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Turbulence 4

Turbulence 4

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Something Beautiful by Jacob Banks


Tanya walked into the room and placed her items on the table. She looked around and smiled and said

“I think we should all take a seat in the living room and hash this out”

Anthony took a sip from his glass as we all gravitated towards the living room. I gently tugged Tanya on her arm and said

“What are you doing?

This was not what we talked about”

She stopped, turned around and placed both hands on my cheeks as she said

“Do you trust me?”

I bowed my head but showed a look of approval and she said,

“I got you. I’ve always had your back. So lets go and you’ll see”

We all sat down and you could feel there was tension in the air. Tanya opened the floor by saying

“I know a few of you are wondering why I’m here and what I have to say but I wanted to clarify that…”


“Why is she moderating this meeting?!”

My mother interrupted from her seat.
Tanya smiled and said

“Mrs. Williamson, with all due respect, I will sit here quietly if you go ahead and address the situation with complete honesty and leaving no details out.
If not, please let me speak for the benefit of us all”

My mother relaxed in her seat.

I have to admit to you all that I was really confused that day. I had never seen my mother on the defensive that much. Much less because it was a woman “less” than she was, putting her in check.

She seemed so guilty but it still wasn’t making sense.

Tanya continued and said,

“Now, the big question we all want answered is not just if Ruby is Andrew’s but how Janet kept it from us all for so long.

So who would like to start?”

I jumped in and said

“I just want to know how anyone thought it was okay to deprive me of my youth. Allow me to be stuck in a loveless marriage when they knew I was not the father of the girl I have come to adore so much.

How is that fair? How have you been able to sleep at night for seven years?


Janet wiped the tears streaming down her cheeks and responding to me, she said

“While I’m not going to sit here and defend hiding it from you or saying I shouldn’t have been honest; what you just said right there is the reason why I never told you.

You adore Ruby!

From the moment my family had come to your house to tell you I was pregnant, you have been an amazing father to Ruby.

Why would I want to jeopardize that?

Besides, I was made to believe that raising a child with you was the best option I had at the time by people”

I looked at her and said

“Who the hell gave you that impression?”

She wiped some more tears off her face with her right hand and pointed to my mother with her left hand.

Everybody turned his or her head towards my mother.

She lifted her head and sat up straight.


Ruby was still off in the other room, making all sorts of noises with her toys and such.

Anthony had still not spoken and Janet was still crying.

Tanya had this look of “let’s hear it” written across her face.

I just wanted more clarity.

My mother was about to speak.

She fiddled with beads on her wrist as she said


“I have gathered very quickly that I will be the one identified to be the scapegoat in all of this and while I recognize that I had a part to play in a lot, I never did anything to hurt anyone of you.

That being said, the topic of Ruby as its own was secondary to the initial problem.

 Andrew, remember when you were in your final year in high school and you were playing football.

Remember that injury you got?”


I looked over and nodded. I was getting a sense of where she was going.


“You were hit really hard below the belt around your testicles.
The options were surgery or intensive medication with no playing. You left the team for the rest of the season.

When we went for the follow up months later, the doctor told me we had to change the medication because there were rumors in the medical community that the drug led to low sperm count.

 So you see, I have always had the worry since then that you would not be able to have your own children.

When the situation presented itself and I found out that you and Anthony had been with the same girl, when she reported she was pregnant, I encouraged her to go with you.

She seemed fairly confident that the baby was Anthony’s but I leaned in on her and encouraged her to pick you.

I was trying to help you.

Anthony was not serious with his life and he still isn’t at the moment. You Andrew, you were the better opportunity for Ruby to have a good life.
And how was I supposed to gamble on your future that you may or may not have children. You have one now and that’s all that matters to me”


There was a very brief moment of silence as my mother rested her back on the sofa and we all took that in.

I understood it a bit.

After all, she was looking out for me but she should have told me, I thought to myself. I could have handled it; I think.

Anthony downed the rest of the drink in his glass and he blurted out


“Mum, you see why you are the problem. You have always been the problem.

You always put me down. Ever since dad died, you have always put me down.

Nothing I do is good enough.

Because I elected not to finish college and pursue art, you have always ridiculed me.

Now you’re saying you might have given my daughter to Andrew because he might never have kids?

Really mum?

 How about me mum?

How about me?!

When will you start thinking about me and what I want and need? When?”


Anthony stood up as he began to yell towards my mother.

My mother got up and got in his face as she said

“You will watch your tone when you speak to me and speak to me with respect.

Sit down and talk like a man and stop yelling like a stupid child.”

Anthony was heaving and huffing. His chest was rising as you could tell he was filled with anger.

He took a few steps back and then he sat down in his seat.

My mother walked backwards and sat down.

She was back.

That woman was the one that we grew up with cutthroat to the core and no nonsense.

It took me a minute to refocus but I said

“Really Anthony?

You are about to make this about you. Mum just said that for all we know, I may never be able to have children and you’re here talking about being unfairly treated?

Are you for real, bro?”

If Anthony could punch me in the face at that moment, I bet he would have.
I believe that he was so angry that he now had a smile on his face.

He looked at me as he gestured and said

“Look at you again with your righteous ass self-pity cry. It has always been like this since we were kids. It has always been about you.
You’re one who was good at school. You played the sports.
You made mom laugh, everyone loved you.

You got the girls and friends. Yet you still always took from me.

You have always been taking from me.

When she was running for office and all that stuff, who was she always taking to work with her?

You were like her only son and we all know it.
Now here we are, forgive me for not having sympathy for your situation because mom here will find a way to fix your problem for you.
Or steal someone else’s child to make you happy but Ruby is mine and I’m taking her. I don’t care what any of you have to say.

I have to win something too and this is it for me”


I was taken aback.

The level of jealousy and resentment laced in Anthony’s voice broke my heart.
How could I have never known that my brother felt this was about me?

We had been best friends till his Freshman year in college when he became cool and pledged to a fraternity and all.

He was hanging out and calling me less and eventually we grew apart as a day to day friendship but I never once doubted his love for me or believed he would doubt mine.

I was shocked.
“Wait, Anthony you think this is a game?”

I continued

“You think Ruby’s life is something to be played with because you are clearly jealous of your younger brother?

Wow. That is so low.

This is a life we are talking about here. This is 7years of my life invested into this girl and you want to throw that away?

How can you be so mean?

You have no means of taking care of her or providing for her. You can’t even love her properly.

Man fuck this!”

I scoffed and clenched my fists as I paced the floor

Anthony replied

“Look, I don’t hate you or have anything against you. For the most part, I think we all love each other. I just want what is mine.
Ruby is mine.”

Our mother jumped in and said

“Ruby is not a toy and you cannot be trusted to take care of her the way she deserves. Also it is very possible that she could be Andrews.”

Anthony got up and said

“See you’re doing it again?!

Never any validity for me. Why wouldn’t you trust me?!

I am your son too!”

My mom was close to tears as he yelled at her when she yelled back

“Because you are just like your father!”


All eyes were glued on her.

What did she just say?

Where was it coming from?

“You are just like your father.

You have always been like him.


At the time you were involved with Janet, I was getting calls every other day about your exploits with other women. You valued no one but yourself.

Not my hard work, not the family name, not even your family. Now you might have changed but every time I looked at you, all I saw was your father.

The man who walked out on me and died on his way to his mistresses house.

I have always seen him in you and I cannot connect with it. Have I loved you less?


But knowingly putting Ruby in your care?

I just couldn’t.”

My mother got up as if to leave.

Anthony stood there glued.

She was right.

Back then, Anthony was reckless but he still loved his family. At least that was what I felt like was happening.

My mother continued and said

“Like I said earlier, I don’t mind being the one to take the fall for everything but here is what is at hand. I assume the two of you brothers want to figure who Ruby’s father is.

So go ahead and get a paternity test done and we can all move on.

At least I know that all I have ever done is to protect you but I am a mother and I don’t mind being the target of all the blame”

Tanya who had been sitting quietly then said

“Is that so?

So how will you explain when I came to your house back then, before my parents shipped me out of the country to beg you to talk to my parents. I told you that I was in love with your son and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and you told me to leave.

You told me that I would find somebody else.

Who were you protecting then?”

My mother stopped in her tracks.

She scanned Tanya up and down and said

“Look here, I know my son loves you now and probably did then too but you will not question me.

Just for the sake of today, I will answer.

I was protecting my son and you if you think about it. The doctors told me that he may not be able to have kids.

And you were drunk in love with him.

How was I to know that after 10years of waiting, your family will not ask you to leave?

Or blame it on you even?

I wanted any woman there gone so if he met someone new, at least he would already be a father.

It was nothing personal but my family comes first.

I had to make sure that Andrew was protected in the event that he may never have kids again”

Tanya smiled and said to my mother

“I understand that now but years ago, it just seemed like you were pushing me away from the man that I loved.

And then I heard later that he was having a baby, I couldn’t take it.
If I had known the situation, I would have stayed with him. Your son is and has been everything to me for years. He is my best friend and the man I love.

Mrs. Williamson, I am also sorry to say that you made a mistake back then because I am pregnant.

Yes, for your son Andrew.”

My mother’s eyes grew big. Janet looked up, Anthony just sat still and I said

“Wait what?!”

She smiled and stood up as she repeated

“I am pregnant Andrew. I am having our baby”

I didn’t know what to say.

That came straight out of now where. I came closer to her and squeezed her in a big hug.

It was a relief for me personally because it meant I was fully functioning.

I squeezed her so tight and as I placed her down and turned around, my eyes caught Ruby standing in the doorway.

She said

“Daddy, I’m hungry”


The tension in the room was palpable.

You could even feel it burning the hairs on your skin.

But that was how I was feeling now.

Knots in my stomach as I clutched Tanya’s left hand in my right as we waited in the hospital for the results of the paternity test.

I just wanted to get it over with.

Ruby had been staying with Janet in the home.
Janet was more involved with her and focusing more of her energy into her. I think the events at the cabin made it clear to her that she needed to take a bit more control of her life.

The divorce papers had been signed and it was clear that we were going to go our separate ways unless connected by Ruby.

I knew in my heart that no matter how it turned out, I would be there for Ruby.

I wasn’t going to abandon her, she gave me life when she was born and I would repay her with love as much as I could.

The waiting room almost felt like an episode of the popular show Maury.

My mother was there sitting with Anthony, they had begun repairing their long strained relationship.

I was with Tanya while Ruby and Janet played with some of the toys.

Remember Sarah, from way back when?

Well she was one of the nurses at the hospital. She came over to me and said

“Congratulations you too.

He’s a good one. Keep him”

Referring to Tanya. I thanked her as she walked away.

A few minutes later, the doctor called us into his office.

The office was too small to fit all of us. My mother and Janet sat down while Tanya, Anthony and I stood behind them.
One of the nurses was playing with Ruby down the hall.

The doctor thanked us for our patience and cooperation. It all just seemed like a waste of time. I just wanted to know and I needed to know as soon as possible.

Eventually, the doctor pulled out the envelope and said

“….. we did a series of tests on the three of you and while we can confirm that Janet is Ruby’s mother. You men are not a match.
Neither of you is Ruby’s father.”





The whole room gasped and Janet began to cry profusely. Nobody knew the right words to say. We all just stood there wondering what the next move should be.

Janet was inconsolable.

I couldn’t believe it.

We couldn’t believe it.

What The Heck Man right?

Slowly, we filed out of the room..

Anthony seemed shot. Like all the verve in his step was gone.

I think he had hoped that raising Ruby would give him purpose in life; a reason for a new direction.

My mother walked away seeming like all the work she had done for all those years had gone to waste.

I gave Ruby a hug and as I got up, she said

“Daddy don’t cry…”

And I cried even more. I wasn’t going to leave her life, but I thought she was mine.

I had hoped she was mine.

I had prayed she was mine.

But we don’t always get what we want now, do we?

Janet came and they walked out. I couldn’t even watch. It hurt too much.

Crying was the only thing that felt human.


It had been two weeks since the hospital and Tanya was moved in to our new condo, as we prepared for our baby.

We were getting ready to attend a friend’s book launch party when I heard a knock on the door.

“T, could you check the door please”

I said from the kitchen

Tanya went to the door and opened it. Then she said

“Babe, it’s Janet.

Please come in”

She declined as I appeared and she said

“Andrew, can I talk to you please?”

I came close to her as she spoke

“Since the hospital, I have done a lot of reflecting and thinking. I have concluded that you are Ruby’s father.

You might not be her father biologically but you are her father. There is no man on this Earth that can love her better than you.

You have given her everything since conception and I would hope that you can continue to love her that way.

I have taken a new job about 3hours away and I will start soon.

I know you have wanted Ruby and you’re expecting another but I need you to parent this girl with me.

She is all I have and I know she is what you have needed for so long.

What do you say?”

I looked at her and thanked her.

Nothing else was said.

Ruby stepped out of the car and ran into my arms. I gave her a big hug as she broke and ran into the house and hugged Tanya.

Then she noticed Tanya’s dog, well you know they instantly fell in love.

Janet waved and whispered

“Thank you”

as she got into her car

I walked back into the house and shut the door behind me. Ruby was playing with the dog to my right and Tanya was standing to my left.

I looked at Ruby and then at Tanya.

Tanya smiled and said

“I told you we should have gotten the house with the big yard”

I walked over to her and gave her a kiss. She kissed me back and said

“I love you baby”

I smiled and said

“I love you too”

I let out a deep sigh and Tanya came up behind me and hugged me from the back as she said

“Wherever we go, however high we fly; I got you baby.”

For the first time in a long time, I truly believed that.

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Turbulence 3

Turbulence 3

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[audio mp3=”″ 

Till Forever Runs Out by Alex Vargas

My insides were turning.

My fingers were twitching.

I wanted to punch something. I wanted to scream at the same time.

It made no sense.

How could she?

How could they?

All these years and I just walked around blindly.

I kept pacing in my room while Janet and


“Baby, where are you going?”


I turned and glared at her. I kept quiet as I continued to stuff clothes into the bag.


“Andy, can you at least tell me where you are going with our daughter?”


I turned towards her and yelled


“Our daughter?!

Are you serious?!”


I turned away and then turned back around in anger and said


“You may have birth her but you are not a mother to her!

That is my child and you are not deserving to be called her mother!. So back the fuck off”


She began to cry profusely.

I walked out of the room and into Ruby’s room and packed some of her clothes.


“Andy, please don’t do this?”


she begged as I grabbed my coat and walked out.

I stopped by my car and said


“She is going to be safe with me, so don’t you dare call the police”


I got into the car and I began to back out of the driveway when my phone began to ring. I looked down and it was Ruby’s school.


“Hey Andy, it’s Leslie from the front office. There is a man here claiming he has permission to pick up Ruby?

His name is not on the list though. Did you authorize this?”


The voice travelled into my ears.


“No I didn’t. Do not let him anywhere near my daughter. I will be there shortly”



Anthony was standing in front of the school office when I pulled up. I parked in the handicap-marked space and turned on my hazard lights.

I jumped out of the car and made my way into the office


“Andrew, you know she’s mine just give her up”

My brother said to me. I came up close and got in his face

“I swear Anthony, if it weren’t for the fact that we are at a school right now with kids here. I would beat the shit out of you.

And let’s even assume she’s your daughter on the slightest possibility, it took you 7yrs to step forward????

No Anthony! Fuck you!”

I walked into the office and greeted the people in the office. Leslie was a friend I had made from the PTA meetings. I signed out Ruby on the sign out sheet and I turned around as Anthony said

“Don’t let this get ugly for her sake.”


I again approached him and said in a very quiet voice

“This only gets ugly if you stay involved. Just leave and leave us alone”

I turned around and said to Leslie

“Can you please have the security escort him out of here”

They called the security crew over the walkie talkie and a few minutes later he was being led off the school premises

 “Andrew, you can have them kick me out but you know that girl is mine!

Stop holding on to what ain’t yours baby bro! Give her up to her real daddy”

Anthony yelled loud enough for all to hear as he was taken outside the gates.

Those words were hard to hear but Ruby was mine to protect and until I figured out what was really going on, she was staying closest to me.


 Ruby and I walked to the car and I strapped her into her car seat. I could sense that she was nervous and trying to understand what was going on.

We set out and I drove past the house.

From the back seat, I heard Ruby ask

“Daddy, you passed the house. Where are we going?”

I looked back using the rear view mirror and said to her

“Yes baby.

We are going somewhere else for a little while”

She seemed a bit confused but not hesitant to the idea.

She was quiet for a few minutes as I continued onto the freeway and then she asked


“Daddy is mummy going to meet up there?”

I paused and took a deep breath as I replied

“Soon baby”

I pulled out my phone and called Tanya.

She didn’t pick up the first time and I was feeling frustrated but I dialed again and she answered.

“Is Ruby with you right now?”

she asked


I responded affirmatively without saying words. She asked me

“Are you going to the cabin?”


I replied.

I had texted her some of the details of the developments but she still asked some question. Some I answered without words and some I couldn’t answer.

She knew where I was going and that I would be safe.


 That cabin.

That was where this roller-coaster ride started and ended.

9 years prior was when I met Tanya. A mutual friend who thought she would be a good fit for a spread we were trying to put in the school magazine for the Engineering Club had introduced her to me.

We hit it off instantly.

She was beautiful, talented, funny and most importantly; she was from Saudi Arabia.

Her family had moved here when her older sister was born. They had her here and gave her and American name to facilitate the full experience of growing up in the states.


The piece we were working on was documenting America’s intrusion into Saudi Arabia’s oil market. We wanted a female model to highlight the part of the article that covered women being forced to take care of households more.

Tanya made it on the cover and also into my heart.

We fell in love quick. And I was sure that I was going to marry her.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Things were going smoothly, she got me and well, I appreciated her. Since men will never understand women.


The night we made it official was at the cabin.
My mother had given us permission to throw an end of the school year party with a catering service.

My friends and I drove up there for the weekend.

A bit to drink here, some weed there, pills from anywhere and we were lit.

The night was going well and I was making my rounds and saying hi when I made it up to the study upstairs.

I walked into the study and there was a startled Tanya, reading an encyclopedia.

She was curious to find out things about my family.


My father had died when I was 4.

I hardly knew the man and my mother raised us. My brother and I were everything she dedicated her life to.

She drove us to every practice, every sleepover, baked every kind of cookies and helped produce all our school plays.

Our mother was our rock.

But she was fierce with her job also. She was one of the top lobbyists for the Planned Parenthood organization and was rising to the top quickly.

She took no nonsense from anyone and always spoke her mind.

The best way to describe her was to say that if we were to every get arrested, our only call would be to her. Not because she was our mother but because we knew she was better than any lawyer.


I walked up to Tanya and placed my hand on her lower back as I pulled her close.
We were almost nose to nose when I said

“So we’ve been doing this for a while now. How do you feel about making this official?”

I paused and continued

“Would you be my girlfriend?”

I smiled as she began to smile and she said

“Yes Andy”

The words barely left her mouth as I began to kiss her.


Her lips were soft.

The oils she used in her hair warmed my senses.
Her skin felt cold but that might have been the heat coming through my palms as my hands caressed her body.

I lifted her and placed her on the desk.

Spreading her legs, I stood between her as she wrapped her legs around my thighs. I began to kiss down her neck as closed her eyes and moaned quietly.

I began to unbutton her blouse as I ran my hands downwards.

Cupping her breasts, I squeezed gently and she responded with moans that tingled my ears.

I lifted her skirt up as she began to unbuckle my belt.


On my knees I dropped as I began to kiss my way down her navel.

I reached my destination as I prepared to have my lips make love to her lower lips. I pulled her panties down and smiled as she lifted her legs ready to place them on my shoulders.

I licked my lips and lowered my head as I kissed her pick.




They kissed me back. I began to work my tongue around as my lips became soaked in her wetness. She dug her nails into the back of my head.

I twisted my neck as my tongue worked when the door flung open!


Standing there was Chad, my best friend.


“Yo! There is a fire in the basement bro!”


Tanya was embarrassed and had tried to jump off me and I was getting up as I said


“You couldn’t handle it bro?!

Damn man!”


I pulled my pants up from my ankles as I turned to Tanya and said


“I’m sorry baby. I’ll be back”


I kissed her as she wiped her juices off my chin and said


“Go. I’ll be here trying to find my dignity when you return”


I smiled at her joke and dashed out.

Another friend of mine who had gotten too drunk and dropped his blunt in the wrong place started the fire in the basement.

I put out the flames with the extinguisher but another set of flames were also going to burn out.



I was crushed when Tanya told me she was going back to Saudi Arabia indefinitely after graduation because he parents were planning her wedding for her.
An arranged marriage

I was devastated.

But her family wanted her to continue the family tradition of arranged marriages.

We had been seeing each other for over a year, and I was preparing to bring her home after graduation that this was the woman I wanted to get married to.

Everything fell apart after she left.

Time difference.


Another guy in the picture in her life and family pressures; we slowly drifted apart.

As much as we tried to fight, it didn’t work.


My mother was in the process of making a push for CEO

Tanya had been gone for about 6months at the time I came up to my mother.

The time Janet had gotten pregnant.

Janet and I had been involved and even though we only had unprotected sex once, all it takes is one time.

I was raised to take responsibility for my actions, so I had to man up and get ready to be father.

I had been planning to let my mother know that I was in love with Tanya and wanted her when the Janet situation developed.

I took it as fate that I wasn’t meant to end up with Tanya.

I remember calling Tanya to inform her that I had gotten someone pregnant.

That call was one of the hardest of my life.

I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

I remember her asking me if I was sure and I said yes.


I didn’t hear from Tanya again until after Ruby’s first birthday.

I tried to understand why my mother didn’t try to fight me marrying Janet. Accepting a child is one thing, but because you impregnate a girl doesn’t mean you have to marry her.

My aunt had explained it to me that, my mother being the CEO of Planned Parenthood could not be caught in a scandal where her son, had unprotected sex but more importantly turned down the mother.

I was stuck.

Janet was cool and we were young.

So why not?

I was of the impression that it would all even out and we would be okay.


I never forgot about Tanya and it was very clear to Janet and I that even though we were good parents, we were not in love.

When Tanya came back into my life, she never explained the year long absence but I was just glad to have her back.

She had convinced her family to let her leave the marriage because her husband was abusive and tried to rape her.

She took up the airline job because she never wanted to be caught on the ground.

Always moving from city to city.


Tanya and I began seeing each other after Janet and I agreed that we could explore other love interests but our agreement was “no more kids and we would wait till Ruby was 11 to officially separate”

I was going to be with Tanya and she knew this while she was free to do as she pleased.

But here we were.

I guess I was breaking the agreement because I was not going to stay with her any longer.

I was done.


 I was preparing dinner around 6pm when Ruby walked out of her room. I could hear her little footsteps on the floor of cabin house.

She walked into the kitchen and said


I turned around and faced her as I turned the penne pasta in the saucepan

“Yes love”

I smiled at her

She looked up at me sad and I turned the heat down on the cooker

I dropped to my knees and said

“Whats wrong baby?”

She bowed her head down and said

“I miss mommy”

I felt it.

The reality of what life would be like having to raise her without her mother briefly hit me.

 “Mummy is working love and she’ll be here soon”

She seemed like she didn’t believe me as I kissed her forehead.

“Baby sit down, so we can eat.”

As we ate, Ruby asked me

“Daddy, are you still taking me to Sophie’s birthday party tomorrow?”

I had forgotten about that and here we were almost 3 hours away from home.

I nodded and lied

“Yes love”

We were eating away when I heard a knock at the door.

Ruby and I looked at each other. I told her to stay put while I went to check the door.

I looked through the peephole and there she was.


How did she know I was here?


 “How did you know we were here?”

I asked

She patted my cheek and said

“Child don’t play. You are my son and you go where you can think the clearest in crisis.

We need to talk but first, where is my granddaughter”

She placed her coat and purse on the seat closest to the door as she headed into the dining area.

She knew I wasn’t going to confront her about of that in front of Ruby. She asked me to serve her a plate as she said

“Your brother and Janet are in the car”

I stared at her and said


You brought them here!


She glared at me as she said

“Don’t you raise your voice at me. You know better than that.

We all have things to iron out and they came to me, so here we are”

I was furious.

Why would she even entertain their side????

I could hear them walk into the house as Ruby ran and hugged her mother.

“Daddy, mummy is here!”


Ruby shouted from the living room.

I came into the living room and Anthony was seating on the couch looking as arrogant as ever.

Janet was locked in a hug with Ruby and my mother was pouring herself a glass on wine from the bar.

Anthony smiled at me with that evil smile he taunted me with all our lives growing up. I just wanted to beat him up.

Janet came up to me and said

“Can I talk to you in private please?”


I agreed as everyone was watching me. Janet and I walked into the other room. I said

“What could you possibly want to say to me Janet?”

She actually seemed apologetic as she said


“I just want you to know that I’m sorry and I never meant to hurt you.

I don’t expect you to forgive me but all I want is the best for Ruby.

I jut hope you…”

The doorbell rang.

I cut the conversation short as I walked into the living room. Anthony was standing by the bar now and my mother was by the door getting ready to open it when she said

“Are you expecting anyone?”

I said no.

She opened the door and standing in the doorway was Tanya.

Tanya said with a smile on her

“Evening Mrs David, long time”

My mother said to Tanya

“What are you doing here?”

 Tanya with as direct as I have ever seen her, looked straight at my mother and said

“You know exactly why I am here”

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Turbulence 2

Turbulence 2

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[audio mp3=”″

Simple Life by Niia 

Andy: Main Character

Cindy: Girl 1

Tanya: Ex Girlfriend

Janet:  Andy’s Wife

Ruby: Andy and Janet’s Daughter*

Anthony: Andy’s Brother


It had taken years for Tanya and I to get to a place where we didn’t’ have to discuss what not being together meant.

In the beginning, it would be a full conversation of validating her feelings and trying to let her know she was the one I wanted. We had been dating before I got involved with Janet but never lost touch.

Some of you are already judged me but hopefully, the story becomes clearer to you with time.

Tanya and I got up around midday. We had sex a couple times before we began to get ready to leave.

I was ready and out sitting on the couch after about 30 minutes but you can trust that Tanya was taking much longer.

“You know we’re going to be late if we don’t get a move on right?”

“I’m almost done babe”

she said from inside the bathroom while she applied her make up.

“Can you please grab my bag?”

I laughed and got up as I grabbed her bag. I walked over to the door and placed it next to mine.

I turned around and there she was with her big smile on her face.

She looked amazing.

“Wow. You look great babe”

I said.

She strutted towards me and gave me a kiss on my cheek and whispered in my ear

“I have to, so you keep wanting to come back to me”

I looked down at her before giving her a short kiss.

“You’re always in my heart.”

I said

She laughed and said

“I know.”

I gave her a big hug and was careful that her makeup did not stain my shirt. We broke apart and I picked up my bags and she dragged her bags.
the door opened and we both went in opposite directions towards our rides to the airport.

I heard her ask

“When will you be back?”

I turned and said

“Next Sunday”

as I kept on walking. I smiled as I shook my head and turned the corner. I was happy here but for how long.


I opened the trunk of my car and placed my bags in.

I entered the car and pushed the button. The engine lit up and breathed life into the car.

The darkness was approaching and preparing to engulf the night. I made my way out of the airport parking lot and headed home.

It was a short drive as I pulled into my driveway about 15 minutes later.

Rushing out of the car, I grabbed my bags and quickly entered the house.

I walked straight into Ruby’s room.

I cursed quietly under my breath. I had missed her.

I came to the edge of her bed and kissed her on her forehead. She squirmed like she usually did in her sleep.
I smiled.

She was my joy and the true bright spot in my life.

I stood there and watched her for a few minutes before I fixed her hair and headed out of her room.

I came into the dining area and Janet was standing there in her robe.
With such attitude in her voice, she said

“So you finally decided to come home”

I turned and looked at her as I said

“Are you seriously trying to do this right now?”

She cocked her head to the side and said

“You know I’m saying the truth since you want to spend all your time with that bitch”

My eyes grew with surprise. It wasn’t unexpected but maybe in a way it was because I wasn’t expecting her to come so direct with it

“Janet, I’m not doing this with you tonight”

I took off my coat and hung it on the back of a chair on the dining table.

I left the room and headed into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator to get something to eat.

Janet walked in behind me and kept on talking

“You don’t see me anyways, you never have.
You’ve always been into that other bitch”

I closed the refrigerator and walked up to her

I pulled down the strings that held her robe together. I reached into her robe and pulled her close to me.

She tried to fight and pull away from me but I held her tightly.

My left had cupped her right breast and I squeezed it tight.

She closed her eyes and said

“What are you doing Andr…”

her voice tailed off as my lips kissed down her neck. I continued to kiss along her neck bone as she moaned. I slid my right hand down between her legs as she pulled away from.

She looked at me and said

“It’s not happening that easily tonight”

She began walking out of the kitchen when I reached for her. Standing right behind her, I pressed my now growing member up against her rear.

I was breathing down her neck and my hands cupped her breasts. She continued moaning as I kissed her again and slowly began to grind in a circular motion on my member.

I turned her around and our eyes met. There was some love there.

There was some needing to be loved there.

I wrapped my right hand around her waist and hoisted her up. Walking the short distance to the counter, I placed her down on it.

Dropping to my knees, I spread her legs apart and placed them on my shoulders.

I began kissing around her pink.


Allowing the heat from my nostrils to burn the insides of her thighs. I kissed around her right below her clit and I heard her moan.

I could hear her wet start to drip and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

I licked my lips and kissed right on her clit.

She kicked her head back and sighed heavily.

It was a sound of relief.

Like so much was being taken off her shoulders. I began to lick and suck as her juices dripped on to my face and drenched my beard.

She held my head in place as I worked my tongue covering every inch of her wet pink.


Legs shaking.


I was sucking.

She was gasping.

My tongue wagging

Front teeth nibbling

Her body was being loved and this was on the beginning.

I got up and looked her dead in the face.

I knew what she wanted and she wasn’t going to make that hidden either.

“Fuck me”

I smiled and slowly slid into her. Her eyes grew big.

She gasped.

Her left hand of my shoulder, I began to slide in and out. With each thrust, her wetness soaked me up.
Every inch of my hardened member covered in her sweetness.

Her moans as music to my ears and the directions like a GPS navigation system.

I stared into her eyes and hers searched mine.

There is that moment we all know about, where the eyes meet.

Deep into each other’s. Nothing needing to be said.

I was speeding up when she said

“Put me down”

I was taken a back and stepped back from the counter. She climbed down and walked up to me. She gave me the deepest kiss and then walked back to the counter.

She turned around and rose on her toes and then looked back at me.

I have thought about that night many times.
I continue to reckon that there are very few more beautiful sights to a man than a woman looking back at him.

I came up behind her, hands around her waist. The thrusts were controlled.

I could feel my balls smack into her clit.

Soaked, I began to pick up the pace. Her moans were louder, the look on her face giving me life to go harder.

I grabbed her waist tight and began to thrust harder. Slamming my pelvis into her rear, I went hard like I was searching for answers.

She stayed on her toes, as I was about to explode. I said

“Baby, I’m about to cum”

and she said

“Do it baby. Cum for me… Cum for me right now”

Her voice ticked off something and I let it all loose.

I didn’t pull out but I leaned over her back and kissed her. She turned around and placed both hands on my face and kissed me hard.

I picked her up and headed to the room. I placed her on the bed and turned to go and lock the bedroom door, when I turned around, she was already asleep.

I smiled and climbed in next to her.

I was catching my breath when my phone buzzed and lit up

I turned over and picked it up. It was Tanya.

The message read:

“I can’t stop thinking about you and I still smell like you.
I miss you”



I opened my eyes a few minutes before my alarm clock went off. I reached for it and turned it off.

My mind was running in all kinds of ways.

I just didn’t like how I was feeling and my stomach grumbled.

I had forgotten to eat the night before after all the activities we had gotten into.

My mind wandered as I climbed out of bed and headed into the kitchen.

I was barely home but whenever I was, I tried to be as present and involved as possible.

I remembered so clearly the day, Janet told me that she was pregnant.
It was not the worst day of my life unlike some other people would have imagined. Janet and I had been having sex for a few months when I came home from school one day and my mother was sitting with her parents.

They basically said they weren’t upset with me for ruining their daughters life but they wanted us to get married since we were already dating.

The only issue was that we weren’t dating, just having sex. But my mother, my mother “encouraged” me to marry her.

A few months later, a very pregnant Janet and I got married at the courthouse.

When Ruby came, my life changed.

It felt like I found my best friend. In her eyes, I consistently found purity and honest. The way she smiled at me, I always knew it came from a place of love.

I had told myself that I would not be another statistic of a deadbeat father.

So I put in more work towards everything I did and double the effort around everything involving Ruby.

I walked out of the kitchen and headed to the table with two plates.

There she was primed to go after her shower.

She smiled at me as I said

“Good morning darling”

“Good morning daddy”

I walked over to her and placed her plate in front of her with a second plate with her slices of bread.
She smiled as she noticed that I had cut off the crusts on the slices

“Thank you daddy”

she said

I sat across from her as we ate. I always watched her with care and concern.
Care because she was the greatest gift that God had given to me but concern because I worried if I would be able to protect her from the world.

Minutes later, we were walking down the street to her school.
She was full of life and just a happy kid.

“Daddy are you coming to ballet practice today?”

I nodded and said

“Yes love”

We kept walking as I asked about school; her friends and teachers.

“How is Ms Corrine?”

She answered and we walked. Randomly she blurted out

“Dad, are you going to take me to Sophie’s birthday party tomorrow?”

“Of course baby.”

We had arrived at her school. I knelt down and gave her a hug and kiss on her forehead and on her way she went. Disappearing into the crowd of students like one of the Israelites heading out of Egypt.

I dropped her off and put on my headphones. I stretched.

And I began my run, which always took me to the gym that was a couple of miles away.

The workout was great and I was able to relieve some of the stress I was feeling.

I left the gym and headed home.

Walking down the street, I called Tanya and we talked as I approached the house.

I was approaching the driveway when I noticed a car parked in there.

I remember mentioning it to Tanya on the phone. She asked if I was expecting anyone and I told her I wasn’t.

I arrived at the house and I let myself in.

And right there, right in front of me, sat the one thing I feared the most in the world for various reasons.

It was my older brother; Anthony.

He looked at me and said

“Hello baby brother. Beautiful home”

I looked at him with disgust as I said

“What are you doing here Anthony?”

He smiled and placed the glass of scotch on the table and said

“Don’t get your feelings all ruffled baby brother. I’m just here to collect what is mine”

Confused, I now noticed Janet sitting in the corner of the room quietly. She looked worried.

I asked

“What are you talking about?”

He had an evil smile on his face mixed with surprise as he looked at Janet and said

“You never told him?


He sat up straight and said one thing only


“You can’t be serious and you better stop that shit before I get you kicked out of here”

He got up and said

“I’m not here to fight you. I’m just here to get my daughter. Simple”


I turned and looked at Janet, still sitting in the corner and now crying.

My heart was crumbling as I swallowed hard and said

“Janet, is this true?

Is Ruby his?”

She sobbed harder.


I yelled. She shook and sat up as she said

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?

How the fuck don’t you know?”

I yelled back. She kept her head down as she said

“It was a while ago and your brother and I were seeing each other before I met you. It is one of you for sure but she might be his.”

I felt like I had been sucker punched in my stomach multiple times. I sat down on the couch and looked on in disbelief.

My brother said

“Sooooo… I’m guessing you and your wife have things to sort out. So where can I find Ruby”

I got up and stared at my brother as I said

“No matter what happens, you are not taking Ruby from me. I would rather give my life than let her go to you.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

I turned to Janet who was now crying profusely and I asked


Why after all these years? Why make me suffer and marry you?


She looked at me and said nothing.

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“I” (WhatTheHeckMan 100)



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Anoti by M.I Abaga ft. Gabriel


I am unique

I recognize that I am different

I don’t follow your themes

I understand that part of me is greater than I know

I have been through so much, battling through sorrow

I pray each day for a better tomorrow

I ask for grace to never have to say “Had I known”


I have seen pain

I have felt life try to break me through it’s last strain

I have watched it sap all the blood out of my veins

I am strong

I am vulnerable

I am dedicated to my family and my hustle

I bleed and I cry

I sometimes reminisce and wonder why


I overthink sometimes

I try not to

I recognize that it is something regret would have you do

I am scared

I am worried I would hurt again and again filled with regret

I bottle things up inside

I don’t think anyone would understand me so why even try

I pray way less than I should

I would do more if I could


I have been made to feel like I wasn’t good enough

I have had fingers pointed at me like I was the wrong one

I have elected to listen to myself and choose my path

I have decided that no matter what

I will enjoy life and what it gives me back

I sometimes wish you never left

I realize that it is possible that you were never truly here

I want to fall in love again

I want to share my heart with you

I am terrified that the same outcome would happen with you too


I am complex

I reiterate that I am different

I have goals that terrify and excite me in the same breath

I forgive way too easily

I know my purpose and my destiny

I want to impact the world in my own way

I want my legacy to have its own say

I want to continue to grow daily, emotionally, spiritually and financially

I have dreams to be a better me

I have plans that I will look back at this as a better me


I am evolving as time goes by

I am growing right in front of my own eyes

I still have fears

I have my doubts

I will never let them define me, that is not what I am about

I will continue to shock myself as I push the envelope

I know my integrity will speak for me wherever I go


I say to you today

I am who I am

I refuse to apologize for not being who you want me to be

I refuse to be put down by anyone who doesn’t appreciate me for me

I am unique and I amazing in my own way

I have to continue to remind myself; each and every single day

This is my 100th post on #WhatTheHeckMan and it is a declaration of who I am. It has been a tremendous journey. One filled with laughs, jokes, growth, stories, poems, sex, life, pain, hurt, love, discussion, art and of course, those #WhatTheHeckMan (Sanmi) moments you love so much.
I wrote “I” so all of you can have “I” moments where you embrace yourself for who you are.

I don’t have much to say today but I hope you have stuff to say to and for me. This feels like a birthday to me…
So here it goes, if you can answer these, I will be grateful…

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6. What would you like to see more of on #WTHM?

Please leave me a comment or encouragement or even criticism. I live for your comments engagement and feedback. I want to reach more people.
I need your help.

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[audio mp3=”″

Komije by Chillz x Sam Oki

I pulled up my pants and buckled my belt. I sat down on the chair as I put on my shoes.

I turned around and she was awake. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

She asked me

“Do you really have to go?”


I laughed as I replied


“If I don’t to work, you’d be holding up the rest of the country”


She understood but I had to remind her about it every time we spent time together.


“When will I see you next?”


I responded


“Soon, I hope.”


I straightened my tie in the mirror. And she said


“You know I’ve always loved you in your getup”


I turned and joked


“You’re only saying that cos you don’t want me to leave”


She smiled and said


“Can you blame me?”


I shook my head and climbed into the bed to give her a kiss. She pulled me by my tie and locked her lips into mine.

Her tongue invaded the space in my mouth.

I eventually pulled away and said


“Cindy, you’re going to make me late”


She smiled and said


“It won’t be there first time”


She sat up and said


“Just a quickie?”


I sighed.




About 15 minutes later, I walked into the lobby of her apartment complex.

My Uber driver had been waiting for me.

I got into the car and apologized for being late.

The ride to work was smooth, as I had beaten the morning traffic.


I arrived at work about 30 minutes later.

I thanked the driver as I departed.

It was from door to door. Like a robot, I could navigate my job site in my sleep.

I was walking through the last security clearance when one of the employees said,


“Where are you headed today?”


I responded with a smile as I said


“Hopefully no where too far”


I walked into the conference and my colleagues were seated around the table.

The briefing allowed me to check into a new place.

My mind began to travel and then I heard one of the supervisors say


“You with us?”


I nodded.

I really wasn’t there. I would always get nervous like this before I had to work.

We left the room and headed to our posts.

The boarding began and shortly, I was sitting and ready to work.

The crew finished their run through and came to inform us.

I picked up the microphone and said


“Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking we like to welcome you onboard this Virgin America flight 294 to Miami, Florida. Flight duration is around 2:58 minutes and we are expecting a fairly smooth flight today. Once again we thank you for choosing to fly with us today and we hope you enjoy your flight”


The takeoff was fairly smooth and once we leveled in the air. I took off my headphones and I thought to myself.

I was very grateful for my life.

29 and doing the job I loved. The work I had put in to getting here had all paid off.
My happiness was completely in my control and I was balancing all my responsibilities as needed.

I had actually followed my dreams to get to the place that I was. Dedicated myself to my journey and my struggle, I finally pulled through.

But there was more I wanted in life. More I had to attain.

It was never enough. I always wanted more.


For the career, I had selected, you would think that I would have handled landings better but I hated them.

I loved being high up though. I somehow felt like being up in the sky lifted me above my problems. It didn’t always go that way though.

My problems like landings always made my brain move within my head.

And then came the nausea.


Derek, my co pilot landed the plane. The crew finished letting everyone out and then we left the plane.

The shuttle was waiting for us as we stepped off the plane. In we went as I quickly ran through my emails and messages that came through while I was in the air.

I plugged my headphones into my ears and turned on one of my favorite songs “Nina Simone: Be My Husband”.

The bus peeled out of the airport. It was a short ride to the hotel as we all got out and filed our way into the lobby.

The check in process was smooth and within minutes, I was sitting on the edge of my bed taking my shoes off. I placed my phone of the bedside table and returned to take my shoes off. My phone buzzed with the incoming message

It flashed across the screen as it read

“I’m guessing you got there safely. Well, just wanted to check in.

Stay safe”

I turned away as I threw my pair of socks onto my shoes sitting at the base of the bed. I wriggled my toes as they were finally set free from hours of being trapped.
I picked up the remote control and turned on the television and skipped through the channels till I ended up on Sportscenter.

The highlights were on as I stretched out in bed and pulled the covers up over my feet.

A yawn and my eyes became heavy.



I was awoken by a gentle series of knocks on the door. I sluggishly lifted myself of the and walked to the door as another series of knocks ended. I looked through the peephole and smiled big.

She was here.

I looked down and fixed my shorts as I opened the door.

There she was gazing beautifully as her amazing smile lit up the doorway.

I was about to say hello when she placed her index finger on my lip and pushed me back into the room. She closed the door behind her and continued to lead me into the room as I travelled backwards.

I arrived on by the bed and then she stopped with pushing down. She leaned in and gave me a kiss.

Then she turned me and pushed me onto the desk chair.

I was looking up at her now as I noticed her in her heels and flowing pee coat. She opened her coat and flashed her toned body as she ran her hand over her navel.

She smiled again and dropped down into a squatting position. Her red Temptation pumps giving her extra height as she pulled down my shorts.

My throbbing member was waiting for an escape and gladdened the opportunity to appear. She kissed the head as her tongue licked it slowly.

The sucks started off slow and soft with her perfect lips giving home to my wanting member.

Her mouth was getting wetter as she attempted to fit it all in her mouth.

She was slurping from top to the base.

Her long occasional strokes on my balls left me wandering if she could actually hear me moaning. I was trying to contain myself but I could feel pleasure travelling into my toes.

The sensation heated up my tailbone but I continued to muffle my moans.

She placed her fingers on her clit and began working her fingers on it. The combination of her sucking and moaning was now driving me insane.

I tried to push her off but she held firm.

She took one more full stroke in and licked balls before I snapped my legs up and pushed her up.

She smiled as she stood up. She licked her lips as she turned around and walked to the bed and then said

“At least I know you still can’t handle the heat on your balls”

She dropped her coat and climbed onto the bed with her heels on. On her fours she arched her back low and said

“Now come and show me how much you’ve missed me”

I removed my shirt and came up behind her. I smiled and licked my lips in preparation for the feast. She already grabbed the sheets tightly in anticipation. I stroked my beard as I climbed up into the bed behind her.

Holding her cheeks wide, I took one long stroke from bottom to top.


Really wet.

It reminded me of Winnie The Pooh trying to lick his honey from a jar in the cartoons.

It was warm and tasted amazing.

My strokes with my tongue were long and pressed on her clit. She began to moan as my tongue explored her wetness. It just wouldn’t stop.

And I wasn’t going to waste any of it.

I spread her pink with my tongue and I slid it deeper and continued to suck all her juices.

I began to nibble on her clit with speed. Alternating between long strokes and a buzzing speed on her clit, I worked it.
Her moans continued to be my form of affirmation and navigation as I prepared my member in waiting to join the party.

I rose up and prepared to slide into her. She looked back at me with that wanting look in her eyes.

It was tight.



Each thrust was met with a moan. Each one louder than the last one, she gripped the sheets like her life depended on it.

The pace picked up as I thrust deeper, she threw it back at me.

Then her wild side kicked in, she said

“Geez! Why are you doing this? “

in that pleading tone. It only caused me to pound harder.

She began yelling

“Fuck you! Fuck you!”

I continued to thrust harder. My balls slamming into her wet clit as she begged

“Fuck me… Fuck meee harder…”

“You know you want to fuck me harder… you know you’ve been wanting this pussy….

Pull my hair…”

I grabbed a handful of her hair with my left and each thrust was hard.

Pounding hard.

My throbbing member searched the depths of her. Touching the walls as the walls of her pink gripped my hard member

She moaned

“Grab my waist and fuck the shit out me.

Spread them wider”

Her words were an added stimulus for me as I tried to contain myself without exploding. I couldn’t keep up for long.

A few more hard thrusts and I was grunting as my seed escaped their coven.

Right next to her, I slumped.

Both of us were covered in sweat and panting for air. I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. She kicked off her shoes and wrapped her legs around mine and said

“I guess you really missed me”

I looked down at her beautiful face and the sly smile that covered it

And said

“I guess I did”

It was silent for a bit as we both caught our breath and then she said

“When was the last time you had it like that?”

I frowned without looking at her and said

“Too long”


Buzz… Buzz… Buzzz….

I heard my name as I opened my eyes. It was Tanya waking me up

“Your phone has been going off”

I looked at her confused and then looked at my phone. It was my wife.

I clicked to answer it and before I said anything, she said

“Andy, your daughter is refusing to go to school today. Fix it cos I’m running late for work”

I sighed and I was now fully aware of where I was and what I was doing

“Janet, did you try asking her why?”

She scoffed and said

“of course I have but she’s like you and won’t talk. Here she is, talk to her”

She handed the phone over to her my daughter Ruby.

“Hey baby, it’s daddy”

I said

“Daddy, I don’t want to go to school today. I don’t like my dress and mummy didn’t buy the cupcakes and my whole class is bringing stuff”

she responded in her soft voice and I said

“Don’t worry baby, mummy will get you some cupcakes and remember that blue dress daddy bought you last month?

Will you wear that to school today?

You look really pretty in it and then we can go for ice cream when daddy gets back okay?”

She instantly replied

“Okay daddy”


“Okay my love. Give the phone to mummy”

I heard her walking and then Janet was back on

“She ready to go now?”

Janet asked

I replied

“Stop at Safeway and pickup 12 cup cakes for her class. Give her the blue dress I bought last month and you’re good to go.”

She chimed back


Anything else?

And when are you coming home?”

I sighed and replied

“Tomorrow night.

Get her to school on time. They do circle first thing in the morning”

I ended the call and dropped my phone Tanya came up behind me and pressed her cold breasts on my back and said

“Everything okay?”

I nodded and then she said

“You know that was supposed to be me?”

I turned to my left side and kissed her as I said

“I know love. I know”

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