“I” (WhatTheHeckMan 100)



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Anoti by M.I Abaga ft. Gabriel


I am unique

I recognize that I am different

I don’t follow your themes

I understand that part of me is greater than I know

I have been through so much, battling through sorrow

I pray each day for a better tomorrow

I ask for grace to never have to say “Had I known”


I have seen pain

I have felt life try to break me through it’s last strain

I have watched it sap all the blood out of my veins

I am strong

I am vulnerable

I am dedicated to my family and my hustle

I bleed and I cry

I sometimes reminisce and wonder why


I overthink sometimes

I try not to

I recognize that it is something regret would have you do

I am scared

I am worried I would hurt again and again filled with regret

I bottle things up inside

I don’t think anyone would understand me so why even try

I pray way less than I should

I would do more if I could


I have been made to feel like I wasn’t good enough

I have had fingers pointed at me like I was the wrong one

I have elected to listen to myself and choose my path

I have decided that no matter what

I will enjoy life and what it gives me back

I sometimes wish you never left

I realize that it is possible that you were never truly here

I want to fall in love again

I want to share my heart with you

I am terrified that the same outcome would happen with you too


I am complex

I reiterate that I am different

I have goals that terrify and excite me in the same breath

I forgive way too easily

I know my purpose and my destiny

I want to impact the world in my own way

I want my legacy to have its own say

I want to continue to grow daily, emotionally, spiritually and financially

I have dreams to be a better me

I have plans that I will look back at this as a better me


I am evolving as time goes by

I am growing right in front of my own eyes

I still have fears

I have my doubts

I will never let them define me, that is not what I am about

I will continue to shock myself as I push the envelope

I know my integrity will speak for me wherever I go


I say to you today

I am who I am

I refuse to apologize for not being who you want me to be

I refuse to be put down by anyone who doesn’t appreciate me for me

I am unique and I amazing in my own way

I have to continue to remind myself; each and every single day

This is my 100th post on #WhatTheHeckMan and it is a declaration of who I am. It has been a tremendous journey. One filled with laughs, jokes, growth, stories, poems, sex, life, pain, hurt, love, discussion, art and of course, those #WhatTheHeckMan (Sanmi) moments you love so much.
I wrote “I” so all of you can have “I” moments where you embrace yourself for who you are.

I don’t have much to say today but I hope you have stuff to say to and for me. This feels like a birthday to me…
So here it goes, if you can answer these, I will be grateful…

1. What does #WhatTheHeckMan mean to you?
2. What do you enjoy the most about #WTHM?
3. What do you dislike about it?
4. How can you help grow this platform into a bigger wave?
5. Do you know how grateful I am to have you on this ride?
6. What would you like to see more of on #WTHM?

Please leave me a comment or encouragement or even criticism. I live for your comments engagement and feedback. I want to reach more people.
I need your help.


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6 thoughts on ““I” (WhatTheHeckMan 100)

  1. I have found this #WTHM to be a very interesting blog. It is full of energy and life. I truly can relate to most of the posts here. A life well lived is one that affects and reaches others. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us. When life places you with mean and wicked people, see them as sand paper. They are rough on you but it smoothens you out and they fade. Thank God for the heart break and your decision to be noticed by girls. I am sure this has grown beyond that to a Lifestyle. E ku ise.

  2. I love #WTHM. It’s interesting and in a way different from other blogs that I read especially because of the mini series. I always look forward to my Wednesday and Saturday, I basically use this blog to get out of my busy day and simply relax and enjoy a story well told. I love the music and the creativity 👌 I hope the web series becomes a thing this year, that will be great and I’m looking forward to it. You’re good at what you do and I’m sure you’ll keep getting better. Happy 100th 🙌

  3. Congrats on the 100th post .. 100 times you have made us laugh / cry / tingle / shout out #WTHM .. I look forward to your posts and they are my little escape from the world . #WordsofWednesday are my weekly encouragement pieces and #SanmiSaturday’s like tuning in to watch an episode of my favourite TV show ….
    “I” is 👏👏👏 never apologise for who you are , you are loved and apreciated for you.. .. Got to tell youRself this daily .

    Congrats again . Here’s to 100 more posts 🍷

  4. I love the effort that goes into the posts. You always find a way to deliver. you reach your audience is a very interesting and beautiful manner. I love love the cliffhangers and i detest the waiting time. Ever since i came across this blog, I’ve been hung on it. It’s really great work you do here. Thanks for always writing and sharing. Cheers!

  5. I love the stories. And the wordwednesdays and recently the rants. 😂 love the rants! I think the posts can use a little more editing-
    It’s pretty cool seeing someone use their passion for entertaining others while throwing in some life lessons here and there. I think that’s what keeps me interested in the WTHM series. Go samni. When you become a big deal story person I can say hey I knew him when he was the wordsmith 🙌

  6. Congrats on this 100th post of yours👏👏👏
    Something I love about this #WTHM is that the stories can be a bit disengaging yet so engaging. Often times I read 1 of 4 series and just voice Ah Ahn….What is this? Yet I’m always on the lookout for SanmiSaturdays. Nights at work when less busy, I read this blog to get away from the stressful environment. I don’t enjoy the waiting time but I’m glad there is something to keep us engaged too while waiting which happens to words of Wednesday. I would love to see more of the reflections of how a particular series ties to the world we live in as you’ve usually done at the end of the 4/4 series.
    Keep doing what you do Mr Plantain Lover a.k.a The WordSmith🙌🙌

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