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Ready Aim by Mali Music

There was a time when our dreams aligned

You and I wanted to be great

I remember when you wanted me to be your best man

I remember when you were the best man

Your drive motivated me to be a better person

But you professed that your confidence was low

It surprised me because I wanted to emulate it

I didn’t want to be you

But I wanted to be just like you


That awkward phase

We wanted the same type of women

We had the same pick up lines

We failed woefully at living beyond our years

Laughing together as we plotted our greatness

We failed to factor in life

It can change things

We fought like friends do

And made up like we were supposed to


And then life woke us up

We started to want different things

Challenges started to strain things

It took longer to make up

We disagreed within ourselves

I tried to fight you off but I couldn’t

Then slowly

My sadness turned to depression

My dreams became oppressed and drowned

My outlook was bleak

The same dreams we built together seemed to die and crumble away

I tried

I really did to hold on

But the more I pulled

The more people pulled us apart


I knew where I should be

I knew I needed to stand with you

It was you and I against the world

People talked about us

They tried to pull us down

They laughed at our dreams

They told us we could not stand tall

Some waited on us to fail

Even the same people with whom we used to pray

I began to waver

My head bowed

And I began to wonder

Maybe they were right

Maybe I wasn’t good enough

Maybe I didn’t deserve love

Maybe I couldn’t hold onto things I loved

Because I couldn’t be loved


Maybe I was just wrong


But then you spoke to me

Inside my heart

The real me

Spoke to me and reminded me

That I am talented


Beautiful beyond words

I could do this

I clutched my dreams

Held them close

I put my head up

I wasn’t going to give up

I have a purpose to fulfill

I am focused on me and my goals

My dream is to be great

To be the best version of myself

And I had to come that agreement with the real me


Over the course of time people change. Things change. Dreams change. Lives change.
From people you had similar goals with to you changing within yourself it happens. And then people get involved to pull you down and tear you apart. The backstabbers, the liars, the false lovers; they all come out. The closer you get to become the true version of who you want to be, they start to nudge and tug at you to bring you back down. Then self doubt creeps in.
all these people saying all these things about you. Certain situations start causing you to doubt yourself. People telling you that you’re unlovable and you begin to believe it. Your heart is broken too many times you don’t think you can every truly love. You fail so many times on the road to your dreams and you begin to believe you need to wake up and forget about them.

I’m here to tell you to hold on. Sometimes you can’t see it but I believe that you’re lovable. You’re great in your own way. You have to talk to yourself. No! Not the one you show the world. Not the one on social media. I need you to talk to your true self. How badly do you want this? How hard can you fight?
Life will throw everything at you from messing with your mood to even your crew. Planting the seed of doubt in your heart and making you question things.

I’m not perfect and I have doubted myself many times. I changed and thought I had to regret being a different person. Life came at me strong with depression, heartbreak and hurt but you have to keep your head up and focus on the real you. Truth is, when it’s all said and done, your happiness is your responsibility. Never let anyone take it away from you; ever.


“Know the real you. Trust the real you. Be you. Be HAPPY”

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