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Turbulence 2

Turbulence 2

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Simple Life by Niia 

Andy: Main Character

Cindy: Girl 1

Tanya: Ex Girlfriend

Janet:  Andy’s Wife

Ruby: Andy and Janet’s Daughter*

Anthony: Andy’s Brother


It had taken years for Tanya and I to get to a place where we didn’t’ have to discuss what not being together meant.

In the beginning, it would be a full conversation of validating her feelings and trying to let her know she was the one I wanted. We had been dating before I got involved with Janet but never lost touch.

Some of you are already judged me but hopefully, the story becomes clearer to you with time.

Tanya and I got up around midday. We had sex a couple times before we began to get ready to leave.

I was ready and out sitting on the couch after about 30 minutes but you can trust that Tanya was taking much longer.

“You know we’re going to be late if we don’t get a move on right?”

“I’m almost done babe”

she said from inside the bathroom while she applied her make up.

“Can you please grab my bag?”

I laughed and got up as I grabbed her bag. I walked over to the door and placed it next to mine.

I turned around and there she was with her big smile on her face.

She looked amazing.

“Wow. You look great babe”

I said.

She strutted towards me and gave me a kiss on my cheek and whispered in my ear

“I have to, so you keep wanting to come back to me”

I looked down at her before giving her a short kiss.

“You’re always in my heart.”

I said

She laughed and said

“I know.”

I gave her a big hug and was careful that her makeup did not stain my shirt. We broke apart and I picked up my bags and she dragged her bags.
the door opened and we both went in opposite directions towards our rides to the airport.

I heard her ask

“When will you be back?”

I turned and said

“Next Sunday”

as I kept on walking. I smiled as I shook my head and turned the corner. I was happy here but for how long.


I opened the trunk of my car and placed my bags in.

I entered the car and pushed the button. The engine lit up and breathed life into the car.

The darkness was approaching and preparing to engulf the night. I made my way out of the airport parking lot and headed home.

It was a short drive as I pulled into my driveway about 15 minutes later.

Rushing out of the car, I grabbed my bags and quickly entered the house.

I walked straight into Ruby’s room.

I cursed quietly under my breath. I had missed her.

I came to the edge of her bed and kissed her on her forehead. She squirmed like she usually did in her sleep.
I smiled.

She was my joy and the true bright spot in my life.

I stood there and watched her for a few minutes before I fixed her hair and headed out of her room.

I came into the dining area and Janet was standing there in her robe.
With such attitude in her voice, she said

“So you finally decided to come home”

I turned and looked at her as I said

“Are you seriously trying to do this right now?”

She cocked her head to the side and said

“You know I’m saying the truth since you want to spend all your time with that bitch”

My eyes grew with surprise. It wasn’t unexpected but maybe in a way it was because I wasn’t expecting her to come so direct with it

“Janet, I’m not doing this with you tonight”

I took off my coat and hung it on the back of a chair on the dining table.

I left the room and headed into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator to get something to eat.

Janet walked in behind me and kept on talking

“You don’t see me anyways, you never have.
You’ve always been into that other bitch”

I closed the refrigerator and walked up to her

I pulled down the strings that held her robe together. I reached into her robe and pulled her close to me.

She tried to fight and pull away from me but I held her tightly.

My left had cupped her right breast and I squeezed it tight.

She closed her eyes and said

“What are you doing Andr…”

her voice tailed off as my lips kissed down her neck. I continued to kiss along her neck bone as she moaned. I slid my right hand down between her legs as she pulled away from.

She looked at me and said

“It’s not happening that easily tonight”

She began walking out of the kitchen when I reached for her. Standing right behind her, I pressed my now growing member up against her rear.

I was breathing down her neck and my hands cupped her breasts. She continued moaning as I kissed her again and slowly began to grind in a circular motion on my member.

I turned her around and our eyes met. There was some love there.

There was some needing to be loved there.

I wrapped my right hand around her waist and hoisted her up. Walking the short distance to the counter, I placed her down on it.

Dropping to my knees, I spread her legs apart and placed them on my shoulders.

I began kissing around her pink.


Allowing the heat from my nostrils to burn the insides of her thighs. I kissed around her right below her clit and I heard her moan.

I could hear her wet start to drip and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

I licked my lips and kissed right on her clit.

She kicked her head back and sighed heavily.

It was a sound of relief.

Like so much was being taken off her shoulders. I began to lick and suck as her juices dripped on to my face and drenched my beard.

She held my head in place as I worked my tongue covering every inch of her wet pink.


Legs shaking.


I was sucking.

She was gasping.

My tongue wagging

Front teeth nibbling

Her body was being loved and this was on the beginning.

I got up and looked her dead in the face.

I knew what she wanted and she wasn’t going to make that hidden either.

“Fuck me”

I smiled and slowly slid into her. Her eyes grew big.

She gasped.

Her left hand of my shoulder, I began to slide in and out. With each thrust, her wetness soaked me up.
Every inch of my hardened member covered in her sweetness.

Her moans as music to my ears and the directions like a GPS navigation system.

I stared into her eyes and hers searched mine.

There is that moment we all know about, where the eyes meet.

Deep into each other’s. Nothing needing to be said.

I was speeding up when she said

“Put me down”

I was taken a back and stepped back from the counter. She climbed down and walked up to me. She gave me the deepest kiss and then walked back to the counter.

She turned around and rose on her toes and then looked back at me.

I have thought about that night many times.
I continue to reckon that there are very few more beautiful sights to a man than a woman looking back at him.

I came up behind her, hands around her waist. The thrusts were controlled.

I could feel my balls smack into her clit.

Soaked, I began to pick up the pace. Her moans were louder, the look on her face giving me life to go harder.

I grabbed her waist tight and began to thrust harder. Slamming my pelvis into her rear, I went hard like I was searching for answers.

She stayed on her toes, as I was about to explode. I said

“Baby, I’m about to cum”

and she said

“Do it baby. Cum for me… Cum for me right now”

Her voice ticked off something and I let it all loose.

I didn’t pull out but I leaned over her back and kissed her. She turned around and placed both hands on my face and kissed me hard.

I picked her up and headed to the room. I placed her on the bed and turned to go and lock the bedroom door, when I turned around, she was already asleep.

I smiled and climbed in next to her.

I was catching my breath when my phone buzzed and lit up

I turned over and picked it up. It was Tanya.

The message read:

“I can’t stop thinking about you and I still smell like you.
I miss you”



I opened my eyes a few minutes before my alarm clock went off. I reached for it and turned it off.

My mind was running in all kinds of ways.

I just didn’t like how I was feeling and my stomach grumbled.

I had forgotten to eat the night before after all the activities we had gotten into.

My mind wandered as I climbed out of bed and headed into the kitchen.

I was barely home but whenever I was, I tried to be as present and involved as possible.

I remembered so clearly the day, Janet told me that she was pregnant.
It was not the worst day of my life unlike some other people would have imagined. Janet and I had been having sex for a few months when I came home from school one day and my mother was sitting with her parents.

They basically said they weren’t upset with me for ruining their daughters life but they wanted us to get married since we were already dating.

The only issue was that we weren’t dating, just having sex. But my mother, my mother “encouraged” me to marry her.

A few months later, a very pregnant Janet and I got married at the courthouse.

When Ruby came, my life changed.

It felt like I found my best friend. In her eyes, I consistently found purity and honest. The way she smiled at me, I always knew it came from a place of love.

I had told myself that I would not be another statistic of a deadbeat father.

So I put in more work towards everything I did and double the effort around everything involving Ruby.

I walked out of the kitchen and headed to the table with two plates.

There she was primed to go after her shower.

She smiled at me as I said

“Good morning darling”

“Good morning daddy”

I walked over to her and placed her plate in front of her with a second plate with her slices of bread.
She smiled as she noticed that I had cut off the crusts on the slices

“Thank you daddy”

she said

I sat across from her as we ate. I always watched her with care and concern.
Care because she was the greatest gift that God had given to me but concern because I worried if I would be able to protect her from the world.

Minutes later, we were walking down the street to her school.
She was full of life and just a happy kid.

“Daddy are you coming to ballet practice today?”

I nodded and said

“Yes love”

We kept walking as I asked about school; her friends and teachers.

“How is Ms Corrine?”

She answered and we walked. Randomly she blurted out

“Dad, are you going to take me to Sophie’s birthday party tomorrow?”

“Of course baby.”

We had arrived at her school. I knelt down and gave her a hug and kiss on her forehead and on her way she went. Disappearing into the crowd of students like one of the Israelites heading out of Egypt.

I dropped her off and put on my headphones. I stretched.

And I began my run, which always took me to the gym that was a couple of miles away.

The workout was great and I was able to relieve some of the stress I was feeling.

I left the gym and headed home.

Walking down the street, I called Tanya and we talked as I approached the house.

I was approaching the driveway when I noticed a car parked in there.

I remember mentioning it to Tanya on the phone. She asked if I was expecting anyone and I told her I wasn’t.

I arrived at the house and I let myself in.

And right there, right in front of me, sat the one thing I feared the most in the world for various reasons.

It was my older brother; Anthony.

He looked at me and said

“Hello baby brother. Beautiful home”

I looked at him with disgust as I said

“What are you doing here Anthony?”

He smiled and placed the glass of scotch on the table and said

“Don’t get your feelings all ruffled baby brother. I’m just here to collect what is mine”

Confused, I now noticed Janet sitting in the corner of the room quietly. She looked worried.

I asked

“What are you talking about?”

He had an evil smile on his face mixed with surprise as he looked at Janet and said

“You never told him?


He sat up straight and said one thing only


“You can’t be serious and you better stop that shit before I get you kicked out of here”

He got up and said

“I’m not here to fight you. I’m just here to get my daughter. Simple”


I turned and looked at Janet, still sitting in the corner and now crying.

My heart was crumbling as I swallowed hard and said

“Janet, is this true?

Is Ruby his?”

She sobbed harder.


I yelled. She shook and sat up as she said

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?

How the fuck don’t you know?”

I yelled back. She kept her head down as she said

“It was a while ago and your brother and I were seeing each other before I met you. It is one of you for sure but she might be his.”

I felt like I had been sucker punched in my stomach multiple times. I sat down on the couch and looked on in disbelief.

My brother said

“Sooooo… I’m guessing you and your wife have things to sort out. So where can I find Ruby”

I got up and stared at my brother as I said

“No matter what happens, you are not taking Ruby from me. I would rather give my life than let her go to you.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

I turned to Janet who was now crying profusely and I asked


Why after all these years? Why make me suffer and marry you?


She looked at me and said nothing.

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11 thoughts on “Turbulence 2

  1. Waaaauuuu #PlotTwistOfLife !!! Even though Andy is a dirty cheat , I really hope Ruby is his . No one deserves that , especially as he was really trying to be a great father

  2. Wow, I definitely did not expect to read that towards the end. Goodness. I’m speechless and I can’t believe it. I hope Ruby is his, but I need Andy to get it together. Sigh.. I gues till next Saturday! 😳😳

  3. What the actual heck man!!!! These plot twists😤 I wanted to hate Andy for cheating now the backstory means I can’t. And Ruby might be his brothers? Fix it Jesus!

    Quick question- do y’all read the characters with a particular race/ethnicity? Or are they colorless figures?

  4. Omg I didn’t see that one coming #PlotTwist. Sigh now I cannot hate Andy, I actually feel sorry for him smh. Is Janet the devil or what? Till Saturday 😐

  5. Lmaooo. Sanmi you’re really the best 😭😭😭😭😭
    Since no one has said it, WHAT THE FUCK????
    I’m so mad right now, Andrew is a cheat, Janet slept with his brother, unintentionally of course but still, she slept with his brother. Ugh. So mad 😩

  6. How did we get here? Janet got no chill man. Anthony just better chill and try to resolve the situation amicably. Ruby is a person as much as a child, whatever decision affects her a lot. Seriously, whattheheckman? Impatiently waiting. And the music is on fleek!

  7. Oh Lawd!!!! Sanmi a.k.a Wordsmith a.k.a Plantain fix it oooo
    what a twist tho!!
    Gotta wait till #SanmiSaturday then

  8. I expected the twist. From Anthony being put in the cast I was like dont tell me thats Ruby’s actual dad. Andre is a cheat so I lowkey don’t feel bad for him. Great dad but great cheat! Is the music on auto play or is it just my laptop. Played three times and its just one song per story now?

    1. Yes. It is one song now.
      And yes it is on autoplay. Many people forget to press play. So, I’ve helped them out.
      The song loops too. So you get something throughout the song.

  9. Wow I’m a woman but I can vouch for some guys when they say women are evil. At first I was disgusted with Andy for feeding Tanya all that b.s knowing he has someone else waiting for him and allowing Janet to talk about her like that to his face. I didn’t like Janet from jump and she proved me right. This why people should just stick to one partner so they don’t get life changing scares like this twwww next time if they ask him to cheat maybe he’ll think twice……. Maybe

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