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Twitter Fame


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No Fun Alone by Mali Music


Waited till she followed

Clicked back and checked on the avatar she might have borrowed

Times have moved along

Things have changed

No one and nothing has remained the same

We fight and bicker each day

We stay scrolling through the timeline

Looking for the next prey

Some come bleeding emotionally

Looking for a Dr

Like Grey

And even those with no useful thoughts

Feel they have something to say



We’ve formed cliques

From West Coast to East

If you don’t agree or relate

You’ll be branded or even the next feast

Time flies by

People forget

But self-esteem they crush

And abandon like child neglect

They say it’s all jokes

But is it really

If it’s only your ego it stokes

She’s catfish

But trying to ruin her is childish

Bigger problems lie

But we argue about being light skinned

Conditioning ourselves towards tribalism

The divide has slowly become a reality

You don’t need ask.fm

It’s now vocalized vanity







Everyone has been assigned a position

Self appointed with no election

A constant state of emotional chaos

We led ourselves to self-destruction

By putting powers in the hands of some that clearly need evaluation

We’ve tied clout and esteem to LOL’s and RETWEETS

How stupid and beneath us does that seem

Decades ago our father’s wouldn’t have been able to imagine

That 140 characters would define us

Written loosely on a white and blue screen



It’s an escape

It’s the release

But what happens when you turn your playground into someone else’s nightmare

Did someone say Greyjoy?

Leaving them bare and exposed like playboy

Some have followings they use to humiliate people

On their knees

Some beg each day for a chance to get higher

But it’s impossible

Because unless invited up

You stay in the caste system

You can have as many followers as you want

But if the leaders don’t coronate

You can remain a nobody with whom none wants to relate



Cyber fights

From spineless women who need Jesus in their plight

It’s a daily thing

Constant like selling dreams and summer flings

We block

We stalk

We unfollow

And things we borrow

We leave lasting impressions on others for tomorrow

Sadly no one is thinking that far ahead

Hold on, let me get back to you

I need to post this tweet

And quickly stalk my boo

Don’t even judge me

Aren’t you scrolling down his timeline too?



Remember when certain things were just so exciting you couldn’t keep your hands off it? Those first new toys, new shoes, new boyfriend or girlfriend, oh I already mentioned toys, right? And then slowly, the fun drifted away and it became this lethargic and somewhat tedious job to keep up with the times. Think Facebook.

Well that vibe has slowly crept into Twitter. IT used to be a getaway and DO NOT GET ME WRONG, it has it’s days where it is totally fun but others it’s just blehhhhh…
Not a single day goes with a fight of some sorts ranging from who is sleeping with who’s dad or which one is truly light skinned or not. It can become tiring and frankly overwhelming.. Slander is brought on by a select few, they target the “weak” and turn their misery into trending topics. It ain’t right. It feels in some cases like cyber bulling all in the name of jokes.

Now I’m not the Twitter police and I’m definitely not a saint but I think it is important to be consicous of the effects that some of these things have on people. Some are fine with it but some take just a bit too far. There are people who have committed suicide based on things said to them. Nudes are leaked by scorned partners. Ask.fm hides the ridiculousness of some.

I guess today I’m encouraging us to be a bit more aware of the marks we leave on people. It might only be invisible to you but it makes some unstable. It might only be a 140 characters but it opens up chapters of failure, low self esteem and fear in people.

Be careful. All it takes is sliding into the wrong DMs or you going against the wrong person and you could be brought down really fast. Do good and give good.

Till next time.

Stay Up!


The End

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Selfish 3

Selfish 3


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Elevation ft. Shaydee and Yung L by WizzyPro

 I sat down on Fola’s couch, which I would eventually become very familiar. She was getting me a glass of water as I took in a deep breath. She began talking,

“So did you guys argue or something?”

I sighed and said,

“No we didn’t. Well she asked me to give her money to go to New York and I said no. She got mad and called the police. They issued an order telling me to stay away from her. So here we are. I needed a police officer to escort me out of my own house Fola. I still can’t even believe it.”

She came and sat next to me placing her left hand on my right shoulder as she handed me the cup of water.

“Bada, I’m truly sorry about all of this. I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels. This is horrible and she’s just trying to ruin you. But those of us that care about you will actually be here for you all the way. You can stay here as long as you need to. You’re like family here.”

I turned over and gave her a hug. She was warm. She smelled like flowers.


The hug held for a bit and then we broke off as she rubbed my back. She got up and walked towards her room and stopped. She turned to look at me as she said,

“You know after Yemi. I was confident that you would end up in a happy marriage. I guess the marriage is truly in every sense of the word a couple’s thing. There are some truly evil people out there.”

 I shrugged and leaned back into the couch. Flicking through the channels, my eyes grew heavy. They closed for a bit as I fought sleep. The next time they opened, it was morning.

 My shoes had been taken off and my computer and phone charged. Fola had gone to work but she had taken care of all that I needed to get going. I smiled in appreciation as I got ready for work.

The ride to work was shorter as I was driving against traffic coming from Fola’s house. I couldn’t stop thinking of what Fola said about Yemi. Yemi was my ex girlfriend, the one before my most recent.


.       .       .       .       .         .

 I was on my lunch break eating by myself in the corner of the office lounge when I started thinking about what Fola had said the night before. Surprisingly, it was Fola that introduced me to her 7 years before. Yemi and I had been dating for 6years when I called the relationship quits. It had gotten extremely serious and all I could see was the lifetime decision of marriage on the horizon. I wasn’t ready and I immediately wanted to back out.

Slowly, the fights became more frequent. Her mother became involved. Yemi moved closer to my apartment. It was barely a twenty minute drive. We became more and more enmeshed in each other. Spending less time with other friends and not really growing a life outside our relationship.

It was only a matter of time. I could feel her slipping away and I was pulling further away too.

As much as I loved her, I just wasn’t ready for the next step. She accused me of cheating and even not wanting to leave the “baby boy” life. The singlehood and the attractions I was receiving from women. Those weren’t the reasons but like Fola knew back then, if I had married Yemi at that time, I definitely would have cheated on her.

Breaking off that relationship was extremely hard but I believed that I did it to not be selfish but I guess thinking of my life and not cheating on her was in some ways selfish too.

Yemi ended up marrying someone else and I remember weeping that day because she was an amazing woman but I just knew I wasn’t ready. I loved her but I had to love her from a distance.

Maybe this was karma trying to get back at me for not being “man” enough to have held on tighter. Sigh.

I was just tired. If what Ada was doing to me was meant to be repayment for breaking Yemi’s heart, it was not fair punishment because days with Ada felt like hell.

 I was walking out of the office that evening when I received a call from my mother. I looked at the phone, sighed and rolled my eyes. I just didn’t want to talk to her at that moment. I knew what she was going to say and that was the main reason why I didn’t want to talk to her.

I took one more deep breath and then I answered the phone.

“Good evening mummy?”

“My son, how are you?”

I obviously couldn’t really tell her how I was. I said,

“I’m fine ma.”

She went to her next question.

“How is work?”

“It was fine ma”

I replied. I knew where she was going but her preliminary questions seemed to frustrate me because she would somewhat dance around what she was calling for.

“I’m sorry to hear about Ada. I heard that you guys were having some difficulty”

SOME?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but this was my mother and I was a directive to respect her. I was beyond frustrated with her. I was in this mess because of her.

Well some of it was her fault. I still had the veto power to have said “no” back then but I didn’t. She should have guided me more than she did though but it was whatever. I contained myself and responded

“Things are as they are mother but God is in control”

She was about to respond when I said,

“Mummy, I’m about to start driving. I’ll call you once I stop”

Oh! Don’t judge me! You do it all the time. Act like you don’t blow off your parents sometimes. I wasn’t proud of it but I couldn’t get over the fact that every time I talked to her, I was filled with regret. I regretted ever even taking the meeting with my uncle back then and agreeing to whatever this had now become.


The music was blasting loudly through the speakers as I made my way home. I was a few minutes away from Fola’s place when the music cut for a bit between songs, I glanced at my phone and noticed a call coming in. Ugh!

Why was everyone trying to talk to me today? It was Pearl.

Pearl was Ada’s best friend. Why was she calling me?

I quickly scanned my surroundings to make sure that no police officer was lurking around. I picked the phone up and began to talking.

“Hey, what’s up”

A bit of rudeness in my voice; she certainly wasn’t on my list of people to talk to. And considering that she was one of the people I spoke to once Ada started acting out and she didn’t do anything, she wasn’t in my good books at all.

“Bada, I know you’re mad at me. Or don’t even want to talk to me but I was just calling about Ada”

I interrupted and said,

“What about her? I haven’t even spoken to her in over a week. Remember, I’ve been ordered to stay away from her. You were there remember? OR have you forgotten?”

“Bada, I remember what went down but I wasn’t sure how bad things really were until I found out that Ada has been sleeping with my boyfriend.”

She closed her sentence as I pulled back my laugh. It wasn’t surprising to me at that point. I guess the only thing that took me back was the man she chose to do that with. I composed myself and said,

“Oh really? I’m sorry to hear that”

Lying through my teeth, she responded,

 “Apparently, she had been talking to him before she left Nigeria and that was the only reason we became friends. She got close to me so she could eventually have him. Now they have been fucking all over town and he broke up with me”

I fought back a smile and said,

“Pearl, how does this have anything to do with me though?”

She said,

“He now lives in your house”

I had just parked the car and I thought I heard her wrong. I asked her,

“What did you say?”

She replied and said

“Yes. He just moved into your house. He lives with her there now”

The smile on my face was now a distant memory. I asked her why she hadn’t confronted Ada.

She told me that the man was dangerous and into illegal things. I ended the call. I took a couple of deep breaths and then I hopped out of the car. I walked to the trunk of the car. I pulled out my laptop bag and headed into the apartment.

I was fuming.

After all that Ada had done to me, this one struck a nerve.

I was upset that Ada had moved someone into my house and I was sleeping on someone else’s couch.

All I did for her and her family and this was how I was being repaid. I never said a foul word to that woman. All I gave her was love and my biggest mistake was actually falling for her. All I wanted to do now was get detached from her.

Before you crucify me for acting too late, think about the family court system in America. It is corrupt and things are not handled appropriately. The police report showed that I never laid a hand on her yet they put out a restraining order on me.

I couldn’t directly ask for a divorce because it could raise red flags with the immigration department and I could have ended up in jail.

The situation was depressing me at an alarming rate. I was being screwed and paying mortgage for another man to fuck my wife in MY bed.


.         .         .       .         .         .


 The next day, I was dressed in all black to work. Black shoes, slacks, button up shirt and I even had my tinted glasses on. Black was always my favorite color to wear but that day it also mirrored my mood to the world. I felt darkness in my heart.

If I tried to divorce her, I could go to jail.

If I stayed and let her run wild, I would be depressed and disrespected from here to the end of the seas and back.

I just felt stuck. I couldn’t focus at work.

It was about noon when I decided to leave the office. All calls were to be directed to my cell phone and I very shortly ended up on the couch in Fola’s apartment; my safe place for the time being.

Fola returned a few hours later and had a surprised look on her face as she noticed me sitting there. I normally arrived at home much later than she did.

“Why are you home so early, Bada?”

She asked,

 “Long day and too much on my mind.”

I replied,

“Wanna talk about it?”

I heard her send out with concern.

I responded with a short


She got it and she said,

“That bad?”

And I said,


As I changed the channel. She didn’t push any further. She walked into her room and emerged a few minutes later and said,

“Get up. We’re going to get ice cream. Don’t even try to say no. It’ll make you feel better”

I grumbled in my seat and said,

“Isn’t that a remedy for only women?”

She had a puzzled look on her face behind her smile as she said,

“Is someone being sexist?”

She stretched out her hand and pulled me off the couch. And out we went.


 We were in line at the ice cream parlor and Fola was yapping away next to me. I was not paying any attention to her as I was trying to figure what new flavors I should experiment with when she tapped me on the shoulder. We were at the front of the line and holding up the rest of the people behind us. She called out her order and they began preparing it. She got her cheesecake flavors with Reese’s peanut buttercups broken in with a sweet amount of caramel on top. Pun intended.

I was still looking up to the menu board and about to answer the guy.

I said

 “What does the….”

 Fola jumped in and said,

“He’s going to take forever and still order the same thing. Strawberry and cheesecake with brownies broken in. Can he get that in the Gotta Have It size?


 I looked down at her and I couldn’t help but smile. But there was something different about the way she looked now. She looked anew. I felt something. That right there was the moment I felt there was something there. I looked down at her again and she said with a huge and beautiful smile across her face,


 I said nothing and we headed back home.

We were turning the corner a few blocks from her apartment when a man walking on the same side of the street as us walked by. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was wearing her black yoga pants that hugged her hips so perfectly. I couldn’t blame the guy.

I remember she cracked a joke and I teased her that men in her neighborhood were stalking her because she had a great body. She said no. I drew her attention to the man that had just walked right by her and she said,

 “He looked weak. He couldn’t handle all this”

 I laughed as I waited for her to open the apartment up. We walked in and it just felt like a response from me was required and then I said,

  “Well I bet I could”

She was standing in front of her bedroom with the slutiest look on her face and she said,

  “Would you now?”

I smiled and she did too. The she said,

 “I guess we’ll never know”

  and then disappeared into her room.

My dick grew hard. What The Heck Man.


I changed my clothes and lay on the couch. Getting outside for the walk and the sugar certainly lifted my spirits but tired out my body. I needed a nap but it was already 7pm. I knew that if I slept then, sleeping later that night would have been a pain but I was tired. I tried to fight it but I finally gave in.

 I woke up from my nap to a couple of missed calls from Ada and my home. I was genuinely surprised and curious about why she was calling me. A part of me thought it was because she just wanted something else from me or had found a new way to drain me of the money I had.

My lawyer had convinced me to just give her what she wanted without trying to extend the process with her.

I kept thinking to myself about going over to the house to see her. I finally decided to call her. I dialed her number. It rang a few times and nobody answered on the other side. That was when I began to worry about her. For various reasons, I was confident that Ada either had a mental condition or she was just evil. Sometimes it leaned towards the former with her erratic and irrational behavior.

I finally convinced myself to go and check on her. I grabbed my keys off the kitchen counter and I was headed out the door when Fola walked out of her room.

“Bada, where are you going at this time? It’s almost midnight”

As she looked down to the couch that had been my bedroom for the time I had been there.

I turned sideways to look at her and almost didn’t want to answer because I was so caught up in my own head but I decided to as she stared at me.

“I’m just going to check on Ada. I got a couple of calls from her and I’m a little worried”

Fola rolled her eyes and scuffed.

“You’re going to go to the house they told you not to go to because she called you a few times. Did she leave a message?

Obviously not. Because she’s a snake and she knows what she’s doing!

Doesn’t she know how to text or leave a freaking voicemail. She had you wrapped around her finger and she’ll continue to play with you until you wake up!”

 I immediately became defensive. What Fola was saying was the truth and it hit hard. It was very possible that Ada was still just trying to mess with me. Afterall, who knew what she was capable of?

She had already done way more than I could have ever expected her to. But something kept pulling me back.

I had been in a vulnerable place the past few weeks and I was just tired of having people peek into my life and even though it was Fola, I didn’t realize when my response came out as,

“ So are you saying I shouldn’t go? What do you know about marriage Fola? The responsibility of having someone tied to you for the rest of their lives. Two families on your back, yet you have to play along and act like you have it all figured out when you clearly don’t. Having to man up in situations when life is clearly and viciously emasculating you. Do you even know what that feels like? To feel like an outsider in your own home? To feel like you cannot place your burdens to anyone?”

Fola stepped closer to me and said,

“Bada, I’m here for you. I’ve always been. I know you’re going through a lot and I can’t sway your decisions and I don’t have all the answers but I know it will get better. You just have to let the people you love hold your hand and help you through this tough time”

I shook my head as I bowed it. Bouncing my keys up in my open right palm, I turned and headed for the door.

I heard Fola speak. Her voice carried a palpable feel of frustration and anger. I turned to look at her as she glared at me. Her eyes burning through my skin as her breaths became visibly shallow. She said,

“You’re still going to leave?! After all I just said. Bada are you that fucking blind. This woman is trying to ruin you. You know what, you’re never going to see it. Until you crash and burn or even die. People are out here staying and waiting for you to wake up and see who truly loves you but you want to stay stuck on that evil thing. You know what?! Go!

Go and get hurt! I’m done being there and fighting for you. For years, I’ve been here waiting for you to finally realize what you needed to do! You’re so fucking blind by stupid love and FOR THE WRONG WOMAN!”

She stormed out of the room and into her room. I heard her lock the door behind her.

I was somewhat in shock. Where did that come from?

I was also a little upset so I turned and continued out of the apartment. I walked around the block in the night cold. What did she mean?

I began to piece things together. I began to paint a picture; one that I had been blind to the entire time.

The feelings I just discovered I might have had for Fola might have been new for me but for her, they must have been there for a long time. I could not believe it.

Every gesture seemed more magnified and meant more. I understand her frustration completely now. I was so blind to it all. I could feel heat gathering inside my heart.

I began to walk faster. I had to fix all of it.

I let myself into the apartment and headed straight for Fola’s bedroom. I tried to open it but it was still locked.

“Fola, please open the door. I just want to talk”

I received no response. I knocked again and still nothing. I returned to the couch after turning the lights off in the living room. I was staring at the ceiling and thinking about everything that had just happened and I desperately wanted to fix everything.

About 10 minutes later, I heard the door lock inside her room turn. The door didn’t open though.

I waited about 15 minutes and then I got up and walked to her door. I opened it and closed it behind me. I walked to the foot of the bed as Fola lay there with her head in her pillow facing the headboard. I pulled the covers off her revealing her toned physique and her perfectly sculpted butt.

She was wearing her blue short shorts and a tank top.

I bent down and began kissing her from the back of her ankles upwards; slowly I reached her left calf and then the back of her left thigh. She began to squirm as my lips planted each kiss on her thigh. I honestly wasn’t thinking very much and for the first time, that made sense.

I arrived at her back, sliding up her shirt. I continued to kiss her. Now I was behind her neck. Her moans were clearer for me to hear and I could feel the heat building up between our bodies.

Then I stopped; she went silent and then slowly turned around. Staring into her eyes, I could see all of her clearly now. I could feel the love. I could almost touch the heat between us.

She didn’t need to say anything. As I looked at her perfect lips, her bold eyes, her braids as they parted around her beautiful face I could feel my dick getting hard between my legs but my heart was working harder.

I wanted to envelope her; not sexually but emotionally. She felt so available to me. So much of me had been deposited into her. She was my best friend and the love I had for her was genuine.

My hands on both sides of her, I towered over her. She continued to look up at me waiting for me to say something. It must have felt awkward in her mind, like she had wanted something for so long and now I was over her and I couldn’t make a move.

I knew what I needed to do. I moved my right hand and placed it on her face as my fingers touched her smooth skin. I leaned in and planted a kiss on her soft pink lips. They were wet and warm. I could feel myself getting lost in them. That one kiss communicated years of unconditional love and trust. I couldn’t believe what I had missed.

I slowly pulled back from the kiss as she opened her eyes and looked into mine.

I smiled and said,

“Fola, I love you too.”

The End

I’m killing of a character in Selfish 4. The question now is, how well do you know your writer? Who do you think I’m going to take out? Do you really know #WhatTheHeckMan




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Stay With Me by Sam Smith


In Memory of my Uncles Diji and Gboyega, who gave me so much and asked for nothing in return. I love you both. May you Rest in perfect Peace. 


Aren’t you ashamed?

All you do is come and take

You don’t even open it up for debate

No time for us to negotiate

Leave us asking why

You only bring stress

Walk me through this process

You come in

You take

You violate

You annihilate

You put tears in our eyes

Scars in our hearts

You leave us bare

Filled with rage



And pain

Yet we have no words to convey

All we do is stand and stare

You take



All you ever do is take

You leave destruction, pain, and heartbreak


All in your wake

There is pressure to hold on tight

Temptations to give up

A little bit more for the next fight

But then you realize in this game of chess

You’re actually only a pawn

You’re only bait

Whenever you come through to visit

Everybody says it’s fate

But you come without warning

You don’t give us a date


Time and time again

I stand to fight

I wonder what I could ever do to get out of this place

But I realize I’m just as susceptible

To be taken out of this space

I’ve got people to live for

I’ve got people to die for

I have dreams of things that I want to do

And a lot more

Something in the back of my head gives me reason

A push to stay up and fight on

But what good is building it all

When the people you love can’t be present to

Enjoy and watch you become someone



I remember the time you came

For the first time in my memory

You took him away

Dotun was his name

You took him from me

And my life was never the same

And then you surprised us again

It was my grandma

I remember how she called my name

The pain was too much

I fought it back

The confusion and search for why

Almost drove me insane

All you ever do is take


Cousin after cousin



You hold no loyalties

No favorites

All you freaking do is take

Today I sit here

Wondering why

But I know all the answers wont come

I just hope for whatever reason

You’re done with us on this run

Because all you do is take

For once

Just once

I truly ask

It’s really time to give us a break.


All You Do Is Take by @adewus4real 


I’m weak. I’m all cried out. I’m tired.
I feel like I have been beaten repeatedly in a battle where my hands were tied behind my back and I couldn’t defend myself.

You never want to lose people you love but it happens. And it is hard.

I personally do not deal with death well at all. People get mad at me because for someone who writes as much as I do. I cannot respond appropriately. I tend to shy away and seek seclusion and isolation.

This week has been hard. Losing two of my uncles and a cousin. I just don’t know.

I have asked why so many times. But I haven’t been able to get any answers. My family mourns and wonders why we ever had to give up the people we love.

Death comes in daylight or nighttime. It takes.

All it does is take without warning or valid reasons.
I cannot believe where we are right now. Vulnerable and sad.
Only your memories remain to make us glad.

A lot of people have begun to call from all over the world. People that my family hasn’t heard from in a while like decades even and while the act is commendable, it can be viewed as really sad. Do not let death be the spurring factor that reconnects you with loved ones.

Reach out always and stay in touch.



Be happy.

Life is not always too short but it is extremely valuable and impossible to recover. Live yours to the fullest. Leave a legacy worth building upon.

Touch as many lives as you can and like both my uncles I lost this week, put many smiles on the faces and in the hearts of those we love.

I use this piece as a point of contact to everyone seeking healing or mourning right now in anyway. May you find divine peace.


Uncle Diji, you left too soon. The manner even harder to swallow. You were loved by many and adored for the way you captivated us all. Though it had been a while since I last saw you, I have long lasting memories of you and how you contributed to our stories. Thank you for everything. Rest in Peace uncle.

Uncle Gboyega, you were a great man, a huge motivator and an inspiration to me. You always put a smile on my face. Growing up we would surround you with our unique nicknames. You would hold a roll of Trebor in your hand and throw riddles, Yoruba proverbs, and tongue twisters to us. As we solved each one, you would reward us with one Trebor but you also gave us so much knowledge. I for one know what televisions and radios are called in Yoruba.

There are people that you never wish to lose. Ever. But we don’t make the rules and we are told to not ask why but I want to ask why. I miss you already.

I have tears in my eyes as I look into the skies wondering if It was ever your time. You had so much more to give and receive from us all.

You put smiles on our faces and raised children that proudly fly your flag as amazing people. Uncle, you will be missed. Thank you for being amazing. May your soul Rest In Peace



#WhatTheHeckMan readers, I truly love every single one of you guys. Thank you. 

Stay Up!


The End

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Selfish 2

Selfish 2


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Our Attempt by Mar

“Fola, I don’t even know anymore. I keep feeling like I made a huge mistake”

 I fixed the headphone in my right ear with my shoulder, as my hands were wet. I was washing the dishes. It had always been a stress reliever for me. Fola was always my go to person when I needed a wise person to help me figure things out. She always had my back. Even when we didn’t talk for a while, she would still be there to pick it all up like we never stopped talking. She was like my unofficial partner.

Almost always knew the right thing to say and I was beyond grateful for her. She replied

“Maybe it’s marriage jitters. Just talk to her whenever she gets back.

She might be feeling the pressure or something. OR going thru it. Just talk to her Bada” 

I nodded like she could see me. I always seemed to do that when I was on the phone. My food was all done on the stove while I dried my hands on my clothes. I told her I would call her back.


She immediately said,

“Your food is ready huh?”

I smiled and said,


She teased me and then ended the call. I was weird like that. I absolutely hated people listening to me over the phone while I ate or watching me. It made me extremely uncomfortable.

I served up my food into the plate. It was a full plate of spaghetti and I was going to devour it to my satisfaction.

I reached for the bottle of wine and picked it off the shelf. Red

I placed it on the counter next to my plate when I heard someone attempting to open up the apartment. I stood there until the door opened slowly and a startled and somewhat remorseful looking Ada was standing there. She was looking at me with her bags in her hand. Less than I expected considering I had cancelled my credit card the day she had told me she was in Miami. That was about a week ago. (Cue to do the shmoney dance)


She could tell what was in my mind. I loved this woman. I had fallen so far for her.

I never knew that I would even care about her this much. I was worried when I didn’t know where she was. My anger about her using my card and taking off without telling me had somewhat subsided since the day after she left.

She stood there and gently placed her bags on the floor and walked over to me. I said nothing.

She walked towards me and placed her right hand behind my head and stroked it. Leaning in towards me she placed her head on my chest. Leaning in for a hug, I could smell the flowers in her perfume as they serenaded my senses. I didn’t know when I placed my hand around her. I still thought things would go back to normal and maybe she was just acting out like some people do after marriage but oh how I was wrong.

She pulled back from me and maintained eye contact as she got on her knees and slowly pulled down my shorts. I was trying to stop her, telling her that it was okay and I was fine but she wasn’t having it.

She pulled out my rising shaft and began to stroke it with her left hand. Still maintaining eye contact she placed it on the tip of her tongue. She licked its head a few times and then began to take the whole thing into her mouth. She began sucking on it slowly, in circular motions with her tongue; she covered it from head to bottom. Then she picked up the pace as she began sucking and stroking. I could barely contain myself. I placed my left hand on the back of her head as I guided as it went up and down my hardened member.

I could feel my body beginning to ignore the directions of restraint I was giving it as moans began to slip out of my mouth. Ada might have been a host of things but knowing how to satisfy me sexually was definitely not one of her problems. She had that “I will put it on your dedication” once she began with you. Most times I wouldn’t even fight her when she got into one of her moods to dominate. I heard something about some women from the Eastern parts of Nigeria being well skilled in putting it down on their men. If it was true, Ada was definitely doing her people proud.

She was slurping up and down as her spit and saliva covered my shaft from top to bottom. I had my eyes closed as I felt every bit of suction from the tip of my dick to the hairs at the back of my neck. I couldn’t contain myself and I began to try to push her hands away, Ada hated that!

She slapped my hand away and I opened my eyes in surprise to look down at her. I didn’t try to put away as she still had my member lodged in her mouth. The moment she pulled it out for a second, I got up and grabbed her. I turned her over and pulled her pants down and used my right hand to spread her legs apart.

I applied the right amount of force as I plunged my tongue into her wetness. It was hot. Not warm or lukewarm. It was hot!

My beard was immediately soaked. And how I knew she loved that. She immediately began moaning and trying to get me to take it easier on her. I wasn’t listening.

Her legs were apart while she stood on her toes and moaned into my empty apartment. My tongue searched her insides like I was owed the truth that had been withheld from me. It weaved and parted through her gushing wetness like my tongue was about to drown. Her endowed ass trapped my nostrils and made it difficult for me to breathe and I had to take short breaks in between to catch some air through my mouth. I was so upset and I was going to get all I needed. Every fucking drop.

I stood up and stroked my shaft a couple of times before sliding into her. She gasped and moaned loudly looking for the closest thing around her that she could grab onto. There was a huge tub of coffee mate next to the coffee maker to her right. I was not gentle. I was not too rough either.

My aim was to carry to a point where she teetered perfectly between pain and pleasure. My thrusts were hard and deep. I pressed down on her back to keep her butt arched up. I could feel her ass ripple back and hit me as I smacked in after each thrust. We were both moaning. Sweat dripping from my already soaked face as it dropped onto her back. She was moaning loudly.

I could feel the release of tension in me as I continued to pound. There was a certain level of aggression from me but I was not letting up. I couldn’t wait for her to feel all of me; deep inside her. Every inch driving through her full wet lips as my dick throbbed inside her. Pleasure was coursing through her back to her neck and into her hair that I was pulling with my left hand. I placed my right hand on her clit and began to rub it while maintaining my stroke. She began to moan louder and her legs began to shake but I wasn’t having it. Her hands were flailing and she didn’t know when she knocked down my entire plate of spaghetti as the wine bottle followed shortly after.

That was the moment I knew I was angry. It was one thing to take my money without my permission but knocking over my food was definitely a no-no. I pulled out of her and turned her around. I lifted her up and dropped her bare ass on my cold marble counter top. I spread her legs as she looked confused. She almost went mad. Yes. Ladies you know that feeling when your clit is already sensitive but he just continues to nibble away. That was exactly what I did. I shoved my tongue in and out of her pink wetness that couldn’t contain her pleasure. I could feel her juices flowing out of her kinda like they are for you right now. Squeeze your legs tighter. Just like she did. It got a little hotter.


I slid back into her and continued to thrust as I went in and out of her. She was so wet and I was starting to forgive her for everything. The power of the pink. I was still going in and out of her when I pulled out and began to shoot my seed onto the floor. She looked at me shocked. She was still sitting on the counter staring at me as I drained every drop inside me stroking my shaft. And then once I was done, I bent down and picked up my shorts and put them back on. I was for sure not shooting a full load into a woman who had been acting the way she was. Bringing a child into that situation would have been worst thing in the world.

I picked up my keys and began heading out of the apartment when she said,

 “Where are you going?”

 I didn’t turn around. I continued walking as I said,

 “To get something else to eat”

 When I returned about 30 minutes later, she was fast asleep and looking peaceful. I stood there and thought to myself. She was beautiful. The light reflected perfectly on her skin. I said to myself in my head,

 “How could someone so beautiful, be so mean and self-centered?” 

.       .       .       .       .         .


Ada was in love with another man when I was first introduced to her. I found this out much later from cousin who knew her back in Nigeria. Apparently the guy lived somewhere in America and was her high school sweetheart. For whatever reason, he wasn’t able to bring her to the US by himself so they found another way; me.

Now I’m stuck in a fake marriage that could send me to jail if I cried wolf or to a grave if I stayed longer. She wasn’t always this mean or selfish. I didn’t know her very well until all of this was put into place but from the little I had gathered about her, she was a reasonable woman who was liked and appreciated by quite a few people.

I remember when my cousins from Nigeria came to the US when I was about 13. All their parents talked about a few years later was how America had changed them into “American” children who spoke up, defended themselves and talked back to their parents. They called it growing wings. Ada came here and became an eagle.

Reporting to nobody and feeling above the rules. It was difficult to picture her being tamed but then again, one could never tell. Life has always had its unique ways.

The weekend flew by as I attended a work function with some friends and spent majority of my Sunday afternoon watching soccer in the morning and with football to close the day.

Monday came around and I woke up early. It was around 6am. We had to be at the immigration office for an interview of some sort at 7:30am. We moved along in the room barely saying much to each other and then, we ended up in the car. About 20minutes later, we arrived at the office downtown. The interview was not as challenging as I thought it would be. I was slightly concerned about how she would perform with all the questions they asked but in her calculated fashion, she sailed through them like a pro. I was actually quite impressed.

The day seemed to be going well and I offered that we grab lunch on our way home. She agreed. We had some Italian and shared some laughs. I truly was beginning to think we had turned the corner. Cue false hope again.

We had just walked into the house when everything turned upside down. Till today, I can’t understand how it all turned so quickly.

Ada had just taken off her earrings and she was taking off her bra when she said to me, 

“Bada, I want to go to New York next week”

 Bada was what she called me all the time. It was never “babe” “love” “honey”. Absolutely no terms of endearment, it was just always my name.

Her request finally travelled through my ear drums and made it to my brain. I scuffed and said, 

“That’s not happening”

She was silent in the room for a second and then she appeared in a t-shirt. She walked towards me in the living room and with a confrontational voice, she said,

“Why not? I’m going”

I laughed and replied, 

“No you’re not and even if you are, it’s not on my account” 

it seemed very clear that my response upset her. The look on her face changed and she began to raise her voice,

“what do you mean Bada?

Bada! Don’t fucking start with me. Give me the money so I can go on my trip”

I didn’t even bother responding to her and then her voice began to climb. I maintained my stance and continued watching the television. She turned the tv off and I turned it back on. We did that like 4 times before I finally raised my voice, 

“Ada! Leave me alone. Go and find your New York money!

Tell the people you are meeting out there to fly you out. That’s what people of nowadays are doing anyway”

She walked to the back of the television and pulled out the cord that connected all the electronics together from the power outlet. I was enraged.

 “Ada! Why did you do that?”

 I stood up and postured. She began moving in shielding position to block me from being able to get to the television. I was beginning to get really angry and all I wanted to do was just leave but she wouldn’t let me.

 “Ada, move or I’ll carry you out of the way”

 Her response floored me,

 “You’ll lay hands on me?! Because of television! You’ll beat your wife because of that. You are a coward! You are not a man! You deserve to be treated like a b**ch! 

Weak ass b**ch!”

 I had taken enough. I just needed to leave. With my left hand, I eased her out of my way, ensuring that I was not being too forceful. That was when this roller coaster really took off. The moment she saw that I was away, she dashed for the house phone picked it up and ran into the bathroom. She locked herself in the bathroom and yelled out,

 “I’m going to call the police and tell them you abused me and threatened to kill me”

 I said naively said,

 “Do it. They wont believe you because I didn’t touch you”

 Suddenly I heard a ripping sound. It would turn out later that she had torn her shirt to make it seem like she was assaulted.

I was banging on the door and telling her to open it up,

“Ada! Open this door. What are you doing?”

 She was already on the line with the dispatcher. Roughly about 5 minutes later, there were two officers at my door. I straightened myself up and opened the door. The officer asked that I go and talk to his colleague outside while he went in to speak with Ada.

Standing outside my apartment, I explained everything to the officer from the television time to her barricading herself into the bathroom.

The officer seemed to believe all that I said but he asked me to find respite for the night somewhere else because of the allegations she made about me hitting her. She had apparently scratched herself when she was locked in the bathroom. I could not believe it. About 30 minutes later, I was checking into a hotel a few miles away from my house. I couldn’t believe what happened. I spent the whole night awake and trying to process it all.

It was about 2 am and I still couldn’t sleep. I got off my bed and picked up my phone. I had Rebtel on my phone and I dialed her father’s phone. He put the phone on speaker as I recanted the whole incident to them. Her father was a no nonsense man. He was disappointed in her. He was even upset with me for letting her come back into the home after she returned from Miami without reporting her to him. He asked me to stay patient and pray. He promised to call her once he got off the phone with me.


.        .        .         .           .          .


For some of you, you might have been missing my #WordsofWednesday segments because I don’t tag everyone. It’s where I post poems and ideas that don’t get developed into stories. I try to have a message and be inspirational most times but somedays, I just write. Check out some of the recent ones and look out for new pieces every Wednesday on here. Thanks!

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.       .       .         .         .

Kneva Know by Iman Europe

 Three days had passed by and I still hadn’t heard from Ada’s father or the police. I needed some items from the house and so I called them. I was told that Ada had taken a restraining order against me and that I was not allowed within 50ft of her unless it was supervised by a law enforcement officer.

My first step was to call my lawyer and explained the situation to him. He asked me to hang tight while he worked and then he had an officer sent over to meet me at my home. I checked out of the hotel and headed to the house. When I pulled up, I saw Ada’s car in the driveway. I was actually hoping she wasn’t home. The officer was already there, I said hello to him as I tried to let myself in. The locks had been changed.

I took a couple of deep breaths as tears filled my eyes and I knocked. I was covered in regret, sadness and a massive level of hurt. I couldn’t believe the series of events in the last few months. I was trying to make sense of how I had gotten myself into this situation. Like a lot of other people before, I had walked myself into a hole with the situation. A woman that clearly didn’t hive my best intentions at heart was out to frustrate me and there was barely anything I knew to do about it. I came into this with the best intentions and here I was regretting it all.

I stepped back and the officer stood in front of me as he spoke to Ada after she opened the door. She left the door open and walked away.

I walked in and looked around, I picked up some of the mail from the coffee table.

I glanced over and watched a police officer in my apartment as he watched my every move. I could not even begin to comprehend how I had gotten to the point where I was not allowed to be inside my own place.

Ada sat down in the living room with her legs crossed on the couch.  She was flipping through a magazine and I could see her watching me as I walked around the house. The police officer stayed in the dining area as I walked into my room to get some clothes and pick up my laptop. I was walking into the room when I heard her say to the officer,

“You’re not going to follow him into the room?

What if he takes my stuff?”

Her stuff? Her room? Her motherfucking life?!

Would she even be in the position she was in without me and my stupidity and weakness for family and loyalty?

Now I’m not God to say I knew the future but I was sure that if not for the efforts of me and my family to help her arrive in the United States, it might not have happened or happened as quickly as it did.

The police officer replied and said,

“Ma’am, I don’t know what happened between the two of you but this is still his house. He’s leaving because you have made the environment hostile for him. Show some respect at least”

I was taken aback by the police officers response. I walked over to my side of the bed and picked up some of my items and then to the closet where I lifted some of my suits and headed out of the room.

I could see Ada still sitting on the couch and she just stared at me as I walked out with the police behind me. I stopped in front of the door and looked back at her. Without saying anything, I stared at her in the blue-stripped maxi dress that I bought her with the ring I put on her finger. I watched as the braids on her head flowed as she moved around. I paid for that too.

I stood there and for once, the money didn’t come across my mind. I made enough to support both of us but I was disappointed, with everything she did, she took just a little bit more from me.

My heart sunk and my respect for her plunged further into a black hole of hurt. I was waiting for hate to consume me but I was momentarily filled with disgust. I shook my head and walked outside the door. I thanked the officer and got into my car. I sat there for a few minutes trying to gather my thoughts. I had basically been escorted out of my own place. I placed my hand on the ignition button and pushed it almost lifelessly.

I felt weak and struggled to maintain concentration as I drove. I finally arrived at my friend’s house. I pulled my laptop bag and headed for the door. I climbed up the stairs and reached the door. I pressed the buzzer.


No response.

I pressed it again. Still no response

I turned around and began heading down the stairs when I heard the door open.

I stopped and turned to face the door.

Fola was standing in the doorway, she said nothing but opened her arms and stretched them towards me. I walked into her embrace.
No words said but I knew she felt my pain and being there felt safe.


RIP to my uncle Diji that passed away this week. It’s been a troubling week for me but I hope you all enjoyed this piece and have amazing rest of the week.

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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 


Dusty Memories by Tom Misch

Make room for me

You don’t want to take up all the space

It’s tasking enough

That I’m on my knees and your thigh is in my face

Slowly you’re juices have dripped onto my face

The water from the shower has been coming down

At a different pace

There is something about you And something about this space


I slowly stand up

And bend you over

You reach for the handle

As I pull you closer

Each thrust

Deeper than the former

Our moans are in sync with one another


There is something about your eyes

The way you look back at me

With mercy as your plight

I won’t stop I thought I proved that with how deep I bite

Into your fleshy ass

That I love to grab so tight

I want more of you

More than you know you have

I want to dig deep inside of you

And make your knees shake you cant stand

I want you to cum all over me

While I go searching for more

I promised you pleasure and satisfaction on this body I adore

The hot water hits your back

And drips on my chest

My job is to pound you completely

And make your body wet


Stand up straight baby

Let me wash you off

Let me help lick of everything with tongue

It’s only fair

Since I had you bent over

Moaning in perfect harmony like It was a song

Let’s love the shower

Fuck it

Let’s stay here and not even bother


I’d let myself in and lock the door behind me. I want us enveloped by your moans. I’ll pull you to the edge of the bed and give you my lips cos I intend to own your other set shortly.
I’ll run my hand thru your hair using my finger to remove your hair band. I’ll cup the back of your head as I push you in closer while my tongue searches the inner depths of your mouth.
My tongue will then soak up your nipple simultaneously while I cup the free one in my palm. I’ll then lay you down as I softly kiss my way down to inches above your now beautifully intoxicating wetness. My tongue reveals itself as it prys your black panties down to your knees where they meet my hands who help them off.
Then I’ll slowly kiss from your toes to your inner thighs stopping between your wet lips and your thigh biting on your flesh to send a dose of pain and pleasure down your spine.
Licking my lips, i’ll going into passionate sharing with your lower lips. Holding up your legs wide apart, I’ll stick my tongue deep into the realms of your chocolate factory. Vibrating my alphabets while I trouble your clit as my dick lays in wait to be tagged into the match. Stroking it’s head, I push your belly down as you try to push me off as you deal with the difficulty of managing the pleasure coursing thru your body from your toes and tingling your ears. I’ll rise and look at you square as you anticipate what’s coming next. Holding your legs from your calves up, I’ll slowly lower my throbbing dick into your wet welcome. As your juices cover the inches of my member,  your moans now get louder.  Your nails dig into my back, your eyes roll back, my thrusts you feel in the base of your gut.  You slowly open your eyes and catch my predator look on my face as I lean in spreading you wider as I slam my pelvis into yours with a smile on my face and no mercy to give….
Today’s #WordsofWednesday are just me having fun with words, emotions and wetness. Take lightly or heavily (however the effects go)

Have fun with me! Or with your boo(s) OR alone! Enjoy!

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The End

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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 


Say Yes by Floetry

I hated coming here.

But over the last year or so, I had become a regular.

I just had to get what I needed and go. That was what I repeatedly told myself, except it didn’t always work. Coming here would almost always make me begin to over think my life and my needs.
I would sometimes ask myself why I had to be the broken one.

“Do you need me to get the Pharmacist to explain how it should be taken?”

she asked me.

I looked down at the packages in her hand and thought to myself that it couldn’t hurt to have someone explain it to me. I nodded and said,


She smiled and slid the bags over to her left and parted by saying,

“Somebody will be here to help you shortly”

“Shortly” was never shortly with these people and so I waited. I was starting to get frustrated because I had somewhere to be and a lot to do that day but I kept calm and waited. A pharmacist walked up to me and said,

“How can I help you?”

I had to catch myself and then I said,

“I just needed someone to explain the meds and how I should take them before heading out on my trip”

She smiled and said.

“Oh, you’re going out of the country? Where are you headed?”

It was kind of an intrusive question but her smile just made it okay, I was beginning to answer and then I held back because I knew what her follow up question would be.

“Just to visit some family in Africa”

“Oh cool! I haven’t been back in 6 years. I’m from Ghana”

I smiled. I was actually going to ask her name but she had just given me half of what I needed and reduced my work for me.

“Oh really? That’s where I’m headed too.
I leave tonight. Maybe you should come with me”

I joked.

She smiled as she packed up the meds and said,


I turned and said,

“Well have a great rest of the day and I’ll see you at the airport tonight”

I joked as I walked away. She smiled and said nothing.
I headed out the door and began thinking to myself that the old me would have probably asked her for number and been looking to have sex with her or something. But recent events in my life had changed those and I was seeing things in a different light. I then realized she never even explained

.       .       .       .       .

I finally felt like I had gotten everything under control and I was about to leave the office. I wrote some final instructions on a sticky note and placed it on my secretary’s desk. My partner was holding things together for the next 8 weeks while I was gone. I headed out of the building and there she was. Fola was driving my car as she pulled up in front of my office. She was taking me to the airport and she could tell that I was now more nervous than I had been the whole time. It was real now. The responsibility was now on my shoulders but it was now here and I was starting to get cold feet.

She could read it on my face and she said,

“You got this.”

I smiled and said,

“But what if I’m making a mistake Fola? What if this is not how it is supposed to go?”

Fola turned and replied,

“You and your family have been working on this forever. You have covered all the bases, you are doing a great thing for family and for love and I respect it. You have to believe in yourself that you’re doing the right thing and for the right reasons”

I couldn’t stop smiling. There was some confidence in me albeit just for a short while but it made me feel good.

“Fola, you know you’re the best right?”

She laughed as she made a right turn and said,

“Yup! I know I am”

She was right. She was the best; my best friend.

For many years, I had been through so much from self hate, insecurities, battling with depression, anger management and Fola was a huge factor in keeping me grounded and sane.
I could always reach for her to be there for me and she still hasn’t failed me, even when I had let her down before. I was so grateful for everything she had done and was doing in my life.

“Here we are”

She said as she pulled up to the side in front of the airport door. I could hear the airport security continue to read their safety procedures over the public address system at the Seattle-Tacoma International airport.

I stepped out of the vehicle and lifted both my bags out of the trunk and said to Fola as I gave her a peck on the cheek,

“Don’t crash my baby o.”

She hugged me back and said,

“Don’t bring back a baby o”

Into the airport I headed and dropped off my bags in line at the check- in counter. A few minutes later I was at the head of the line, watching the guy weigh my bag and check it in. I was through airport security pretty quickly. They pride themselves in efficiency at that particular airport.
I took my seat at the gate and checked my surroundings to ensure that I was at the right place. I had once missed an important flight because I was seated at the wrong gate.
I was at the right place; I pulled my phone out and started listening to some music as I tried to catch up on some sleep.

I must have nodded off for a bit because when I opened my eyes, there was a line of people boarding the flight in front of me. The lady said over the address system,

“Now boarding flight 2350 from Seattle to Atlanta”

I got up, picking up my bag and got into the line. The line continued to inch forward and soon I was in front of the line. My boarding pass got scanned off my phone and I walked into the walkway to the plane. I squeezed into the aisle inside the plane as I headed towards my seat. I placed my hand luggage in the overhead bin and sat down in my seat.
I took a deep breath and sighed.
I was actually about to go through with this.

.      .       .        .        .        . 

Adanma ft. Ayoola by Shaydee

It was dark and humid when I arrived in Lagos. I remember going through security and just laughing at how much of a joke the personnel was; asking to search my bags and then subsequently asking for money. I even had a phone vendor try to steal from me because he thought I didn’t know the environment I was in. It was actually quite amusing.

My cousin arrived with someone in the car. He came out and gave me a hug. He was like a brother to me. We used to spend every summer I had in Nigeria together and we only grew slower the older we got.


That was the nickname he had given me when we were about 16. I hated it at the time but people at my school picked it up and it stuck.

“How was your flight bro?”

He asked as he helped me put my bags into the trunk of the car.

“It was okay bro. Thanks for asking”

I replied as I got into the back seat of the car. There was a guy sitting in the front passenger seat. He introduced himself as Jonathan.
We were about a mile out of the airport when I asked my cousin Dare where Ada was.

“Oh, she said she had a thing in Abuja. She left this morning”

he replied.
I began to think to myself, she knew I was coming in at that time and that was when she decided to up and leave the state. I should have seen the signs then but I couldn’t because I was blinded by what I thought was love or maybe just loyalty.


Ada was a childhood friend and the daughter of my father’s high school friend. Our father’s told us stories growing up about how they played sports together, went on adventures with women as a team and even almost got expelled together. Their stories were always full of life and they would captivate our minds each time.

The year prior to this visit I was on, my uncle, now the head of the family since my father passed summoned me and so I went. He talked to me about something that the family wanted my help with since I lived in America. I was not sure what it was, I spent the night at his house and he told me that the next day, we were going to visit my dad’s childhood friend. It was at that meeting that my uncle, Ada’s parents and my mother asked me to marry Ada and bring her to America because her parents wanted her to have a better life and they could not afford to send her.
My initial thought was that I would give her the money for a ticket and she could even stay with me but why did I have to marry her?

Later when I came back to America, the immigration lawyer I consulted with explained it to me better and he showed me how the process would be easier if Ada and I got married because I was an American citizen. It seemed like a deal with minimal risk considering that a lot of Nigerians currently do it. I asked for a few days to think about it and my mom would not get out of my ear. She had sad stories of my dad’s friend Chief Abe, being the only one that believed in my father and such. I was filled with tremendous guilt and a sense of repayment. Before I left Nigeria, I agreed to do it.

I came back to Nigeria about 8 months after; Ada and I had taken pictures and done the necessary things to “sell” our marriage to the American government. Ada and I knew each other, so this wasn’t weird. We had childhood pictures and even pictures capturing memories in our youth. In a way, I just felt it was my way of helping out. The idea was to get her to America, on her feet and eventually on her way.
My girlfriend at the time in America was an African American woman; she eventually broke up with me because she didn’t understand the concept of what I was doing or why I was doing it. I tried to let her know that for the most part, we all helped each other out. That was how we were. She wasn’t taking it, so she left me.

There was a lot about Ada and her family that I didn’t know. Over the course of the month that I was there, I began to learn more and more about her. Some great things and some things I wish I had never heard or seen.
Eventually, the wedding came and passed. It was just the right size; the perfect amount of people, and the perfect amount of rice and plantain to go around for everyone. Our lies were painting the perfect picture for those on the outside looking in.

.       .       .       .       .       .

A few days later, we were in the states. Everything that would happen up until I decided to write this had been crazy.
When Ada and I arrived in America, everything was great. We actually had a honeymoon period and our honeymoon was in the Dominican Republic. It was all going according to plan.
It was about two months after the wedding when things began to turn. To be honest, I was the one that made the first mistake by sleeping with Ada and changing the dynamic of our relationship. I should have just kept it at “business”. Soon enough, I started to develop feelings for her. I tried to fight them, I really did but I continued to fail.

She would be there for me, ask about my day, share intimate moments and vice versa. But abruptly things changed. She would no longer talk to me; there was no food when I returned from work and no sex. We basically became roommates, just sharing the same bed and house but nothing else. I tried to talk to her and figure things out but she turned all my advances down.

It had gotten to the point where I was just waiting on her work permit, so she could get a job and move out. I was tired of being emotionally bullied. I used to be that guy but I saw how many people I was hurting and so I stopped but also because I knew my behavior had to reflect marriage and it’s responsibilities.

We barely spoke anymore unless she wanted to or wanted sex, so I would leave the house in the morning and stay out as late as possible just to avoid talking to her.

This particular day, I had returned from a long day of work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I was taking off my clothes and about to walk out of the closet when she came out of the bathroom. I heard her climb on the bed and she asked,

“How long are you going to be in there for?”

I smiled and said,

“Not long. I’ll be out in a minute”

I bent down and pulled off my trousers. I slipped the belt off it and began stringing it into the pair I was planning to wear the next day.

She said,

“Hurry up, I want to cuddle.”

I was taken back. This seemed off.
Something felt off. I couldn’t put my finger on it. The way she was all over me was kind of surprising. Don’t get me wrong, we had our nights where we went all out, crazy and naughty but this one just felt kind of different. This was the 3rd time we were having sex in the week and it was only Tuesday night.  I was tired. Really tired but I mustered up some strength to give her what she wanted. I climbed onto the bed and kissed her. She placed her hands around my head and began to kiss me passionately. The surprise immediately left my mind as my member began to rise. Both my hands were planted on the sides of her as I towered over her. 
I began to lower onto her as she leaned back. I broke the kiss and looked down at her, the room was dimly lit but I could see her bold eyes and her pearly white teeth as she smiled back at me and said with a hint of shyness,


I smiled, licked my lips and said,

“Nothing babe”

I looked down and bent her head to the side and began kissing down her neck. Her hair smelled fresh, her neck was lined with an inviting perfume. My tongue marked her neck with kisses as it traveled down. I licked across her neckline. Ensuring that my hot breath was felt as I marked my way down. I could feel her beginning to squirm as I arrived between the towers; her breasts. They stood apart from each other, perked up like upright guards. They were perfect for squeezing and succulent for sucking. So real they almost looked like implants. I took the left one into my mouth and twirled my tongue all over her nipple while the other rested inside the palm of my right hand. I squeezed it gently as she moaned at every pinch of her nipple. I kissed down to her wetness. Slowly licking as I tried to ensure I didn’t miss her sweet nectar. I slowly began to nibble on her clit as she pinned my head down. It just seemed like her drive was much higher than it used to be. I responded by digging my tongue deeper into her. Her moans were louder,

“Bada, Bada, if you stop….”

Don’t you fucking stop”

She placed her right hand on my head as i looked up, I noticed her clutching the sheets; tightly.
She opened her eyes and looked down at me. I winked at her and she said,

“ugh! don’t fucking do that… Right there, right there!!! Don’t move your fucking tongue”

I heard her tone and her grip on my head was enough to send a message. My tongue continued to wag from left to right with speed as I hummed and it vibrated on her clit. A few minutes later, both my hands pinned her down as she let out her latest round of wetness. My tongue lapped it up. She turned around and smiled, poking her ass up to me. I grabbed her cheek and spread them apart as I slowly slid into her. One word; wet. Okay maybe also tight, hot and fucking amazing. I pressed her back down as I began to pound; my balls dripping with her juices as they slammed into her clit. She was looking back at me and saying,

“Fuck me baby. Come one fuck me harder”

I knew it was coming. Her voice always did that to me and there I was. A few thrusts later, I said,

“Baby, I’m about to cum”

She placed her hands under and began stroking my balls as they slammed into her and she said,

“Cum for me baby. Cum all over me”


I pulled out of her and slumped onto the bed. She rolled over and began rubbing my hairless chest and said,

“Babe, can u please buy me a ticket to go to Miami in two weeks”

It all made sense, her fucking me like that.  I looked down at her and said,

“What is in Miami”

She smiled and made circles on my chest in my sweat and said,

“Cindy, my girl from high school in Naij

You don’t know her.”

She was right that I didn’t know her. But I was tired and disoriented so I said yes. Funny how women always know how to ask for whatever they want as soon as the man ejaculates.

We fell asleep in that position.

Three days later, I returned home and noticed that she was gone. I kept calling her phone and there was no answer. Her clothes were still present as were her other belongings.

I was not sure where she was but I was just going about my evening. I washed some rice into the rice cooker to start getting ready while I walked out to the mailbox.

I was walking to the mailbox when my phone began to buzz; it was Ada.

“Ada, where are you? I was worried”

she giggled a bit sounding under the influence and said,

“I’m in Miami b**ch”

I was shocked by the response that I blurted out,


When did you go there or even buy the ticket?”

She asked me not to worry and that it was my credit card that she used. I was still trying to process all that she said and her being all the way in Miami when she said she had to go.

I tapped on the phone to end the call and then I noticed a letter from the courthouse amongst the pile of new mail I had just picked up.
I tore it open and it was our marriage certificate from the courthouse. I held it in my hand and my heart sunk. I couldn’t help but feel like it was all a mistake. I placed my hand in my head and said,

“What The Heck Man?”

My phone buzzed again. It was Fola.

The End.


Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been immense and amazing. Earlier this week, I noticed that my blog #WhatTheHeckMan had gotten over 17,000 views.

Listen to this key part; singlehandedly. No paid promo. No gimmicks. Just stories and YOU GUYS. Here we are, 10 months after the first series I posted with thousands of views but not a lot of comments/feedback but it’s okay “People I luh you…. POP pimp squad, hold it down…”. I appreciate the effort to read though from everyone that supports me and this outler. Even though it can sometimes be work to “keep up or catch up”

I want to thank you for letting me own your TL’s on Saturdays. For retweeting and sharing. For being patient with me as I’ve taken you on various emotional roller coasters. For enjoying my art with me and waiting up on Saturdays for the next part in each series. For #WhatTheHeckMan ,#SanmiSaturdays supporters, I truly thank you. I want to start by thanking the one that has always given me the push to do anything and infact start this blog even though at the time, our interactions were rocking, Arewa F.M.S.
Off the top of my head, let me thank my day 1 supporters.

N’wa, Simi, Ninz, Sinmi, Feddy9ja, Ashake and twinnie, Tonye, Olamide, Lamide, Desewa, Nnenna Chinaija, Bruce Bane, FreshDeltaBoy, Adaeze, Abiton, prettydiva11, Vanessa, KemiO, Tobby_e, Nadia, Beyoutiful_chy, 9jamadea, Ms_DamiAjayi, Rinsola, Words that go unsaid; and everyone else that I missed. Majority of my comments in the past year have come from the people above which means in some way, I trust your feedback and look forward to seeing how my stories impact you guys. To those that have boyfriends that make it impossible for me to shout you out without them coming for my head, thank you also, you know yourselves. lol

Now to my family, thank you for not knowing my blog exists. This is a seriously important piece to everything, at least for now. Anyways, to all those that support me comments or not, THANK YOU. Still leave a comment tho. I swear y’all don’t know what it means to read what you guys think of the things I create. Anyways, have a great weekend everyone.

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What The Heck Man

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First Love

First Love


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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 


Mummy Mi by Wizkid

There is a way you smile

It’s from the heart

There is a way you sigh

I can tell them apart

You are a fighter

A difference maker

One of those stealthy and calculated



It’s funny to say I’ve watched you grow

When you birth me

But there are things in life

That you’ve helped me know

You taught me in the way of the Lord

And helped me learn to be grateful

For what we could afford

You worked three jobs to give me the best

You have put it work

Now it’s time for us to pay you back as you rest

You have moved mountains to give us everything

And I continue to pray to God that he gives us

The grace to repay your love

Because it has been tremendous and amazing



Time and time again

We’ve had our differences

Not gotten along

But having you in my corner

Has given me the confidence

To battle on and stay strong

You are a one woman that amazes me

Your level of grace

The patience you afford people

You willingness to fight battles on your knees

The bar has been set tremendously high

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth letting someone try



I have tried to write this for weeks

But every single time

My eyes are filled with tears

My mind wanders

As it sorts through the years

You have been amazing

A superwoman

One of the greatest amongst her peers

You have taught us so much

Given us such a gift

Of love

True love and devotion

You have loved us hard

With all your energy and with such passion


I fell in love with you before I could speak

Now I want to use every voice I have

To let the whole world know what I think


You are my greatest

One of the best things to happen to me

You have given me the best platform to build a legacy

And whatever comes from me

I can be rest assured

That God gave me one of his best soldiers

And teachers to teach me the way

So on this day,

I stand here and I take a bow

To honor God

And I thank him for you

For giving me my first love

For giving me my first taste of unconditional love

You are my bigger than my favorite team

Bigger than wayward dreams

You are everything and so much more


Mummy, I stand here to say

I truly love you

You are the best

From the bottom of my heart and with all I’ve got

Happy birthday Mummy

Now let’s crack open the bottle and do shots

Of apple cider

Sorry, sorry, Woman of God. I forgot.

I love you mom,

Happy birthday.


Audio I sent to her this morning…. 

 I had already written this weeks #WordsofWednesday but I think I need to stop writing that ahead of time because somehow, something new inspires me and then I write a new one. Smh at   my damn self.

What I had written before was meant to talk about “Cranberries” specifically someone that broke my heart and led me to writing but I made a mistake. The real MVP that got me into writing is my mother. My mother got her Masters in English, a very well read woman. She had a way of manipulating words and getting a message across with just the right amount of emotion (sounds familiar right??? Kinda like this guy).

She used to buy me a tremendous amount of books and I would race through them soaking in all the words, emotions and different styles. I was always a good English student and huge in literature and also drama. All that is down to her.

Truthfully, ladies and gentlemen, my mother is the one you should truly thank for #WhatTheHeckMan

The confidence she gave me. The verve she bestowed on me. I knew I could do anything I set my mind to. Anyone that knows me very well knows that I’m a fighter when it comes to things I want and just like my mom, I won’t let up until I have it.

A lot of the man I am today is because of my mother and a lot of who I want to become will be a testament to how great my mom is. The bar has been set high for my “second mom” but for now, I want to appreciate my first love. For giving me life and teaching me the way I should go.

I want to thank all the cranberries out there but I also want to thank God for giving me a woman dedicated to raising me right.

I ask you today to show her (your parents) all the love you got. Go the extra mile. Put a smile on their faces. Let them know you care and love them from the bottom of your heart. Remember, they are your “first loves” and they’ll love you unconditional love for as long as they live.

Ladies and Gentlemen, #WhatTheHeckMan folk, please raise your glasses or squeeze your pure water tighter as we wish my mother a very Happy Birthday!!!!!

Today is also a great day for a different reason as my good friend, loving heart and #WhatTheHeckMan in house editor who has been involved in almost every story on this blog celebrates her birthday! Shoutout to you S. You are loved and appreciated.

This is a different feel to #WordsofWednesday. It’s my mother’s birthday, I’m all mushy and stuff. You should be too. Did I hear you say no?!

What The Heck Man?????

Title Run

I woke up with a headache. I couldn’t remember what had happened. It felt like full-blown AMNESIA. I looked around and noticed I was in a locked room; I was TRAPPED. My hands felt heavy, I checked them and noticed they were SCARRED. I stood up and looked outside the window. It was like an EMPTY desert with what seemed to be a MIRAGE far off. I began to remember what happened, I had reached for the REMOTE CONTROL when I was drunk and noticed I had messed up the TRIANGLE OF REVENGE. I was supposed to just sit in my seat and be the UNDERCOVER PLAYER but I was intoxicated because when I tried to get up again, everything seemed BLURRED. I bowed my head as I thought of it all, my journey and my pains, I realized I am IMPERFECT but situations like this cannot keep happening. I have to be more aggressive and more SELFISH regarding thing that had to do with my happiness.

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Till the next time you read from me, My new series on Saturday,

Stay Up!


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Blurred 4

Blurred 4

Blurred 4

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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 



Be With You by Tajan

In my lonely hours, I lay there with a heavy heart and a clouded mind. All I could think of was Danielle. But truly all the thoughts were racing through my head from Ms. Annette to Rosie to Dylan and always back to Danielle.

I kept trying to understand what she would do.

Would she actually contact Ms. Annette?

Was I going to come out of this a free man?

Did she hate me now?

I asked myself those questions as the days added up and I awaited some news in the cell. The days were long and the nights felt shorter. Well it all felt like darkness inside my heart maybe that was why I couldn’t tell the difference.

It was cold in the morning when I was reading a book in my bed. A guard came into the hall and yelled out my name and summoned me to stand by the door. As he opened the cell gate he told me I had a phone call. My heart began to race. Who could it be?

Could it be Ms. Annette? Or Danielle with news from Ms Annette? Or even Rosie?!

After days of not hearing anything from anyone, this felt like hope. This felt like a chance. This felt real.

I walked into the waiting area, which was also home to the phones. I walked to the one the guard pointed to and picked it up.

I took a deep breath and then I said,

“Hello, this is Cristian”

The person on the other side spoke and said,

“Hi Cristian, this is Lisa from David Mitchell’s office, your lawyer?”

My heart immediately sunk. I think I actually felt it drop out of my chest and deep into my stomach. I just couldn’t take it anymore. All the hope I built up was gone in a flash. Apparently my lawyer David had a family emergency he had to attend to and court was in 4 days. I knew I was screwed.

I checked back into the conversation as she said,

“Mr Christian, are you there?”

I gathered myself again and said,

“Yes, yes I am.”

“Okay sir, Mr Mitchell’s partner will be representing you and he’ll brief you before court on Monday. Do you have any questions for me?”

Like an irritated customer when the customer service representative fails to refund an overdraft charge, I let out a sharp


and dropped the phone.

I called the guard and began walking towards my room as he led the way. I was so distraught and hopeless. I just wanted to sleep and forget my own existence.

An act that I committed out of love had now become my downfall and I had lost all the people around me that I cared about. Here I was; alone.

It was just after lunch and we were about to begin heading out for yard time when I heard my name go off on the PA system asking me to come to the lobby. A guard came and pulled me out of the line I was in and led me through the doors. At the lobby, they took me to the visiting room and I remember saying to the guard,

“I’m not expecting anyone today”

He responded,

“Well someone is here for you. Would you like to turn down the visit?”

I kept quiet and walked into the waiting room. Backing me, it was Danielle’s mom.


.      .     .       .       .       .

 “Ma’am, what are you doing here?”

I asked politely.

“I came to talk Cristian. About you, about Danielle, about something I got in the mail”

I was confused. What was she talking about?

She began to clear it up by saying,

“I understand that Danielle stormed out of here upset. She was very hurt. I think she believed that you were having an affair. Were you?”

I shook my head and told her no.

“That’s what I thought too. I don’t need to know what happened between you guys. I know you were trying to protect my grandson and I appreciate you for that. Thank you. Do you have any plans regarding what you want to do if this all blows over?

I remember when you came to me trying to figure out the best way to ask her father for his blessing. Is that still what you want?

I responded.

“Yes ma’am. She is all I want but I don’t think she wants to be with me anymore. I think I might have messed it up too bad. “

“Don’t worry. I can talk to her once all this blows over.”

I still wasn’t really sure why she was there. Yes, between both her parents, I felt like her mother was still okay with me because I truly loved Danielle. I wanted to ask her why she was there. She looked at me and said,

“Yesterday morning I received a call that told me to look out for a specific letter. In the afternoon, a letter came and it had a key tucked away inside. It seems like the key to a safety deposit box. It is from the local bank. I went there and there was a joint account in our names. I opened the box and there was a lot of cash in there and a note asking me to watch a video. The lady in the video said her name was Rosie and she had to lay low because James and some dirty police officers came to her house. She said she left that day and she might return when things settle. And she wanted me to wish you all the best and let you know that all your money was in there”

I smiled at the fact that Rosie was okay and right before I could respond she said,

“Cristian, that was a lot of money. I’m not even going to ask how you got it but only this… Is it drug money?”

I said,


She said,

“Okay, that’s all I needed to know.”

She began to leave when I asked her,

“How’s Danielle holding up and Dylan?”

She stopped and said,

“We haven’t seen Danielle since the day she left you here and Dylan is holding up fine. He’s at the house. James’ house. I know where Danielle is. Her friend has been in contact with me daily.”

I cringed and squeezed my fist.

She said,

“Goodbye Cristian. I’ll continue praying for the best.”

She was walking out the room when I blurted out.

“Do you by any chance know if Danielle contacted Ms Annette?”

She turned and said,

“Who is that?”

I sighed and said,

“Never mind. Thank you for coming. I appreciate it. Please don’t forget the things I asked for”

She smiled back as she walked out of the room. My disappointment streak continued. I was now truly fucked. What The Heck Man.

.       .       .       .       .       .


 I was nervous that morning as I put my clothes on. They had a patrol car come and pick me and drive me to the courthouse. I just could not believe this was all happening to me. I started all this trying to protect the woman I loved and now here I was with no protection and not even my lawyer to fight for me.

I was hurting. My heart was hurting.

I was told that somehow, Danielle and her family would be present because the lawyer had requested her to be a witness for me. I wondered how James’ team allowed that considering that they had an open family court case in process.

I sat there with my fingers locked. They were sweaty. I was extremely nervous now. I couldn’t believe all that was going on. I had weeks to think about it but I just could not believe that I was actually here and potentially about to be prosecuted.

I considered running across to the other side of the room, jumping on my knees to beg James to drop the case but I knew he wouldn’t.

He hated Danielle too much and everything that came along with her was hated too. It was definitely not going well for me. I tried to hold it together.

The room was packed with people. It was not normal to have that many people in there for such a case but it involved a state official’s child and James’ father was in the conversation regarding who to replace the state governor the following year. Ultimately, there was some media attention.

It was about 5 minutes before the proceedings were about to start and there was still no sign of my lawyers. The judge walked in and everyone rose. As she sat and we all sat, the doors flew open and a group of people 5 in total; 3 men and two women walked in. They all seemed like lawyers. A man and a woman walked all the way to the front and the woman spoke,

“Your honor, sorry we’re late. We were finishing up the change of legal counsel. I am Rachel Rainey and my team and I will be representing Mr Lewis.”

They took their seats flanking me. I was confused.

I leaned in towards her and asked,

“Who are you people?”

She turned and with the coldest and most reassuring face I had seen in a long time she said only two words.

“The Calvary”

Her response sent chills down my spine. I felt my dick twinge between my pants. Her confidence was oozing and it was beyond sexy.

The proceedings were moving along with the state listing all the charges they had brought against me from endangering a minor, kidnapping, trespassing and a harassment charge brought by James for some texts I had sent him a while back. Hearing it all I began to get nervous again. I couldn’t even convince myself to believe that the set of lawyers sitting next to me could even help me out. Everything seemed impossible.

My lawyer rose and asked the judge for a recess to go over the charges with me. The judge called for recess and asked us to resume a little over an hour later after lunch.

I looked down and just knew I was beaten, it was only a matter of time.

We headed out into a small conference room where four of the lawyers came in with me. The lead lawyer, Jessica said,

“Cristian, it seems like this is going to be tough. The texts on James’ phone are solid and there are some threats in there. They are going to paint a picture that you were kidnapping Dylan to back up your threats and hurt him, not that you were doing it out of love for Danielle. I can get some probation for the trespassing charge and I can knock of the endangering a minor charge because from the reports you strapped him into his car seat properly and there is no record of you driving at a dangerous speed. Do you understand Cristian?”

She snapped her fingers in front of my absent face as my mind had wandered. I was still not sure who they were and then I asked,

“Who are you guys for starters and where is my actual lawyer?”

She smiled and said,

“We are the late Ms Annette Foster’s legal team. Well your legal team per this letter she asked I hand deliver to you.”

I opened it and began reading….



Ije Love ft. Chidinma by Dubie

Ms Annette had passed away but not before she heard the news of my detention. She basically willed all her property to me and instructed the legal team to win my case for me. Even in her death, the woman was still protecting me. I began to tear up just thinking of all the things she had done for me. The fact that our relationship was purely down to companionship felt special. I could be myself around her always. She didn’t want sex or lies, just me being there was more than enough for her. I was drifting away again when they called me back to reality.

I folded the letter and said,

“I know people who can testify against James for his violent conduct and harassment. Her name is Rosie”

“Rosie used to work for James and his father when she first came to America but she left after he repeatedly harassed her and threatened to have her deported. The day I met her, I was just leaving the office when I saw her crying in her car. I went over to speak to her and she told me her whole story. Back then I also had a lot of money saved up. She quit the next day and I paid for her to become legal and she ended up moving her family here.”

The lawyers looked on keenly and then Jessica asked,

“So where is she?”

I dropped my head and said,

“James’ people got to her.”

Jessica scoffed and said,

“Cristian, we cannot make a case against someone because we suspected that he might have done something. Unless you have him on tape doing something we can leverage with, we need a new line of attack”

On tape?! It clicked in my head. Rosie had mentioned in the video that James and his people had come to harass her at her house. The camera!

Rosie had a camera that recorded and stored her footage outside the door of her apartment. She used it to scan who was coming in but also monitor “visitors” (the police) when she was not home.

I got excited and said,

“I think I know how we can get him on tape”

I explained it to the team and Jessica placed a call and asked the person to hurry like their life depended on it. She looked at me and said,

“You better be right. We only have 26 minutes left before we have to get back in there”

I crossed my fingers and said a quick prayer.

The wait was horrible. It felt like the longest 24 minutes of my life. I looked at the team all on their phones and said,

“We’re due back in 2 minutes”

Jessica looked at me and said,

 “I’m sorry Cristian, we haven’t gotten anything back yet. Hopefully we can stall once we get in there.”


No. I just knew it was time to give up. It was my luck. I was screwed. I kept saying What The Heck Man in my head over and over. I acted of impulse. I had acted with my heart and not my head and now my body and mind were going to pay for it.

We filed out of the room and we were about to walk into the courtroom when one of the guys on Jessica’s team rushed up and gave her a file. He whispered something into her ear and she smiled. She looked at me and smiled again.

Right then, James and his lawyer were returning and about to walk back into the courtroom. She looked at his attorney and said,

“You might want to wait for a second before you go in there. So this file in my hand is a compilation of all the undocumented campaign donations going back to your father’s last run for state controller. Now, this case today might close but be sure that this will be the cover story in tomorrow’s papers. Drop the case.”

James puffed his chest with his arrogant self and spoke before his attorney,

“We will not be doing anything of that nature. You’re just bluffing. Besides, what could you have? We’ll take our chances with those”

He was about to walk in when the second team member returned with a CD and handed it to Jessica. She was now smiling harder.

“It must be my lucky day!”

she said out loud. She turned back to the lady that handed it to her and said,

“You’re sure he’s on there? You played it?”

she nodded. Jessica smiled again and while waving the CD in her hand, she said

“Now, I have you on tape here harassing a former employee of your father who also gave us the list we have here. You see how that looks right. ‘Son harassing father’s former employee amid corruption scandal.’ Now that is a headline that would catch my attention. Don’t you think so James?”

James looked stunned. He knew what he had done. They were able to recover the video from outside Rosie’s apartment and it had him clearly on it.

“James, make this easy for us. Because personally, we have been paid through the next 10 years to fight you if this case doesn’t drop today. Drop the case or we will make your life a living hell. We will come for you and your family till your family name is tarnished. So there you have it. I don’t need to tell you what to do”

Jessica and her team walked into the courtroom. The judge gave her the stink eye because they were late again; the second time that day.

Jessica didn’t eventually need to drop the video. It was mysteriously leaked to a news station by a reliable source. Well my reliable source; Rosie.

We sat in our chairs as James and attorneys let themselves into the courtroom and took their seats. I looked over and he looked at me for the first time in a long time, I smiled from the heart.

.       .       .       .       .       .

YOU KNEW I WAS COMING FOR YOU ABI. YESSSSSS. BE READING AND NOT COMMENT THERE O. SEE YOU. Reading and not commenting is like someone drinking community Garri and using spoon while forcing all their friends to use forks. It’s NOT FAIR. Comment at the end o. I take puff puff seller beg you. I need it to stay in America pls.

God is WATCHING YOU in HD. I AM WATCHING TOO but my WiFi is acting up. 

.        .      .       .       .       .

 James’ lawyer stood up and said,

“Your honor, after consultation with my client, we would like to grant full custody to Ms. Danielle Chambers in an unrelated but also on going case with my client; and the case against Mr. Lewis dropped”

The entire room sighed as the words traveled through their ears. Small whispers began to occur and the judge snatched up her gavel and slapped it on the sound block calling the court to order.

Probably realizing that it was not part of the discussed plan, she asked the lawyer,

“Are you sure?”

He said,


“And your client agreed to this?”

she replied. James dropped his head as the lawyer took in a deep breath and said,


 The judge paused for a second and declared,

“Based on the information just presented, the court orders full custody to Ms Chambers effective immediately. A later date for visitation purposes will be set if necessary.”

The gavel hit the sound block again as she arose and sounds of joy filled the room. Danielle’s parents hugged her as tears rolled down her eyes. She seemed so relieved and happy.

The bailiff came and unlocked the handcuffs from my hands. I rubbed my wrists for how uncomfortable they had been in those handcuffs all day. I turned around; my lawyer shook my hand and congratulated me. My friend Spencer came forward and gave me a hug. I felt halfway there. I could see Danielle and her family in the back of the room and I wasn’t sure if I should say anything to them or not. I swiftly walked out of the courtroom and in the hallway. I was standing over by the water fountain waiting for my lawyer and the bailiff to arrive with some papers for me to sign when I saw James’ nanny walk Dylan over.

His little hand was in hers as she stopped in front of the courtroom and handed him over to Danielle. Danielle’s face lit up as she bent down and picked him up. She couldn’t stop smiling as she cried and he looked at his grandparents in confusion.

I loved that boy. I bent my head down as I fought back tears.

I had wanted to be everything for this woman and her son but somehow, I had blown this one too.

My lawyer snapped me out of my thoughts as he congratulated me again and pointed to a place on the form that he wanted me to sign. I signed it and he said,

“You’re a free man”

I shook his hand and thanked him as I looked down the hallway at Danielle and her family. Dylan was back on the ground as she released him from her tight hug. I turned to get a drink of water. When I turned back around I noticed Danielle and her family walking towards me. I began to panic; I hadn’t spoken directly to her since the day she stormed out of the visiting room. I wanted to hide but there was nowhere to hide. I just held my ground. Danielle and her family walked and continued to walk right past me. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

After everything, everything I went through and felt for this woman; she just walked right past me. In one light, I understood it and on the other end, it stung and it hurt badly. I tried to force the hurt off my face but I couldn’t.

I stared at the backs of Danielle and her family as they hit the end of the hallway and hit the front steps of the courthouse. I just felt like it was all over. I could hear some lady calling another lady named Jackie in front of me. The noise from the lady and the sickness I got in my stomach caused me to sit down. I sat down on the bench and I reached to pull my phone out.

I now had to pick my life up again. The sadness I felt in my heart was like that which I felt when my mother passed away.

My phone had tons of messages on them. I was about to start reading them. I almost didn’t even want to leave that seat. And then I felt someone sit beside me.

I knew that perfume and I recognized that scent, I turned to my right and there she was; Danielle. The way she sat there and looked at me. I wasn’t sure what to say. I was shocked. I was beyond convinced that I was never going to be able to sit next to her or hold her hand again.

She looked into my eyes and said,

 “Putting my son in danger was never okay. The things that happened and keeping Ms Annette from me was not okay even though she told me nothing happened since you and I got together. You have a lot of making up to do but helping ensure that my son; our son, can grow with us is a BIG start.”

She started to smile. I was still in shock… She continued and said,

“Yes, I said our son. I would like us to be a family some day. If you would have us”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Have them?! They were all I wanted and needed.

My face was blank in shock but my heart was beaming. I was about to speak when I felt a little hand touch my right thigh. I looked down and it was Dylan. His little hands on my thighs, he flashed that winning smile at me. I reached down and scooped him up into my arms. Danielle got up as I pulled her close to hug her too. I was grateful. I turned around and there were Danielle’s parents.

Her father walked up to me and I broke up the hug as he stretched his hand out to me. I shook his hand and he said,

 “You are a good man. Any man willing to put his life and safety on the line for the happiness of my daughter and grandson is one I approve of. You have my blessing.”

Danielle from behind me said “blessing?”

I handed Dylan to his grandfather and put my hand into my pocket and for a quick second I thought it was missing. It wasn’t.

I slowly got down on my knee and said,

“Danielle, a lot has happened that has affected both of us in our lives. You have traveled a road similar to many but with unique challenges. Yet you have come out on top. You are a beautiful woman; inside and out. You motivate me each day to be a better man. From the depths of my heart, I am grateful to God for granting me the grace to meet you. You have helped me stay grounded and even in dark times, gave me hope for the future. I want to be the one you wake up to every morning, I want to be the one you experience life and old age with. With you on my team, I can’t lose. I’ll be your protector and give you the best things in life as long as I can work hard. Danielle, my life till the moment I fell in love with you has been a big blur but here we are. You have given me the picture of the future I want and like your personality it shines bright. So Danielle, I ask you this today, will you come and travel the world with me with our son as our love grows beyond words? Danielle Chambers, will you make me the happiest man in the world by saying yes to spending your life with me?”

Her hands covered her mouth as tears slowly streamed down her face. Amid tears, she began to say,

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

as she stretched out her left hand towards me. I gently slid her mother’s ring up her finger. She didn’t give me time to get up. She got on her knees in front of me and hugged me tight. I turned to the left to look at her mother as I whispered a “thank you”.

She had a camera in her hand recording while Danielle’s father was taking pictures. I looked at the lens and thought to myself, this was Danielle and I’s picture. I smiled.

Lens? Focused.

Picture?  Perfect.

The End

 I cannot explain how grateful I am for the people that truly love me and the lengths they would go to protect me and my happiness. The Blurred series showed us lies, secrets, pain, hurt, happiness, love, growth, forgiveness but more than anything it showed how strong love is. Love, I have said, can make people do the most irrational and illogical things. Thats why some of you think your partners are the best looking in the world but I’am asleep tho. Lol jk jk.

But the truth is, love captivates you. It controls you in some ways. But we have to make sure we stay in control of it MOST times (Nigerian women) lol. Let it inspire you to love your families and partners hard. Let it catapult you to the place of being able to move mountains for them.
Never hesitate to be everything for the people you love. Never.

But DON’T end up in jail either unless you have a Ms. Annette somewhere, then go ahead but only after you pass me her number. I’m looking for sugar madres o! I can cook, clean and suck on… Nvm…

Truly, in all seriousness, I hope you enjoyed the Blurred series and it somehow gave you some clarity on what love should seem and feel like. I love you all. I truly do and thank you. You don’t know how much each comment, retweet and feedback means to me. It keeps me writing. Well, I love it too though.

Go the extra mile for the ones you love. Buy her some flowers, ask about his day. Tell you parents you love them. Share your Netflix password. BE AMAZING like you already are.

I’m thankful for the people I love and those that love me. The acts that might push me to may be a blur but I know I would do anything for them and the clarity the happiness would bring to the people I love.


Watch OUT for my next series, TITLE WILL BE DROPPED ON WEDNESDAY!!!!

Give me feedback. How did this make you feel? Talk to me about Blurred 4 or the series.


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My Story

My Story


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You’ll only regret it when I get heartbroken 


Story by Harrysong aka. Mr Songz

20131225_132445” I grew up watching that television btw… OGTV and Channels… Sighhhh the struggle!”



Rubbing my belly as I had just consumed a ton of carbs with my rice

And don’t forget my plantain

After church every Sunday

I remember running around the compound

Nails and tetanus marred pierced feet

Scarred from playing soccer without cleats

It was the life



Arriving at my grandpa’s compound in the village was both exciting an nerve wrecking. It meant bangers(knockout), great food and sleeping on a mat”

I remember those long drives to the village

Stuck in the heat and traffic

Pacified with Gala and Fan Yogurt

Strawberry flavored

The Christmas rice was one we savored

I remember playing with the cow before they killed it

Shared to the community members

I felt proud to be from a family like that



“Believe it or not but I grew up in this room. Sometimes even slept on a mat. The coolest thing about this room, every item in that picture is older than I am.”

I remember when I used to attend primary school

With Okin biscuits in my bag

And wafers as a backup

They usually crushed in my bag

Just like my dreams when my crush completely ignored me


And then it was break time

I forgot it all

Hanging off the monkey bars with no fears at all



“President of Ikenne on Twitter was not by accident. I went to Mayflower for 8 years. Primary and part of Secondary. The things I learned about life here have helped shape me.”

Remember those pointless excursions

To the post office

When I never got any mail

Or to the airport

All the schools went through that same plane

But if you missed that trip

Your life was never the same

We joked about teachers

Picked on each other

Fought for our brothers

Stole boys from our sisters

It was growing up



“Church with my grandparents was like the biggest struggle. Anglican folk, I hail thee…”

Fights over bread at the dining

To miming

At social nights

Wanting to contain my hard on with all my might

While I tried to grind on her like I was sly

But the trouble I entered


It wasn’t worth it

I remember “The Walkman”

Or initially saving up money to go to Silverbird

We began to find ourselves

Realizing we had all out lives to mold ourselves

Danfo drivers

Okada riders

Allen Avenue partners

Mothers cheating with vulcanizers

It was all there

And slowly Mr Bigg’s faded

It was barely even there



I remember my first grown foray into the market

Duped into buying Nike’s

Aba made

The logo actually said Puma

Yet I paid double to that “bruha”


From roll ons to dudu osun soaps





Great escapes

From the hands of agberos

No matter the city

They were ever present

But we got street smart

As we navigated through Walter Carrington Crescent

We battled no light


Price hikes

School strikes

Abacha died

Obasanjo cried

Obahiagbon lit our entire night

But we came through



“Do I have to state how much greatness is in this one picture? Some of it might even be the equivalent of someone’s bride price. Lmaooo I kid o. Or maybe not 👀👀”

Remember Tales by the Moonlight

You watch Super Story

Until you were crossed and your life became an episode


I remember that carefree kid

Singing Trybemen’s

Not a care for the squares

Or the Bizzy Bodies

I miss that guy

I complained about that time

But here am I fairly adjusted


Taking a moment to slow down

Turning around

To go and fight the boli lady (Boli= roasted plantain. Basically food for the gods.)

She gave me boli but there is no groundnut in my hand

Ojuelegba wole pelu change e (Those going to Ojuelegba, hop into the bus with the denominations because the bus driver might not have change for you)

Remembering my childhood mehn

Mi o le change e! ( I can’t/won’t swap it for anything else!)



I had written this piece last week as I pondered about my story of who I am and how I became this way. I thought about the different places I’ve lived in, schools I went to. People I met. All of it contributed to who I am today.

It led me to thinking about privilege and the gift we have to “dream”. For many of us, we come from families that even if they didn’t have the resources, they gave us the opportunity to dream and for some, that is more than enough. A lot of kids I work with in the mental health field today are not privileged to dream.

This is piece touched on a little bit of my experiences. Born in America and raised mostly in Nigeria, I was privileged to get the best of both worlds. The street, graft and craft from Nigeria and the confidence to hone and harness it all here in America. It has been interesting to say the least.

I thank my parents and grandparents that raised me for my childhood. They gave me the platform for where I am today. I thank my mom for forcing me to read as a kid; you guys are directly benefitting from that.

Thinking about my story, I thought about how I actually started writing. It was because I liked a girl named A.O in high school. Arts class. Her Twitter handle has “cranberry” in it. I really liked this girl and was willing to do anything for her. I wrote about her extensively and then she curved me. Chai!

It’s okay tho, I dished it right back to her years later as the curve came full circle. But most importantly, you all have her to thank because the feeling I got from that “heartbreak” sparked me to start writing at a young age and here we are. Now she wants me write about her again… Ummmm say it with me!!! What The Heck Man!!! LOL

I never expected to be a writer but 16,000+ views later. I want to thank you all for being so supportive and putting up with my cliffhangers and surprises. I APPRECIATE YOU ALL.

Today, is my Nigeria’s 54th birthday and I feel happy, I fell grateful and I feel fulfilled. LMAOOOO Deadest!

But I want that to motivate us. We are 54 but there is so much work to be done. Yes, many of us have been through struggles growing up but we have become fairly adjusted. It is our job to give back. Write a positive story into a kid in need’s life. Do not be selfish with the great story your parents, friends and country contributed to.

Remember the songs you grew up with, the first cars you rode in, the first time you had Gala or a Christmas where Nepa didn’t take light.

Today, I challenge you to review your story in a more light hearted sense and challenge yourself to write a great story for someone else. It is your #What The Heck Man duty.


“You ALL know you ate one of these at least once if you grew up in Nigeria. Don’t lie or rat meat will be in your next Gala!”

I want to thank Nigeria for being the amazing place that it is. Even with all its flaws, it is a strong country that is dear to my heart and I hope to one day create a great story for some other children out there.


Ladies and Gentlemen, talk to me. Tell me about some of your experiences. Share something you could relate to. And remember to give something back to better the next generation.

Happy 54th birthday Nigeria! I wish you all the best and so much more.

And to all my #WhatTheHeckMan family., I do this for y’all everyday. Thank you for validating me and making me feel grounded and important doing this. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

Till the next time you read from me, Blurred 4 on Saturday,

Stay Up!


The End

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Thank you for reading and commenting. You are highly appreciated. 

Lookout for part 4 of Blurred; this Saturday.

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