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Selfish 2

Selfish 2


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Our Attempt by Mar

“Fola, I don’t even know anymore. I keep feeling like I made a huge mistake”

 I fixed the headphone in my right ear with my shoulder, as my hands were wet. I was washing the dishes. It had always been a stress reliever for me. Fola was always my go to person when I needed a wise person to help me figure things out. She always had my back. Even when we didn’t talk for a while, she would still be there to pick it all up like we never stopped talking. She was like my unofficial partner.

Almost always knew the right thing to say and I was beyond grateful for her. She replied

“Maybe it’s marriage jitters. Just talk to her whenever she gets back.

She might be feeling the pressure or something. OR going thru it. Just talk to her Bada” 

I nodded like she could see me. I always seemed to do that when I was on the phone. My food was all done on the stove while I dried my hands on my clothes. I told her I would call her back.


She immediately said,

“Your food is ready huh?”

I smiled and said,


She teased me and then ended the call. I was weird like that. I absolutely hated people listening to me over the phone while I ate or watching me. It made me extremely uncomfortable.

I served up my food into the plate. It was a full plate of spaghetti and I was going to devour it to my satisfaction.

I reached for the bottle of wine and picked it off the shelf. Red

I placed it on the counter next to my plate when I heard someone attempting to open up the apartment. I stood there until the door opened slowly and a startled and somewhat remorseful looking Ada was standing there. She was looking at me with her bags in her hand. Less than I expected considering I had cancelled my credit card the day she had told me she was in Miami. That was about a week ago. (Cue to do the shmoney dance)


She could tell what was in my mind. I loved this woman. I had fallen so far for her.

I never knew that I would even care about her this much. I was worried when I didn’t know where she was. My anger about her using my card and taking off without telling me had somewhat subsided since the day after she left.

She stood there and gently placed her bags on the floor and walked over to me. I said nothing.

She walked towards me and placed her right hand behind my head and stroked it. Leaning in towards me she placed her head on my chest. Leaning in for a hug, I could smell the flowers in her perfume as they serenaded my senses. I didn’t know when I placed my hand around her. I still thought things would go back to normal and maybe she was just acting out like some people do after marriage but oh how I was wrong.

She pulled back from me and maintained eye contact as she got on her knees and slowly pulled down my shorts. I was trying to stop her, telling her that it was okay and I was fine but she wasn’t having it.

She pulled out my rising shaft and began to stroke it with her left hand. Still maintaining eye contact she placed it on the tip of her tongue. She licked its head a few times and then began to take the whole thing into her mouth. She began sucking on it slowly, in circular motions with her tongue; she covered it from head to bottom. Then she picked up the pace as she began sucking and stroking. I could barely contain myself. I placed my left hand on the back of her head as I guided as it went up and down my hardened member.

I could feel my body beginning to ignore the directions of restraint I was giving it as moans began to slip out of my mouth. Ada might have been a host of things but knowing how to satisfy me sexually was definitely not one of her problems. She had that “I will put it on your dedication” once she began with you. Most times I wouldn’t even fight her when she got into one of her moods to dominate. I heard something about some women from the Eastern parts of Nigeria being well skilled in putting it down on their men. If it was true, Ada was definitely doing her people proud.

She was slurping up and down as her spit and saliva covered my shaft from top to bottom. I had my eyes closed as I felt every bit of suction from the tip of my dick to the hairs at the back of my neck. I couldn’t contain myself and I began to try to push her hands away, Ada hated that!

She slapped my hand away and I opened my eyes in surprise to look down at her. I didn’t try to put away as she still had my member lodged in her mouth. The moment she pulled it out for a second, I got up and grabbed her. I turned her over and pulled her pants down and used my right hand to spread her legs apart.

I applied the right amount of force as I plunged my tongue into her wetness. It was hot. Not warm or lukewarm. It was hot!

My beard was immediately soaked. And how I knew she loved that. She immediately began moaning and trying to get me to take it easier on her. I wasn’t listening.

Her legs were apart while she stood on her toes and moaned into my empty apartment. My tongue searched her insides like I was owed the truth that had been withheld from me. It weaved and parted through her gushing wetness like my tongue was about to drown. Her endowed ass trapped my nostrils and made it difficult for me to breathe and I had to take short breaks in between to catch some air through my mouth. I was so upset and I was going to get all I needed. Every fucking drop.

I stood up and stroked my shaft a couple of times before sliding into her. She gasped and moaned loudly looking for the closest thing around her that she could grab onto. There was a huge tub of coffee mate next to the coffee maker to her right. I was not gentle. I was not too rough either.

My aim was to carry to a point where she teetered perfectly between pain and pleasure. My thrusts were hard and deep. I pressed down on her back to keep her butt arched up. I could feel her ass ripple back and hit me as I smacked in after each thrust. We were both moaning. Sweat dripping from my already soaked face as it dropped onto her back. She was moaning loudly.

I could feel the release of tension in me as I continued to pound. There was a certain level of aggression from me but I was not letting up. I couldn’t wait for her to feel all of me; deep inside her. Every inch driving through her full wet lips as my dick throbbed inside her. Pleasure was coursing through her back to her neck and into her hair that I was pulling with my left hand. I placed my right hand on her clit and began to rub it while maintaining my stroke. She began to moan louder and her legs began to shake but I wasn’t having it. Her hands were flailing and she didn’t know when she knocked down my entire plate of spaghetti as the wine bottle followed shortly after.

That was the moment I knew I was angry. It was one thing to take my money without my permission but knocking over my food was definitely a no-no. I pulled out of her and turned her around. I lifted her up and dropped her bare ass on my cold marble counter top. I spread her legs as she looked confused. She almost went mad. Yes. Ladies you know that feeling when your clit is already sensitive but he just continues to nibble away. That was exactly what I did. I shoved my tongue in and out of her pink wetness that couldn’t contain her pleasure. I could feel her juices flowing out of her kinda like they are for you right now. Squeeze your legs tighter. Just like she did. It got a little hotter.


I slid back into her and continued to thrust as I went in and out of her. She was so wet and I was starting to forgive her for everything. The power of the pink. I was still going in and out of her when I pulled out and began to shoot my seed onto the floor. She looked at me shocked. She was still sitting on the counter staring at me as I drained every drop inside me stroking my shaft. And then once I was done, I bent down and picked up my shorts and put them back on. I was for sure not shooting a full load into a woman who had been acting the way she was. Bringing a child into that situation would have been worst thing in the world.

I picked up my keys and began heading out of the apartment when she said,

 “Where are you going?”

 I didn’t turn around. I continued walking as I said,

 “To get something else to eat”

 When I returned about 30 minutes later, she was fast asleep and looking peaceful. I stood there and thought to myself. She was beautiful. The light reflected perfectly on her skin. I said to myself in my head,

 “How could someone so beautiful, be so mean and self-centered?” 

.       .       .       .       .         .


Ada was in love with another man when I was first introduced to her. I found this out much later from cousin who knew her back in Nigeria. Apparently the guy lived somewhere in America and was her high school sweetheart. For whatever reason, he wasn’t able to bring her to the US by himself so they found another way; me.

Now I’m stuck in a fake marriage that could send me to jail if I cried wolf or to a grave if I stayed longer. She wasn’t always this mean or selfish. I didn’t know her very well until all of this was put into place but from the little I had gathered about her, she was a reasonable woman who was liked and appreciated by quite a few people.

I remember when my cousins from Nigeria came to the US when I was about 13. All their parents talked about a few years later was how America had changed them into “American” children who spoke up, defended themselves and talked back to their parents. They called it growing wings. Ada came here and became an eagle.

Reporting to nobody and feeling above the rules. It was difficult to picture her being tamed but then again, one could never tell. Life has always had its unique ways.

The weekend flew by as I attended a work function with some friends and spent majority of my Sunday afternoon watching soccer in the morning and with football to close the day.

Monday came around and I woke up early. It was around 6am. We had to be at the immigration office for an interview of some sort at 7:30am. We moved along in the room barely saying much to each other and then, we ended up in the car. About 20minutes later, we arrived at the office downtown. The interview was not as challenging as I thought it would be. I was slightly concerned about how she would perform with all the questions they asked but in her calculated fashion, she sailed through them like a pro. I was actually quite impressed.

The day seemed to be going well and I offered that we grab lunch on our way home. She agreed. We had some Italian and shared some laughs. I truly was beginning to think we had turned the corner. Cue false hope again.

We had just walked into the house when everything turned upside down. Till today, I can’t understand how it all turned so quickly.

Ada had just taken off her earrings and she was taking off her bra when she said to me, 

“Bada, I want to go to New York next week”

 Bada was what she called me all the time. It was never “babe” “love” “honey”. Absolutely no terms of endearment, it was just always my name.

Her request finally travelled through my ear drums and made it to my brain. I scuffed and said, 

“That’s not happening”

She was silent in the room for a second and then she appeared in a t-shirt. She walked towards me in the living room and with a confrontational voice, she said,

“Why not? I’m going”

I laughed and replied, 

“No you’re not and even if you are, it’s not on my account” 

it seemed very clear that my response upset her. The look on her face changed and she began to raise her voice,

“what do you mean Bada?

Bada! Don’t fucking start with me. Give me the money so I can go on my trip”

I didn’t even bother responding to her and then her voice began to climb. I maintained my stance and continued watching the television. She turned the tv off and I turned it back on. We did that like 4 times before I finally raised my voice, 

“Ada! Leave me alone. Go and find your New York money!

Tell the people you are meeting out there to fly you out. That’s what people of nowadays are doing anyway”

She walked to the back of the television and pulled out the cord that connected all the electronics together from the power outlet. I was enraged.

 “Ada! Why did you do that?”

 I stood up and postured. She began moving in shielding position to block me from being able to get to the television. I was beginning to get really angry and all I wanted to do was just leave but she wouldn’t let me.

 “Ada, move or I’ll carry you out of the way”

 Her response floored me,

 “You’ll lay hands on me?! Because of television! You’ll beat your wife because of that. You are a coward! You are not a man! You deserve to be treated like a b**ch! 

Weak ass b**ch!”

 I had taken enough. I just needed to leave. With my left hand, I eased her out of my way, ensuring that I was not being too forceful. That was when this roller coaster really took off. The moment she saw that I was away, she dashed for the house phone picked it up and ran into the bathroom. She locked herself in the bathroom and yelled out,

 “I’m going to call the police and tell them you abused me and threatened to kill me”

 I said naively said,

 “Do it. They wont believe you because I didn’t touch you”

 Suddenly I heard a ripping sound. It would turn out later that she had torn her shirt to make it seem like she was assaulted.

I was banging on the door and telling her to open it up,

“Ada! Open this door. What are you doing?”

 She was already on the line with the dispatcher. Roughly about 5 minutes later, there were two officers at my door. I straightened myself up and opened the door. The officer asked that I go and talk to his colleague outside while he went in to speak with Ada.

Standing outside my apartment, I explained everything to the officer from the television time to her barricading herself into the bathroom.

The officer seemed to believe all that I said but he asked me to find respite for the night somewhere else because of the allegations she made about me hitting her. She had apparently scratched herself when she was locked in the bathroom. I could not believe it. About 30 minutes later, I was checking into a hotel a few miles away from my house. I couldn’t believe what happened. I spent the whole night awake and trying to process it all.

It was about 2 am and I still couldn’t sleep. I got off my bed and picked up my phone. I had Rebtel on my phone and I dialed her father’s phone. He put the phone on speaker as I recanted the whole incident to them. Her father was a no nonsense man. He was disappointed in her. He was even upset with me for letting her come back into the home after she returned from Miami without reporting her to him. He asked me to stay patient and pray. He promised to call her once he got off the phone with me.


.        .        .         .           .          .


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.       .       .         .         .

Kneva Know by Iman Europe

 Three days had passed by and I still hadn’t heard from Ada’s father or the police. I needed some items from the house and so I called them. I was told that Ada had taken a restraining order against me and that I was not allowed within 50ft of her unless it was supervised by a law enforcement officer.

My first step was to call my lawyer and explained the situation to him. He asked me to hang tight while he worked and then he had an officer sent over to meet me at my home. I checked out of the hotel and headed to the house. When I pulled up, I saw Ada’s car in the driveway. I was actually hoping she wasn’t home. The officer was already there, I said hello to him as I tried to let myself in. The locks had been changed.

I took a couple of deep breaths as tears filled my eyes and I knocked. I was covered in regret, sadness and a massive level of hurt. I couldn’t believe the series of events in the last few months. I was trying to make sense of how I had gotten myself into this situation. Like a lot of other people before, I had walked myself into a hole with the situation. A woman that clearly didn’t hive my best intentions at heart was out to frustrate me and there was barely anything I knew to do about it. I came into this with the best intentions and here I was regretting it all.

I stepped back and the officer stood in front of me as he spoke to Ada after she opened the door. She left the door open and walked away.

I walked in and looked around, I picked up some of the mail from the coffee table.

I glanced over and watched a police officer in my apartment as he watched my every move. I could not even begin to comprehend how I had gotten to the point where I was not allowed to be inside my own place.

Ada sat down in the living room with her legs crossed on the couch.  She was flipping through a magazine and I could see her watching me as I walked around the house. The police officer stayed in the dining area as I walked into my room to get some clothes and pick up my laptop. I was walking into the room when I heard her say to the officer,

“You’re not going to follow him into the room?

What if he takes my stuff?”

Her stuff? Her room? Her motherfucking life?!

Would she even be in the position she was in without me and my stupidity and weakness for family and loyalty?

Now I’m not God to say I knew the future but I was sure that if not for the efforts of me and my family to help her arrive in the United States, it might not have happened or happened as quickly as it did.

The police officer replied and said,

“Ma’am, I don’t know what happened between the two of you but this is still his house. He’s leaving because you have made the environment hostile for him. Show some respect at least”

I was taken aback by the police officers response. I walked over to my side of the bed and picked up some of my items and then to the closet where I lifted some of my suits and headed out of the room.

I could see Ada still sitting on the couch and she just stared at me as I walked out with the police behind me. I stopped in front of the door and looked back at her. Without saying anything, I stared at her in the blue-stripped maxi dress that I bought her with the ring I put on her finger. I watched as the braids on her head flowed as she moved around. I paid for that too.

I stood there and for once, the money didn’t come across my mind. I made enough to support both of us but I was disappointed, with everything she did, she took just a little bit more from me.

My heart sunk and my respect for her plunged further into a black hole of hurt. I was waiting for hate to consume me but I was momentarily filled with disgust. I shook my head and walked outside the door. I thanked the officer and got into my car. I sat there for a few minutes trying to gather my thoughts. I had basically been escorted out of my own place. I placed my hand on the ignition button and pushed it almost lifelessly.

I felt weak and struggled to maintain concentration as I drove. I finally arrived at my friend’s house. I pulled my laptop bag and headed for the door. I climbed up the stairs and reached the door. I pressed the buzzer.


No response.

I pressed it again. Still no response

I turned around and began heading down the stairs when I heard the door open.

I stopped and turned to face the door.

Fola was standing in the doorway, she said nothing but opened her arms and stretched them towards me. I walked into her embrace.
No words said but I knew she felt my pain and being there felt safe.


RIP to my uncle Diji that passed away this week. It’s been a troubling week for me but I hope you all enjoyed this piece and have amazing rest of the week.

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