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Turbulence 3

Turbulence 3

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Till Forever Runs Out by Alex Vargas

My insides were turning.

My fingers were twitching.

I wanted to punch something. I wanted to scream at the same time.

It made no sense.

How could she?

How could they?

All these years and I just walked around blindly.

I kept pacing in my room while Janet and


“Baby, where are you going?”


I turned and glared at her. I kept quiet as I continued to stuff clothes into the bag.


“Andy, can you at least tell me where you are going with our daughter?”


I turned towards her and yelled


“Our daughter?!

Are you serious?!”


I turned away and then turned back around in anger and said


“You may have birth her but you are not a mother to her!

That is my child and you are not deserving to be called her mother!. So back the fuck off”


She began to cry profusely.

I walked out of the room and into Ruby’s room and packed some of her clothes.


“Andy, please don’t do this?”


she begged as I grabbed my coat and walked out.

I stopped by my car and said


“She is going to be safe with me, so don’t you dare call the police”


I got into the car and I began to back out of the driveway when my phone began to ring. I looked down and it was Ruby’s school.


“Hey Andy, it’s Leslie from the front office. There is a man here claiming he has permission to pick up Ruby?

His name is not on the list though. Did you authorize this?”


The voice travelled into my ears.


“No I didn’t. Do not let him anywhere near my daughter. I will be there shortly”



Anthony was standing in front of the school office when I pulled up. I parked in the handicap-marked space and turned on my hazard lights.

I jumped out of the car and made my way into the office


“Andrew, you know she’s mine just give her up”

My brother said to me. I came up close and got in his face

“I swear Anthony, if it weren’t for the fact that we are at a school right now with kids here. I would beat the shit out of you.

And let’s even assume she’s your daughter on the slightest possibility, it took you 7yrs to step forward????

No Anthony! Fuck you!”

I walked into the office and greeted the people in the office. Leslie was a friend I had made from the PTA meetings. I signed out Ruby on the sign out sheet and I turned around as Anthony said

“Don’t let this get ugly for her sake.”


I again approached him and said in a very quiet voice

“This only gets ugly if you stay involved. Just leave and leave us alone”

I turned around and said to Leslie

“Can you please have the security escort him out of here”

They called the security crew over the walkie talkie and a few minutes later he was being led off the school premises

 “Andrew, you can have them kick me out but you know that girl is mine!

Stop holding on to what ain’t yours baby bro! Give her up to her real daddy”

Anthony yelled loud enough for all to hear as he was taken outside the gates.

Those words were hard to hear but Ruby was mine to protect and until I figured out what was really going on, she was staying closest to me.


 Ruby and I walked to the car and I strapped her into her car seat. I could sense that she was nervous and trying to understand what was going on.

We set out and I drove past the house.

From the back seat, I heard Ruby ask

“Daddy, you passed the house. Where are we going?”

I looked back using the rear view mirror and said to her

“Yes baby.

We are going somewhere else for a little while”

She seemed a bit confused but not hesitant to the idea.

She was quiet for a few minutes as I continued onto the freeway and then she asked


“Daddy is mummy going to meet up there?”

I paused and took a deep breath as I replied

“Soon baby”

I pulled out my phone and called Tanya.

She didn’t pick up the first time and I was feeling frustrated but I dialed again and she answered.

“Is Ruby with you right now?”

she asked


I responded affirmatively without saying words. She asked me

“Are you going to the cabin?”


I replied.

I had texted her some of the details of the developments but she still asked some question. Some I answered without words and some I couldn’t answer.

She knew where I was going and that I would be safe.


 That cabin.

That was where this roller-coaster ride started and ended.

9 years prior was when I met Tanya. A mutual friend who thought she would be a good fit for a spread we were trying to put in the school magazine for the Engineering Club had introduced her to me.

We hit it off instantly.

She was beautiful, talented, funny and most importantly; she was from Saudi Arabia.

Her family had moved here when her older sister was born. They had her here and gave her and American name to facilitate the full experience of growing up in the states.


The piece we were working on was documenting America’s intrusion into Saudi Arabia’s oil market. We wanted a female model to highlight the part of the article that covered women being forced to take care of households more.

Tanya made it on the cover and also into my heart.

We fell in love quick. And I was sure that I was going to marry her.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Things were going smoothly, she got me and well, I appreciated her. Since men will never understand women.


The night we made it official was at the cabin.
My mother had given us permission to throw an end of the school year party with a catering service.

My friends and I drove up there for the weekend.

A bit to drink here, some weed there, pills from anywhere and we were lit.

The night was going well and I was making my rounds and saying hi when I made it up to the study upstairs.

I walked into the study and there was a startled Tanya, reading an encyclopedia.

She was curious to find out things about my family.


My father had died when I was 4.

I hardly knew the man and my mother raised us. My brother and I were everything she dedicated her life to.

She drove us to every practice, every sleepover, baked every kind of cookies and helped produce all our school plays.

Our mother was our rock.

But she was fierce with her job also. She was one of the top lobbyists for the Planned Parenthood organization and was rising to the top quickly.

She took no nonsense from anyone and always spoke her mind.

The best way to describe her was to say that if we were to every get arrested, our only call would be to her. Not because she was our mother but because we knew she was better than any lawyer.


I walked up to Tanya and placed my hand on her lower back as I pulled her close.
We were almost nose to nose when I said

“So we’ve been doing this for a while now. How do you feel about making this official?”

I paused and continued

“Would you be my girlfriend?”

I smiled as she began to smile and she said

“Yes Andy”

The words barely left her mouth as I began to kiss her.


Her lips were soft.

The oils she used in her hair warmed my senses.
Her skin felt cold but that might have been the heat coming through my palms as my hands caressed her body.

I lifted her and placed her on the desk.

Spreading her legs, I stood between her as she wrapped her legs around my thighs. I began to kiss down her neck as closed her eyes and moaned quietly.

I began to unbutton her blouse as I ran my hands downwards.

Cupping her breasts, I squeezed gently and she responded with moans that tingled my ears.

I lifted her skirt up as she began to unbuckle my belt.


On my knees I dropped as I began to kiss my way down her navel.

I reached my destination as I prepared to have my lips make love to her lower lips. I pulled her panties down and smiled as she lifted her legs ready to place them on my shoulders.

I licked my lips and lowered my head as I kissed her pick.




They kissed me back. I began to work my tongue around as my lips became soaked in her wetness. She dug her nails into the back of my head.

I twisted my neck as my tongue worked when the door flung open!


Standing there was Chad, my best friend.


“Yo! There is a fire in the basement bro!”


Tanya was embarrassed and had tried to jump off me and I was getting up as I said


“You couldn’t handle it bro?!

Damn man!”


I pulled my pants up from my ankles as I turned to Tanya and said


“I’m sorry baby. I’ll be back”


I kissed her as she wiped her juices off my chin and said


“Go. I’ll be here trying to find my dignity when you return”


I smiled at her joke and dashed out.

Another friend of mine who had gotten too drunk and dropped his blunt in the wrong place started the fire in the basement.

I put out the flames with the extinguisher but another set of flames were also going to burn out.



I was crushed when Tanya told me she was going back to Saudi Arabia indefinitely after graduation because he parents were planning her wedding for her.
An arranged marriage

I was devastated.

But her family wanted her to continue the family tradition of arranged marriages.

We had been seeing each other for over a year, and I was preparing to bring her home after graduation that this was the woman I wanted to get married to.

Everything fell apart after she left.

Time difference.


Another guy in the picture in her life and family pressures; we slowly drifted apart.

As much as we tried to fight, it didn’t work.


My mother was in the process of making a push for CEO

Tanya had been gone for about 6months at the time I came up to my mother.

The time Janet had gotten pregnant.

Janet and I had been involved and even though we only had unprotected sex once, all it takes is one time.

I was raised to take responsibility for my actions, so I had to man up and get ready to be father.

I had been planning to let my mother know that I was in love with Tanya and wanted her when the Janet situation developed.

I took it as fate that I wasn’t meant to end up with Tanya.

I remember calling Tanya to inform her that I had gotten someone pregnant.

That call was one of the hardest of my life.

I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

I remember her asking me if I was sure and I said yes.


I didn’t hear from Tanya again until after Ruby’s first birthday.

I tried to understand why my mother didn’t try to fight me marrying Janet. Accepting a child is one thing, but because you impregnate a girl doesn’t mean you have to marry her.

My aunt had explained it to me that, my mother being the CEO of Planned Parenthood could not be caught in a scandal where her son, had unprotected sex but more importantly turned down the mother.

I was stuck.

Janet was cool and we were young.

So why not?

I was of the impression that it would all even out and we would be okay.


I never forgot about Tanya and it was very clear to Janet and I that even though we were good parents, we were not in love.

When Tanya came back into my life, she never explained the year long absence but I was just glad to have her back.

She had convinced her family to let her leave the marriage because her husband was abusive and tried to rape her.

She took up the airline job because she never wanted to be caught on the ground.

Always moving from city to city.


Tanya and I began seeing each other after Janet and I agreed that we could explore other love interests but our agreement was “no more kids and we would wait till Ruby was 11 to officially separate”

I was going to be with Tanya and she knew this while she was free to do as she pleased.

But here we were.

I guess I was breaking the agreement because I was not going to stay with her any longer.

I was done.


 I was preparing dinner around 6pm when Ruby walked out of her room. I could hear her little footsteps on the floor of cabin house.

She walked into the kitchen and said


I turned around and faced her as I turned the penne pasta in the saucepan

“Yes love”

I smiled at her

She looked up at me sad and I turned the heat down on the cooker

I dropped to my knees and said

“Whats wrong baby?”

She bowed her head down and said

“I miss mommy”

I felt it.

The reality of what life would be like having to raise her without her mother briefly hit me.

 “Mummy is working love and she’ll be here soon”

She seemed like she didn’t believe me as I kissed her forehead.

“Baby sit down, so we can eat.”

As we ate, Ruby asked me

“Daddy, are you still taking me to Sophie’s birthday party tomorrow?”

I had forgotten about that and here we were almost 3 hours away from home.

I nodded and lied

“Yes love”

We were eating away when I heard a knock at the door.

Ruby and I looked at each other. I told her to stay put while I went to check the door.

I looked through the peephole and there she was.


How did she know I was here?


 “How did you know we were here?”

I asked

She patted my cheek and said

“Child don’t play. You are my son and you go where you can think the clearest in crisis.

We need to talk but first, where is my granddaughter”

She placed her coat and purse on the seat closest to the door as she headed into the dining area.

She knew I wasn’t going to confront her about of that in front of Ruby. She asked me to serve her a plate as she said

“Your brother and Janet are in the car”

I stared at her and said


You brought them here!


She glared at me as she said

“Don’t you raise your voice at me. You know better than that.

We all have things to iron out and they came to me, so here we are”

I was furious.

Why would she even entertain their side????

I could hear them walk into the house as Ruby ran and hugged her mother.

“Daddy, mummy is here!”


Ruby shouted from the living room.

I came into the living room and Anthony was seating on the couch looking as arrogant as ever.

Janet was locked in a hug with Ruby and my mother was pouring herself a glass on wine from the bar.

Anthony smiled at me with that evil smile he taunted me with all our lives growing up. I just wanted to beat him up.

Janet came up to me and said

“Can I talk to you in private please?”


I agreed as everyone was watching me. Janet and I walked into the other room. I said

“What could you possibly want to say to me Janet?”

She actually seemed apologetic as she said


“I just want you to know that I’m sorry and I never meant to hurt you.

I don’t expect you to forgive me but all I want is the best for Ruby.

I jut hope you…”

The doorbell rang.

I cut the conversation short as I walked into the living room. Anthony was standing by the bar now and my mother was by the door getting ready to open it when she said

“Are you expecting anyone?”

I said no.

She opened the door and standing in the doorway was Tanya.

Tanya said with a smile on her

“Evening Mrs David, long time”

My mother said to Tanya

“What are you doing here?”

 Tanya with as direct as I have ever seen her, looked straight at my mother and said

“You know exactly why I am here”

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