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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 


Dusty Memories by Tom Misch

Make room for me

You don’t want to take up all the space

It’s tasking enough

That I’m on my knees and your thigh is in my face

Slowly you’re juices have dripped onto my face

The water from the shower has been coming down

At a different pace

There is something about you And something about this space


I slowly stand up

And bend you over

You reach for the handle

As I pull you closer

Each thrust

Deeper than the former

Our moans are in sync with one another


There is something about your eyes

The way you look back at me

With mercy as your plight

I won’t stop I thought I proved that with how deep I bite

Into your fleshy ass

That I love to grab so tight

I want more of you

More than you know you have

I want to dig deep inside of you

And make your knees shake you cant stand

I want you to cum all over me

While I go searching for more

I promised you pleasure and satisfaction on this body I adore

The hot water hits your back

And drips on my chest

My job is to pound you completely

And make your body wet


Stand up straight baby

Let me wash you off

Let me help lick of everything with tongue

It’s only fair

Since I had you bent over

Moaning in perfect harmony like It was a song

Let’s love the shower

Fuck it

Let’s stay here and not even bother


I’d let myself in and lock the door behind me. I want us enveloped by your moans. I’ll pull you to the edge of the bed and give you my lips cos I intend to own your other set shortly.
I’ll run my hand thru your hair using my finger to remove your hair band. I’ll cup the back of your head as I push you in closer while my tongue searches the inner depths of your mouth.
My tongue will then soak up your nipple simultaneously while I cup the free one in my palm. I’ll then lay you down as I softly kiss my way down to inches above your now beautifully intoxicating wetness. My tongue reveals itself as it prys your black panties down to your knees where they meet my hands who help them off.
Then I’ll slowly kiss from your toes to your inner thighs stopping between your wet lips and your thigh biting on your flesh to send a dose of pain and pleasure down your spine.
Licking my lips, i’ll going into passionate sharing with your lower lips. Holding up your legs wide apart, I’ll stick my tongue deep into the realms of your chocolate factory. Vibrating my alphabets while I trouble your clit as my dick lays in wait to be tagged into the match. Stroking it’s head, I push your belly down as you try to push me off as you deal with the difficulty of managing the pleasure coursing thru your body from your toes and tingling your ears. I’ll rise and look at you square as you anticipate what’s coming next. Holding your legs from your calves up, I’ll slowly lower my throbbing dick into your wet welcome. As your juices cover the inches of my member,  your moans now get louder.  Your nails dig into my back, your eyes roll back, my thrusts you feel in the base of your gut.  You slowly open your eyes and catch my predator look on my face as I lean in spreading you wider as I slam my pelvis into yours with a smile on my face and no mercy to give….
Today’s #WordsofWednesday are just me having fun with words, emotions and wetness. Take lightly or heavily (however the effects go)

Have fun with me! Or with your boo(s) OR alone! Enjoy!

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Stay Up!


The End

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