FreeFall 2

FreeFall 2

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6 Words by Wretch 32

It had been a few months since the last time I tried to reach Stephanie. 

The months leading up to my “change in status” are just as important. 

I found out that I was HIV positive in the summer around June but I hadn’t gotten a checkup for 8 months before that, so I potentially have been active for months without knowing.

I will admit to having a lot of partners after Stephanie dumped me. 

Off the top of my head, I would have to say about 7 in the first three months after the breakup.

Anything went.

Let me tell you about the months shortly after I hooked up with Stephanie after our break up till date. Three very interesting months. 

So we broke up 19 months ago, saw each other 5 months ago and had sex, my last check up was 8months ago, so three months before we hooked up and I found out I was positive a few weeks ago. I had been having sex for while before all of this so pinpointing when I contracted the deadly disease was still difficult. 

It was amazing to see the wave of women interested in fixing my broken heart even though I think I just wanted to heal on my own.

I met Linda while I was still with Stephanie and even though we were clearly attracted to each other, we always respected my situation.

And then there was Raquel and Sandra. The rest don’t really matter because I don’t want them to and our interactions were too limited.

But in Linda, Raquel and Sandra, I had a team of people that in different ways tried to help me piece it all together. 

Sadly though, none was enough alone, I still wanted Stephanie even though I knew I had to work hard and let her go.

I remember one evening, I was on FaceTime with Raquel and she was complaining about something that had gone on during her day. 

My phone buzzed I reach across my bed and unhooked it from the charging port.

It was Saito. 

He was trying to convince me to go out. I rolled my eyes and dropped my phone.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed again. I reached over and picked up my phone the message read

“Bruh, you coming out?”

I tried to ignore it but Raquel said

“Why are you ignoring him?”

I sighed and said

“He’s trying to have me go out with them and I don’t want to”

She smiled and said

“Ashton, you need to get out more. It’s been months of you trapping yourself inside the house for whatever reason.

You should go out”

I was about to reply when my phone started ringing it was Vic-short for Vicenza. 

I tapped the screen and placed the phone on speaker

“Bro, you coming out with us man.

I ain’t taking no for an answer.

It’s been too long.”

I laughed and try to joke it off

“Vic, I had a long week man.”

He replied and said

“We all did and well hate people.

I know you ain’t trying to go out because of Steph but you gotta move on man. She fucked up and got herself a new man, you gotta move.

There’s hella bitches out there and they waiting on you to set them free…

Hahahahaha…. Free… You know cos you run a bail bonds business?

Get it.”

I smiled. You had to love Vic. 

He was just always so happy, I couldn’t resist.

“Aight bro. Who’s picking me up cos I ain’t driving for shit”

“I’ll be there in 30 bro. 

Get up!”

I placed the phone down and looked at my laptop screen, Raquel smiled and said

“Go and get ready.

I’ll come over on Sunday.. in the evening. Have fun love”

I nodded as I stretched by the foot of the bed.

Getting ready was the easy part but oh, we weren’t ready for how the rest of the night panned out.



You gotta get off your phone and have fun”

Vic chided at me as I isolated myself in a crowd of people.

I was on my phone majority of the night while we were at the club.

Placing my phone in my coat, I stood up and surveyed the room. Vic had always been my wingman more so since Saito got engaged.

We set about dancing and having a pretty good time.

Two shots of Fireball and I was feeling alright.

Even though we didn’t live in a small town, majority of our crew went to college and the local university.

At one point or another, we all interacted with each other.

So part of my hesitancy around going out was that I would see people and people ask questions.

I was feeling very tipsy so I walked over and took a seat back at our section. 

I was about to pull my phone about when a drunk Saito stumbled next to me and said

“Yooo… I just saw Steph and Wyatt.

Mannnnnnnn! I still can’t believe she left you for a white dude”

It was meant to come off as a joke but it stung.

Saito was like that when he got drunk. No filter.

None whatsoever.

I laughed it off and suddenly got nervous.

She was here. At this point, the last time I had seen her was the night she had drunk texted me and we had sex.

She had already been with her new guy then so I was sure she didn’t want him to know about it.

I wanted to leave.

So I reached for Vic through the crowd and yelled in his ear over the noise

“I’m ready to dip bro. 

Amma take a cab”

He looked at me puzzled and drunkenly waved in my face as if to say

“No no no!”

I walked towards the exit and headed out. 

There was a hallway you had to make your way through before reaching the main exit.

I must have been halfway down the hallway when I heard someone yell out


I went by that to most people that knew me very well.

I froze, sighed and slowly turned around and it was a familiar face.


I walked back towards her as she drew closer to me and she said

“Hey, long time”

I forced a smile and said

“Only a couple of months but hey, how are you?”

She smiled and replied


I know you’ve been trying to reach me but I just needed some space, you know?

Work and trying to focus on me”

I forced another smile and said

“Yeah.. I get it. 

We should talk sometime soon tho.. It’s important…”

She was about to respond but Wyatt interrupted us

“Everything okay babe?

What’s up Ash?”

I smiled and nodded in his direction. I said my goodbyes and said to Stephanie

“Please do call me, it is extremely important.”

Wyatt put his hand around her and turned her to head back into the club. 

They were going to need each other. 

I hailed a cab outside and got in.

I sighed, sat back and then my phone buzzed it was Linda. She said

“I’m coming over. Don’t go to bed yet”


I sat down on my couch in my dimly lit living room as Linda walked towards me with two glasses in her hands. 

She handed one to me with her right hand and took a sip from hers.

I said

“Linda, it’s just hard. Like I saw her tonight and I was so angry.

And then fucking Wyatt trying to act like he was at no fault in all of this. Such a fucking bastard.


I’m so mad”

She pulled up her skirt revealing her dark lace panties as she straddled me.

She held her glass in her left hand and leaned in.

Her lips were soft.

Warm and soothing.

I remember inhaling her exhale and feeling free.

She rubbed her right hand across my head as she pulled away and she said

“I don’t think you should worry about her anymore. You deserve better, so why don’t you let me get your mind off all that”

She took my cup from my hand and turned while sitting on me and placed them down on the table.

She turned around smiled briefly and then leaned in and kissed my lips.

My eyes closed as I took her in.

Her wine flavored breath, burning my mustache hairs.

Her lips were soft as she kissed my left side of my face and worked her way to my neck.

I shirked a bit but she continued downwards.

Unbuttoning my shirt, she kissed down my chest. I pulled off her blouse and she was now left with her skirt, pulled up to her waist and her panties.

As she kissed downwards, she reached for my belt and began to unlatch it.

She finally opened it up and got down on her knees.

She smiled at me as she kissed around my hard member before taking it into her mouth.

She sucked with a dedication.

Her lips, her stroke, the spit, my quiet moans contributed to the whole experience.

She knew what she was doing. She always did.

I could tell it I allowed her to go on much longer, I was going to explode. I stopped her by trying to push her off, she moved her lips and said

“I want more”

I smiled as she stood and I said 

“Take them off”

She smiled and bent down as she worked her panties off her. She wanted to take her skirt off but I said

“Leave it on”

She smiled and while still sitting down, I reached my hands up and turned her around.

Her perfectly sculpted ass staring me right in the face.

I pulled her closer and pressed on her back urging her to bend forward.

She did with her knees touching the center table. 

I smacked her ass and she twitched and said

“What was that for?”

As she looked back towards me.

I didn’t reply. Instead, I shoved my wet tongue into her dripping pink.

My lips in agreement with her lips.

My tongue isolated her clit as I vibrated while sucking on it.

I couldn’t see her face but her moans sent an exciting message to my ears.

I sucked and lapped up all her juices with long strokes of my tongue from bottom to top and vice versa.

I could feel her knees shake and a chill down her spine.

Similar to the one you have right now. 

Well, now.

You’re still thinking about it.

Now back to the story.

I could feel mustache prickling her inner areas as I worked to ensure there was no drop left behind.

I stood up with my member upright like a Snicker bar on the frozen isle.

Linda looked back as if she wasn’t ready but with a smile.

I touched her and moved her to the side of the table asking her to get on her knees.

I positioned myself behind her.

She kept looking back at me to anticipate when i would slide into her.

I ignored her face as I slapped my dick on her clit a few times.

Those chills again.

Then I slowly slid into her.

She gasped and attempted to reach for something to grab on.

The closest thing was the foot of the table but it was in an awkward position to her body so she wasn’t able to reach it.

My strokes were fast.

If she didn’t know what I was going through, she would have thought that I was rushing but I just wanted to break her back.

I grabbed onto her skirt and pounded away.

“Fuck! Ashton!

You’re hitting something. Oh. My. Fucking. Gosh!”

She moaned into my dark living room. I could tell she was feeling “torture” because she had nothing to hold onto.

I didn’t let up tho.

My shaft driving through her walls as my balls received her wet while slapping on her dripping clit.

I pulled her skirt around her waist to control my thrusts.

She looked back at me and begged

“Ash, right there. 

Don’t you fucking stop… Don’t you fuc….”

I slammed into her again.

My pelvis meeting her tailbone with such welcomed force and aggression

“Give it to me Ashton… Fuck me!”

I squeezed my gluteus and tried to ignore her voice. 

Her moans so sexy as her eyes invited me to give her more.

Her walls were tight as they gripped my shaft.

Her wet covering every inch.

The warmth inviting me to go deeper.

“Fuck me Ash! Fuck meeeeee”

I leaned forward, while continuing to thrust, reached my right hand around her and caressed her clit while I continued to slide in and out.

Her legs were shaking uncontrollably.

She went silent for a bit as I continued and then she said

“Oh shit! Oh shit!

Ashton, I’m about to fucking cum on your dick…”

Words any man would love to hear. I felt the move in my pipes.

And I was ready to blow. She could feel it as she said

“Ash, you better not fucking stop”

I thrust harder as she went silent and suddenly she moaned let out a thin squeal.

I went a thrust or two more and i laid next to her. My knees stung from the carpet burn.

My shrinking member dangled on my body. She turned and looked at me.

I looked at her and we both smiled.

Panting for air, her words in the morning were the next thing I would hear.


That Sunday evening, I dropped off Linda who had stayed the whole weekend with me.

I returned to my apartment to a waiting Raquel.

I gave her a big hug as we headed into my apartment.

“How was Friday night?”

She asked.

I gulped as my mind flashed back to Linda and then I answered

“It wasn’t that bad”

I walked into the kitchen as I asked

“Want anything to drink?”

I bent down into the refrigerator as I waited for her answer.

She didn’t reply so I stood up and said


I turned and faced her, she sat there with a distraught look on her face.

I walked into the living room and say down next to her and said

“What’s wrong love”

She started to tear up and I placed my hands on her hands and said

“Raquel, what’s wrong love? Talk to me”

She looked at me and said

“I’m sorry”

I was confused and i said

“Sorry for what love. Just tell me”

She looked at me and said

“I’m pregnant.”

It sounded like a ringing in my ear. Her tears flowed more.

I gathered myself and asked


She nodded.

If you were me, what would you have said

What The Heck… See you for Part 3 on Saturday.

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