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Sit… Breathe…Think


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Royalty by Mali Music

Start by taking a seat

Deep breath


Release the air

Try not to think

It’s finally here

The beginning and end of another journey

Full of ups and downs

Twists and turns

Bumps and bruises

But yet

Here you are above it all


It is very easy

And quite natural

To want to forget the mistakes we made all along

But I urge you not to

Instead let them remind and teach you

Of the decisions you should make

Or some you should avoid

Use them as a teaching tool

Everything is a learning process


To some

This time brings excitement

To some

This time brings fear

The sense of doubt creeps in

About whether or not you can do it

I ask that you let that fear and doubt

Burn inside you and let their fumes blow out

And give you the space to believe

Believe in you

Because the truth of the matter is

You made it thus far

And you are going to make it farther


Excitement or fear

Belief or doubt

You have a decision to make

You’re staring down the route of another potentially amazing journey or pathway

You’ve worked hard to this moment

Those rough days you fought through

Or those lonely nights you toiled alone

You’re here

And there might be many more to come

But do not forget how you got here

Instead remember who and why you got to this place

And be thankful

This chapter is a new beginning to define greatness

The new journey is about to begin

Equip yourself and prepare for the journey

Work hard and fight harder

Stay true to yourself

In all don’t forget who you are

And never give up


There is no fatigue felt on the day of victory


Now take another deep breath

Breathe out

Get up

And suit up

Reach out to the people you love

Your support system

And hold them close

Give love and get love

Brace yourself

It’s going to be another fun ride

See you at the finish line

By his grace.


This piece practically wrote itself today during my break at school. I was in what I would consider the worst  class I have ever taken in my life. It’s an Enterprise Info Class in my MBA program. I left that class after 4hrs, close to tears. Not because I didn’t know what I was doing or what was being said but because it just felt hard. It just felt like a struggle. It felt like I couldn’t do it. It felt like I would fail. And the truth is that fear is healthy IF you can harness it. I left that class with tears in my eyes but I knew I was going to make sure I leave with smiles at the end of the class. This class made me challenge myself but also reevaluate why I was getting this degree and my future goals. I even briefly considered not writing #WhatTheHeckMan anymore. Sigh. I was sad.
There are things in your life, do they challenge you anymore?
Do you have fears? Do they push you or cripple you?
Contingency plan?
I ask you today to think of your fears, think of they ways you might fail and harness them. Turn them into motivations. Own them.
I ask you today to envision greatness and you celebrating. From difficult jobs, to family situations, relationships and even balancing your crying bank account. YOU GOT THIS. I GOT THIS. WE’VE GOT THIS.

Please push harder. Fight harder. Pray harder.
Remember you are great. In everything you do.

“There is no fatigue felt on the day of victory”

You Are Royalty.

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The End

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10 thoughts on “Sit… Breathe…Think

  1. Were you in my head yesterday?? Lol.. This piece spoke to the exact feelings I had while sitting on the plane and trying to map out my first trimester of my last year of grad school. I looked at the schedule and remembered all the horrible things my peers had to say about certain professor’s and certain subjects. I damn near started ballin on the plane, but I had to get myself together. I needed to remind myself that “there is no fatigue felt on the day of victory.” I’ve started this journey and I’m going to end it on the top. Thank you for writing this confirmation. God bless!!

  2. This was incredibly inspiring. Sometimes there’s so much stuff going on in your life, or even nothing at all, but you lose sight of the goal and start to wonder what the fuck you’re doing and what the point of everything is.

    I’ve been there, I AM there, and it’s terrifying to look at possible defeat and be crippled and paralyzed by your fears of failure (or of success).

    Thanks for reminding me to resist the instinct to run away from pain or discomfort or fear, and turn it into fuel instead.

    Been lurking for a while now, but this spoke to me so I’m leaving my first comment.

  3. Wow . It’s like you know the perfect things to say at the perfect time . It’s exactly how I feel about my particular situation / situations right now . I am sure this post will help a lot of people out there . No pressure , No diamond 💎💎

  4. “Fear is healthy IF you can harness it” there is so much in that one sentance.

    Now I might not be so bitter about my weekend classes

    Great work and its nice to see positivity and encouragement

    Definately a great read for anyone pursuing school, a career, their dreams…anything

  5. Quite an inspiring note to start the school year. It really stood out to me ” There is no fatigue felt on the day of victory” We’ve got this like you said. Goodluck Sanmi👍👍💪💪

  6. It’s like you read my mind and heart with this one. Many times I burden myself into thinking days full of fear, hopelessness and worry are everlasting. For me, this post was a reminder that the journey and trials will come. But they can be overcome; the time will pass. Thank you.

  7. My entire undergrad and now law school struggle… and I know its only going to get worse. I never remember how hard I’ve worked to get where I am. I alwayssss forget.

    Bookmarking this one!

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