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Zuliha 3

Zuliha 3


Our family was a mess.

Somewhere deep in me, I couldn’t believe it.

I was disgusted and excited at the same time. The excitement I felt within my bones, caused me to be more disgusted with myself.

“How could this have happened?”

My sister and my father?

The man that raised us?!

You always hear that the world is a crazy place but you never truly understand how crazy till it passes right through your own home.

The next few months were weird to say the least.

I want to say there were separated because he wasn’t sleeping at home all the time.

And my sister kept the baby.

I was actually amazed to find out that my father publicly announced that he was the father.

My sister and her husband were finalizing their divorce.

He left and didn’t give her anything.

It wasn’t like she wanted it anyway.

But it shook the family to the core.


I sat down on the bed as the wear of the long day began to get to me.

I was tired.

My mind was racing at insane speeds.

I needed answers but I wasn’t even sure what answers I wanted first or even the questions I was meant to ask.

I just lay there, texting and reading emails. I remember thinking about what I wanted to eat for dinner and then thinking about making something for Cole.

I had been staying with him most days during the recent weeks as we had become much closer and officially dating.

I decided to make some lentil soup with a side of sweet potatoes.

One yawn and then I decided to take a quick nap. I think you can imagine how that went.


I felt his arm around me as he tapped me to wake up.

“Babe, you’re not ready?”

I looked startled as he said

“We have dinner plans?…”

It made more sense and I realized I had forgotten about dinner plans. I immediately got up and started getting ready.

That evening as we finished dinner, we walked up the hill towards the car.

As we arrived at the traffic stop, I thought we were about to take a right turn. He placed his hand around my lower back and pointed to his left.

The man on the screen lit up as the system blurted out “Cross”

A few more blocks and we ended up in front of a Gentlemen’s club called Penthouse.

I turned to him and smile, he tipped the man at the door and we walked in.

In the lobby, the attendant greeted us and asked if he was there to make it rain on me.

He sheepishly smiled and said he was there to watch me have a great time.

He collected a stack of ones and we headed into the main area.

I just watched how his eyes followed me.

As we sat down and stripper after stripper came through, his eyes were still fixed on me.

Sometimes I would catch him staring and he still wouldn’t shirk the fact that he was staring.

Towards the end of our time there, one of the ladies came up to me and asked if I wanted a dance.

I glanced over to him and he paid.

Off she went. Boobs, ass, kisses and endless compliments. She fell in love with me.

He just fixed on me.

I could see his brain working creatively on how he was going to take me.

As we headed home, I could feel him driving faster than normal.

He couldn’t wait to get home.

As he drove, he placed his right hand on my thigh. I could feel the flood gates opening.

But my jumpsuit prevented him from going any further.

As arrived in the house, I went into the bathroom to take my make up off.

When I returned to the room, he had it lit up with candles.

Smooth jazz instrumentals played in the back ground.

He walked up to me and told me to close my eyes.

I reluctantly obliged.

He undressed me and led me to the bed.

Laying me on my back, I was trying to figure out what he was doing.

Then I felt the cold of metal on my wrist and a click.

“What are you doing?”

I asked.

“Shut up”

He replied.

Suddenly the same thing happened on the other hand.

It was clear that I was now handcuffed to the bed frame.

Hands dangling as my naked skin became home to his touch.

He asked me to open my eyes and there he was with that smile.

That almost evil look.

He knew what it did to me.

He leaned in and kissed me. His moist lips all over mine.

I felt a twitch in my spine.

As he kissed me, all I could think was I wanted him inside me like right now

I remembered how wet he got me and how I was dripping now.

He went down and kissed my pink.

His tongue played with my clit and teased the opening of my pussy.

My juices flowed and stained his mouth and beard.

He vibrated his tongue all over my clit and I tried to push him off but I obviously couldn’t.

He pinned my legs towards my chest from behind my knees. He was so strong.

He kept going and as I said “I’m going to cum”,

He stopped, uncuffed one hand. Turned me and grabbed my hair and thrust his dick into me fucking me hard as he could.

The way he pulled on my head turned me on but not as much as the way he choked me while he rammed his dick into me and his balls slapped my clit.

With each thrust, I could feel my wet drip onto his balls,

Every inch occupied by his able member.

I moaned louder  as he spanked my ass and talked dirty to me.

“Who’s pussy is it?”

I moaned and said

“Your’s baby. Yours!”

He grabbed my waist tighter and rammed his black package into me.

I went silent as I clutched the sheets.

It was like he was about to break me.

He leaned in, his grunts were sexy as he released his seed.

He slumped next to me.

I fell into the bed face down.

Seconds later, I turned to my right to look at him.

He was trying to catch his breath. I smiled and thought to myself

“He put in work.”

I looked up to the sky and smiled again.

A refreshing smile, if only my legs would stop shaking. 😊

A few minutes later, I turned over, worry across my face and placed my head on his chest as I asked

“Babe, do you think my family is dysfunctional?”

I looked up towards his face awaiting his answer. He leaned his head downwards and said

“No I don’t babe.

Every family has their own stuff. I wouldn’t call you dysfunctional.

I just think there is a lot going on for your family”

I smiled and then I said to him

“I’m glad you’re coming with me tomorrow”

He rubbed my head and kissed my forehead and said

“Me too baby”


We set out at 4am.

A four and half hour drive to start the day as we made our way across the state.

I was nervous and praying as Cole drove us down.

I tried to distract myself with music and abstract thoughts. Nothing worked.

It felt like my first day of school, I just kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

We arrived and I sat in the car refusing to step out.

I just put my head down and started crying.

I realized that it was uncomfortable for Cole who reached out and came to my side of the car.

He squatted by the door and placed my hands in his.

He looked me in the eyes and said

“Babe, I know this is hard and scary but you have wanted this for years.

We have finally gotten close. You can’t give up now.

I am here with you and we can do this together. I will be here with you the entire way.

Okay baby?”

I sniffled as I wiped away my tears and said

“But… but… what if she doesn’t want me or even remember me?

What if she’s against a relationship with me?”

He rubbed my hand and said

“Babe, that won’t happen.

We’re just going to go in there and hope for the best. Thats all we can do and I will be right by your side”

His words comforted me. I wiped my tears and stepped out of the vehicle.

Into the open space, we walked in.

It almost felt like a walk through the yard in an episode of prison break.

We arrived at the check in window and the lady asked me for my name and purpose for visiting

“Hi, my name is Zuliha and I’m here to see my mother; Adele Roberts”

She looked at her computer as she said

“Drivers license, please?”

I reached into my wallet and removed my card which I handed to her.

She typed something in the computer for a bit and then, handing my drivers license back to me, she said

“I’m sorry but we do not have a patient by that name here”

I was surprised.

I said

“Excuse me?

I spoke to the manager last week before coming out here. What do you mean she’s not here?”

The lady perked up and said

“Ma’am, we have no patient by that name here.

I’m sorry but I can’t help you”

I began to get irritated.

“What do you mean?

Are you trying to tell me that I drove 4+ hours for someone thats not here?

After I called the manager and got all the details?

Can you at least check the system? There must be a mistake”

She looked at me and with a straight face and said

“We cannot disclose details of our patients to non family members”

I wanted to jump across the desk and punch her in the face.

I was stunned.

And then Cole said

“Can we get the supervisor or a manager?”

She smirked and said

“He is in a meeting right now but you are more than welcome to sit and wait for him”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Like what the heck man.

How did I drive this far and after all this searching to not find my mother.

Why couldn’t the universe just afford me one victory?

Cole and I walked to the seats and sat down

“Babe, whats going on?”

He looked at me as he tried to contain his surprise

“I’m not sure but we’ll figure it out.


I couldn’t contain myself.

How could I have gotten so close, only to be stopped at the last minute and what do they mean by she’s not here?

I was starting to twitch. And uncomfortable tick with my foot as I waited.

It must have been about 10 minutes and then the managers door flung open.

Out came the manager and my father.

I just sat there in shock.

Cole looked at me expecting a response but I was in shock.

He looked at me and said

“Hello Zuliha”

I couldn’t even muster a response.

He shook the hand of the manager and headed out of the door.

I looked over to Cole and he said

“What The Heck Man”

The manager gave us the same lie the receptionist lady gave.

I was so overwhelmed and I started crying.

I had gotten my hopes up so much and to have that taken away was so heartbreaking.

Sobbing, my face covered in tears and snot, I entered the car and as we were about to drive off, there was a tap on the car window.

I wiped my tears as Cole let the window.

The receptionist lady said


I’m so sorry about earlier. I was just trying to keep my job but I wasn’t lying when I said your mother was not here.

She was up until last night.

The overnight staff told me that she was drugged and moved to another facility.

My guess is that it has something to do with you coming today.

Here is the name of the facility they took her to.

If you are her daughter, you may need the help of the police but you may be able to see her that way.

Again, I’m sorry and good luck”

She finished and scurried away.

The shock on Cole’s face was everything that the situation was.

“Something weird is going on and I’m going to figure it out”

I said as I stepped out of the car and standing outside the car, my dad drove up and said

“Zuliha, let it go.

You have lived all your life without her. Why do you need to talk to her now?”

I walked up to his car and said

“I know you’re doing this because I exposed your secret but don’t worry, I will get to the bottom of this one too and the world will see you for the dirty and incompetent father you are.

You can count on that.”

I walked back into my car and said to Cole


I was going for revenge and the gloves were off now.

Anything and anyone could be collateral damage but I was going to get my answers, regardless of who I had to take down in the process.

End of Part 3


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