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Behind The Writer

Behind The Writer


     This is where I show myself to you and in return I find more of me.


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Drake Tears by DeeFaisal


24 Truths Behind the Writer

  1. I am super sensitive. Don’t judge me jare.

And I overthink everything. This right here is the source of my many heartaches.

  1. I love plantain than some people. Lol

This sounds really bad butttttttt IDFWU! So I love my dodo( plantain) more!

Like I really wont share with you. Addiction you say?


But go and fry your own!

  1. I studied Psychology in Undergrad and I’m currently paying out of my left pinky toe for my MBA.
  2. I am the first of 4 children.

I adore them all and I will do anything to see them great.

  1. My best friend is the only person that has seen the depths of my fears and never judged me.

My mother is also everything to me. Love her to bits.

  1. I am SCARED OF CATS. I HATE THEM. Their eyes just always look like witchcraft!
  2. I hate scary movies.

Well because they scare me but also if they are not Nigerian scary movies, I don’t believe they are real. Soooo pass please

  1. I graduated high school at 15. It’s not the age I finished that matters, its just to let you know that, it was the year struggle departed from my life under the anointing. Lol. Early that year, I had finished last in my class during the first term. Only because came late from America and joined them on the last day of October.
  2. I wear socks ALL THE TIME.
    The easiest way for me to get sick is by catching a cold from either exposing my head or my feet. So I wear a pair of socks always and my beanie is never too far away from me.
  3. I HATE soggy rice or leftovers. I cook what I need and I hate when stuff goes into the fridge.
  4. I absolutely enjoy pleasuring my partner. I will eat it all.
    Wet and soaked, moisturize my beard. Please and thank you.
  5. I sleep closest to the door whenever I share a bed with anyone I’m with. Some protective instinct jargon lol.

Na lie! I just love being close to the door, incase a bush baby comes. I will be first one out of the door!

  1. I love writing. I write all the time.

And I love creating new material for you all.

  1. My favorite color is burgundy. But my favorite color to wear is black.
  2. I hate borrowing people money. I would rather give it to you than borrow you the money. Because I hate having to ask for it back. Even though its mine.
  3. I have had sex in a plane before. Lol.
    Don’t try this at home. Well, you would need a plane to make that happen. Lol
  4. I love strawberry flavored products but fresh strawberries themselves?

Not the biggest fan of. Well unless I’m feeding it to… lol nah never mind. J

  1. I am hopeless romantic. I go the extra mile to make my woman feel special.
    I can sometimes over do it. #StopTheBashingOfNigerianMen as not being romantic!
  2. I am the 36th grandchild on my mother’s side and they used to tease me for being a king bedwetter. One time, I wet the bed and it literally made the map of Africa! As my cousins, they can verify.
  3. I am a MANCHESTER UNITED fan.
    Next level stuff. I take their statuses personal. When they win, I’m winning. When they lose, well, don’t talk to me.
  4. I love wearing suits. It’s just a problem lol.
    Blame my father. The man has impeccable taste.
  5. I went to Mayflower School in Nigeria and then Redeemer’s High School.
    My juniors punished me on my first day of school. I still want to kill those boys!
  6. I am extremely impatient.

But I am trying in 2015 to be slower to anger and a better listener.
Try not to dismiss people that I care about.


  1. My birthday is on the 31st. I will be accepting boxes of plantain, shoes from Aldo, suits from anywhere with nice fitted suits. And I don’t mind being flown out to cities with warm weather. 




Top Songs

  1. Deeper by Marvin Sapp

This song speaks life to me and to my situation. Only one that is in a fixed spot

  1. Gbono Feli Feli (Dbanj Sample) by M.I Abaga

When Ifeanyi and I start with this song! Too hype!

  1. The Box by Tay Aiwar

Just takes you to a place.

  1. Sing by Ed Sheeran

You just can’t sing this song without being happy! Broda mi Ed, is such a happy fellow!

  1. Beautiful by Mali Music

A daily reminder to keep you head up and remember you are Beautiful in your own way.

  1. Do I Move You? by Nina Simone.

Nothing left to say.

  1. Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

I think you get the sense of how I feel about her now.

  1. Blackbird Cover (Live in the Studio) by Jordan Rakei

The man sounds nothing like he looks but his voice is magical.

  1. I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

Such a subtly emotional song.

  1. Surulere Remix by Dr Sid ft. Don Jazzy, Wizkid and Phyno

This is the song with my niggaz!

  1. Selfish by Jordan Rakei

When she broke my heart

  1. Ba’ye Molla by Femi Naija

Such a feel good song. You can’t listen without smiling!




Favorite Artist


M.I Abaga. The man doesn’t know it but his “Talk About It” album spoke to me. I admire him a great deal.

But I have close followers in Ed Sheeran (he is my brother btw, I don’t care what you think), Jordan Rakei, Nina Simone, Marvin Sapp and a very close last is a young kid on the block but with writing skills beyond his years; his name is Tay Aiwar.


Do you have fears?

 Yes. Being seen as worthless or not good enough. Or the people I love giving up on me.

 Are your stories about you?

 Nope! I write very little about myself. I might write about certain emotions in my life, fusing them in the story but almost all my stories are fictional.

I would go as far as saying that the breakdown of the stories is
25% real life elements and 75% created and fictional elements. Besides it is hard to write about myself, some people on here know my mother before they go and report me and I get grounded or have my computer taken away.


Have you ever been or are you in love?

Sigh. Yes and yes I am.

Why “#WhatTheHeckMan”?

Simple and short, my mother would never stand for me saying “WhatTheFuck”, What The Heck Man, is the musings of a young man navigating life and along the way, I get to points where I want to scream “What The Heck Man”.

I also love making you all say it at the end of a story when there is a cliffhanger.

 The pictures u use in writing most of your series, do u just take them for that purpose, or you happen to take off guard sort of pictures and it ends up coming in handy for you when you start to put your words together?

 I started taking my own pictures for my stories because my audience grew. I formerly used to just get pictures off Google but I began to worry about copyright issues. So I take my own pictures now. I take pictures all the time, most times for stories but sometimes, random pictures come in handy for stories; especially when I am too lazy or busy to go out and take new ones.

I also really love photography. The same way I want my stories to elicit emotions, I love watching pictures send a message and stir up whatever emotion. I hope this question leads to me getting a camera for my birthday. I want to take this photography thing to the next level.

 What would you consider to be the biggest strengths of your personality?

 Being able to connect with people over different things.

Last time you had sex?

It’s been a while. Help me fix it? Please.

 Do you have a special woman in your life?

 Yes na! She is kind, warming, loving, PRAYERFUL, HARDWORKING and she never burns my plantain. She’s my beautiful mother.

 How do u get to convince whoever is ur photographer to take a pics of you in the slumpy areas?

I take 95% of my pictures by myself. Hard to believe, but true. Shout out to my trusty shoebox and soon my tripod. J

How do you joggle with work, writing and your M.Sc Program?

 When you love something as much as I love writing and creating stories, it is easier to make time. But let me be very honest, I work 40+ hours a week, I write for another 10ish documenting my work and then school work is another full time job on it own. Lol

But I love bringing stories to you guys. I LOVE THE INTERACTION WITH YOU ALL. That’s why when people don’t comment, it truly gets to me It does.

I watch the views go up but the comments struggle to match up.
I READ EVERY COMMENT. I TAKE ALL YOUR FEEDBACK INTO ACCOUNT. It is one of the easiest ways for me to get better.

Some of you want a book from me but I need the complete confidence in my art and that comes from hearing it from you guys. You all the sample demographic, I am to write to. So if you all approve, I feel better about trusting my art with the whole world.
You are the fuel to have me share my work. You, yes YOU!

Are you as sexual as your stories are?

Even more but don’t loud it.

 When did you discover your talent as far as writing and creating stories?

 I would say I discovered it when I was 13. More or less, stumbled on it through heartbreak. But as far as creating stories, that came from constantly creating drama scripts for my youth groups. They came natural to me. Tell me the story line you wanted and I would come up with it in minutes.

They would always not choose my story first but eventually, it was mine they would still perform.
I could not contain the ideas I had again, so I started writing.

How do you feel about a woman making the first move?

Done right? Sexy AF!

 When did it dawn on you that it isn’t something everyone possesses and what got you to just put pen to paper, or fingers to your keyboard whatever the case is and just write?

 It still hasn’t dawned on me to be honest. I started writing out of frustration but I put my pen to paper because I realized that my words meant something to people; my family, girlfriends or just friends.

I saw my mother cry from a poem I wrote in 4 minutes and my girlfriend get soaking wet and horny from a short story I wrote while I was in the bathroom. I put my mind to writing when I noticed my own words could elicit emotions.

 What are you getting your Masters in and what is your first degree about?

 I am getting my MBA in International Marketing. My undergraduate degree was in Psychology.

 When will you marry……..me?

 God’s appointed time. Lol. When he finally perfects your plantain frying abilities.

What inspires you?

 I know it sounds cliché but EVERYTHING inspires me. I create stories from everything. Empty from a friend losing his aunt or the piece Homeless from my interaction with a homeless man. It can range from anything to anything lol.

I saw a pilot buying coffee at the airport today and I got a story line from that. Look out for that piece.

Pet peeve when it comes to your blog or readers?

 PEOPLE THAT DO NOT COMMENT!!!! Especially Nnenna!

Like I can see you read it! Leave me flipping comment! Lol
Also people not sharing the pieces, tell people about them. Share the art.
People that favorite the tweets about the story on Twitter and don’t RETWEET the links.

No be everybody dey look your favorites!!!!

Can we have sex?

Maybe. But probably NOT.

Has your family ever read your blog?

Are you the devil?? No!!!!!! lol


3 things that inspire you the most

  1. Life
  2. Emotions I see
  3. My experiences

Your biggest role model

This is a cross between Pastor Adeboye and my father. I aspire to be humble like Pastor Adeboye and I look up to my father. Everyone that meets him loves him and he cares deeply about everyone. He went from being a millionaire to losing everything. Yet, he never changed or compromised his character or integrity for anything. I admire that.

Favourite author / book

 The Adventures of The Old Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton

One of the first books etched in my memory. I read it as a kid.

I am sentimental. I know.

If you could meet anyone tomorrow, who would it be? Why? What would you do/say?

 Every single one of you guys. I would host a party to finally meet all the people that carried me through 2014 without even really knowing it.

And all I would say is “Thank You” and then get mad at all of you that don’t consistently comment! Lol. Especially Nnenna!!!!

Are you a boob or butt guy?

I like butts. One in particular. Even when she’s mad at you, they’ll still talk back to you.

If you had one day to do and say whatever you wanted with no repercussions, what would you do?

 I would ask for more days. Omo I can talk o! I would need more days but I would probably tell the truth about certain pains I have kept hidden all my life.

And call out some fake people.

 How do you suggest I help given the circumstances. In hindsight on your own situation, what would you have loved for those in your life to do to help out more?

 Never stop letting him know you love him. In whatever way possible. Small or big.


Try to understand why he feels so hopeless and give him hope.

I would have hoped people in my life, were somewhat more patient and they prayed more for me. God and only God gives peace.

He will calm the storm.

I know your passion for writing came from heart break, but what else motivates you to write?

 My urge to build stories and push creative boundaries. Everything aids this.

 Ever been heartbroken?

 Self induced and afflicted.

 What’s your favorite dish? (Doesn’t have to be Nigerian)

 White rice and efo (stocked with smoked turkey, chicken bites, shrimp and gizzard, PLANTAIN, chicken and a can of Arizona iced tea (Kiwi Strawberry flavored).

I plan on eating cleaner in 2015 but my rice is not up for debate. Thank you and God bless you for coming!

What would you say is your sexiest asset?

My way with words.

 Where are some places you hope to travel to in 2015?

 Mexico, London, Dominican Republic and Nigeria. Might throw in another African country in there but we’ll see.

Woman Crush?

Sofia Vergara and Yemi Alade.

When did you move out of your parent’s home?


 When did you last feel proud of yourself?

 Returning from volunteering in Mexico.

Last impulsive thing you have done?

Flew in the love of my life. In under 24 hours.

Will you marry me? Lmbooo 😋😏

 Yes! Wedding will feature Arbor Mist and Mongolian BBQ. Let’s do it now!

What can we expect from #WhatTheHeckMan in 2015?

Newness. A new approach.

2014 was a trying year for me personally. I have stories to tell you all!
But on the blog, more definition in pieces and obviously same consistent amazing content! J


There will be #WordsOfWednesday, where we navigate this life together. My poems to share my thoughts and views with you.
Titles of upcoming stories and previews for next parts maybe dropped on here.

The first Wednesday in the month will feature a video where I recap the story for the month before.

The #WhatTheHeckMan playlist will updated and constantly revamped. Share my musical taste with me.

There will be #WTHMAfterdark; randomly dropped but with that hastag. Well, I wanted to call them #WetWednesdays but we will say. Anyway, they will be short pieces to open the floodgates.

Our main showpiece #SanmiSaturdays will be everly present. More exciting stories to stimulate all sorts of feelings and new lessons for everyone to learn.

I want to grow my skills and I want to grow with you all. I want to make you laugh, cry, think, pray, forgive, work better, fight harder. I want my words to serve as a medium between fictional reality and tangible emotions. I always want you to “feel” something.

My wish in 2015, I REALLY WANT A WEB SERIES FOR #WhatTheHeckMan people. Pray for it and if you know anyone in the area that is interested.


Thank you all for being part of the “Behind The Writer” process with me. It opened my eyes to a lot!

Thank you sooo much for all your love, support and feedback. Please comment and let’s chat, I would love to hear what you think about me


10 thoughts on “Behind The Writer

  1. We think you are Amazing and Beautiful … However when you drop those damn cliff hangers you become the most annoying person in the world ,😡😡😡 jokes. Thanks for allowing us to know more about you . WTHM fans love and appreciate you .

    P.s snap on MI , plantain , scary movies , cats, hopeless romantic and sleeping closest to the door

  2. Web series sounds like an amazing idea. Should be interesting. #wetwednesdays to open the floodgates ghen.
    The bush baby will get you first since you’re the closest to the door 😝. Plantain 👏 your music 👏 Excited for what you got planned for this year and cannot wait 👌 you’re amazing 😉

  3. Hmm I can relate with # one when you are super sensitive you tend to over think things a lot,not healthy at all, and tends to be a disturbing factor especially when it comes to relationships. Also I relate with number 5 and 6, I dislike cats too!! They are too clingy,always everywhere, and shed too much hair.
    Number 18 I used to be but gradually not caring about that and lastly I am very patient,you should take lessons :D. Anyway that’s by the way, it’s nice to know we can relate with you in so many ways. Happy Birthday in advance, can’t wait for your Web series and #WTHMAfterdark. Keep being an inspiration and showing the world your beautiful gift of writing!

  4. How nice it is to know more about you!! I thought i was being paranoid but tbh, I hate cats so much that I even run from them. Maybe is just this country but the way these cats stay still without moving an inch while u walk closer to them scares me mahn.

    Looking forward to see the 2015 changes of the adewus4real.com/wordpress
    Dunno if people have mentioned how horny🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈some of your stories get them…….Oh well😝😆
    Happy Birthday and many more years to you Sanmi🎂🍰🎉🎊🍸Wish you all that best and much more👌👍 How old is Sanmi today tho😉?

  5. You’re my fave. Lol absolute fave.
    I just read this(sometimes I slack,don’t judge me, #TeamWTHM still) and it brought warmth to my heart. Keep being awesome, we love you.
    Plantains are bae, honestly anyone who doesn’t feel the same way must be dead inside(I presume you had your fill of platanos when you were in Mexico. Lol)
    Cats, lol. Just lol. I’m so with you.
    You’re a great person, let that greatness show, keep smiling.
    Happy birthday Sanmi, have a great day.
    Moving onto your next story now, there’s catching up to be done.

  6. Read this several times…. You’re kinda amazing. Okay maybe really amazing. You should do this again! I kinda have questions….but I probably I won’t ask. 🙈

    But number 23 >> . Patience is a virtue. 😊

  7. Your stories/poems got me out of rifts last year….its been an exciting journey so far and I hope you see you and your art grow to enviable heights…..

  8. Behind the writer….My second time of reading it. I felt like it was too early to be reading about the writer because I just began to read stories on the blog. And a couple of things hit me…..You remind me of my brother. He is supersensitive but translates them into short poems especially when hurt. Was interesting seeing you cry. You must be alot stronger than you think or appear. It requires a great deal of self confidence to let people in on them tears be it for a good or bad reason. Ever tried Dodo Ikire, I see that as burnt plantain that is all forms of amazing. Cant wait for 2016 because that is my own new year here. Hehehehehe. Enjoy being you.

  9. For some reason I feel like I’ve known you for so long. That video really explains what I’m currently going through but the good thing about it is that it all fades away, it becomes memories😊

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