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Komije by Chillz x Sam Oki

I pulled up my pants and buckled my belt. I sat down on the chair as I put on my shoes.

I turned around and she was awake. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

She asked me

“Do you really have to go?”


I laughed as I replied


“If I don’t to work, you’d be holding up the rest of the country”


She understood but I had to remind her about it every time we spent time together.


“When will I see you next?”


I responded


“Soon, I hope.”


I straightened my tie in the mirror. And she said


“You know I’ve always loved you in your getup”


I turned and joked


“You’re only saying that cos you don’t want me to leave”


She smiled and said


“Can you blame me?”


I shook my head and climbed into the bed to give her a kiss. She pulled me by my tie and locked her lips into mine.

Her tongue invaded the space in my mouth.

I eventually pulled away and said


“Cindy, you’re going to make me late”


She smiled and said


“It won’t be there first time”


She sat up and said


“Just a quickie?”


I sighed.




About 15 minutes later, I walked into the lobby of her apartment complex.

My Uber driver had been waiting for me.

I got into the car and apologized for being late.

The ride to work was smooth, as I had beaten the morning traffic.


I arrived at work about 30 minutes later.

I thanked the driver as I departed.

It was from door to door. Like a robot, I could navigate my job site in my sleep.

I was walking through the last security clearance when one of the employees said,


“Where are you headed today?”


I responded with a smile as I said


“Hopefully no where too far”


I walked into the conference and my colleagues were seated around the table.

The briefing allowed me to check into a new place.

My mind began to travel and then I heard one of the supervisors say


“You with us?”


I nodded.

I really wasn’t there. I would always get nervous like this before I had to work.

We left the room and headed to our posts.

The boarding began and shortly, I was sitting and ready to work.

The crew finished their run through and came to inform us.

I picked up the microphone and said


“Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking we like to welcome you onboard this Virgin America flight 294 to Miami, Florida. Flight duration is around 2:58 minutes and we are expecting a fairly smooth flight today. Once again we thank you for choosing to fly with us today and we hope you enjoy your flight”


The takeoff was fairly smooth and once we leveled in the air. I took off my headphones and I thought to myself.

I was very grateful for my life.

29 and doing the job I loved. The work I had put in to getting here had all paid off.
My happiness was completely in my control and I was balancing all my responsibilities as needed.

I had actually followed my dreams to get to the place that I was. Dedicated myself to my journey and my struggle, I finally pulled through.

But there was more I wanted in life. More I had to attain.

It was never enough. I always wanted more.


For the career, I had selected, you would think that I would have handled landings better but I hated them.

I loved being high up though. I somehow felt like being up in the sky lifted me above my problems. It didn’t always go that way though.

My problems like landings always made my brain move within my head.

And then came the nausea.


Derek, my co pilot landed the plane. The crew finished letting everyone out and then we left the plane.

The shuttle was waiting for us as we stepped off the plane. In we went as I quickly ran through my emails and messages that came through while I was in the air.

I plugged my headphones into my ears and turned on one of my favorite songs “Nina Simone: Be My Husband”.

The bus peeled out of the airport. It was a short ride to the hotel as we all got out and filed our way into the lobby.

The check in process was smooth and within minutes, I was sitting on the edge of my bed taking my shoes off. I placed my phone of the bedside table and returned to take my shoes off. My phone buzzed with the incoming message

It flashed across the screen as it read

“I’m guessing you got there safely. Well, just wanted to check in.

Stay safe”

I turned away as I threw my pair of socks onto my shoes sitting at the base of the bed. I wriggled my toes as they were finally set free from hours of being trapped.
I picked up the remote control and turned on the television and skipped through the channels till I ended up on Sportscenter.

The highlights were on as I stretched out in bed and pulled the covers up over my feet.

A yawn and my eyes became heavy.



I was awoken by a gentle series of knocks on the door. I sluggishly lifted myself of the and walked to the door as another series of knocks ended. I looked through the peephole and smiled big.

She was here.

I looked down and fixed my shorts as I opened the door.

There she was gazing beautifully as her amazing smile lit up the doorway.

I was about to say hello when she placed her index finger on my lip and pushed me back into the room. She closed the door behind her and continued to lead me into the room as I travelled backwards.

I arrived on by the bed and then she stopped with pushing down. She leaned in and gave me a kiss.

Then she turned me and pushed me onto the desk chair.

I was looking up at her now as I noticed her in her heels and flowing pee coat. She opened her coat and flashed her toned body as she ran her hand over her navel.

She smiled again and dropped down into a squatting position. Her red Temptation pumps giving her extra height as she pulled down my shorts.

My throbbing member was waiting for an escape and gladdened the opportunity to appear. She kissed the head as her tongue licked it slowly.

The sucks started off slow and soft with her perfect lips giving home to my wanting member.

Her mouth was getting wetter as she attempted to fit it all in her mouth.

She was slurping from top to the base.

Her long occasional strokes on my balls left me wandering if she could actually hear me moaning. I was trying to contain myself but I could feel pleasure travelling into my toes.

The sensation heated up my tailbone but I continued to muffle my moans.

She placed her fingers on her clit and began working her fingers on it. The combination of her sucking and moaning was now driving me insane.

I tried to push her off but she held firm.

She took one more full stroke in and licked balls before I snapped my legs up and pushed her up.

She smiled as she stood up. She licked her lips as she turned around and walked to the bed and then said

“At least I know you still can’t handle the heat on your balls”

She dropped her coat and climbed onto the bed with her heels on. On her fours she arched her back low and said

“Now come and show me how much you’ve missed me”

I removed my shirt and came up behind her. I smiled and licked my lips in preparation for the feast. She already grabbed the sheets tightly in anticipation. I stroked my beard as I climbed up into the bed behind her.

Holding her cheeks wide, I took one long stroke from bottom to top.


Really wet.

It reminded me of Winnie The Pooh trying to lick his honey from a jar in the cartoons.

It was warm and tasted amazing.

My strokes with my tongue were long and pressed on her clit. She began to moan as my tongue explored her wetness. It just wouldn’t stop.

And I wasn’t going to waste any of it.

I spread her pink with my tongue and I slid it deeper and continued to suck all her juices.

I began to nibble on her clit with speed. Alternating between long strokes and a buzzing speed on her clit, I worked it.
Her moans continued to be my form of affirmation and navigation as I prepared my member in waiting to join the party.

I rose up and prepared to slide into her. She looked back at me with that wanting look in her eyes.

It was tight.



Each thrust was met with a moan. Each one louder than the last one, she gripped the sheets like her life depended on it.

The pace picked up as I thrust deeper, she threw it back at me.

Then her wild side kicked in, she said

“Geez! Why are you doing this? “

in that pleading tone. It only caused me to pound harder.

She began yelling

“Fuck you! Fuck you!”

I continued to thrust harder. My balls slamming into her wet clit as she begged

“Fuck me… Fuck meee harder…”

“You know you want to fuck me harder… you know you’ve been wanting this pussy….

Pull my hair…”

I grabbed a handful of her hair with my left and each thrust was hard.

Pounding hard.

My throbbing member searched the depths of her. Touching the walls as the walls of her pink gripped my hard member

She moaned

“Grab my waist and fuck the shit out me.

Spread them wider”

Her words were an added stimulus for me as I tried to contain myself without exploding. I couldn’t keep up for long.

A few more hard thrusts and I was grunting as my seed escaped their coven.

Right next to her, I slumped.

Both of us were covered in sweat and panting for air. I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. She kicked off her shoes and wrapped her legs around mine and said

“I guess you really missed me”

I looked down at her beautiful face and the sly smile that covered it

And said

“I guess I did”

It was silent for a bit as we both caught our breath and then she said

“When was the last time you had it like that?”

I frowned without looking at her and said

“Too long”


Buzz… Buzz… Buzzz….

I heard my name as I opened my eyes. It was Tanya waking me up

“Your phone has been going off”

I looked at her confused and then looked at my phone. It was my wife.

I clicked to answer it and before I said anything, she said

“Andy, your daughter is refusing to go to school today. Fix it cos I’m running late for work”

I sighed and I was now fully aware of where I was and what I was doing

“Janet, did you try asking her why?”

She scoffed and said

“of course I have but she’s like you and won’t talk. Here she is, talk to her”

She handed the phone over to her my daughter Ruby.

“Hey baby, it’s daddy”

I said

“Daddy, I don’t want to go to school today. I don’t like my dress and mummy didn’t buy the cupcakes and my whole class is bringing stuff”

she responded in her soft voice and I said

“Don’t worry baby, mummy will get you some cupcakes and remember that blue dress daddy bought you last month?

Will you wear that to school today?

You look really pretty in it and then we can go for ice cream when daddy gets back okay?”

She instantly replied

“Okay daddy”


“Okay my love. Give the phone to mummy”

I heard her walking and then Janet was back on

“She ready to go now?”

Janet asked

I replied

“Stop at Safeway and pickup 12 cup cakes for her class. Give her the blue dress I bought last month and you’re good to go.”

She chimed back


Anything else?

And when are you coming home?”

I sighed and replied

“Tomorrow night.

Get her to school on time. They do circle first thing in the morning”

I ended the call and dropped my phone Tanya came up behind me and pressed her cold breasts on my back and said

“Everything okay?”

I nodded and then she said

“You know that was supposed to be me?”

I turned to my left side and kissed her as I said

“I know love. I know”

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