“I” (WhatTheHeckMan 100)



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Anoti by M.I Abaga ft. Gabriel


I am unique

I recognize that I am different

I don’t follow your themes

I understand that part of me is greater than I know

I have been through so much, battling through sorrow

I pray each day for a better tomorrow

I ask for grace to never have to say “Had I known”


I have seen pain

I have felt life try to break me through it’s last strain

I have watched it sap all the blood out of my veins

I am strong

I am vulnerable

I am dedicated to my family and my hustle

I bleed and I cry

I sometimes reminisce and wonder why


I overthink sometimes

I try not to

I recognize that it is something regret would have you do

I am scared

I am worried I would hurt again and again filled with regret

I bottle things up inside

I don’t think anyone would understand me so why even try

I pray way less than I should

I would do more if I could


I have been made to feel like I wasn’t good enough

I have had fingers pointed at me like I was the wrong one

I have elected to listen to myself and choose my path

I have decided that no matter what

I will enjoy life and what it gives me back

I sometimes wish you never left

I realize that it is possible that you were never truly here

I want to fall in love again

I want to share my heart with you

I am terrified that the same outcome would happen with you too


I am complex

I reiterate that I am different

I have goals that terrify and excite me in the same breath

I forgive way too easily

I know my purpose and my destiny

I want to impact the world in my own way

I want my legacy to have its own say

I want to continue to grow daily, emotionally, spiritually and financially

I have dreams to be a better me

I have plans that I will look back at this as a better me


I am evolving as time goes by

I am growing right in front of my own eyes

I still have fears

I have my doubts

I will never let them define me, that is not what I am about

I will continue to shock myself as I push the envelope

I know my integrity will speak for me wherever I go


I say to you today

I am who I am

I refuse to apologize for not being who you want me to be

I refuse to be put down by anyone who doesn’t appreciate me for me

I am unique and I amazing in my own way

I have to continue to remind myself; each and every single day

This is my 100th post on #WhatTheHeckMan and it is a declaration of who I am. It has been a tremendous journey. One filled with laughs, jokes, growth, stories, poems, sex, life, pain, hurt, love, discussion, art and of course, those #WhatTheHeckMan (Sanmi) moments you love so much.
I wrote “I” so all of you can have “I” moments where you embrace yourself for who you are.

I don’t have much to say today but I hope you have stuff to say to and for me. This feels like a birthday to me…
So here it goes, if you can answer these, I will be grateful…

1. What does #WhatTheHeckMan mean to you?
2. What do you enjoy the most about #WTHM?
3. What do you dislike about it?
4. How can you help grow this platform into a bigger wave?
5. Do you know how grateful I am to have you on this ride?
6. What would you like to see more of on #WTHM?

Please leave me a comment or encouragement or even criticism. I live for your comments engagement and feedback. I want to reach more people.
I need your help.


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