Triangle of Revenge Part II

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Please read Part 1 for the full story here… http://adewus4real.com/2013/10/09/triangle-of-revenge/



A few minutes later I opened my door and noticed a pile of clothes to the side of my living room. I looked to the other end of the room and there, sitting on my newly delivered settee, was my co worker and former friend’s girlfriend, Rachel. She still hadn’t broken up with him. I reckon it was because she hadn’t gotten the full story yet or wasn’t the one that walked in on them but I was damn sure she wasn’t in my house trying to find out more “details”. 

Did I already mention that she was naked? I sat there and stared at her gorgeous body. She was smiling at me. I took of my coat and hung it on the coat rack; I was still buzzed and still trying to figure out my next line of action. What the fuck was going on?! Did she really want me to fuck her? Would I?! I certainly wanted to but something in me also didn’t. I think, in some way, I didn’t want to stoop to their level because I felt that sleeping with her would give them a certain level of comfort. Was I just like them? Fuck this moral compass, I thought to myself.

“Rachel, what are you doing?” I asked her already knowing the answer I would get, “you’re my friend’s girlfriend” I added.  “Yeah right, some friend he is. He screwed us both over”, she said slowly walking towards me. That’s when I noticed my sixteen year old Pinot Grigio opened on the coffee table. Glass in hand, she walked slowly towards me. I was sitting on the kitchen counter; she placed the glass next to me and slid her hands around me. Standing on her toes, she leaned in towards my left ear and whispered, “We don’t need to feel bad and no one needs to know.” And she planted a kiss right on my ear. Most people talk about the ears being a very sensitive part of the body and I have to agree, it literally sent chills down my spine. I attempted to push her off me but I think my brain and my hands lost signal for a brief second because I didn’t lift a limb to push her away. She planted her soft lips onto mine, as if to shut me up. I kissed her back. I kissed her back! Fuck!

Now that I think about it, I had always wanted to. I had been working with Rachel for about 3 years since our company signed hers on as our new consulting firm to boost revenue and revamp our image. Rachel caught my eye early on, with her enthusiasm and her drive. The body hugging skirts didn’t hurt either. I couldn’t have her for two reasons: one, I was in an exclusive and dedicated relationship and two, we kind of worked together. So I let that thought go and so when my friend Kelvin, newly single, needed a date one weekend a few years ago, I hooked them up. Hooking them up meant I had to “kill” off any thought of being with her. I watched her come through, every so often, for meetings with the partners and such. Lunch together became a regular thing. As she began to seriously date my friend, I respected her but I guess somehow secretly wanted her.

I guess it all kind of made sense now, I thought, as I laid her down on the kitchen counter. I felt a gentle shiver go through her back as it touched the marble top. I picked out one of the ice cubes from her glass and used it to guide my lips around her body. I started from her lips, kissing her and at the same time tasting the grapes from the Pinot on my way down to her neck. I was now standing in between her legs and leaning in on her body. The heat from my nostrils and my mouth seemed to warm her body up as I now kissed my way down with the ice cube gently between my lips.

I continued to kiss my way down to her lips; the other ones, as the gentle moans began to float into the air. From my camp at the bottom of the kitchen island, I was starting to feel the wetness from within her on my chin as my tongue danced around her clit. I was holding her hips down as she tried to fight her way out of the pleasure. After trying and failing to push me off, of which I know she really only wanted more, she pushed my head deep in. Deeper into her juicy creampie as I lapped it all making sure not to miss out on any drops as they flowed out onto my very thankful tongue. It was the perfect partnership, she moaned as I feasted, and we both derived pleasure from what we did.

I sat her up and stopped, I searched her eyes as if I was looking for confirmation that she really wanted to do this, was she really ready? Did she really want this? Hell, did I want this? Our lips seemed to come to an agreement as we stumbled across the room towards my bed. I wasn’t sure we would make it as we stopped while kissing. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her hands on my head. I pushed her back against the wall as she kissed my lips through my scruffy and unkempt beard. The Jack I had earlier was huskily overpowering the gentle wine tastes on her soft lips. I looked into her eyes again; we really wanted this. No, we needed this. I wished it was someone else, to be honest, but at that point, who gave a damn.  I laid her down gently on my bed trying to think to myself where my nearest stash of condoms were (you know we guys have them stashed all over the house, we can never get on the wrong room and not be ready to go). I was heading for the one inside my old wristwatch box on my reading table when I heard a big knock on the door!

Fuck! Who could that be at this time of the night?! My alarm clock said 3:12am. It’s 3:12am! What in the world would anyone want at this time?! I started to get up. My shorts were still on and I was making my way to the door as she tiptoed to her clothes and rush back into the room to put them on. Who could it be? Was it my ex? Was it my obnoxious, unreasonable and annoying little brother who had showed up around this time of the night from one of his many “nights on the town?” If it was him, I would definitely kill him!  I opened the door, neglecting to utilize the peep hole and there he was, without a fucking care in the world and the greatness he might have just ruined. Drenched in rain, it was…


. . . . .

It was Matthew, the doorman! Ugh! I knew he must have had a good reason to come up at this hour but I really didn’t want to hear it! I had a hard-on that I needed to go down or get taken care of by the willing lady currently hiding out in my bedroom. Matthew was cool, started working in the building a few months before I moved in. He helped me move in and gave me all the good spots around town, we have formed this cool “bro” type of relationship over the past few years. “What’s going on Matthew? It’s kinda late” I asked. “Bruv, your guest’s car is getting towed”, he explained.

“Oh shoot!” I cursed as I ran to grab my keys off the kitchen counter. “Rachel, you’re getting towed!” A few flights of stairs and seconds later we arrived at the ground floor.

“Jonathan! Come on bro! You know that car is my friends, why you trying to tow it without a heads up?” I yelled at the man operating the tow truck.  Jonathan worked for the management who conveniently own their own towing company, keeping the money in house type of deal. I was able to talk Jonathan into dropping the car off the hook with the help of a $50 fifty dollar bill and Ulysses S. Grant. Beneficial corruption, I smiled, it reminds me of a country I once believed was mine. After a good night hug to Rachel, a firm handshake and thank you to Matthew who I now owe a bottle of wine for traveling 3 flights of stairs to save my guest over three hundred dollars, I bowed my head as I headed up the stairs back to my apartment. What just happened?! Somehow, I had opened the door to a chapter that I knew could lead to heated and vengeful sex or thoughts of betrayal and answering questions I knew I wouldn’t feel like answering. But I was intrigued. There, I lay in bed, staring out my window into the city of Seattle as the rain drizzled. What was this? Sleep began to come over me as my brain tried to fight and compartmentalize the events of the night; I remembered I had to be up in 2 hours. It was 4:51am.


. . . . .

It had been 3 weeks since that fateful night and Rachel and I hadn’t spoken. She had been working out of my office doing the semi-annual reports for her firm and she was working through the office. She was doing an evaluation of the staff directly under me in my department since Monday but we had managed to stay away from each other. Eye contact in the coffee room, avoiding taking the elevator while she was about to hop on, having someone send a memo to her office that I could easily have walked over…all these things were building up this heat between us. We had unfinished business that needed to be concluded. Apparently they had her there evaluating the managing partners and were gathering information on us all from the other coworkers. This was the kiss ass week of the year, when every “lower” employee tried to kiss the ass of their bosses for either a raise or some type of recognition. Some were helpful, some not, some just wanted to kiss your ass to look good while some truly respected and adored you. All this time, you’re expected to be going about your regular business as usual and not worry that you’re being evaluated. She was going about her business and interviewing the employees. I had been looking for the right opportunity to talk to her but every turn felt like a trap to devour her. I once walked by her office and she was bending over looking for a file in the lowest drawer of the cabinet. All I could do was stare at her round rear in awe. Matter of fact, I forgot why I was even there in the first place.

The week had flown by and then came Thursday and this whole time we had acted really professionally but it was so clear that we both wanted each other. She had finished wrapping up my part of the feedback report and she came to put it on my desk. Only problem was, I was still there. When  she walked in, she  had on a sexy black dress like she had been planning on heading out for cocktails or something, black shoes with a bow in the front, her hair was done and makeup had been touched and she looked absolutely amazing! She walked in and said hi and I said hi back, she handed me the report and turned to leave, stop midway to say, “Do realize we’re the only ones left here?” I replied with a sly “Really?” In that moment, all the possible thoughts ran through my head, I had always wanted this girl and I had always wanted to have sex in my office, I got up and walked towards her and asked “What does that mean?” “I don’t know” she replied.  I came closer and grabbed her by her waist and she started breathing heavily. I sat her down on my table as I started kissing her and fondling her breasts. As it started to get hotter, we both realized that we were still at work but I didn’t care, I just wanted to go! But she looked at me and said, “Darling, let’s take this to your place”. I said yes!

She later told me that the drive home was hectic because she couldn’t stop thinking about all the things she wanted to do to me. No drinks this time, no music, no strawberries. None of that crap. I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity again.  Just two hot bodies that couldn’t wait to devour each other. We walked up to my room as she held my hand. Immediately we got in, I began to kiss her with our bodies pressed up against the wall. She asked me to bite her! Bite?! I was kinda nervous. I didn’t want to give her a hickey. But she asked, so I bit her and she said, “Harder and harder”, and so I did. Gradually we moved our way to the bed. With all her clothes on she was stunning. I could only imagine how she would look naked again. So I turned her around, her back to my chest. I started fondling her, running my hands from her legs up to her thighs and under her dress, and slowly taking her clothes off. In minutes, she was completely naked. Now this was where we just let it all out. I bent her over, still backing me, I spread her cheeks and started to explore her juice box from the back as she moaned. I moved to her legs, sexy as heck! I started kissing the back of her legs and they drove her crazy! But she loved it! Then I turned her over and spread her legs apart. I started kissing inside those juicy thighs as I worked my way down to the chocolate factory. I could smell sweet chocolate dripping from the cream hole and I was ready to make some chocolate cream pie. I went in!! Licking, sucking and biting much to her enjoyment. She must have known, somehow, how much I love it when my head was held and directed where she wanted me to go, but still letting me have free reign over her pussy. I had her juices from my nose to the bottom of my chin. I remember her saying “Don’t fucking stop!” That stuck vividly in my head as I ate her out.  

I then whipped out my piece for her satisfaction and I shoved it into her tight wet chocolate factory without warning and she let out this sexy and wanton moan. She was looking into my eyes, calling my name, as I gave her every inch of my raw black member without reservation! I flipped her over on all fours and I started plugging and pounding hard with my balls slamming against her clit! She was moaning so loudly as her ass bounced back at me with every thrust, each one deeper than the last and finally she started to cum on my member. For a brief second in there, I remembered my ex, I remembered all the times we had made love in this same position on this bed but I ain’t in the new school, why would I stop? My ex didn’t stop. I wouldn’t either. I keyed back into the moment with her voice engulfing the room and I hit that spot. I let it all out trying my best to avoid her seeing my cum face; it is the ugliest thing in the world! We slumped next to each other and I pulled her closer and we both stared at the ceiling as the night blanketed the city and then it happened, one of the most dreaded things any guy in his right mind dreads. She asked me… a simple but extremely complicated question. “Damien?” she asked gently. “Yes Rachel” I responded at just about the same tone. “What exactly are we now?”

My eyes grew so big, my heart stopped for a second and my package lost all its second wind. “What the absolute fuck?!” I knew at that moment, everything up to this point was mistake. Only problem now was, I knew I wanted to get back between her legs but I knew that meant I was working my way deeper into her heart and for the love of me that was the last thing I wanted. Crap! I heard her mutter something. “Damien, are you sleeping?” she asked. I was pretending to but I knew for a fact that I would have to answer that question sooner or later. I wished I could just sleep this part away but I knew it would still be there when I woke up and this triangle was going to get freaking messy. My ex and I were supposed to meet for “dinner” that night so she could “explain”. Whipped cream or crème brulee for this mess? Someone would need to clean this up but I just needed to sleep for now… Fuck that!!!



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