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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 


Freevybe by Yung L

The door buzzed.

There was a short pause as I waited for a response. Nothing


I clamped my finger on the button. Another short pause as I looked around.

The door opened and I let myself in. There was no hug, no welcome hi. There was no conversation about how my day was. She was smoking and drinking as usual. She barely said anything and I really didn’t mind either.

She walked towards her dining area, head first into the curtain of beads. The dining area was poorly lit. It smelled of smoke and alcohol. I watched her trudge away in her white lace panties, crop top and high heels puffing her weed.

She disappeared behind the curtain and I returned to scanning the room. It smelled messy but was actually pretty organized.

She called out from the other room,

“How much ya need boi?”

in her imposing Jamaican accent.

“Five G’s is good”

She returned a few seconds later and handed a Ziploc bag to me. It was cold and hard. I turned it over and dusted some off the flakes of ice on it.

I leaned in and gave her a hug. She gave me a kiss on my cheek as I turned and left.

Rosie was my accountant. Not in the sense that you think but she basically held my money for me. I had two jobs, one that I documented and the other for my company that I kept private, saving all my money with her. Rosie had a huge deep freezer in her apartment where she kept bags of cash.

Now in her late thirties, she was a certified accountant back in Jamaica before life brought her down to Oakland. Our paths crossed and she became one of my closest allies. Apart from my money staying safe with her, our lines crossed far deeper than the money. I opened up my coat and stuck the money in there.
It was five thousand dollars in cash.

I headed out and started walking down the street. My car was parked 2 miles down the road.

The night was cold. The streets were empty. I began to get caught in my thoughts. Repeatedly turning around to ensure that I wasn’t being followed or about to be robbed. I was definitely sticking out like a sore thumb in my suit and pea coat walking through the streets of East Oakland.

I pulled out two pieces of gum and placed them in my mouth. I threw the wrappers on the ground and looked up. I noticed a man unstably riding his bicycle down the road towards me and chanting something. He was clearly drunk.

It didn’t take long before he crashed hard into a tree. I was about a block away from him on his side of the street and unsure of whether he would attack me when I got close to him. So I moved over to the other side of the street; basically jaywalking.

I arrived on the other side and noticed a young lady walking towards me. She looked great.

Tight short black dress with heels on, she had her hands folded because of the cold and continued to walk towards me. Shortly we passed each other. She smelled good. Like summer flowers. It was pleasant to take in. I turned around to get a glimpse of her backside as she continued on straight ahead in the opposite direction as me.

I was now about a 100 yards away from my car when I saw a police car zoom right past me and towards her. I turned around and watched the police car turn around too and after a short conversation, the lady got into the car. I thought to myself, she didn’t look like she was being arrested. Maybe she was an undercover police officer or something.

I really didn’t care. I just wanted to get into my car and out of this neighborhood.

I had been coming here every month for a year but it didn’t stop me from being nervous every time I came over.

I finally arrived at my car and got in. I pushed the start button without putting my foot on the brake, which prevented it from starting. The dashboard lit up and the clock said 12:23am.

I had somewhere I needed to be and that thought fired up my mind.

My dick started throbbing.

I had to get that thought out of my mind. I didn’t want to get pleasure from this. No, I didn’t want to but it seemed like I was going to.

.     .     .     .       .     .

 “Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”

I let out the last few grunts as I slumped over next to her. I began to take deep breaths in to catch up as I pulled the condom off my shriveling member. I walked over to the bathroom and pulled out a piece of toilet paper and rolled up the condom into it and threw it into the toilet. I hit the flush lever and it disappeared into the underworld.

I pulled out a white towel from a stack and dampened it with some water from the tap. I proceeded to use the towel to clean my member up from the base to the head. I looked at myself in the mirror and then I walked into the room. I pulled my pants off the chair and I slid them on.

I looked at her as she lay in the bed looking at me while half of her body hid under the sheets. I knew she was about to say something and she did.

“You’re not gonna stay?”

I looked at her confused. She knew the drill. I never stayed over. I focused on my socks and then back at her before I replied,

“No, I’m not staying. I have work tomorrow”

She rolled her eyes and said,

“You can go to work from here. It’s probably because of your little girlfriend anyway.”

I thought to myself “women, are such confusing people before replying,

“you know you can say her name right?”

She chimed back,

“I’m never going to say her name.”

I sighed as I fixed my tie and said,

“suit yourself. I’m leaving. I’ll text you later”

She didn’t respond till I was out the door. I heard her call out my name


I knew she was upset but I couldn’t care less. It was a transaction. I carried out my part and it came with no perks so I wasn’t going to go out of my way for her. She knew that.

It was a Sunday night and I had a full week ahead of me. Too much to worry about than an expired nut.

.     .     .     .     .     .

Monday mornings were always hectic for me. From staff meetings to my weekly supervision with my supervisor; it was a long day for me. And the struggle was one I dealt with every week. I had just stepped out of my supervision meeting with my supervisor and back into my office. I sat in my chair behind my desk and watched my co worker Lisa walking out of another colleagues office. She had on a tight black pencil skirt that sat barely above her knees with an equally tight black blouse that complimented her shape and her skin tone. I had always wanted to fuck the shit out of her and I watched her walk towards her office; I felt a twinge between my legs.

I licked my lips and moved my mouse to light up my computer screen. I was still thinking about Lisa’s thigh when Scott the only other male staff with more seniority than me knocked on my door and then stuck his head in before I could answer. He smiled and said,

“What The Heck Man?! You can’t text back now? Just kidding!

Anyways, are you coming out with us tonight?”

I shook my head and said,

 “Nah bro, I got plans already”

He nodded.

“For sure, for sure. Maybe next time”

he said as he closed the door and walked away.

I rolled my eyes sighed heavily. I wasn’t trying to blow off my co workers I was just not in the place to do that. It felt like I was blowing everyone off. I picked up my phone and looked at my phone. I still hadn’t responded to Danielle’s text from earlier in the day. I replied and asked her if she had class that night since she had class on Mondays and Thursdays.


The Box by Tay 

This was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew she knew it but we just couldn’t. Our families didn’t really get along and I was still trying to maximize my time as a single young man before settling down. My mother wasn’t particularly fond of her because she had a 5year old son; Dylan. The cutest young man I had ever met. I just always wanted to love the lad and be there for his mother but different factors just seemed to hold us back. My biggest fear was that some man would swoop in and take her away from me while I was setting myself up to marry her. I worried about the regret that would fill me with and it had happened once, where another man had turned her head.

She was caring and had a beautiful smile. It literally lit up my world as I battled depression and contemplated a career change. She just seemed to understand me. I loved being around her. Everything about her turned me on.
Her voice, her drive, her walk, even the way she got angry sometimes made me to just want to pounce on her and feast on her body till she calmed down. Even though her temper could be very explosive. I guess it’s something about the pretty ones.

I looked up at the clock and it was almost six thirty. I didn’t need to be there that late but I was waiting to avoid traffic. Driving to her parent’s house was always a drive during traffic hours. I picked up the phone and called her and told her I just left the office and I was going to be there in about 30 minutes.

The drive there wasn’t actually that bad. I was bumping some of tracks off the new PND album. I was driving when I got a picture message on my phone. It was a picture of her and a message followed saying,

“I can’t wait to be in your arms”

Now texting and driving is dangerous, but I just had to respond to her. I pointed out to her that I wanted to do crazy things to her but it was her parent’s house and her ailing grandfather lived in the home with her parents. It was almost impossible. It wasn’t to say that we hadn’t done unthinkable things in her family home with her parents right above us but at this time of day, it was hard to do.

I pulled up a few minutes later and parked a couple of houses down from hers. Her siblings were cool with me but her parents like I said, still felt uncomfortable even though they let me in their house. I think the animosity was just directed towards the parents on both sides.

She walked out of the house towards me. She just looked like “chocolate money”. I was not entirely sure how that phrase came into my head but I said it to her and she burst out laughing. Even her teeth were perfect. I swear I just always wanted to take a bite of her. Having her just made me feel warm inside but at the same time very nervous.

I had known her for 8 years when my family first moved to the neighborhood and I met her through my best friend. We became really close and she was at the time dating someone in the army.

I never wanted to risk getting shot so I didn’t really push for her to be with me but over time we developed feelings for each other and then she pulled away from me. She was trying to do the right thing and not cheat on her boyfriend.

I waited my time till they broke up before I expressed my feelings for her vocally. She would then make me work hard to get her even though she knew that I wanted her the whole time.

It was one of fairytale buildups to relationships, from friends to lovers and we truly loved each other. We had some bumps over time from worrying about the other cheating to distractions, to even our over-involved families but we worked through each one.

There we were as nightfall covered my car and the streetlights went on. I was kissing her passionately and with my left hand slowly climbing up her skirt.

A car drove by and she became concerned. It was her neighbor’s car.

She asked that we move from where we were. I started the car as I tried to hide my erection and began to drive to search for a place where we could complete the act. She was smiling from the corner of her soft lips as she leaned over and unzipped my pants. She took my risen member into her left hand and began to stroke. I was desperately searching for a place where I could just get up and devour this woman. No open areas. The places where we used to have sex were either being developed or currently occupied by other people doing things in their cars.

I was driving around and then I said jokingly,

“how cool would it be if we had sex in an empty container?”

referring to those of the construction workers on the side of the closed off street. She disagreed and pointed out that anything from snakes to jack rabbits could be lodging in those containers and it was not worth risking our lives over. I looked at her, now with a big smile on her face and her teeth visibly showing as she said,

“I wonder how it’ll be to have sex in an empty unfurnished house on a brand new carpet”

My hardened dick was still in her hand and it immediately got stiffer.

She smiled as she stroked it with her left hand and said,

“I know he’ll like that”

addressing the throbbing monster between my legs that wanted to ravage her. I was reluctant to do it and for me a man who had great sexual urges, that was hard to turn down. I said to her,

“you know I’m going to take you in there and give it to you hard right?”

She smiled and wanting to challenge me, she said,


I pulled the car over and pulled my manhood back into my pants and went on to explore the uncompleted homes. On the third one, the door was wide open and I motioned to her to come and join me. She got into the house as I scanned it with the flashlight app on my phone that I’d just downloaded before walking in. After making sure the bottom level of the house was clear, we were good to go.

I turned to her and noticed that she now looked nervous.

“what if somebody catches us?”

I smiled and pulled her close. Squeezing her right butt cheek with my left hand I joked,

“At least they can’t charge us with breaking and entry as the door was wide open”

before I planted a warm kiss on her lips. Her lips were so soft and inviting. I pulled her in closer as I bent down so my 6’2 frame could align with her arguable 5’5 body. She never wants to agree with the doctors regarding her height as she believes she’s taller.

I was getting ready and I wanted to taste her other lips. I turned around and noticed the floor was unfinished so we were either going to do the whole thing standing or I had to walk back to my car and grab the blanket sitting in my trunk.

I scanned the room once more and noticed the door of the living room leaning up against the walls with no hinges. I lifted the door off the wall and placed it on the floor quietly. I removed my shirt as she pulled up her skirt and I placed it over the door and asked her to get on it.

She immediately got into her favorite position. I took my place behind her as I got on my knees. I could feel how soft her body was as I ran my hands over her perfectly shaped ass which I had been privileged to watch grow over the last few years. I licked my lips and parted her cheeks as my tongue went in one swipe from bottom to top grazing over her clit and stopping right before her other hole. I swept the first flow of wetness that was waiting for me. I began to make love to her lips prying them open like a crowbar as I searched for more of her wetness. It was hard to define what she tasted like but it felt good. Kind of like explaining your favorite ice cream to someone and they don’t get why you think it’s so great but you know it’s the best you’ve ever had.

She was wet. She was really wet.

I bit her gently on the flesh between her thighs and her lower lips. It was so that every time she walked for the next few days, she would remember what I did. I continued to nibble on her clit as she moaned uncontrollably begging me to stop but she knew better. She had at many times called me a bedroom bully and I loved my title because I wouldn’t stop until she tapped out with pleasure. The drive was deeper as I felt free wetness drip out of her. It was fantastic to lap up as she grabbed the head of the door. Her juices were now choking me. Not in my throat or lungs but my nose. My nostrils were trapped in all her wetness that it made it hard to breath. I continued to lick her clit from left to right uncontrollably while her ass and her entire body shook uncontrollably as she was about to cum. I finally satisfied my thirst and I rose up. Slowly sliding into her, she turned around as moaned looking at me like I wasn’t being fair.

I grabbed her waist and pressed her back down and began to stroke. In and out, in and out just as she liked it and then she said,


I was startled and immediately said,

 “What’s going on? What did I do?”

 “Nothing. Just don’t touch me”

 She replied.

I was still confused and then she started to back it up slowly. There was a level of control she had and that sexy look on her face did not help my resistance either. She was fucking me and I loved it.

I tried to cheat and gently placed my hand on her back and she turned and said,

“don’t fucking touch me. Put your hands on your head”

That was my woman. Her control was sexy. I reluctantly obeyed knowing fully well that if she kept on going at that pace, it was only a matter of time before I let out my full load. I was now the one moaning louder than she was. It felt that good. She kept on going turning her back to make sure I was not trying to touch her like a sprinter making sure their opponent never won the race while they slowed down before the finish line.

I could feel her juices trickle onto my balls as the smacked into her clit. I needed to touch this woman. I leaned forward as she continued to work me and then in her softest voice she said,

“you want to touch me?”

Like my balls were being squeezed to pain, I responded,


she smiled and said

“you can touch me now”

That was all I needed to hear. I grabbed her waist pushed her back downwards arching it up towards me. My thrusts were hard, almost like I was angry but I wasn’t. She had worked me good and I was about to explode but I wanted her to feel every inch of me before I did.

I pulled her hair as she moaned into the empty house and cupped her left breast with my left hand and I squeezed tighter. I continued pounding. She knew I was about to let it all loose and said,

“you gonna cum for me baby? Are you.. gonna give me all that hot cum on my ass…?”

She didn’t get another chance to finish her thought as I pulled out and sprayed my seed all over bouncing ass. It felt sooo good. It was by far one of the best of those I had gotten in a long while.

I leaned forward again and kissed her back as I pulled out. I got up as she caught her breath and I panted. We slowly put our clothes on and continued to smile at each other like nothing had happened.

We arrived at my car and I started heading back to her house. We laughed about how crazy we were and how we could have gotten caught. I parked in front of her house as we talked and I clicked the button that prevented the inner cabin lights of the car from going off when the door was opened.

I asked her what she was going to be doing for the rest of the night. She mentioned that her mother wanted her to make a big steak omelet for her and she was going to her brother’s apartment later to pick up something he had gotten her from the store.

We talked a bit more before I told her not to make plans for the following weekend. She as usual asked me to share the surprise with her but she knew I wasn’t going to. I refused and kissed her goodnight as she pouted trying to guilt trip me into telling her.

I started the car and looked at the time. It was just after nine and I was tired. I yawned as I thought of the drive home even though I only lived twenty minutes away. I could feel my body still awake from the activities I had just gotten into. All I wanted to do was get some dinner, hit the showers and get some sleep as I pulled into my driveway.

I was about to get out of the car when it hit me. I couldn’t feel it.

I thought I had forgotten it. I tapped the chest pockets of my blazer. I felt my phone but not it.

I felt behind me down to my butt. I felt my wallet in my right back pocket just as my left hand grazed over it. I pulled it out. I placed it on my left thigh and reached for my small black bag under the seat of the passenger’s side which was filled with some more bags of weed. I was coming back up when my phone rang. It was an unknown number.

I took a deep breath and answered,

 “Hey sweetheart. How are you?”

The familiar voice on the other side said. It was Annette. Miss Annette to be exact.

 “Ummm I’m okay, how are you?”

I reluctantly responded,

“I’m okay” 

she said and continued.,

“I’ll be much better this weekend. $7,000 for the weekend?” 

I nodded as I accompanied it with a,

“Yes. I can do that. Text the location to the usual number”

I was filled with regret as I thought about Danielle and considered not doing it for a quick second but this was my life. It was all I knew. I couldn’t pull out then. I wasn’t sure I could ever pull out. Something got me hooked and I couldn’t tell anyone.

Hold your hats. Get the tissue boxes. Blurred is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Are you READY???

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The End

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  2. A gripping first scene . I am eager to find out what Christian’s double life is . I am hoping drug dealer but I have a feeling he is a gigolo . The scene with him and Danielle was ultra steamy . Looking forward to part 2

  3. This first one is sooo engaging, I even answered the poll! Lol

    I love the the detail you used to describe Danielle and the way Cristian notices her. But he needs to get it together before he loses her.

    Cannot wait for part 2!

  4. I love how your words make me feel like I’m in each scene. This is what makes you an amazing writer. You know how to involve your readers and make them hot and bothered.. lol
    Great Work!

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  6. !!!!! Love it already. That pain of wanting to set yourself up properly before going after someone is so real. You don’t them to resent you for keeping them waiting, but you don’t want to miss out on a chance with them either. Struggles of a perfectionist. Cristian should go for it…or wait. If he does, he’ll have to let her in on his secrets! Hmmm…dang I’m stuck. LOL. Great read, as always.

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