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Savages 3

Savages 3…

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“….. So this is how you are?

You decide to get back at me for what happened with my ex by sleeping with another woman?”

She continued putting her clothes on as quickly as she could. I tried to speak but she cut me off.

“You are just horrible!

I never tried to hurt you but this? This was just low even for you Mono”

I was shocked but trying to contain the situation.

“Ava come on. Calm down and let me explain…”

“Calm down!”

She barked back at me.

“You must have lost your fucking mind. Just don’t fucking speak to me!

You’re just fucking disgusting. “

The insults hit hard but I just wanted to explain myself. But if you know women well enough, once that nerve is struck, all bets are off.

She was clearly upset. One could even say hurt.

I knew how it looked and it looked really bad but I just wanted to explain things to her.

“If you just waited a second, I can explain that this is all a big misunderstanding. I am not that kind of man…”

I calmly said to her. She flashed me a piercing look as she said,

“You have clearly shown what kind of man you are Mono. You’re a disgusting coward!”

She snatched up her purse and out the door she headed.
There I was still wrapped in my towel. Practically naked.
I chuckled in surprise at how quickly things went from 0-100. I looked over to my right side, next to me on the bed were the earrings and the lipstick.

I knew what had happened but I might have lost my window to speak the truth.

I got up and walked to my phone on my side of the bed. I dialed Nate’s number and it went straight to voicemail.

I slumped onto the bed. It just wasn’t my day apparently.

.     .     .     .     .

I came over to speak with my mother the next day about the recent developments. I wanted her take on everything.

“So you’re telling me that you never told her what happened with Kiki”

My mother placed a glass of Horchata in front of me as she spoke.

I looked up at her as she returned to chopping the cilantro on the kitchen island.

“Mom, there was nothing to tell.
How was I supposed to come back and try to tell her that a friend she has known for almost a decade tried to have me have sex with her?

I couldn’t tell her that.

Girls would never believe that”

My mother looked up at me and smiled.

She turned around, poured the cilantro on top of the boiling chicken and stirred it. She walked over to the sink and washed her hands and then dried them on the towel. She picked up her own glass of Horchata and came to sit down with me at the table.

“Kimon, the truth is always better. Not easier but better.

See that’s the problem with this young generation, you lot think a white lie here, withholding this here and you’ll get away with stuff.
It pays to be direct and upfront.
Ava would have been hurt as she should but she would have appreciated it in the long run.”

I wasn’t really buying it.

“Ma, so you’re saying that Ava would have chosen to believe me?

A guy she only met weeks ago over a friend of almost a decade?”

My mother laughed as she took a sip from her drink.

She said,

“You would be extremely shocked the amount of women that don’t trust their friends with their men.

You men have to believe in women a bit more. You just seem to think that we can’t handle anything thrown at us.

But we are incredibly strong. Having faith in your woman over the difficult issues goes a long way son. We are strong”

I believed her and I was starting to wrap my head around the whole concept of complete honesty with partners.

I really wanted to talk to Ava then but I teased my mother,

“You keep saying you’re strong but the bible says ‘women are the weaker vessels’”

She laughed with me as she said,

“So you’re saying your mother is weak vessel?”

I put my hands up as if to surrender.

She got up laughing and walked to the stove to check on the chicken and she said,

“Kimon love, I know it’s not easy but if you didn’t do anything wrong, it will come to fore.

Tell her the whole truth and maybe give her some time.

I know men hate silence but sometimes it’s good for a relationship. She’ll come around.”

I nodded and said,

“Thanks mom.

So what’s the next move? How long do we have you for?”

“Two weeks and then Burundi”

I was surprised at the location as I replied,

“Wow mother, you don’t get tired of travelling do you?”


she replied.

“It’s been in my blood since I conceived you. Now come over here and taste this chicken for me.”

I got up and walked over. Standing beside her, she dabbed a bit of the chicken broth on my hand. It tasted amazing.

Home was always safe.


It was about 9pm when I left my mother’s house. She tried to convince me to spend the night as usual.

She hated me driving after nightfall but I really wanted to be in my bed.

Besides, I had an important meeting the next day.

I was a few minutes from my house when Nate called me. He was laughing at the phone call he had just finished.

“Bruhhhhh, soooo… Ava just called me going off about some chick that she thinks you might be fucking… I told her the stuff she found at your place was the stuff from the girl I had over there.

What’s the move bro?”

I stopped at a red traffic light and said,

“Bruhh, I wish I knew. I just left my moms and she said I needed to try to talk to her and tell her the truth about it all but I’m not sure she’s even ready to hear all that.”

“Does she know Kiki tried to have you fuck her?”

Nate asked.

“Nah, I never told her. Like I was just worried that she would believe her friend over me. You know how some of these girls are about men, she would think because of my past that fucking Kiki was something I would even consider doing.

I should have told her but now I’m like stuck”

I replied.

I could hear him sigh as he said,

“Bro, it seems like the only option you have is to get Kiki to tell the truth. That’s your only out here.”

“I know bro. I know”

As I headed home, I thought to myself,

“Is this really how karma was going to get me for all the childish things I did growing up?”

Like I finally found a girl that I like and I was going to lose her even though I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t going down without a fight.

I hit the U-turn and headed towards Kiki’s house.

Something was going to have to give.

I arrived about 20minutes later. I was really tired but I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

I was heated and I was going to get the truth.

I knocked.

A few minutes later the door opened.

“So you finally decided to come and play?”

Kiki said with a smile on her face as she pulled me inside the house by my shirt.

She asked.

“Would you like something to drink?”

She walked over to her laptop sitting on her kitchen table and said to the person she was talking to,

“Let me call you back”

as she ended the call.

“Sooooo.. what made you come over this late?

You finally decided to grow some balls and get this pussy?”

She said as she approached me

I smiled and said,

“No. I just wanted to talk. Like I want to understand why you’re doing this. Like why me”

She stopped and said,

“What’s there to understand?

You’re a cute guy and I want to fuck you. Well, I want you to fuck me.


I don’t see how that’s confusing”

I was a bit flattered by what she said but I still said,

“So you’re willing to go through all of this even if it means Ava and I breaking up?”

she had a look on her face I really cant explain but she said,

“Break up?

Last time I spoke to Ava, you guys aren’t in a relationship yet, are you?”

I shook my head as I said

“Well technically not yet….”

She cut me off and said,


So as far as I know you’re fair game. You’re single and that’s all I know”

She came up to me and ran her hand along my chest as she said,

“I’m a big girl. I see what I want and I go for it.”

I pushed her hand down as I said.

“Even if that means hurting your friend?

There are many guys out there. Why go for one your friend clearly wants?”

“Ava is a big girl and we are not really friends like that.
She knows it’s a cutthroat world and you go for what you want. She’s a cute girl but liking her doesn’t stop me from going for what I want.

And we have been talking for too long. Are you going to give me this dick or not?”

She reached down and grabbed my crotch.

I pushed away from her and said,

“Nah, I can’t do this.

You’re the kind of person people need to be careful for. So close but you’re the one causing the issues.

I truly feel for you because you need help”

She smiled at me and waved as I tried to walk out.

“Ava will never believe a single word you tell her….

I will just tell her I saw you with some other girl and now you’re trying to ruin our friendship so I don’t tell on you”

Kiki walked up to me as I was now standing by the door.

“You better come in here and fuck me good and I’ll make you breakfast in bed or go out there and be ruined.

I looked square at her and said,

“I’ll take my chances out there”

I couldn’t believe it. Someone so confident in her lying ways but not that alone, the fact that she was willing to take away from her friend so easily stood out to me and scared me.

How many people are out there hurting their closest friends?

I wanted to tell Ava everything but I wasn’t sure she would believe me. And then I realized that I had left the parking ticket that they gave me on my way into her place as she lived in a gated community.

She could actually use that against me.

What The Heck Man. Just my luck right.


You know that uncomfortable feeling, the one you get in your stomach when you’re about to get the result of a test you didn’t study for or well, your HIV results?

Yeah, that knot in your stomach down to the uncertainty of what was to come.

I was just going to follow what my mother had suggested and speak to Ava.

If she believed me, great and if not, then oh well! I would have tried my best.

I remember sitting in front of her house like I did on the night of our first date.

Considering backing out and weighing other options, I decided to get out of the car.

This was going to be hard no matter what way I sold it but I had to do it.

The door slightly opened and Ava stood in the way. It was clear that she was trying to prevent me from coming in.

Ava let out a sarcastic laugh as she turned back into the house and said

“Look who it is, the liar of the year”

I forced a smile back and said

“Hi Ava, may I come in?”


was her sharp reply.

“I have guests over and I’m about to leave and even if I wasn’t, I don’t really want to talk to you.”

“Please just let me explain?”

I begged Ava to listen as I stood in the doorway trying to have her hear me out.

“What do you want to explain?

That you’re a dog. That all men can’t be trusted?

Or that you went to Kiki’s house for advice the other night?

You are a joke of a man and I am begging you to stay out of my life before I call the police.

Kiki already came and told me everything”


I replied in shock.

And to compound the slap on my face, Kiki walks out with Ava’s bag and hands it to her.

Kiki the tried to tell me

“Mono, just let it go. She’s really upset.
I suggest you move on”

I stopped for a second and stared at her in disgust. If there was ever a moment to pray for pain in someone, it would have been then.
This lying conniving witch really got to Ava first and tried to paint me as the bad guy.

I turned around and ran after a departing Ava.

I had to continue begging as she tried to make her way towards her parked car.

“Ava, please just hear me out.

5 minutes and I’ll be out of your hair. I promise.

If after 5 minutes you don’t believe I’m innocent, I’ll leave you alone for good.

I swear on my life”

She stopped without saying anything.

I asked her,

“Did you find out about Nate and your boss?”

“Yes, he came by the office. I guess they have a thing but that doesn’t eliminate you and what you have been trying to do with Kiki?
Even if I overreacted about the stuff I found at your house. It doesn’t take away from the fact that you were trying to sleep with Kiki. She told me everything”

she snared back before I could even continue.

I sighed and before I could respond, she got heated again and said,

“Mono, just leave. Leave now before I get even more upset.”

I wasn’t about to give in a second time.

“Ava wait!”

“No, Mono you need to leave. My friend is coming to pick us up and you don’t need to be here”

I ignored her and frantically clicked through my phone and hit the playlist.

I screamed out loud,

“Ava! Just fucking listen to this first!”

I hoisted the phone upwards and towards her. She couldn’t believe her ears as the sound travelled out…

I turned around and looked at Kiki, her face looked like it was about to fall off her head.

She didn’t believe that I recorded the entire conversation the night I went to her house.

Ava looked at her like Esau must have looked at Jacob when he realized that he had been betrayed and his birthright stolen.

She stood there.


The audio played while we all stood frozen with visible shock written across their faces. Suddenly I could hear loud music that was now drowning the audio coming out of an approaching car.

The noise drew closer till the car stopped behind Ava.

Out came Ava’s ex from the party and he said

“Whats going on here?

You ready to go babe?”


I slowly lowered the phone. All I could think was #WhatTheHeckMan    PLEASE COMMENT and let me know what you think!!!!!!

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  3. Kiki is a savage for real !! God forbid a friend like that is ever around me . Mono’s mum preached the truth !! ” The truth is always better ” .. Yes , it may sting for a little but it’s nowhere near the burn of a lie .. Women are strong ! Ava called up the ex smh … That situation needs to be dealt with and ended . mono is clearly a good thing , but hay not everyone has sharp eyes to clearly see a good thing when it’s right in front of them . Can’t wait to see how this ends … And abeg don’t leave us waiting like this for Part 4 !!!!

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