing in return. I love you both. May you Rest in perfect Peace. 


Aren’t you ashamed?

All you do is come and take

You don’t even open it up for debate

No time for us to negotiate

Leave us asking why

You only bring stress

Walk me through this process

You come in

You take

You violate

You annihilate

You put tears in our eyes

Scars in our hearts

You leave us bare

Filled with rage



And pain

Yet we have no words to convey

All we do is stand and stare

You take



All you ever do is take

You leave destruction, pain, and heartbreak


All in your wake

There is pressure to hold on tight

Temptations to give up

A little bit more for the next fight

But then you realize in this game of chess

You’re actually only a pawn

You’re only bait

Whenever you come through to visit

Everybody says it’s fate

But you come without warning

You don’t give us a date


Time and time again

I stand to fight

I wonder what I could ever do to get out of this place

But I realize I’m just as susceptible

To be taken out of this space

I’ve got people to live for

I’ve got people to die for

I have dreams of things that I want to do

And a lot more

Something in the back of my head gives me reason

A push to stay up and fight on

But what good is building it all

When the people you love can’t be present to

Enjoy and watch you become someone



I remember the time you came

For the first time in my memory

You took him away

Dotun was his name

You took him from me

And my life was never the same

And then you surprised us again

It was my grandma

I remember how she called my name

The pain was too much

I fought it back

The confusion and search for why

Almost drove me insane

All you ever do is take


Cousin after cousin



You hold no loyalties

No favorites

All you freaking do is take

Today I sit here

Wondering why

But I know all the answers wont come

I just hope for whatever reason

You’re done with us on this run

Because all you do is take

For once

Just once

I truly ask

It’s really time to give us a break.


All You Do Is Take by @adewus4real 


I’m weak. I’m all cried out. I’m tired.
I feel like I have been beaten repeatedly in a battle where my hands were tied behind my back and I couldn’t defend myself.

You never want to lose people you love but it happens. And it is hard.

I personally do not deal with death well at all. People get mad at me because for someone who writes as much as I do. I cannot respond appropriately. I tend to shy away and seek seclusion and isolation.

This week has been hard. Losing two of my uncles and a cousin. I just don’t know.

I have asked why so many times. But I haven’t been able to get any answers. My family mourns and wonders why we ever had to give up the people we love.

Death comes in daylight or nighttime. It takes.

All it does is take without warning or valid reasons.
I cannot believe where we are right now. Vulnerable and sad.
Only your memories remain to make us glad.

A lot of people have begun to call from all over the world. People that my family hasn’t heard from in a while like decades even and while the act is commendable, it can be viewed as really sad. Do not let death be the spurring factor that reconnects you with loved ones.

Reach out always and stay in touch.



Be happy.

Life is not always too short but it is extremely valuable and impossible to recover. Live yours to the fullest. Leave a legacy worth building upon.

Touch as many lives as you can and like both my uncles I lost this week, put many smiles on the faces and in the hearts of those we love.

I use this piece as a point of contact to everyone seeking healing or mourning right now in anyway. May you find divine peace.


Uncle Diji, you left too soon. The manner even harder to swallow. You were loved by many and adored for the way you captivated us all. Though it had been a while since I last saw you, I have long lasting memories of you and how you contributed to our stories. Thank you for everything. Rest in Peace uncle.

Uncle Gboyega, you were a great man, a huge motivator and an inspiration to me. You always put a smile on my face. Growing up we would surround you with our unique nicknames. You would hold a roll of Trebor in your hand and throw riddles, Yoruba proverbs, and tongue twisters to us. As we solved each one, you would reward us with one Trebor but you also gave us so much knowledge. I for one know what televisions and radios are called in Yoruba.

There are people that you never wish to lose. Ever. But we don’t make the rules and we are told to not ask why but I want to ask why. I miss you already.

I have tears in my eyes as I look into the skies wondering if It was ever your time. You had so much more to give and receive from us all.

You put smiles on our faces and raised children that proudly fly your flag as amazing people. Uncle, you will be missed. Thank you for being amazing. May your soul Rest In Peace



#WhatTheHeckMan readers, I truly love every single one of you guys. Thank you. 

Stay Up!


The End

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