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 Jasi by Banky W.

“…. So I was like I’m a good man. Well I try to be…”

I chuckled as I listened to my best friend on the phone as he recanted his escapades with an unassuming girl the weekend that had just passed.

I picked up my cup at the coffee store and laughed at how they had spelled my name on the side of the cup; Kimona.

It is still a common mistake but my name is actually Kimon.

I still don’t understand how I ended up with a name with Greek foundations but my mother claimed she just loved how the name sounded and how it was written.

So 25 years ago my father a Korean engineer, got my mother pregnant while he was in London finishing up his masters, she put the name to use.

My mother, an African American from Indiana, was on a study abroad program.

They got married a year after I was born and they’ve been together ever since.

“Mono, how was your weekend?”

Most of my friends call me “Mono” from my teen reggae days while we lived in Lagos; in the Western Part of Nigeria. I was fascinated by the culture, the arts, the music and I had gotten the nickname “Mono” from my fascination with people like Daddy Showkey and of course Ras Kimono.

“Bruhhhh.. I went to that kickback thing at Sosa’s house. It was chill but I met this girl.”

He laughed on the other end and said,

“I trust you. Did you smash?”

“Nah bro. Not one of those.

This one is different bro”

I replied,


You know how many times you have said that about girls and still had sex with them?”

I knew what he was talking about and I said,

“Nate, I’m telling you that this one is different.

It’s funny how it actually happened too. I walked in and saw her best friend Eileen first and I was like “I gotta talk to her”

And then like 15 minutes later, she walks in and I swear I was thanking God I never approached her best friend. Cos you know how some girls get if you have talked to their friend or something.

We hit it off though and I really like her bro”

“Damn bro. Already.

She must be really cute then. What’s her name?”

“Bro when you see her, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Her name is Ava. She mentioned something about her birthday coming up soon.

We gotta go.”

I told him.

He replied in typical fashion,

“Is her best friend going to be there, cos I’d just go for that”

We both laughed as I sat at my desk. And replied,

“Alright bro. I gotta work.”

He teased me and said,

“Your dad is like the boss there and you have to work. Pussy!”

I smiled as I placed the phone down. A text message came in.

It was from Ava. What did I say about work again?

.     .     .     .     .

“You hang up?”

I said

“No you hang up”

She replied with her cute laugh.

“Ava, you know you have work in the morning and so do I”

“Soooooooo… I don’t’ want to hang up yet.

I’ll just fall asleep with you on the phone”

This was typical for us in those first few weeks. Late conversations into the morning because we just couldn’t give our time to anyone else.

Talking about any and everything.

You could slowly feel someone growing on you. It was actually a thrilling ride.

I eventually got her to go to bed and then spent the next hour or so, combing through her Instagram page.

Don’t look at me weird.

We all do it.

Besides, she was just the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but be consumed by everything that was her.

Our first date was about a week and half after we had met.

We talked every single day and night, texting throughout the day.

Thoughts of her occupied every free moment I had. Nate had alluded to it before that I had a way with women in my life but I tell you, Ava had me.

It didn’t mean I was going to become a saint overnight but I was certainly captivated enough by her to begin to think about my “ways”.

That night, I sprayed my cologne behind my ears and on my wrists. I rubbed them together.

Walking into the bathroom, I poured a cap of mouthwash into my mouth and I straightened my outfit in the mirror.

I dusted my head and ran my hands along my face.

I spat out the gargled mouthwash into the sink and rinsed it out.

A few short minutes later, I was walking towards my car.

I was nervous.

But the good functional kind.

The kind that made you feel happy for the things you were doing even though they could contain uncertainty.

The plan was to pick her up and do something different, something most guys wouldn’t have done with her.

Most women appreciate spontaneity now. The age of the movie and dinner days have long passed and will not be returning. Blame Netflix.

I arrived at her door and pulled out my phone to call her. I looked to my right and there she was walking out of her apartment.

Beautiful as ever.

I was so happy

I bet she could tell from the beaming smile on my face.

I stepped out of the car and walked around to her side. I opened the door and gave her a hug as I said,

“Good evening, you look beautiful tonight”

She smiled and said,

“Thank you.

You don’t look so bad yourself”

I nodded with a smile as she sat in the car.

I closed the door and walked back around into the driver’s side.

“How was your day?”

I asked as I started the car.

“It was good.

Kinda chill. How was yours?”

“It was busy and kinda flat but I’m here now.”

I replied.

“Yes you are and I’m sure it’s already gotten a lot better”

she responded. I smiled as I made the turn around the corner.

We arrived at the laser tag place and we made our way in.

I got more kills than she did on the night but the laughs that came from her floored me all night. She was just so beautiful.

We left and walked to the restaurant where were to have dinner in the same complex.

It was my first time trying Greek food and I actually enjoyed it more than I had expected to.

The conversation was fluid and discussions engaging and enlightening as I saw a different side of her.

She was smarter than I actually imagined and not that I assumed she wasn’t but she was well traveled and very involved in the daily developments around the world.

After dinner we walked down the street; Broadway. Lit up all night, clubs and bars were filling up for the nighttime exploits.

We walked for a few minutes when she asked that we cross the street and get some frozen yogurt.

Jaywalking with her was fun.

She ran so fast. I thought I was going to be left behind.

That runner’s physique she still maintained from her college days.

We made our way into the frozen yogurt store and got some before heading back to the car.

I didn’t want to leave and I wanted to extend the night but I had to be a gentleman. I pulled up in front of her house and was about to get out of the car as she said,

“Don’t worry about it. It’s fine.”

I insisted and I got out. She had gotten out also and I walked her to her door.

She said,

“Thank you for a fun night. I had a great time.”

I smiled and she hugged me.

I waited till she was in before I turned around and headed to my car.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I pulled away in my car. A few minutes later Nate texted me to fill him in. I called him back and said,

“Bruhhhhh, it was like perfect.

Yooooooo! The girl is too smart! Like everything she said was so on point. I was floored”

I filled him on the big details and of course he took it back to sex.

“So did you get any?”

I laughed and I was like,

“No I didn’t and it didn’t even cross my mind. I was just glad to be enjoying the time with her.”

He sounded surprised and somewhat confused.

“Wait, so not even a kiss?”

I shook my head as I turned into my driveway and said,


Well she kissed me on the cheek but that was it.”

He couldn’t believe it as he said,

“Nah bro, what the hell did she feed you? “

I smiled and said,

“The feeling of something real”


I was so angry.

I had been waiting outside Nate’s house for 30 mins and running seriously late for Ava’s bbq.

Nate had asked me to pick him up because he didn’t want to drive alone and now here he was making me seriously late.

He eventually pulled up and ran out of his car. He was wearing sweats.

“Nate, are you serious right now?”

“I’m sorry bro!”

He yelled as he darted past me and into his house.

He returned about 15 minutes later and we were on our way.

I was still upset but it didn’t take a lot for him to help me shake it off.

It was about 7pm and the bbq had started at 5. I was upset because I wanted to make a good impression on Ava’s friends who were going to be at her bbq but there I was waltzing in over two hours late.

When we pulled up, we knocked on the door and one of her friends answered. The music was good. The place looked nice and the food smelled even better.

I introduced myself and some of her friends already knew who I was.

I just kept smiling and shaking hands. Nate placed the bottle of wine we brought on the kitchen counter and asked me where Ava was.

I shrugged and asked one of her friends.

She pointed to the room and said she would be out in a minute.

So we waited.

It must have been about 5 or 6 minutes without any sign of Ava and I was just playing on my phone.

Suddenly the music cut out and I could over hear Ava arguing with someone in the other room. I wanted to get up and intervene but I remembered that I was the new guy.

So glued to my seat I was.

The voices were raised and with the music off, we could hear everything and then the guy in the room said,

“….. I don’t fucking care who you’re with. All we need to do is work on ourselves and we should be fine!”

Ava replied,

“No! We are done! And you need to leave!”



Are you fucking kidding me? That’s not what you said last week when you were grinding on my dick?”

He replied as he stormed out into a silent room, grabbed his coat and bolted out of the condo.

The whole room looked stunned but not as shocked as Ava was as she walked out of the room.

She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at me.

All I could think was “last week”???

We had already started talking seriously weeks before last week. I couldn’t believe it but she looked so embarrassed.

If I could put the expression on her face in one word, it will probably be #WhatTheHeckMan.

I’ll see you on Saturday.


Since they are both technically still single, is it okay for Ava or Kimon to be with other people like in this case?

And if Kimon was your friend, what would you advise him to do?

I will be letting my mother into this side of my life a bit. Showing her some of my material (WITHOUT THE SEX SCENES OF COURSE). So she can know her son writes for real.

Should I do it or not? Actually the real question should be, do you think I’ll make it out alive???

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Lookout for SAVAGES 2 next week.

© 2015 #WhatTheHeckMan

21 thoughts on “Savages

  1. Lmao hmm I know this feeling. And I know the temptation to cling to the image of a perfect girl, but truth be told, people aren’t ever clean. Just gotta give her time to make her clean break.

    As for your mom, lol good luck bruh.

  2. well damn. everything was sugar and spice and nice until it wasn’t. kimon and i both weren’t ready. but you know what man shit sex happens sometimes so ole dude need to chill thinking that just caused the sexed again everything is gonna work. if kimon were my friend i would tell him to be careful and do his research before acting any further. the two of them should talk about it obviously. also unless they’ve agreed to be exclusive they can certainly see other people. yes, show your mom and please shield her from all that sensuality lol i think she’ll be down for the cause.

  3. Lool this plot twist came out of nowhere. Y did that music have to be turned off 😂. Ava is savage for inviting Mono and her ex to the same party. That just spells trouble.
    Hmm let your mum in. To ALL of it. Lol. Then write about it. That should be fun.

    1. Lmaooo sadly, there are women that continue to tread those dangerous waters like that. And you obviously don’t like me! You want my mother to kill me!

  4. They are both “single” so yea it is okay to see other people. It was not established that they were talking or anything. Also don’t let your mum in yet she will kill you lol jokes.

  5. Here I was thinking kimon will somehow be the problem and mess things up. He seems to really like her , so should talk to her and hear her out . As his friend I would advise him to just be careful as no one wants to be second best . Yes, they are technically single so free to do whatever they want , however he is entitled to his feelings . It seems like he was totally focusing on her to build something and she clearly wasn’t on the same wavelength . Sad , but seems to be the way of modern day “dating ” . Seems like kimon was with the old school / biblical method , where you focus on one individual and if it doesn’t work out you just move on . It’s just up to kimon if he wants to adjust to it or not . Yes , show your mum . Writing is a big part of you and she should see the happiness it brings you and that of your readers too . Let her see your talent , I’m sure she would be proud .

    1. No its not ok. But this things happen and its just one of those things. If Kimon was my friend I’d advise him to let that slide and stay with her.

      I think your mum would be proud.
      Goodluck with that 🙂

    2. Of course she is on the same wave lenght with him. She broke up with the other guy and told him she was with someone else already. Don’t forget there’s nothing concrete between them yet. But she’s taken a bold step of letting the other go. Some people will old on to the old until there’s some commitment from the new.

    3. I read this again and realised i didn’t even answer. No it’s not okay, i know modern dating world disagrees but meh .. I don’t believe in it

  6. At first glance I really thought this stories setting was going to be in the jungles of some African country! Lol, I’m glad that thought left my head quickly! First and foremost, I think Nate is a horny dude who needs to find a woman that will be like the sex energizer bunny. She will keep going and going till her batteries die! Next, I looooove Mono’s character so far. I see him trying to mend his “ways” whatever those ways are. As for Ava, I pray she doesn’t do anything stupid to mess up this whole situation. Sighhh… I guess I will get some of my answers on Saturday. Great work Hun!!

  7. Are you kidding me??? Last week?? Wow! Both single yea? This is getting interesting…. You such an amazing writer. God bless your talent! Pls bring mom in, not a bad idea.

  8. You killed it man… savage indeed! So Ava is in a situation right now, relationship taking left curve then this new guy starts ‘talking to’ her, a date or two, she seems happy but main bae still on her neck. She a savage but she gotta flourish still. And oh Kimon, beautiful Korean-African man. No, he they shouldn’t see anyone else. Ava should sort herself out and Kimon should be a little patient. I mean, everyone has some sort of baggage. And letting your mom in would be totally great.. I think you’ll be alright.

  9. Well, well, well I wasn’t expecting all that!!! I know they are technically ‘single’ but that was messy af… Kimon really likes Ava so I’d advise him to take it easy and really study the situation before making a decision.
    Can’t wait till the next part, excellent work as usual Sanmi 🙂

    Loool show mum your work , she will be proud!!

  10. If I was Kimon I’d be a little patient and reason all sides of the situation and make my decesion carefully. Not forgetting Ava seems like a good woman too. Am just trying to be a good man, I ve been a very bad boy. So if I put myself in Ava’s shoes I’d definitely want her to hear me out before judging me. So I’ll do same. Hear her out.

  11. Lol plot twist. I don’t see why they can’t see other people since they haven’t defined the relationship. Technically they are just friends at the moment. I will advise Kimon to actually take a step further and have a conversation with Ava, talking about what he wants to get out of their current relationship and ignore the last week ish.
    Yes let your mum in. Give her another reason to be proud of you 👌🏾

  12. Wiff Wiff!!!!
    let’s see where this story gets to as I read on.
    How did it go with getting mom into this eventually Sanmi?

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