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Try by TAY

I should have fought harder

I messed up

My intentions were good

And I never meant to fuck up

Now I’m standing at this crossroad

My heart making it’s final distress call

I’ve shed all the tears my eyes were willing to give

They’ve swollen from how much they’ve had to bawl

You are my heart

My world

I always expected that you and I would weather every storm

I am vulnerable and humble

Because watching you leave would see my whole world crumble

I changed and got carried away

I look at this new guy and it drives me insane

I had my hand on the pulse of what made you happy

I couldn’t believe a day I wouldn’t be able to call you baby

There is still hope

However little left

I’m willing to keep on the fight till my last breath

You might not understand what it means to have you

But understand this

Till tomorrow I haven’t found anyone like you

It’s taken me this long to realize you are the one

But I’m willing to do everything in my power to let the fire burn

I’m asking for one last chance to say yes

My pride and my fears

I’ve seen are baseless

You found me out when no one knew me

You pissed me off without warning

And it was cool to me

I don’t want to lose you

I hope you know

And if I ever failed

It was because the true love I have for you

I didn’t show

Here I am

Freezing in this cold

The only thing burning are the candles that spell your name in bold

Forgive me and let me make you happy again

Forgive me for the horrible things I said

I’m ready to be the one you truly adore

But please don’t let this fire burn out

One by one

Everything won’t be easy

If I said it would

That would be a lie

All I’m asking from you

Can you please try?


Sometimes it’s not forgetting or failing to realize how important what you have is that can be the problem but not doing enough to hold on to it when it’s slipping away.

“Try” was written by me to speak to the struggles of relationships I have that are either toxic or invaluable. We all have a variety of those but which ones can you not live without and what are you doing to keep them. I have let many “leave” my life this year because I was dealing with a significant amount of depression and the consequences of some of the mistakes I made but time passed and I held on to that which is important to me. I don’t know what you have right now in your life that needs the extra push, it’s needs a bit more effort, more dedication, it needs that “I’m sorry”. Reach out and TRY. It’s the best you can do and the only way to ensure regret doesn’t ruin you.

Thank you.

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The End

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11 thoughts on “Try

  1. awww … but not every relationship needs more “try”
    the only try might just be trying so much to leave the relationship with ur head and mind still in place. 🙁

  2. Very emotive piece . Thanks for the remainder , It’s never to late to change or try . That way you never have any regrets or what if’s? . Thanks Sanmi

  3. 👏👏👏 Strong and very emotional words. “No harm in Trying” they say, but the purpose of trying have to be worth the extra push. Nice one Sanmi!!!!!

  4. I came here today because I knew I would find the strength I need to keep trying. This beautiful piece of literature touched me in a special way probably because of my state of mind. You thank me for reading, I thank you even more for writing.

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