Triangle of Revenge


One shoe. Black sock. Black stocking. Fuck.


You know that moment that always makes you cringe in the movie when you hear someone say, “it’s the devils fault”? Well, I just had that moment.

And I blamed myself. I blamed everything in my existence. I hated this. I hated her. I hated the day I met her. Our first date, our first kiss, our first trip and, ultimately, the first time I told her I loved her.


We had been to Paris and back; wedding date was set in Bordeaux for next spring. “It was all going according to plan until I walked into my apartment and there she was, in my bed – with my friend.

A guy I called my friend. Kelvin Jr. and I had gone way back. I had known him for the better part of 3 years now, how could have had sex with my fiancé?


She had been different since we came back from Paris. I’m not a saint, but I knew it was around the time my new coworker started at my office. Long story short, we went out for her birthday and she came on to me. I told my fiancé immediately I got home because I didn’t want any problems, but I guess she felt threatened. She began with this passive aggressive attitude, leaving things hanging and not feeling the need to fix things whenever we argued. The silent treatment was now a regular thing. Could I have made her feel more loved? Could I have been there more? Did I not do enough? I questioned myself as I took another gulp. Jack, Daniel’s had been my closest friend this past month since I walked in on her having sex with one of my best friends.


. . . .

It’s 2am and I’m walking through the rainy streets of Seattle wondering, thinking…but blanking. I was still confused. I couldn’t make sense of why. We had been together 6 years and known each other for twelve. So, why? I had only begun hanging out with Kelvin for about 3 years, but we had known each other for about 8 years. Did she think this was fair? What was she thinking? Questions racing through my head. 


I had begun to suspect her fooling around with someone and then one day I “found” a message on her phone from a number saved as “Travel Agent”, asking what she was wearing. She carefully talked her way into making me feel like I was overreacting when I lost it that night. I began to feel bad even though I was fuming. That next day, she showed up, and this particular Saturday was supposed to be both our days off, so we had planned to spend it together. We started off the day, and I woke her up with breakfast in bed. She woke up and smiled at me, kissed me and then we ate. I cleared the tray when she was done and I told her to jump into the shower while I went downstairs to drop the plates…but I didn’t. I stood on the stairs, waited for her to enter the shower and once she had entered, I came up in the shower behind her and I started to wash her body, getting her all foamed up. And then when I rinsed her down, I bent her over and began to eat her out from the back. Much to her satisfaction, as it drove her crazy. Hot water flowing onto my head as I feasted on her body while she passionately rubbed my head. We get out the shower, dried off and got ready to leave. Our first stop was to this store to buy some clothes, so we entered the store and she picked out the clothes she wanted and then started heading to the changing room to try them on. As she went, I watched her soft, round ass sway side to side and that gave me an idea! With my freaky mind, I ran behind her and followed her into the changing room. Without saying a word, I pulled down her pants, pushed her panties to the side and I slid my dick into her pussy. She gasped! She couldn’t make any sound because people would have heard her. I kept sliding in and out of her pussy and she kept silently moaning and scratching the wall – and I loved it. We kept fucking till she came with me grabbing her breasts and holding her waist and with her ass in the air. Once she came, we walked out like nothing had even happened! It was epic!

“Watch where you’re going!” someone yelled to me as I almost bumped into them walking on the road. That voice snapped me back to reality. I had drifted away because of an amazing day in what is now a… nah fuck it! Back to my thoughts, I remember that day went by; we had lunch (quickie in the bathroom), ice cream and then dinner on the town. She was in the black dress that I had bought her earlier in the day. We finally made it home and proceeded to have some shots and cocktails till we were both decently buzzed. I started to kiss her again, from her neck to her lips, then her breasts, then her navel, and I worked my way down to her pelvic area moving around her waist while she started to moan slowly. I could now smell her love juices dripping out of her creampie and I was getting ready to devour. I dropped her underwear, the black lace ones I like, and I started to move my tongue around her pussy without really touching it and she was moaning, as if begging me to eat her out already. I finally caved in and started eating her pussy. I started off slow and then I turned the heat up and then back to slow. She was moaning so loudly! Moaning my name, telling me “don’t fucking stop” “you’re killing me” “please baby!” But I don’t even listen. I could hear miss Bischel banging on the walls for us to keep it down, but fuck her. I had already told myself I wouldn’t stop until she came for me, multiple times. I wanted all her juices all over my face. All over my nose all the way down to my chin. I wanted to eat her pussy so good and come up for air and watch her eyes roll back into their socket. I wanted her to know who owned that pussy. I kept eating and she kept moaning and begging, but I didn’t listen.  I went in deeper and deeper and she let out so many different moans, saying all sorts crazy shit like “Don’t stop! Yes daddy!!! Eat that pussy, it’s yours!! Oh yeah… Oh yes papi!!!” And then it happened! She started to cum in my mouth! Yes! Fresh, sweet, hot chocolatey juices, and I loved it. I carried her upstairs to my bedroom and she pushed me onto the bed and started on my dick. Since we were both buzzed, I was expecting some hot steamy dirty sex and, trust me, that’s all I got!  After a while she asked me what I wanted her to do to me and I said, “you’re in control baby”. She had me lay on my back and then she got on my dick and started riding like she was horseback riding.  She fucked me with purpose. Like she was trying to send a message across to me. I thought it was to remind of how much she loved me but in hindsight, I think she fucked me like she thought I was someone else. Her ass was clapping on my dick and fucking driving me crazy. I was saying all kinds of crazy shit and then she pulled my dick out of her pussy and then started to put it into her mouth. She sucked me to that point where she knew I was about to explode and in one sweeping motion, moved her tongue to the tip of my shaft and cupped my balls tightly into her hand.  I couldn’t take it! I turned her over, took back control and I slid my dick inside her tight, wet, juicy pussy and she kept moaning and yelling out all these crazy things. And the more I pounded her tight, wet pussy. After various positions (her on her chest and me laying on her back with my shaft inside her, up against the wall, her on top and riding me, eating her a*s) I turned her over so I could hit from the back in my favorite position, with the best view of her sexy ass bouncing as I hammered it from the back. I told her to look back at me and she did, moaning all the while and that driving me crazy! I started getting ready to explode inside her and she began to yell at me, “cum for me daddy!” I was so hard – not even trying, but her moaning was so fucking sexy and it was so hard not to be! I began shooting my load of cum into her. I squeezed her waist tighter as I let it all out. I slumped onto the bed. She got up, put her clothes back on and proceeded to leave. I was shocked. She would almost always want to cuddle right after sex; I should have seen the signs. I must have been so blinded by love. Fuck!


I could hear my phone ringing. Really? Who’s calling at this hour? I picked up the phone as I turned the corner back onto my street. It was Rachel, Kelvin’s now ex, I guess.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Around,” was my bland response. Rather persistent, she asked again, “Are you home?”

I couldn’t mask the slight disgust in my voice, “I’m around the corner”.

“Okay…” she started to say in a small voice. “Well I let myself in, so hurry back.

And, oh, I’m naked”.

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