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Your Peace by Kenny Kore


The pages turn

Each new experience

Like a marker to denote that particular stage

The memories vary

Exploring you as a person

Pulling you here and there

Beyond range

Each feeling unique

Sometimes strange

They empower and build you

As you travel along with your map

On your journey of self

All along your own way



The wind blows

The pages flip

You hold on tight


Trying to stick to the script

But life is a movie

And the credits roll as we go along

The curtains stay open

For those who are able to stand strong

No popcorn

For the weak

Like a flick in the box office

You’re trying to maintain a devastating streak

Trying to keep your mind afloat

And your dreams on fleek



Again you pick up the pen

Ready to write in another experience into memory

The who, what and the when

Your heart remembering what is unique to your story

Survival instincts to ensure that you

Are remembered now

And not as history

So we buckle down

Drenched in the storms of life

Riding the waves like sitting on a bike

This journey will batter and leave scars

Just remember to empower yourself and learn lessons

From each mark


New beginning

Different meaning

Same purpose

Pushing on from last year

Where you probably came really close

But how to do you navigate

Some mow through life

Like a GPS system

Trying to direct their lives


But even the machine itself

Needs initial direction

So who’s road map are you following

And to what destination are you going

The new layout might be just as challenging

But keying to the source will give your story

New meaning


As we flip the page

A lick of the finger

The taste of paper

Symbloic to life’s experiences

Will linger

Be an avid reader

Gathering knowledge from others

As you write your next chapter

Your story is one for greatness

So be true to it

And rule your life

Like a royal highness

This is to you and the next phase

This is to empowerment as you run your own race



2014 is over and we usher 2015 in. I began to think as I wrote my resolutions and prayer requests., that I have seen things many inspiring and some I regret.

I do not believe in people who say they live their lives with no regrets. I feel like we all have some, albeit some have very few.

I believe every instance, regretful or otherwise, is a unique lesson.


Resolutions get me thinking. I love goals and I love being able to achieve them but I think about life and my experiences. I mean, I really think about them.
I truly weigh whether or not I have learned from them.

2014 came with a lot of challenges and it left some scars but each one has left a mark. In my heart and in my mind.
IT has been a chapter in my life, one that I will never forget easily.

The truth remains that 2015, like the year before it will be unique but I ask you to take the pen and hand it over to the source of the ink

Let him write and let him lead.

Here’s to a challenging 2014 and all the greatness in a glorious 2015!

My hope is that your fulfill greatness in the new year and come the end of 2015, we will all be here to celebrate together.

Learn, laugh and love in 2015.
Fill up the pages in your heart with great memories. Leave an indelible mark of love in the heart of every person you meet. That might just be a chapter in their life but it is infact a key component to your story.


What will your 2015 be like? 

What have you learned in 2014 and do you have any big plans in 2015? Comment and Let me know. 


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE AND SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Well, on Saturday for Homeless 3 for  #SanmiSaturdays