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Where You Are by Hulguz Kudlar


The clock ticked away.

The sun made the effort to stay around as we all slowly ignored the presence of nightfall as the day pulled to a tired close.

The wide-open window pulled in the after rays of the sun as my room faced the departing light. It was reminiscent of my life at the moment. I was lying on my back while staring at the ceiling. The passing sounds of kids making their way home before nightfall, battled for short attention in my ears while competing with the sound of the creaky ceiling fan that rolled in circular motions. It was blowing hot air and didn’t seem properly hinged into the ceiling. It looked like it could fall apart at any moment. Dangerously being effective. Now that… That was my life at that moment. Period.

I turned over and looked at the man lying next to me. I couldn’t remember his name, Damur, Dapur or something like that. He was snoring face down on the bed, passed out after a vigorous workout; at least for him.  I looked off into the corner of the room, to the side table and noticed my three cell phones charging at the same time. One had a full red light that signified a full charge and the other two slowly playing catch up. The batteries in all the phones were fucked. I was just too lazy to get one new phone, so I rotated the batteries between each one like a fraudulent dealer using a burner phone.

Sweat was dripping down my chest and through my breasts as my breathing slowed down. My mind was alert and I could feel my heart beat from between my legs.

It was nothing of his doing but all mine. The initial round of sex with him was average at best. I hadn’t gotten better many times before. I couldn’t understand why he was so average.

Maybe it was the food we had at lunch but I have to say that I expected more from him whether he lived up to that or not. My flat mate rumored it at the time that men out there had healthy packages. The first one I had come in contact with there was up to the billing but this one, well this one was better at snoring than at fucking me.

It had been a little over 2 weeks since I arrived in Sydney. The company I worked for had paid for my graduate school program and I had been with them for over two years. They chose me along with some other young employees to go and study our global markets. We got Australia.

I absolutely loved everything about Sydney, the people, the weather, the sights, the men. Everything!

There was something about the way the men spoke to their women, their accents modelling that of the British but the level of respect they seemed to have for their women was a breath of fresh air. So much better than what I was used to in certain places down in Detroit.

It was now 8:02pm.

Still sunny but a cool breeze was starting to drift into the room to support the ever failing ceiling fan that still worked tirelessly but dangerously to keep me cool.

I wondered why I was even in this bed and not mine all the way in Sydney and in a fully furnished apartment. I was just tired and sweaty. I had just met this man yesterday and we had driven down to Wollongong from Sydney, about 42 miles. He was a cool guy and he seemed well put together. He made me laugh and that was a huge selling point for any guy but then again, I just met him yesterday. We had spent the day together at his place here, which was barely hanging together.

It was not my nature to mess with guys I just met the night before but I don’t know why I had been living much closer to the edge lately.

This trip down under was so helpful in helping me refocus because I was so close to the brink during my last incident while I was visiting Washington, DC a few weeks prior to leaving the states. Let’s just say that night involved heavy drinking, unsafe sex, drugs and luckily only a parking ticket. It could have been much worse that night.

I was still in my head when Damur, I confirmed his name, touched me on my right breast. I was still sweating and had barely moved while he had taken an apparent nap.

“Hey, how did you sleep?”

I asked trying to be polite.

“It was a good power nap”

He responded with a smile on his face.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

I asked now with a smile covering my face,

“Because I want to do things again”

he said.

“I have to go though. I’m sorry”

was my response. His face changed and he looked kind of sad and he said,

“Don’t go. We still have tonight and Sunday before you can go back to work”

“It’s not because of work, Damur. I have other plans”

He seemed to understand and didn’t respond, he just started sucking on my right breast. Running his fingers all over my chest, he covered them in my sweat. He began to kiss me all over my neck and I was starting to get turned on. That’s how these men get us. Fuck!

My nipples began to harden in between his fingers. He was running his hands all over my body and I loved it. The room was hotter again and I was starting to sweat more.

Damur was Australian but from Malaysian parents, he was a bit darker than most. He was very well primed and clean cut with an amazing body. His package was great too but he just didn’t know how to use it. If only I had more time to blow his mind and teach him things.

He got on top on top of me and wanted to head back down south. Trust me, I’m not one to turn down the free opportunity to receive brain from a good looking and willing man but I wanted to show him something he hadn’t gotten before.

I closed my legs as he got closer and he got this confused look on his face and I motioned to him asking him to get on his back.  He smiled and did.

I got on top of him and slowly began kissing him along his neck and behind his ears. He was extremely sensitive and ticklish. He began to squirm. I loved it!

I worked my way down kissing his chiseled abs as I arrived at the rock. I softly kissed around it and then took it into my mouth. It was warm and hard. My tongue began to get acquainted. Caressing every inch and over every vein, I could feel him pulse inside my mouth. My spit slurped down his shaft as I worked my mouth to keep it “clean”. He was moaning and clutching the sheets when I squeezed my lips tighter and began to suck on the tip of his pulsing head. I placed my right hand on his ball sack and rolled them in my hands like they were dii. He was now nearing it. Fighting back the moans; he didn’t want to sound like anything less of a “man” but there was something more attractive to me about a man that could moan while I pleasured him.

I could hear myself slurping up and down his shaft; I moved my mouth and took his balls into my mouth. It sent him to the very edge. He wanted to lose it. I was having the time of my life. A few minutes later, I moved back to his shaft and began to work my head and my lips up and down. Sweat was dripping down my face. My makeup was obviously shit at that point but my only reward came as he came and exploded his warm nut into the back walls of my mouth. He panted as I sucked the very last drops out of it, his dick still throbbed and remained fairly hard.  I looked up at him with a thankful grin while I climbed on top of him.

With my hand behind my back, I stroked his member into full erection and slowly slid it into me. I could feel it consume the space inside me. It was hard. I gently twisted my waist on his shaft as my juices began to soak him up. I was going to enjoy this for sure.

I placed my hands on his chest and arched my back ready to twerk my ass on his throbbing dick. I turned to the right and looked out the window, it was now dark with the room, which was on the second floor, being lit by the streetlights. I was going to leave an impression on this man. I pulled back and leaned backwards. I realized I still had plans and a 45-minute drive home. Shit!

I had to get to work. I leaned backwards as I bounced up and down his dick while he held onto my waist. I could hear myself panting as my sagging breasts slapped my wet chest. I knocked my head back and looked up to the ceiling. I zoned my voice out and his out, now all I could hear was the fan again.

And then I heard another loud moan from him, I looked down and read his face. I asked him,

“Did you cum already?”

With a shy look on his face, he answered,

“Yes, your pussy is so good”

Hiding disappointment, I smiled as I got off him. I gave him a kiss while he lay somewhat lifeless again on the bed. I began to put my clothes on. I looked out the window and noticed another couple in the apartment complex across from us having sex. He was pulling her hair and slapping her ass while she moaned loudly and begged. I could almost make out the pleas as he drove his rod inside her.

“Only a matter of time”

I thought to myself. I got up, dressed and said bye to Damur, promising to call him. I closed the door behind me and thought to myself as I walked down the stairs. What The Heck Man!

It was all good though, I felt the night would get better. Damien was waiting for me and he had a package that needed to deliver.

.    .     .     .     .

Nina by Ed Sheeran

I had just gotten out of school when I knew I wanted to go big in terms of how I pictured my future and my career. At the time I was working as a HR assistant making $11/hr working 50hrs a week but essentially inky getting paid for 35 of them. The only thing was that I was comfortable where I was. They liked me there and I liked the company, so I had really no qualms being there.

One of my classmates back then felt I was underachieving and so he sent my resume in to my current company. They liked me and gave me a call. The chase to get me took another 6 months before I finally decided to quit my job at the time and jump ship to a higher pay and more stability.
The ride was amazing. And so far the opportunities my current job has given me have been unique and eye opening.
I immediately jumped at the chance to come to Australia and learn new things and that was when I met Damien. He was a really good guy that seemed to always want to make me laugh. It was much needed on those difficult days.
Man like today, I looked down at my phone and speak of the angel, it was Damien.

“Where you at sweetie?”

He always called me sweetie for some reason. He said it was because I tasted like sugar.

Sigh. The thing that man’s tongue could do to a woman’s body.

I smiled and took a deep breath in before responding,

“Just about to leave the hospital”

Surprised, he responded,

“Oh really?”

“Yea, I’ve been here since about 3pm and it’s now 9:30pm.”

I gently replied.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? Is everything okay?”

I could now hear the concern in his voice.

“I’m fine now. It’s the Acute Chest Syndrome thing again. I woke up this morning with a lot of pain and my hands and feet were really cold. So when it didn’t go away by the afternoon time, I came out to the hospital and I’ve been here since.

Can you come and get me? I didn’t drive here.”

The conversation wrapped up as he got off the phone and he headed down to get me. I hated this situation, I hated being Anaemic, it was always one issue or the other since I was a kid.  Scary nights when I thought I was going to die but somehow I’ve made it this far. The episodes varied and came without warning, sometimes mild and often severe. I was just glad I had people that cared about me around to take care of me.

Damien pulled up and I hopped into the car. He knew I didn’t want to talk about it. I was weak and I just didn’t want to delve into my life at that moment. I looked and felt vulnerable, I just wanted him to drive me home. I wanted to curl up under my sheets and catch up on a show or two before knocking out. With how I felt, I wasn’t going to work the next day… I just wanted to rest.

I noticed about 10 minutes into the drive that Damien wasn’t taking me towards my apartment which he knew very well. I began to wonder what was going on and then he pulled up in front of the movie theatre. He turned over to me and said,

“I’m going to cheer you up. There’s a great comedy out right now and you’ll get a good laugh from it while forgetting everything else.”

He was actually right. I loved my comedies and this was a great time to catch one. He helped me out of the car and asked to quickly use the ATM machine. For some reason, it wasn’t accepting one of the bills he wanted to deposit in there. While he was doing that, a bunch of young Asian boys, clearly high or drunk walked in front of us. I clutched my purse tighter and moved a bit closer to Damien who I had given space to for privacy while using the machine. I wasn’t sure why I did that; it just seemed to speak to my vulnerability.

The movie was a blast. It was funny and it made my ribs hurt but in a good way. I walked out of the theatre feeling a bit energized and definitely in a good mood but that wouldn’t last long. I asked Damien to please take me to the store because I wanted some ice cream.  I was on a diet at the time, one of my many but I was just craving some ice cream.

We headed back to my place when we left the store and I balanced on the couch and dug into my tub of ice cream. It was a small tub to be fair but it was some good shit. I was enjoying my ice cream when my phone began to buzz. I placed my tub next to the huge bottle of Grey Goose that Damien was drinking from and looked at my phone.

Ugh! It was my mother.

I had texted her more than 6hours prior and she was just getting back to me. That highlighted our relationship. Most daughters are best friends with their mothers or at least close on some level but us two, we just co-existed in each other’s lives and blamed each other for many things.  She barely asked how I was doing and then she heard Damien’s voice.

“Who is there with you?”

she asked being her usual nosy self.

“My friend”

I responded and she continued,

“What kind of friend? I hope you’re looking and praying for a husband o. Because you’re not getting any younger and you need to bring someone home. It will be nice if you find a man so he can be there for you on days like this one”

“Yes mother”

I said to subtly highlight my irritation but also shut her up.
And the call soon ended and with it, my good mood disappeared too.


THERE IS A PROJECT TO GET “WhatTheHeckMan” to the next level 🙂 but your help is NEEDED. Your comments (Good/bad or in pidgin English) is SUPER IMPORTANT. PLEASE leave me a response to the story and the surprise below. Thank you sooooo much!!! 

Growing up, I was a tom boy. I played with the boys and my older brother’s friends. Girly stuff and even the colour pink made me uncomfortable. I think back then, I was just very active and my personality meshed with that of the boys better.

For a long time, my mother was a stay at home mom. She watched our every move and kept on top of things with us.
My mother was the type to forget that you were her child and not a project. She was beyond guarded with us and our future was her only priority. She was the typical parent that wanted you to be the best at everything education related. Personally, it seemed like she wanted me to be as successful as possible in life, so I could forget all the horrible things that were ever done to me the summer before my 12th birthday.


One afternoon, I must have been about 11. My mother had now begun to work as assistant to the school superintendent for the district. It meant long hours and tired evenings for her. Our relationship had truly began to wane.  That afternoon, I was in my room with my friend David. We were playing house, I was the mom and he was the dad when the conversation turned to kissing. And how that should be done. In hindsight I should have realized that the then 13yr old David, was just trying to explore his sexuality and he liked me.

Somehow he coerced me into kissing him. I won’t sit here and say I didn’t play a part in it too. I liked him. Matter of fact, I really liked him. He played the flute, the drums, he could sing and he was good at math. I was terrible at math and he always helped me out in school.

Our lips were locked. The kissing was horrible. His tongue was doing embarrassing things and I didn’t know what it should feel like, so I went with the flow and then it happened. The door opened…

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The End

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  1. Oh lawd! The last part though! Only God knows what his mother will do to him after what she saw when she opened the door. Ah Damur is not by size lol

  2. Loved the post. But I was thinking maybe u should make it obvious that some of the character especially the female character is of African descent from the start. When u go from Australia to Malaysia to Detroit and then throw the african part out its a bit perturbing.

    1. That was actually a mistake on my part. Her family background wasn’t supposed to be mentioned till part two. Thanks for the feedback tho!

  3. Gaddamn you read my mind. A females POV or a female in the story!!! 1) The first song was off with the story. I play the songs and read on. Reading and listening to the lyric, meshing them together but the first song was a distraction. 2) David is probably not blamed and her mother calls her a hoe.

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  6. Great storyline so far!!! Definitely excited its from a woman’s point of view :). Eyaaaa Damur sucks in bed lol. I almost didn’t realize the main character was African though or is the audience not supposed to know? She and Damien are an item or just gbenshing each other? Can’t wait to know what happens when that door opens!

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  8. New song is THE appropriate song. Fits the mood and scenery you are describing at the start of the story. I’m thankful for my now developing relationship with my mum. Yaay!! Oh and I have a feeling a Nigerian uncle -_- comes in, sees her and David and joins in. I don’t know, I’m messed up! Good job Sanmisticbobo

  9. The fact that you can write as a female without being one speaks to your talent. Mix it up, not every time be the expected, sometimes take on roles you aren’t comfortable with. I love your writing style.

  10. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I really enjoyed
    reading it, you could be a great author.I will make certain to bookmark your blog and may come back in the foreseeable future.

    I want to encourage that you continue your great job,
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