A few weeks ago, I started making short videos that I post on Instagram and on TikTok.
Somehow I haven’t blown yet 😂 – jk jk
But the hardest part has been staying consistent through it all. This year, I have been grateful for putting myself first, trying new things and reminding myself where necessary, that I am that n**ga.
There are fragments of this life that I have now that I sometimes only come to appreciate much later in the process but truth be told, I have a lot to be grateful for.
Most of all is God’s faithfulness – even when I have been faithless and unfaithful.
It is God, it’s been God and it will always be God.
If you are a believer, stay close to him in everything.

One thing I have always heard growing up is “where there is a will, there’s a way”.
But sometimes we fail to realize that we are in the way.
You’re in the way.
The beauty of letting God’s will be done is stepping aside and stepping up when called up.
Many times, we try to orchestrate, dictate or coordinate our story and frankly, it’s not our place.

The most I can ask is that you live this life for you – according to his plan for you.
I used to worry about what people would think but I realized that I am where I am, not because I did anything special but simply getting out of the way but acting on things where I was led.
“You’re now an influencer” – someone said to me because of my videos.
But the videos are just an extension of my writing.
People will feel how they want to about whatever you do, you just have to act on what you are called to do.
I hope as the year wraps up, you stay still enough to hear what you are called to do and active enough to do them.

“This is not how I expect my Ade to act”

Do you invoke courage in the people you love or fear?
There are some people you meet that awaken more within you. You find yourself being “more” – wanting to give more, be more.
Those people awaken courage within you.
Then there are people that give you cause for pause.
Not because they are bad, but sometimes they may be too good to be true.
When you have unresolved trauma, you can sometimes look at the good things in your life or happening to you as bad things. Things to be cautious about.
It’s not always on you.

For example, you meet someone on social media that you think is a light.
You are drawn to them.
But as you get to know them better, you realize that they are complex.
Suddenly, they are “too friendly” “too social” and you want them to be different.
Not because they have done anything wrong but because you need them to fit your mould, the one you have in your head.
So your internal working model and your narrative stays the same.
I invite you to challenge yourself this week and going forward. Let your actions, your kindness, your love – let them all spark courage in people.
Let them want to love more because of you.

This week, I am working on –

  • Getting better at replying text messages. You are probably waiting on a reply from me right now tbh and I apologize. I’m a work in progress
  • Getting better at trusting early:- I functionally have an expectation of people hurting me (yes, we are talking about it in therapy” but I want to try to expect the best from people when I meet them. Lose guard? Nah but I’d love for the guard to not always be up. What are you working on?

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