Undercover Player

Undercover Player

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“Why are these women so loud?”

I thought to myself as I continued…

“Ahhhhh….. Keep going….. Right there!!!!”

She knocked over my remote control sitting on the edge of my bed.

Smh, what is this filth? It’s not only right there, it’s back there. Nonsense!  And why all the noise… just yelling sha!

I think I speak for all men when I say, women don’t know the amount of physical work it takes to please them; sexually and in all other aspects.

Anyways, I looked back into her eyes and began to pump. Hands around her throat mildly choking her, it was in and out. Deeper with each thrust and much harder intensity, I was going to unload this tank inside her. Now my penis is not the size of a tank (I really wish it was. I would cause damage) but it’s not. She was still moaning; eyes rolled back into her head, gasping for air as she dug her fingers into my biceps… I was going to cum! A few more thrusts and there it was, all over her pierced belly, I sprayed it on her. My right hand still on my member and my left hand cupped over her right breast. I felt like I was having a seizure as I busted it all on her. I absolutely love sex and the attention it brings me but I hate my cum face. Ugh!

I got off her and put my boxers back on. I sat at the edge of the bed and picked up my phone. 3 missed calls from the Asst. Pastor… Fuck!

I turned to her saying, “Get up and get ready!”

I was late for church.

.    .    .    .    .

I was only 12 minutes late and this woman was still tripping. Ever since they promoted my mother to Asst. Pastor, she’s been on my case. I had forgotten that I was in charge of Sunday school that morning. My bible was still in my car so I ran outside the church to grab it when I noticed her;  the girl I was just boning at my apartment. She walked into church looking stunning as usual. Her dad and my mom worked together in the church; he was the Men’s President. We act like we don’t know each other in public so a quick eye and she kept walking on, as planned.

Sunday school went smoothly. I’ve perfected my way of doing this. Today was going to be my last Sunday here at this church. I was relocating as my job had posted me to a new branch about 2 hours north of here. I can’t wait to get out of this place!

I was scrolling through my phone and loosely listening to the sermon delivered by Pastor Timothy when it dawned on me. I spoke to a lot of women but very little men.

I tried to key back into the sermon with a quick prayer asking God to take away all the filth running through my head. Yet, I continued to lick my lips as I stared at this girl. I knew doing that shit got her wet while she sat in her choir clothes. Sorry! I couldn’t help it!

I thought I was coasting through this amazing day when I heard my phone whistle. The iconic and annoying Samsung whistle… It was her. It was loud enough for me to hear but quiet enough that nobody in the church heard it.

The message read,


Now that message, to the naked eye and a regular person would seem like a normal message but that was a woman’s message. It said so much in such few words.  It was clear that she was upset with me.

My mind began to wander. What might I have done? Did I fall asleep last night on the phone? No, I wasn’t even talking to her last night. I quickly checked my Twitter timeline… Did I tweet something? Did some lady tweet something at me? I came up with nothing and then I went through my phone again. It made sense now. I didn’t send her a good morning text. Sigh.

Now that may also seem like something trivial to have someone upset with you about and you’re right. It really is hard to keep up with all the people I have to send “Good morning” texts to. The number stands at 5.

My “true love” (long story but that’s why you’re reading right?)

My long distance friend (we really want to fuck but we live too far away)

My crazy one (in love with me but more in love with the D. I’ll never date her. CRAZY)

My weekend girl (lives in a city driving distance away. Only see her when I’m visiting)

And then of course Sarah, “my actual woman”. Qualified to be the one and woman but has some things to work out. We stay fighting all the time!

Now wait, wait! Before you call me a heaux or a player, let me explain. Sarah and I can’t seem to stay together for long. We take breaks literally like every other day. So, what’s the point?

The long distance one, I met before I started talking to my girl but distance is a bitch. We keep each other around because we might explore that chapter someday down the road. The crazy one has broken a bottle on my head before. That’s all I’ll say about her.

The weekend girl is so busy with her nursing school just as much as I am with work at the bank and night school that we only talk during the weekends. And it works.

The crazy one says she wants me and she wants to fall in love with me but she also has a boyfriend of 3 years. Yeah, wtf right?! That’s exactly what I said! But hey, I just give her the work and I don’t ask questions. Apparently, we all share each other these days.

Sarah just texted me that she loved me.

I really want to be with her but things with her were so complicated. She always seemed to be mad at me. Like I was perfect for every other woman but the one I really want. I just couldn’t make her happy for a sustained period of time. “Offering time”, Pastor Timothy announced. I sat down for an extra few minutes while I finished the text message asking her to come over. She told me she was working till 11pm. She would stop by after.

I drove back to my apartment after receiving an earful from spending the evening with my mother. The usual Sunday speech about her disgust towards the kind of young man I was becoming…Whatever!  I just wanted to get home before my girl made it there.

.    .    .    .    .

A little night-time Sunday construction traffic and I was home. I loosened my tie, unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt and stood in front of the mirror. For a quick minute my mind wandered.

My name is Zane.

I’m lost.

Surrounded by a crowd of people, family, friends and women everywhere…Yet, I’m still lost.

For the past year, I’ve been battling with on and off depression but I have so much holding on to me. I’m keeping it together for my family and friends so I put up this front but I’m really not okay. To those at the church I’m the beloved pastor’s son who can do no wrong. I hide behind the shadows of my mother and her achievements.

I was just beginning to realize that I’ve been in a dark place for a while now and I’ve been screaming for the help of the people I feel love me.

The woman that I truly feel loves me, I’d pushed away. It was not her fault, nor was it mine; it was life. She truly loved, I think even more than she loved herself. What The Heck Man?

A single tear was streaming down my cheek when she knocked on the door. I quickly wiped it off and walked out of my room to let her in. She had a few bags with her. She remains the worst ‘packer’ in the world. Going on a 2-day trip with a luggage, another suitcase full of shoes, her makeup bag, laptop bag and her handbag. I had concluded that I would never complain again; it was futile.

We began talking about my behaviour, a regular theme about how I wasn’t showing that I cared. Somewhere in the conversation and soon-to-be argument, she said something that I did not agree with. She told me that I was too busy trying to let the world accept me. That I’d changed and forgotten that I should only be concerned about what she thought of me. It struck a chord in me because there was a hint of truth in what she said. I automatically became defensive. She was starting to get angry as everything I said from that point on was either sarcastic or just flat out rude and then she snapped,

“This is what you always do! …  It’s always about you!” she yelled.

“You’re so self-centred!”

I stood there in shock as to how quickly it had all escalated. She had been holding so much anger in and I didn’t even know. My phone buzzed on the bed and I reached for it, glancing at her, I noticed the expression on her face change. It was like she was wondering how I could even consider responding a text message whilst she was still fuming with anger.

“You see! You can’t even pay attention to my feelings!” she continued.

I was mid-way reading the text when I snapped back and said, “Calm down!”

That was by far the worst thing I could have said at that point. She looked at me from head to toe, turned around and walked into the shower without saying a word.


I was in big trouble now.

That was her trigger word. In the heat of the moment, she absolutely hated hearing that word. I sat on my chair, phone in hand, and tried to figure out how I would apologize to her. I heard the shower begin to run.

 .    .    .    .    .

After waiting about 5 minutes I slowly opened the bathroom door. She was halfway through her shower when I walked in. I had already taken off all my clothes before I made my way into the bathroom. I slid the shower door open and stepped in. She took a quick glance at my hardening member and asked what I was doing whilst attempting to walk out. I grabbed her. With my left hand I held her waist and with my right, I completed the motion to turn her around.  She was now backing me. The soothing hot water flowed down her face and onto her breasts while my hands rinsed all the soap off her body. I turned her around, the water now raining on both our heads. I stared deeply into her eyes as mine communicated how sorry I was. She knew I had a way with words, so those had become useless. Her looking into my eyes was the only way for her to peer into my soul and know what I truly felt. I leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on her lips.

She closed her eyes as our lips connected passionately. We locked lips for a few minutes and then I began kissing her neck. In my arms she squirmed and I just held her tighter. Her right breast was now in my mouth. With water still dripping, my tongue swirled around her nipple and then I gently nibbled on it.

I slowly turned her around as I put my index finger on her clit and began to rub it vigorously. She was going wild. Her moans while hot were not as hot as the water raining on us from the shower above as her hand had tipped the knob further into the hot side. With my left hand I bent her forward and knelt down, I gently slipped my tongue into her now flooded chocolate factory. I was feasting. I moved my tongue in there like I was writing an apology letter. She was going to know how sorry I was. It was hard… I was enjoying feasting on her factory but the hot water flowing down my face and into my nostrils was making it hard to breathe. But if you’re going to die, how else would you rather go?

I got up and rubbed the head of my member, a few tugs and it was at its hardest position. I gently slid it into her. She gasped and looked back at me as I began to thrust in and out.

Bent over she moaned and tried to keep her eyes glued to me but it was hard. The steamy water dripping over her eyes distracted her as my member ploughed deeper and deeper. I was thrusting with purpose. I was determined to earn her forgiveness with my penis. I struck gold when she began begging… “Fuck me harder!” I grabbed hold of her waist, put my back on the cold shower wall and began pounding her. I was hitting it so hard she stopped talking. Her mouth wide open and gasping for air; I continued to plunge into the creases of her body. I was going to discover every inch of her! Her moaning intensified and became louder as I neared my climax. The moaning was driving me much closer to exploding than I wanted but it was that good. Her everything was that good. I pulled out of her and shot a full load onto the shower floor, watching it all get washed down the drain. I gripped her firmly as she struggled to stand on her feet; her knees were buckling. I let out a wry smile. She washed herself off before stepping out of the shower. Whilst she dried herself, I stood under the hot shower and washed myself down. My brain was wandering again. I need to make this girl mine! She’s perfect for me but we fight too much. Sigh.

I heard her walk out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

A few minutes later I heard my Skype ringtone on my laptop which was open and unlocked on the table.

“Shit!” I said to myself.

There was no way I could make it out there in time. I just hoped it was not a girl she would trip about and then I heard her call out.

“Zane, why is Anna calling you at 1am?”


Anna was my ex and I had sworn to my girl that we were no longer in contact.


I bowed my head in the shower. I knew I had to lie. I would probably get out of it but for now, I was a dead man. The water rained over me some more; this was the safest place for me right now.

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Remote Control Part III

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“Do you guys know each other?”

 Titi asked in surprise, as she looked both of us.

 Silence. There was awkwardness in the room and so I jumped in and answered.

 “Oh yeah! I used to work with her company a while back”  I said.

 “Yes! That’s where I recognized you! How have you been?” she played along.

“I’m fine. Thank you”

I hurried out of the room. And back up the stairs with my mind racing.

“What the heck man?” “Why did they have to meet, here?”

 I stopped at the top of the stairs and overheard Jumoke say to Titi

“is that your new one? He’s cute o!”

Titi smiled and didn’t really acknowledge or affirmatively answer the question.

Jumoke continued, “You don’t want to answer abi. I’m just like that girl. Protect your man”

Titi smiled.

  .  .  .  .

 “What the hell was that?”

 Titi queried as she stormed into her bedroom. She had been down there talking business for about an hour.

What do you mean, babe? I tried to sound confused knowing fully well that she hates when I pretend to not know what she’s talking about when I clearly do. We all do it.

“I’m talking about Mrs Onipe” she said as I could hear the irritation in her voice.

“Where do you really know her from?!” she was now yelling

“You know what, I don’t care where you know her from, just let me finish this deal and then you can continue doing whatever the fuck you’re doing with her” she said with disgust.

 I sighed and put my head down.  She was changing her clothes to head out again and then my phone buzzed

t was Jumoke. It read.

“WE NEED TO TALK”. I felt a chill down my spine. What have I gotten myself into? This could be bad.

 . . . . .

Helen, the lady at the front desk rolled her eyes at me as I walked up to the hotel room.

She knew what the deal was.

 Jumoke’s PA would call to book the room and I would show up. We would fuck and then both leave.

Jumoke never wanted me to come by her house. I guess it was because the whole family was still watching her and some shit about it being her matrimonial home even though she killed the man that brought her into his home.

 I walked into the room with mixed feelings. There she was on the phone in her buba and gele (Yoruba attire) it looked like she had just returned from a party.  I sat at the foot of the bed anxiously waiting and hoping that the phone call would go just a little longer. About six or seven minutes went by and then the phone clicked.

She turned around and looked at me

“Why are your clothes still on?!” she snapped at me. “don’t you know why you’re here?” she continued.

I felt like a piece of meat as I took off all my clothes and climbed into bed next to her. She began to kiss me like she was going to get what she wanted and be out. I just kept thinking to myself “What The Heck Man?” but she kept kissing and touching me. I was getting hard.

Every guy knows that moment when you really trying not to get hard but thinking about it is getting you harder. She began feeling my hard dick on her navel and she held it in her hand. Stroking it as she kissed me. She was ready.

“Tunde, play with my pussy” she said as she kept on kissing me. I reluctantly obliged. Stroking her clit as he moaned, she simultaneously stroked my rock hard member. I was actually getting turned on.

I began kissing her down her neck, squeezing her huge jugs in my hands as I felt my way around her body. Jumoke was hot, like that milf level just with an amazing amount of crazy. I tried to stay focused and not piss her off.

This was I, the same guy that commands girls attentions in the community but in here, I’m a mere mortal. Once a woman has your Remote Control, she’ll press all your mumu buttons whenever she wanted.

I climbed on top of her and positioned my penis, ready to slide into her. I could hear the juices out of her as her thighs rubbed together. I slowly slid into her as she closed her eyes and took all of me inside her.

The pace was slow and controlled. In and out, I went like I was sampling the area before laying claim. I was turned on but I was angry. I was angry at how I had fallen so low and how this woman laid here getting pleasure from my dick and still being able to control my life. I thought the dick controlled the pussy? I guess not.

I picked up the place as she began to moan loudly and she was loud. Like a Zobo seller in the Lagos market loud “Ahhhh….Ohhhh! Tunde o!” it was just loud and kind of sexy. I was ramming all of me into her and she was taking as much as she could take. I felt my entire aggression course through my veins and into my penis. I was transferring all my anger out. I flipped her over and she said, “Tunde, you just like this position huh? My ass all in the air” I smiled and slid into her. She slapped the bed twice and yelled. I was in.

I began pounding hard like I was holding a grudge against her pussy. No I wasn’t letting up. Her juices flowed out of her on my member and all over my balls as they smacked against her soaked clit. I held her waist, pushed it down into the bed and began ramming into it with intensity and power. She was yelling all sorts of obscenities and biting down into the pillows. “Tunde, you’re breaking me! Tunde you’ll break it! Pls don’t break it” she begged as I let it all out. I was nearing that point where every guy says to his penis “nooo, just a few more pumps”.

Smack, smack, smack!!! And it was all out. All over her ass I pumped all my cum.

She slumped into the bed. Catching her breath she muttered “Tuunde, what the heck was that?” I smiled and said “just giving you what you wanted baby”.  “It was amazing” she responded, “You better come and clean my ass o” she added.

I got up to clean all my cum off her ass. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. I walked back into the room and heard her snoring.

I was surprised. She never goes straight to sleep after sex, I walked over and mopped off her ass. I threw the towel to the corner of the room and sat down at the foot again.

Looking to my left I noticed her bag on the floor with her notification light blinking on her phone. A thought came into my head, “I should go through it.” I wasn’t sure why but I was secretly hoping I would find something that would help me snap out of this hold that she had me under.

I was scanning her bag and all I found was money and countless business cards. I was about to give up when inside her wallet I found the slide card to the safe Chief owned. I remembered the card vividly because I was the one that ordered it and oversaw the installers putting it into the wall in Chief’s office one evening after work. Chief didn’t’ want the rest of the staff to know that he was putting it in his office, so in it went behind the painting of him on his 55th birthday.

Jumoke had it pulled out after Chief’s death and moved to her room in the house. It didn’t make all the sense to me but just holding onto the key was all that was important. I tore out two pages of her presigned checks. I would at least make money from her if I had to flee town or something.

I crawled into bed next to her, looking into the city to my right. I wondered what the outcome of all of this would be.

 She had woken up before me and was on the phone with someone. I got up and got ready to leave. Sunday morning, I just wanted to get home and get ready to catch the soccer premier league matches later that night. I got up to leave and right when I got to the door, she said

“Dupe hold on”

She covered the mouthpiece of the phone and said “end it with her or the contract is off the table. Let me know when it’s done. Understand” I was stunned but half expecting it. I nodded and walked out.

 Titi was going to kill me! A 25 million naira contract?! Just gone! What would I begin to say. I immediately called Titi and asked her to meet me at my house. She had to know the full story.

.   .   .   .   .   .

“Titi, that’s all that happened. She’s had me under her spell for the last year” I said as I concluded the detailed narration of the chain of events to Titi.

Her face went blank; almost free of blood. And then she became consumed with rage. I had just informed her that the woman that caused her mother to be kicked out of her matrimonial home killed her father and took every bit of an inheritance that was meant to be hers was now trying to ruin her life.

Titi had always known who her father was. Her mother had told her but raised her to never want anything from him. When the whole thing got messy, she moved to Ibadan to live there. Her mother was a successful businesswoman that gave her everything but ensured that Titi still loved her father.


She wasn’t going to take it!

She wanted to go over there and confront her. I held her and began to attempt calm her down. She was sooo angry and when she got that angry she usually began to cry. Titi broke down in my arms and let it all out. She was weeping. I tried my best to console her but she just let it all out.

It was needed. She needed to let it all out. And I just held her till she fell asleep in my arms.

The next morning we sat at the dining table as I expressed my elaborate plan to search the safe at the house and hopefully find something we could use to bring Jumoke down. Titi and I agreed that I would search the house when Jumoke left out of town on business again and she would pretend to still want Jumoke’s business to stop her from being spooked.

Titi wanted me to go the next day. She didn’t want to wait. I agreed to go when Jumoke was at the office.

Titi was also going to try to speak to her dad’s lawyer who never actually read Chief Onipe’s will after his death.

Jumoke was going down, we just weren’t exactly sure how.

 .   .   .   .   .   .

 I lied and got myself out of being in the office.

Dakande, the trusted gateman at Jumoke’s house didn’t want me to go in. “Oga, na me be her assistant from the office. I want pick up something” I continued my web of lies. I just needed to get in there. I finally convinced him to let me in after I had bribed him giving him ten thousand naira “Oga dey come back soon o. No say I no warn you” he said letting me know that she would be returning home any moment from then.

I thanked him as I ran into the house. I just needed a few minutes.

I was in the house. Nothing in the living room, bathroom and even her bedroom.

Where was this fucking safe?!

I was beginning to panic and I needed to leave here with something!

Jumoke needed to be brought down.

I was going from room to room and then I stumbled into the nursery. Jumoke had it set up when she first got with Chief Onipe. She wanted to give him a son. She had promised to give him a son to carry on his legacy but knew it was only a matter of time before she got found.


I moved the picture out the way and there it was!

It looked the same with a few cuts and bruises from it’s move from the office.

I don’t think I had been that happy about anything in a long time like I was in that moment. But fear soon overwhelmed me.

What if what I was looking for wasn’t in there?

I slid the card in and click!

Click! Click! Click!

The card wasn’t working. Oh shit!!!! Why was this happening to me right now?!!! I began to panic, my hands became very sweaty and I was feeling like it was all going to break in front of me.

I began to jam the card into the port as if to force it to take it in.

I slid my hand around the safe and then I felt a little switch towards the corner of the safe. I pushed it. I could hear the compartments in there moving and then it worked! The card moved in and it opened!

Money, jewelry, keys and a box were in the safe. Nothing else mattered to me but the box. The box, the box was unlocked and so I opened in. In there lay a small cd, the kind that goes into a camcorder. It was not marked. I put it into my pocket and looked around the safe, nothing else seemed like what I was looking for and so I closed the safe and began to leave and that’s when I heard it. The gate.

She was back! Why was she back so soon?

I was stuck but I needed to get out of there. I locked the safe up and put up the picture and began leaving. I heard her walking in.

Damn! I had to explain why I was here, I had to make up a good enough reason for being there.  

“Tunde what are you doing here?” she said

I was silent.


 “Baby, I came for…” I began to respond.

“Tunde, why are you naked?” she interrupted me staring at my dangling and now hardening penis. I smiled as I was going to play this off and hopefully get away with “breaking in”. 

“I just missed you baby and I wanted to come and surprise you” I said. She looked at me in surprise and responded “…but Tunde I have told you about how I feel about you coming into my home. What if I was returning home with a guest or something?” she continued.

“That’s a gamble, I was willing to take” I responded.

“You this boy ehn?! You’re lucky I’ve had a long day and I could use a relaxing workout” she spoke as she began stroking my hard member with her hand. Planting a kiss on my lips, she dropped down to her knees and took all of me into her mouth. I made it out safely.

 Leaving behind a clueless and tired Jumoke, I immediately called Titi and told her to meet me at her friend Sope’s house. It was about 8pm when Titi arrived and Sope and I had been catching up. Titi trusted Sope with her, so I felt it was a good ground to share my discoveries with them. Titi informed me that she had called the meeting and everyone was going to be there at Jumoke’s house the next day.

I had watched the video on the cd and asked Titi if she felt up for it as it was somewhat disturbing. She said she was ready. The video was set in Chief Onipe’s office from the security camera he installed in there. He had told Jumoke about it because he trusted her and truly believed that it was only his brother that wanted to kill him. Boy was he wrong. The video showed Chief Onipe getting shot in the chest by Jumoke and my cousin walking into the room a few seconds later. He pieced the puzzle together and took off. It was later discovered that Jumoke found him and arranged for him to be sent out of the country to hide her story. My cousin would later report to me that his immediate family’s safety was also at risk if he ever communicated with me. Titi surprisingly was very reserved and composed, she reported that he father had been out of her life long enough for watching him being murdered not to affect her greatly but it was still hard to watch anyone get the life snuffed out of them.  We spent the night at Sope’s house be safe. Jumoke was deadly, either one of us could have been dead by morning if she wanted.

.   .   .   .   .   .

 Chief Onipe’s lawyer, elders in Chief’s family, Chief’s Onipe’s eighty-year-old mother, Titi and her mother, Sope, a few members of the board from the office, the DPO and a few officers and myself were all seated in Jumoke’s living room awaiting her arrival. Chief’s aged mother had arrived with two bodyguards. They were big and seemed to intimidate the police officers in the room. Everyone was there. Titi and I had planned on exposing Jumoke by showing the video, me giving an account of the happenings and then the lawyer reading the original will, which stated that Chief had left 75% of his wealth to his daughter.

Jumoke arrived and was taken aback by the number of people in the room and the fact that we were all there. Looking around the room in apparent surprise, she asked why we were there. The lawyer asked her to please sit down.

I stood up in the center of the room and began talking. Thanking everyone for coming and attempting to explain why we were all present without initially giving too much away.

“Thank you all for coming today” I began. “We are here to clear up some confusion within the family around certain events that have happened” I continued. Glancing around the room, I could see a variety of looks ranging from confusion and surprise on Jumoke’s face to disgust and irritation on Chief Onipe’s mother’s face.

I continued to talk “much of everything won’t make sense to you all, until I play this video” I concluded. Titi used the remote control and pressed play. On the big 50’ TV, the video began playing. It played out the entire murder and clearly showed Jumoke committing the crime.

Jumoke was frozen in her seat. Stunned. Confused. Afraid. She was glued to the seat. The whole team looked at her in shock as if to say “explain yourself” and in the craziest turn of events. Jumoke got up and pointed at Chief Onipe’s mother and said “it was her! She made me do it!”.

What?! Huh?! Impossible! Were some of the comments that rung around the room. Nobody believed that. One of the aged elders in the family asked the police officers who were ready to take Jumoke away to hold on and allow her to explain herself.

Jumoke began by saying that it was Chief’s mother that kicked out Titi’s mother because she wanted her own woman in the house; Jumoke. The problems arose when Chief Onipe found out that Jumoke’s womb was damaged and she would not be able to give him the son he so desperately wanted. Jumoke had immediately gone to her mother in law to have her beg her son and ensure that he did not kick her out of the house. Jumoke reported that she was surprised when Chief’s mother told her that she knew she couldn’t have babies and that was why she had picked her. She had done her research and did not want Chief to have any more children.  Chief’s mother had told her not to worry; Chief would not kick her out of the house.

The next week, Chief’s mother made the drive down to surprise Chief Onipe and talk to him about his wife at the office. Upon walking in she heard Chief and his brother arguing about something and she wasn’t sure what, listening much closely, she discovered that they were arguing about her. Chief Onipe feeling that their mother was too old and should be moved to the village and not her base in Osogbo and preparations for her funeral should begin to happen. She then became upset and even though she still met with Chief that day, she came back and asked Jumoke to kill chief or have her whole story be told to the whole world.  And that was why Jumoke killed Chief. She wrapped up her story and knelt down to beg for forgiveness from the family. Chief’s mother, who all the eyes were now glued on, sat still in her chair flat and expressionless and all of a sudden motioned to one of her bodyguards. And…


Jumoke was down! He shot her! The bodyguard shot her!

Jumoke lay there on the floor in her won blood. A part of me was relieved that she was gone but what the heck man?! She just got shot in front of me. No one had really moved. There was a tense air and major surprise in the room and everyone was shocked.


Chief’s mother got up and adjusted her attire and began speaking.

“This stupid ingrate has told you almost the whole story. She had gotten to big for her breaches. I made her! She was right, I did not want my son to have anymore children because his brother who infact was only his half brother ,wanted to wipe out his whole nuclear family. I was trying to protect my son and that fool wanted to begin plans to bury me?! Noo way! I brought him into this world and I took him out. I always knew his brother wanted him dead and so I forced Titi and her mother Aduke, out of the house to protect them. I installed Jumoke into the home because I knew she could never give him any children that would then become targets. This stupid girl Jumoke made a mess of the whole thing! I gave her a potion to put into his food but Jumoke told me that since he found out she couldn’t have kids; he stopped eating and staying home. So she killed him in the office.” she narrated.


We were all listening closely in fear as the bodyguard still had his gun out.

She turned and looked at me, I was still frozen and she said “Tunde, you’re standing up here and running your mouth, I could have had you silenced a long time ago. I asked her to send you out of the country and have you never return but apparently she found use for you in her life to empty your seed into her abi? Count yourself lucky and the fact that my granddaughter has a thing for you might have helped you stay alive a bit. Take good care of her. She is all we have left now.”

I nodded trembling. She turned to the lawyer and said “transfer all the property, my son’s and mine to Titi’s name. Aduke, you have raised Titi well and been an amazing mother. I am sorry I never came clean to you and broke up your home. Please find it in your heart to forgive me” she tailed on. Titi’s mother, Aduke was now crying with Titi rubbing her back to console her. Chief’s mother turned to the DPO and said “officers, I will leave now and head back home. You can come and get me later. I have a few things to tidy up and you have this mess to clean up pointing at Jumoke’s lifeless body on the floor” he nodded. I assumed she had him in her pocket too. 

She again adjusted her clothes and walked out.

The whole room was stunned! Dead silence as the elders and others began to file out. I was confused and mostly relieved. I began to think back to all the relationships and opportunities I had to turn down because of Jumoke. Jumoke might have controlled me but chief’s mother was the biggest player in the whole game, moving and using us as props in her grand scheme. She held the main remote control and turned us all to puppets.

Sigh. I was just glad to feel like I had my life back. Titi walked up to me and hugged me. Right there I thought to myself, your life might be in your “hands” but who really has the remote control? Who’s pushing your mumu button on their remote control?


 The End



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