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Trapped 2

Trapped 2


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A Huge Thank You to all of you, you have made this possible. To get that many views in only a few months with individual promo, THANK YOU ALL.

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IN CELEBRATION OF #WhatTheHeckMan’s Anniversary, I pulled all the links to ALL my stories from the first one in case you found us after they had started. Enjoy and LEAVE COMMENTS FOR MEEEEEEE!

I am the Undercover Player that used the Remote Control to break the Triangle of Revenge. Only to find out it was all a Mirage. Battle broken, I woke up Empty unable 2 remember it all because of the Amnesia. Now, did I tell you how I got Trapped again?

Amnesia 1 ‪  by @adewus4real




Mirage:  by @adewus4real




Empty by @adewus4real




Undercover Player: by @adewus4real


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Remote Control: by @adewus4real



Triangle of Revenge: by @adewus4real

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Paris:  by @adewus4real


New York:




Bloodstream | Ed Sheeran 

It was almost 91 degrees in one of the early summer days. At the peak of the afternoon around 3pm, I was stumbling out of the bar. I must have been in there for about 3 hours; just drinking. I was trying to drown my feelings in the spirits. It wasn’t working. I was buzzed and definitely tipsy but still heavy hearted.

I hadn’t been home since the hotel. I didn’t know what I would tell my wife when I got home. I was just lost and trying to figure out what to do next. I knew I spent the night in the hotel with Cynthia but…

My phone began to ring; it was my father calling me back.

“Good afternoon, sir”

I started with. My father was not that old. Late forties really but he was an old fashioned man that believed in integrity, family and honour. His motto was that when it came to family, there was never any problem too big to solve.

I narrated last night’s events telling him all that had happened. He only asked me one question,

“Did you sleep with her?”

“No sir”

I responded with confidence bending down and looking at my crotch. I didn’t feel used. I know I didn’t use it.

“Then go home to your wife”

He said and I stopped in my tracks as I heard the end call beep in my ear.

I struggled to find my way to my parked car.  Right before I entered the car I stopped and felt a sadness come over me. This was difficult.

But that was my father; he always fixed everything. As a matter of fact the chains that my life are currently in were because of him. He directed the affairs of everyone in our family and once my mother passed away, he became way too involved. I blamed him for many mistakes I made in my life but he never saw it that way. I loved my father but he had helped trap me.

The man was the State Controller of the funds with connections from New York to the Amazon jungle. He knew people and people in the right places to get things done.


I shouldn’t have been driving as drunk as I was but I did anyways. I ended up at my house and Jae was already home. I walked in and she was on the couch with her legs wrapped under her blanket and her personal jug of water next to her. I always called her a camel for all the water she drank.

I looked at her and she stared back at me, a mixture of regret, love and pain in her eyes. I walked towards her. She stretched out her arms and took me in. My words had hurt her the night before but she was comforting me; it was love.

I knew she loved me and she knew I did too. It was not needed to be expressed in that moment.

She rubbed my head with her hand. I pulled away from her, turned and headed towards the bedroom. Right before walking into the room she asked,


I turned around and nodded. She continued,

“Did you sleep with her?”

I shook my head and slowly said no.

She nodded back and said,

“Take a shower. Your food is in the microwave”

.    .     .     .     .      .

 A few weeks had passed now and things had come back to baseline. It was Wednesday which were notoriously my long days and I was just tired after walking out of my fourth meeting of the day. I slumped into my seat and took in a long deep breath.

Reaching for my phone, I scrolled through my messages. There were a couple from Jae, I actually missed her voice. I wiped on the phone and dialled her number. It rang thrice and then she answered,

Me: Hey mami. How’s your day going?

Jae: Good good. Yours? I just finished a certification for one of our foster homes. I’m heading back to the office now.

She mentioned as she talked through her Bluetooth receiver and drove.

Me: My day has been good. Just long. Too many pointless meetings. Are you up for something fun tonight?

Clearly with a smile on her face, I could usually tell over the phone, she responded,


In her absolutely adorable baby voice.

“I’ll pick you up at 7. I love you baby”

I tapped the end button and dropped the phone. Back to work I went, slaving though numbers and papers trying to earn a living.

A few hours later I was yelling at people trying to weave my way through traffic. It was a little after 7pm and there was absolutely no reason for there to be traffic. Jae was beautiful and gentle but she in no way liked waiting on people. I knew she would be ready and waiting super frustrated when I pulled up. I was throwing out cuss words at slow or even average paced drivers because I didn’t want to be late but I was still late by only by a few minutes. I pulled up totally expecting her to be upset but she opened the door and let herself in and was pleasant with a smile on her face.

She leaned in and planted a kiss on my cheek and rubbed my head down to the back of my neck.

I smiled and began driving, hand in hand. I was feeling great.

She was wearing a tight black skirt that halted at her knees and a pink blouse. We headed to our favourite Mongolian BBQ restaurant and they sat us in our regular spot under the huge wall clock in the corner of the room. We had been sitting in that same spot since we were dating. It was truly one of our favourite places to go as a couple.

Dinner was fantastic as usual. Steamed broccoli, carrots, noodles, turkey, chicken and red meat all cooked into an outrageously tasty dish garnished with onions and supported with steamed fried rice.  It was heavenly. I remember us joking about the fact that none of us had any cash to tip and how the Asian ladies that worked there would always give us the stink eye whenever we didn’t tip.

Filled to the brim, we got out of the restaurant and headed for another restaurant across the street for drinks. I ordered a Bourbon neat and noticed she only ordered a Chai Blossom; a non-alcoholic beverage. The only time Jae elected not to drink with me was whenever she was pregnant but she hadn’t told me anything so I wasn’t going to assume. I was slowly finishing my drink and she ordered a second one. I teased her and called her an alcoholic even though the drink wasn’t. She joked that it was a good drink so she had to order another one.

We just talked and laughed. It felt great to just let loose with the woman I loved and forget about the rest of the world for a bit.

We left and headed back to the house. I backed the car into the garage. I was going to put my suitcases in for my next trip out of town the next day.


Spiritual by Tay

We walked into the living room and she sat on the couch, pretending to fall asleep. I knelt down in front of her and pulled her to the edge of her seat. Running my hands along the outsides of her thighs, she knew what I wanted to happen. It was pitch black bar the ray of light from the cable receiver behind me.

On my knees, our heads were still at the same level. I pulled her closer and passionately kissed her, looking for deeper depths my tongue began to search. I took her into my mouth as our bodies plunged deeper into each other. I wanted to feel all of her. So much of the tension she had in her, I could feel in her shoulders as my hands ran across it.

I began kissing her lips, moving to her soft cheeks and then her neck. She slowly knocked her head back, my tongue wagged up and down as my lips pursed on her neck. She clutched me tighter and lay back as I leaned forward on top of her.

Slowly still planting kisses along her neck bone, I took off her blouse revealing her full breasts. They dropped down in front of me and I bent down further to take her left breast into my mouth. Sucking on her nipple, I cupped the other in my right hand and worked in varying soft to hard squeezes. Her moans were now louder. I knew I was closer and she was getting wetter.

I left the top and headed down south. I pulled her skirt up revealing her black lace panties. I maintained eye contact as I pulled them off slowly. I flung them somewhere behind me and began to kiss her inner thighs. I followed the sound of her wetness as they seeped out of her pink. I licked my lips, she rolled her eyes, and inhaled loudly.

I pushed her back and held her legs up and apart, I could see her dripping out. I licked my lips again; I felt the chills through her calves as I held them up high. I drove my head in and in one sweep; I lapped all her chocolate juices as they were flowing out of her. She let out a loud moan and clinched my head. Tighter she squeezed as I dug deeper in her. My tongue feeling the warmth of her walls as they clamped in on my tongue that was swimming its way through all of her wetness.  I asked her to get up, she looked at me as if to plead with me, she knew what was coming. On her fours, she knelt on the couch with me placed ready to pounce on her now throbbing clit. She was now backing me as I used my hands to spread her butt cheeks revealing a clear line of sight into her pink. I placed my tongue inside, she grabbed the leather and bit into them. I began to nibble on her clit.

“Shitttttttttt…… Dadddyyyyyyyy. Please don’t fucking stop”

I wasn’t sure why she would say that especially since I had no intention of letting up anyway. She was going crazy as I smacked her butt and continued to shove my tongue in and out of her pussy while everything from my nose to my cheeks were covered in her creamy juices. She was in that same position with her soft cheeks spread apart when I stood up and slid my patiently waiting member into her. With her perfect black braids adorning her head, I grabbed them and tugged them. She turned sideways as I slid in and out, moaning and begging me to take it easier on her but she knew too well that I wasn’t going to. I continued my thrusts, my left hand filled with hair and the right one grabbing her waist while aiding support of my thrusts into her.

She was dripping onto my shaft, I looked down in between a forward motion and noticed her creamy juices lubricating my hard dick. The rest of her juices had flowed down my shaft onto my sack as it smacked her clit with every pump.

“Baby, pleaseeee… pleaseee don’t break me. Pleaseeeeee,,……”

“Smack my ass daddy! Yeah… Just like that”

I knew I neared my climax and I didn’t want to. She turned and said,

“Fuck me harder, baby”

That was like my trigger word. Almost like no matter what stage we were during sex, if that line was said, I almost always came then.

I immediately pulled out of her. She slowly turned around and noticed that my beard was still soaked from feasting on her.

“Wait… is that me?”

She said pointing at my face

“All you baby, all you”

I responded. She giggled and with her puppy eyes said,

“You didn’t even let me ride it”

My member heard the message and immediately shot up. I got on the carpet and lay down. She walked over and squatted over me while slowly taking me inside her. She placed both hands on my chest and began to bounce her soft ass on my package. I was losing it and worried I was going to ejaculate at any moment. She was bouncing up and down really focused, you could tell she was about to hit her heights and drip some more all over me. I was also about to cum but I couldn’t before her. I pushed her off me and told her to get on her fours. She looked angry like I had taken all her hopes away from her. I got behind her and pressed down her back, poking her ass up and I slid inside her. I put my finger around her waist and stationed it on her clit. Keeping my stroke, I began to flick her clit really fast. Her legs began to shake, I fought back my exploding and waited for her to cum first. She went silent and the began to yell,

“Fuck you, Marcel!!!!! Fuck youuuuuuuuu”

As it all got really wet and her legs continued to shake, she squirted all over my dick as I grunted and shot my load into her. We slumped next to each other. She smacked me on my chest and said 

“You know that was cheating right”

I smiled as I tried to catch my breath. We lay there naked. It felt good. She placed her head on my chest as I stroked it. My eyes got heavy.

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, it was 7:46am. Shit! I had over slept. My flight was in 45 minutes and I was just waking up. I tried to rush up and I realized I was naked but covered with a comforter. Jae was walking towards me with a plate of food.

“Good morning my King”

She said with a smile on her face.

“Morning babe. Why didn’t you wake me?! You know I have a flight to catch”

I said not knowing exactly how to be angry. She continued to smile as she knelt down next to me, placed the food down and kissed me on my forehead. She had something about kissing lips due to morning breath.

“I’ve taken care of it. I moved your flight to 10am and I didn’t want to wake you. You looked so peaceful. It’s only the second time I’ve ever seen you pass out after sex before me. I must have really rocked your world last night.”


She teased me. I looked at her and shook my head. She was right. I was spent and I hadn’t felt more connected to her in recent times.

I watched her naked body as she walked back into the kitchen. Round two followed shortly after.

.     .     .      .      .       .

 It had now been 3 months since our last major argument and things had been going well. Just expect life to throw a big wrench in everything. I had just returned from another one of my work trips and I was looking forward to going home to spend time with my wife at home. I breezed through security and headed for my car in the airport garage. I let myself into my car and the Ford Focus tried to automatically sync my phone to the Bluetooth but notified me it couldn’t. I had forgotten to turn my phone on. I pushed the button and waited for it to go on.

I turned on the heater and pushed on the seat warmers. As my phone turned on, I got a flood of messages and voicemails. What happened while I was on my 5 hour flight? I asked myself.

I listened to the first message and it was the hospital notifying me that my wife had been admitted.  Subsequent messages from my father and my wife’s sister confirmed that she was in the hospital and they were with her. I placed my phone down in the seat next to me and slowly tears began to trickle down my cheeks.

Another one?

This was all too familiar now and it was eating me inside. I felt trapped and powerless. What could I do to help?

We had prayed, fasted and even gone from doctor to doctor. Nothing.

I took a few more minutes to gather myself and then I headed for the hospital.

I arrived and I already knew my way through the ward. I had been here many times. I got to the nurses desk and she pointed me towards the room my wife was in. I walked there and my father was standing outside on his phone. I shook his hand and exchanged greetings when a nurse walked out of the room. I asked her if it was okay to see her now and she said yes.

I attempted to start walking into the room when my dad placed his hand on my shoulder pulling me back. He looked at me and said with concern in his eyes,

“Son, we have a problem”

I was confused as I stopped in my tracks. He didn’t say anything further. I walked into the room and saw my wife. She looked weak and ordinary. Not like the fighter I knew her to be. I walked to her side and held her hand as she looked up to my eyes.

I was sitting trying to tell her it was going to be okay and that I loved her. The doctor walked in and introduced herself.

“Hi, my name is Dr. Nia. And you must be her husband….”

She stopped her statement with her hand outstretched towards me as I raised my head up to look at her.  My wife didn’t catch the awkward exchange as the doctor withdrew her hand. I looked at my dad in disbelief, he nodded. I looked back at the doctor and then my wife, all while having this look of shock on my face. I recognized her and she recognized me.

I not only recognized her. I recognized the problem. I slowly sat back into my seat as my brain left the room. I looked up at Nia one more time. All that came to mind was…

“What the FUCK man!!!!”


Lookout for Part 3 of TRAPPED next Saturday

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