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First Love

First Love


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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 


Mummy Mi by Wizkid

There is a way you smile

It’s from the heart

There is a way you sigh

I can tell them apart

You are a fighter

A difference maker

One of those stealthy and calculated



It’s funny to say I’ve watched you grow

When you birth me

But there are things in life

That you’ve helped me know

You taught me in the way of the Lord

And helped me learn to be grateful

For what we could afford

You worked three jobs to give me the best

You have put it work

Now it’s time for us to pay you back as you rest

You have moved mountains to give us everything

And I continue to pray to God that he gives us

The grace to repay your love

Because it has been tremendous and amazing



Time and time again

We’ve had our differences

Not gotten along

But having you in my corner

Has given me the confidence

To battle on and stay strong

You are a one woman that amazes me

Your level of grace

The patience you afford people

You willingness to fight battles on your knees

The bar has been set tremendously high

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth letting someone try



I have tried to write this for weeks

But every single time

My eyes are filled with tears

My mind wanders

As it sorts through the years

You have been amazing

A superwoman

One of the greatest amongst her peers

You have taught us so much

Given us such a gift

Of love

True love and devotion

You have loved us hard

With all your energy and with such passion


I fell in love with you before I could speak

Now I want to use every voice I have

To let the whole world know what I think


You are my greatest

One of the best things to happen to me

You have given me the best platform to build a legacy

And whatever comes from me

I can be rest assured

That God gave me one of his best soldiers

And teachers to teach me the way

So on this day,

I stand here and I take a bow

To honor God

And I thank him for you

For giving me my first love

For giving me my first taste of unconditional love

You are my bigger than my favorite team

Bigger than wayward dreams

You are everything and so much more


Mummy, I stand here to say

I truly love you

You are the best

From the bottom of my heart and with all I’ve got

Happy birthday Mummy

Now let’s crack open the bottle and do shots

Of apple cider

Sorry, sorry, Woman of God. I forgot.

I love you mom,

Happy birthday.


Audio I sent to her this morning…. 

 I had already written this weeks #WordsofWednesday but I think I need to stop writing that ahead of time because somehow, something new inspires me and then I write a new one. Smh at   my damn self.

What I had written before was meant to talk about “Cranberries” specifically someone that broke my heart and led me to writing but I made a mistake. The real MVP that got me into writing is my mother. My mother got her Masters in English, a very well read woman. She had a way of manipulating words and getting a message across with just the right amount of emotion (sounds familiar right??? Kinda like this guy).

She used to buy me a tremendous amount of books and I would race through them soaking in all the words, emotions and different styles. I was always a good English student and huge in literature and also drama. All that is down to her.

Truthfully, ladies and gentlemen, my mother is the one you should truly thank for #WhatTheHeckMan

The confidence she gave me. The verve she bestowed on me. I knew I could do anything I set my mind to. Anyone that knows me very well knows that I’m a fighter when it comes to things I want and just like my mom, I won’t let up until I have it.

A lot of the man I am today is because of my mother and a lot of who I want to become will be a testament to how great my mom is. The bar has been set high for my “second mom” but for now, I want to appreciate my first love. For giving me life and teaching me the way I should go.

I want to thank all the cranberries out there but I also want to thank God for giving me a woman dedicated to raising me right.

I ask you today to show her (your parents) all the love you got. Go the extra mile. Put a smile on their faces. Let them know you care and love them from the bottom of your heart. Remember, they are your “first loves” and they’ll love you unconditional love for as long as they live.

Ladies and Gentlemen, #WhatTheHeckMan folk, please raise your glasses or squeeze your pure water tighter as we wish my mother a very Happy Birthday!!!!!

Today is also a great day for a different reason as my good friend, loving heart and #WhatTheHeckMan in house editor who has been involved in almost every story on this blog celebrates her birthday! Shoutout to you S. You are loved and appreciated.

This is a different feel to #WordsofWednesday. It’s my mother’s birthday, I’m all mushy and stuff. You should be too. Did I hear you say no?!

What The Heck Man?????

Title Run

I woke up with a headache. I couldn’t remember what had happened. It felt like full-blown AMNESIA. I looked around and noticed I was in a locked room; I was TRAPPED. My hands felt heavy, I checked them and noticed they were SCARRED. I stood up and looked outside the window. It was like an EMPTY desert with what seemed to be a MIRAGE far off. I began to remember what happened, I had reached for the REMOTE CONTROL when I was drunk and noticed I had messed up the TRIANGLE OF REVENGE. I was supposed to just sit in my seat and be the UNDERCOVER PLAYER but I was intoxicated because when I tried to get up again, everything seemed BLURRED. I bowed my head as I thought of it all, my journey and my pains, I realized I am IMPERFECT but situations like this cannot keep happening. I have to be more aggressive and more SELFISH regarding thing that had to do with my happiness.

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Till the next time you read from me, My new series on Saturday,

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