Where are my shorts?! I couldn’t be bothered to look for them so I threw on my blue pair of jeans, my sleeveless striped blue top and I turned around to get a better view of my ass. Yes! I said under my breath, those squats for the past 2 weeks have been working. Now my hair, ugh! I was already running late, I had just gotten out of a meeting about an hour ago and I still have a drive to meet up with this guy. Don’t laugh. And yes, I was going on a date at 2:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Hair up or down? Not time to flat iron, up in a bun it is. He doesn’t have a choice anyway, it’s my hair and I get to show off my piercings on my left ear, even though one still hurts. It looks good though, so who cares about the pain?
It had not been a purely physical attraction between me and this guy, Danny. Danny had wanted me before about a year ago and I turned him down basically citing that I didn’t think I was ready for a relationship. Times have changed and we have gotten to know each other a little better. We’re also at different places in our lives. I just moved into my new apartment, hence my lack of motivation to unpack and look for actual clothes to wear and he still works with youth teaching at an elementary school about an hour outside town. I’ve always felt that he had this want for me, like he would sometimes smile or look at me like he wanted to do things to me that I would not be able to tell a minor. But it was cool though, Danny stayed a gentleman.
He was late again as usual. I think I have gotten accustomed to his being late. He walked out and came up behind me and hugged me. We chatted for a bit before we set out to go bowling. There was something about him. He seemed diff. A little taller even. I think it was all the weight loss and eating healthy bit he had been rambling about. So the games began and much to my surprise, I was winning. We played 3 games and I would end up winning every single one, like I said, he was a perfect gentleman but I was pissed. I felt he had thrown all those games and as an independent woman like myself, I don’t like hand outs. We finished bowling and then we set out to watch a movie. Whatever the movie was called I cannot even remember, the incidents in the theater though, I’d never forget. Midway through the movie, a scary movie, a scene practically terrified the bones out of our bodies and as cliché as it might sound, I clutched tightly to his hand, he turned and slowly in the theater, like we were in our own movie, we kissed. It was slow, passionate and sweet. His lips tasted like a fusion of fruits as he wiped off all my MAC lipstick on my lips. Taking me in. I felt a chill go down my spine very quickly and then, the kiss broke. Like we did not expect it to happen, we turned and faced the screen. My mind was racing, all the sound was gone and all I could hear were my thoughts asking my heart questions like what just happened. I liked it. I really did but I wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen next. He hadn’t said anything either, face straight to the screen; mum. Nothing from the two of us in an empty theater as the movie we were watching was already in theaters for 6 weeks and of course, it was a Tuesday afternoon. Once my heart stopped racing and all appeared calm, I looked down and to my biggest surprise, we we’re still holding hands! I didn’t know what to do! Do I let go? Do I hold tighter?! I was asking all the questions but not getting any answers!
Danny and I had been “talking” for about 2 years now and I seriously felt that there was a high level of sexual tension between us but I always felt that he was too timid to take a decision and do something about it. I did not know that what he would do next would blow my mind. Danny leaned in a second time and whispered in my ear, “I want to do very naughty and dirty things to you”. In a split second I felt like I was swimming waist deep in a pool of water, everything instantly felt wet and hot and the same time. And then he proceeded to kiss me again, this time wetter than the first. I clutched his hand tighter and he responded by kissing me deeper. Then he began working his way around my body, down my neck, planting soft and smooth kisses as slowly and controlled like he knew all the areas around my body. My neck is my spot though and I wanted to scream! But the best was yet to come. He dropped down to his knees, maintaining eye contact, he unzipped my pants and began pulling them down. I was shocked! In awe, I was not sure how to feel, whether to be excited or scared that this was happening now! He started to kiss me around my navel, and then he moved my panties to the side and he slid his hot tongue into my pussy. I gasped. It was hot! It felt so good! I began to moan lightly trying to keep my voice down but I couldn’t! The things he did with his tongue were magical, I was dripping and he was lapping every drop as quickly as possible as if to make room for more. The part that shocked me the most was the fact that he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. Who was this guy?! That one kiss awoke this freak?! Oh my GOSH! He just pushed every inch of his tongue into! I screamed in pleasure and had to try to contain myself after! It was too late. The movie theater staff must have heard something and was coming from the front of room. Danny slowly got up as if not caring whether he got caught or not and then sat in his seat next to me. I couldn’t believe all that had just transpired as I put my pants back on. Did I just have my pussy eaten out in a movie theater?! What the fuck!
As we walked to our separate cars, he said he didn’t want to go home yet and that he was having a lot of fun with me. I saw it as my opportunity to get even, what he did to me in there would not go unanswered! I wanted immediate revenge. So I asked if he wanted to come over to my apartment. He obviously jumped at the opportunity.
I arrived at the apartment before he did as he parked his car. I quickly cleaned up myself in the bathroom and poured out two glasses of wine and then I heard a knock on the door. How did he make it up 5 flight of stairs so quickly?! He obviously wanted something, I smiled to myself as I let him in. He did not hesitate; he pulled my closer to his body and planted a hot kiss on my lips. I melted right into his arms. He backed me into the door and continued kissing me. I just wanted to fall into his arms. His arms were so strong! His lips soft! He smelled good too! I couldn’t win! I was supposed to be getting revenge but I think I was getting overtaken. In one swoop he lifted me off the ground and moved me to into my room. He dropped me onto the bed slowly and lifted my skirt. He then began to eat my pussy out and this time, he wasn’t being nice He was making a passionate mess, his tongue explored every corner while my juices flowed like a river back in the stormy month of October. Danny was filling himself up while enjoying every corner of my body. And then I turned the tables, running out from under his grasp, I swung him over and had him now lay on the bed. I only needed to unzip his pants as his package was erect and ready to burst through the seams. When I put his dick in my mouth, I heard him gasp and tried to hold it in, it pissed me off and so I began slowly sucking on just the top bit of his dick, the most sensitive part. HE could not contain himself and he began to moan lightly and that turned me on even more. After about 20 minutes I felt he was going to explode and so I slid the condom on his dick and sat on it. Straddled in cow girl position with my hands on his chest, I began to ride. Up and down my pussy walls flexed on his penis as he literally wanted to bed for mercy and I was enjoying hearing him moan my name. I began to smile as I knew I was hitting his spots when he turned me over and began to slowly drive his dick down into my pussy. It was so deep I was feeling it hit my gut. The moans were loud and wanting. He gave me more. He increased and reduced the pace as he saw fit as he drove his big dick inside my pussy. I moaned and yelled that he fuck me “harder, faster, deeper!” It spurred him even more as he grabbed me by my waist and began to pound me. He then turned me over and began to plough his dick deeper and deeper into me from the back. He was pulling my hair as I was turning back and making eye contact with him. It only served to increase the heat, watching the sweat dripping down his chest as he manfully explored my deepest regions of my being made me want to explode and as I neared my climax, I looked for a way out, I wanted to cum! It felt so good I wanted to run but he grabbed me tight, pushed in deeper and forced me to cum all over the bed with his dick inside my pussy. It was amazing. I fell face down and began to knock out. I heard him go into the bathroom and that’s all I remember about that part of the night. It’s morning time now and I’m writing this, he’s still in bed (2 more rounds of this body would do that to you) and here I am in my robe wondering how explosive this summer will be on account of last night, I’m excited. I do have to clean up though and I hate that part because even the best of actions can easily leave a “mess”. I just hope this doesn’t.Image

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