I am really talented sha.
For many reasons but right now I am about to tell you from a place of not even desperation but clarity.
In the next few minutes, I am going to tell you about my entire week and my current mood – in the most creative way you’ve seen this week.
But before we get into it,

How are you?
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The lines
Wait, what did T.,S and Ay say?
30,000 feet
Like cloud tears from mile highI realize how much of the world stresses me out
Once I step out the pod
It’s gone
I can spend days searching for it
Or maybe tears
It feels unfair
Time after time
But eventually it aligns
Leaning on the window side
Outside feels bright
And damn me for dreaming about you
For more than one hundred and twenty hours


I’m staring at myself in the mirror – my insides are raging.
I am on the cusp.
The exact line between laugh and cry.
I looked down, took a couple of deep breaths and sat down.
I am not sure how long I had been in there for and frankly, I didn’t care.
I was annoyed.
I looked down and my sweaty hands and took a couple more breaths and then went to work.
You simply cannot just breakdown crying miles in the sky or can you?
I wouldn’t ultimately fix the zipper of my bag in the bathroom of my 10hr flight.
Returning to my seat, I was quickly reminded of one of my frustrations this week.

As I took my seat, I began thinking of how much I dislike ⚪️ women.
Outside of the entitlement they move through the world with – they simply don’t care about anyone else but themselves.
The lady next to me was a complete nuisance and made the beginning of this flight unpleasant. The guy next to me is cool, I like him.
Same shade as her but we bonded quickly on the Premier League – he went to watch a Chelsea vs. Arsenal game.
He’s asleep now.

My songs of the week are –
Emmanuel – Gabriel Eziashi x Henrisoul


Taiwoamen – Anulonsoro

Ladipoe – Guy Man ft. Bella Shmurda

Teni – No Days Off

Sorry I dozed off too.
It’s the greens. IYKYK.
I’ve been taking those greens more recently. I am not sure if it’s a good thing or not.
It’s tied to someone and a crazy December but I am not sure how to process it now.
Anyway, taking these greens make it easier for some people to relax on things like transatlantic weekend flights.
Call it 30+ but na true.
Speaking of 30+, I kinda don’t like those jokes.
I am not sure it’s even because I am 30+ sef.
This week, I have two thumb injuries, ready to pop hamstrings, a pulled pelvic muscle and possibly a broken right big toe.
As someone who has previously suffered from a long term injury.
Every new pain I feel in my body could be related to that trauma or something random. Living in that fear is hard.
Add the reality of the 30+ness and you are in scary territory.
It can genuinely mess with you.
So yeah, hearing those jokes when you are truly worrying whether the pain in your head is just a headache or life shattering aneurysm is no fun.

Music is fun.
That brings me to my iPod.
I haven’t been able to find it since Tuesday.
I have searched every possible place it could be and no luck. Losing this iPod which was a gift from my person, hurts.
I’ll get another one but will it be the same?
I also realized how hard I can be on myself. I have VERY high standards for myself but damn son!
Ahn ahi! Are you the first???

Sometimes letting myself down feels hard because I expect more of myself.
I usually wake up feeling flat. And this week, I woke up to a flat.
My second in a week.
You can imagine not finding my iPod one day and the next day, I am waking up to a flat.
I was livid.
Other things have happened this week but damn – I had been holding it to gather.
So when my zipper on my bag broke, I was livid.
The reason it broke?
A Karen.
I went to the bathroom and I was sure I was going to cry.

You know what that Karen didn’t recognize and would never know, that I feel anxious on some flights sometimes as a Black Man with full beard. Yeah, you can understand why.
But she just knocked my bag over and continued her day while I was sat in the bathroom close to tears.

What type of parent do you think you’ll be? The chill parent or the disciplinarian-ish one?
There is a family flying in the row next to ours – dad, mom, toddler daughter and baby son.
As the flight stabilizes, the mother wants the daughter to use the bathroom before continuing the show she’s watching on her standing iPad.
She shakes her head no.
Her mom signals to her Dad to make her behave – she says no loudly and smacks away daddy’s hand.
Immediately he points the mom on the far side of the row as if to say, your mom will get you.
The mom will eventually win and daddy would take her to the bathroom.
But the whole exchange got me thinking – what type of parent will you be – The chill parent or the disciplinarian-ish one?
Be honest and tell me in the comments.

Lastly, I wanted to ask – why are women not usually named Junior or after their dads?
At the barbershop this morning, it was the topic of discussion, so I figured I would ask you all.
Let me know your thoughts and answers to these other questions.

How are you?
What type of parent do you think you’ll be? The chill parent or the disciplinarian-ish one?

I am heading off on some coast to coast errands, I’ll come to you live from new postage stamps like a passport book. Till we read again. Stay up!

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You are highly appreciated.


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