Man Up!

Man Up!

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You are in hunting mode . Eyes blood shut like you are on a rampage 

She is cautious about giving it up , so you call her a prude . 

You hide behind romantic RT’s and Lol’s , 

Quickly moving around in this new age . 

Because of what you want , you are so quick to skip the lets get to know eachother stage . 

No you hit , 

It’s quick, you’re out

And she’s left in a rage

Punishable to the next man

The next man who tries to fix or rearrange

All she had built up and you broke

Oh what a shame


It’s not okay . 

To Promise something and do something completely different from what you say . 

Because a day will come and on that very day , you as a man will have to pay 

Either with your physical body , or your heart. Something is going to give way 

You lead them down this dark path

Towards regret , doubting their self worth 

And for you it’s just a task , another one that you check off 

So late at night , she is reaching for that tissue box

Trying to understand how she went wrong ,

Unable to reach out to her friends that told her clearly that you weren’t the one . 

Now she’s all alone 

Clutching at the promises that you made her , that she will never be alone 

So man up


The night before 

She warmed your bed 

Like many nights before

With her your deep secrets

You shared

Now in public you wave so quickly and then  out of sight like the Israelites fled 

You won’t claim her in public 

But when she wanders off to somebody else , you get jealous 

O, it’s so tragic 

That she still won’t leave you

Everyone remains confused as she stays

But you have a hold on her

It’s magic

Still her tears are as real as they come

The summers pass

The fall

Then the winter storms

But she’s not yours

And if she cries

You’ll only blame her once more

For loving you at all

Recently, I had a conversation with some friends around where the responsibilities lie when it comes to deciding what to take or not take in a relationship.

I say that in today’s world, it should be explicitly communicated, the things you Want, Need and have Available to give.
From the offset, your intentions should be stated and whatever happens after that is your responsibility.

There are men AND WOMEN, today that are emotional hoarders/saboteurs that float around from situation to situation, collecting hearts.
Stifling potential in people and regressing their growth.
If their heart is not for you to keep or protect then leave them alone. You want to fuck her, look into her eyes, promise her the world and then leave her?
You want to build him up, have him build his world around you, fend and fight for you; only to bring him to his knees?

Do not make promises you cannot keep. Hopes and dreams are great but deep down, “when you know, you know”.
And once you do, let them know.
And if need be, let them go.
There are valuable women and men across the world, you cannot hoard one because it serves or feeds your ego.
Situation-ships where she is powerless are not it at all..
You hide her and treat her like the other woman even when there is no main woman.
She cannot claim to be independent of you because you have a hold on her. He will do anything for you but he can never get close to you.
It’s sad and it hurts people bad.
Great responsibility requires tough actions.

My words to you today are simple.
Man Up!

If you act/request/coerce someone into giving you their heart, guard it.
Respect it.
Cherish it.
Honor it.
Value it.

Worse than not being chosen is being chosen only to be discarded.

It’s #WordsOfWednesday by The Wordsmith on #WhatTheHeckMan. Till Saturday when I post again, have a blessed rest of the day and week.
Love always.

The Wordsmith.


5 thoughts on “Man Up!

  1. Great post … I appreciate how you told both men and women to ‘Man Up’ , as there really are some ladies out there that are leaving a trail of broken hearts around town. When you know what you want , you really should let the other person know straight away and leave the choice to stay/ go in their hands. The pain of believing a lie is far greater than the temporary pain of ‘rejection’.. that being said I have some ‘Manning Up’ to do myself.

  2. Great wise words as always,this is why after my last ex any guy I meet I always ask state what you want?then let me be the one to decide if I want to participate with u and your intentions willingly,I don’t know when and why using people,taking their feelings for granted became the norm of life,it has become like a “thing”or would I say a behavioural pattern with us humans. it’s so sad.
    I always try not to disregard people feelings in serious matters because it can break or shape them negatively or positively. Rejection is something that takes a healing process to become whole.
    I would try to be consistent in manning up,thanks for always sharing your gift and positive words😁

  3. I’ve read this post…so many times and every time I read it i get a different feeling….a new POV. Amazing..

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