Remote Control

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My thumb was hurting from liking every pic on my Instagram timeline. Well, excluding Cynthia’s, she’s a bitch. Story for another day.

Zzzzz…. Zzzzz…. Zzzzz…

I really didn’t want to check my phone as I was trying to convince myself that I was going to sleep before 2am.a


I still ignored, keeping my eyes glued to my alarm clock on the right side of my bed with my back to my phone. It seemed to be the only way to get any kind of sleep as my sentencing to a life as an insomniac continues.


Oh fuck it! I turned around and cut the vibrating notification midway. The super bright lights of my new IPhone were blinding my eyes. I punched in the code and opened up my Whatsapp messaging. Sigh. It was Tunde.

Tunde and I have been an on and off thing for a few years now. I think 4 to be exact. We met in my second year of University, his last. He was funny, charming and he wanted me. Everything he said or did, showed me that I was the woman he wanted but I didn’t want him. I had my eyes on someone else. Someone I thought at the time was “badder and better” than him. His name was Shile. But this isn’t about him.

Time has passed and water has sailed under and rained on the bridge of our friendship and Tunde has still been close. We were much closer than this until he graduated and secured a great job. He started to take better care of himself, his style changed, even the kind of girls attracted to him were classier. Heck! I’d say he found his real swag and was swimming in confidence.

New job. New car. New apartment. New Tunde.

I sometimes had to remind myself that this was the same dude that was offering me a rose a few Valentines’ ago and I totally shut him down. I’m surprised I did all that to him but he still stayed and didn’t cut me out of his life. Last year around my birthday, my boyfriend at the time decided a few weeks ahead to go to South Africa on business and subsequently missed my birthday. He was away talking about “I’ll bring your birthday gift back for you”. I was like no o! Keep whatever they’ve given you there to yourself. Ass.

I was home most of the day when Tunde hit me up and asked me to dinner for my birthday. I didn’t have any other plans but I didn’t want to seem pathetic so I told him to let me see if I could move things around and then maybe we could go. We went out that night and I had an amazing time. He was such a gentleman and his gift, a nice Versace perfume set was one of the best I got that day. That night, it happened.

Weeks later, I began to see myself falling for Tunde but he was different now. Still sweet and caring but I constantly felt like I was now having to duel for his attention with other women. Things were not the same. He replied my texts late, didn’t always call back when he said he would and was sometimes too busy to hang out, even when I was the one offering my time. It was like he’d figured the right line where being a nice guy and an asshole crossed and never really crossed to either side.

We’ve had sex a few more times since then but it was always this pattern. He would hit me up late at night to either come through or vice versa. We handle our business and then gone. For the most part while I was talking to my new man, I didn’t mind. Tunde’s dick game was good and so I played my part like a team player and caught the pass whenever it was thrown my way. Don’t you even dare call me a hoe!  Because I know you have one guy like that in your life. We all ain’t shit.

I had sworn I wouldn’t do this anymore. It was a new year but here I was fixing my booty shorts making sure that my butt was hanging out just enough. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was ready to go. I slipped on my stripped blue and yellow socks, grabbed my keys off the dining table and out the door I went.

Looked at the clock and it was now 2:19am. I had 41 minutes to make it down to his place, those mallams close the gates at 3am and it can be a pain to have them let you in. I was already on the bridge to the island when I realised how I was dressed could end up being a problem. I could see the tiny white light ahead on the way. The policeman was waving his flashlight and motioning me to park.  He motioned for me to wind down my window, which I did.

“Madam, where you dey go at this hour?” Asking me where I was en-route to. “Don’t you know these streets are dangerous and they can harm you?” he continued. I had to lie.

“Oga I know o, I dey go pick up my friend from her boyfriend house. She just call me say dem dey fight”. I told. He seemed truly concerned for a bit and said “make I follow you go there?”  while he looked down my low cut Mckenzie T-shirt.

“No need sir, she no dey in danger”. He looked at me again and smiled as if seriously holding his tongue from saying something inappropriate and then he told me to go ahead and be safe.  Sigh, I shook my head.


I cursed. Glancing at the car clock, that exchange had set me back another 4 minutes. I would be so pissed if I had to talk my way into that apartment because of this useless police officer. Hitting 80mph, I barely made it there as I pulled in the parking spot it was 2:57am. Close.

.  .  .  .  .

 The next challenge was getting up to his apartment. For as nice as his apartment was the worst part about it was the fact that it was on the 12th floor and in this country, Nigeria, if there was no light? Welp! You were pretty much screwed. There was light at his place but the apartment complex would not use the generator they were using to power the elevator so I had to walk. Right before I started walking upstairs, I asked myself it was worth it. 4th floor and my calves were starting to feel it but I kept on walking. I was going to make it up.

I finally arrived at the door. I heard the locks click as the door opened up. There he was… 6’2, broad shoulders, a full beard with that wry smile and that deep voice he said “good morning”. I swear I felt my knees buckle as I attempted to hide the smile on my face. He bent down to hug my tiny 5’5 self, his huge arms wrapped around me. I could feel his hard member down there on me as he pushed in on the hug.

He lifted me up, straddled me and kissed me. My butt cheeks in his strong hands. My mind began to wander as he carried me to his bed. He began kissing me around my neck, my eyes closed, my head kicked back and I was floating.

The words “The Midas Touch” raced through my mind as his tongue gently brushed my shorts again, this time a little firmer, pressing the material against my cream-pie until felt my shorts absorb my juices. I was so wet. Again passed his tongue and he could feel my now sodden shorts as they clung to every contour of my pussy. My warm juices rubbed on his tongue as I watched him move his hand to his mouth to taste it. As his hand returned down south I could feel my body tense up anticipating his touch. Moving back to my quivering thighs, I could feel his tongue start trace a wet trail. I closed my eyes.

As I opened my eyes I felt his tongue press into me. In my confused state I feel my body shifting but his rough tongue grazing my clit is still a shock for me, causing my hips to buck beneath me. His face is now pressed against me and I could hear him come up for air as he inhaled deeply, he wanted to enjoy this moment, to savor all of me. Bit by bit, I could feel all of me go as he took control of me. His tongue searched the walls inside of me. I could no longer control it. His tongue, his unstable tongue moved at such speeds that it was illegal to make someone’s body feel that way.  I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. There was a height of pleasure that he was taking me to that was higher than the 12th floor we were on.

He came up and looked deep into my eyes, like a savage animal ready to feast or a wronged person looking for revenge. My chocolate juices smeared all over his beard, he pulled down his shorts. There it stood, the area around it completely bare. It was hard, so hard I feared for myself and there he went. He bent down as if to put it inside me. I grab the sheets and let out a huge gasp as it slid inside me.

Fuck! It was huge!

This was exactly why I climbed up 12 flights of stairs and I would do it again. He began to pick up the pace. In and out he went. His hands clutching my breasts as they bounced up and down with each thrust. I was moaning shit that I can’t seem to recollect right now. Tunde was hitting it good. I remember saying his name at least a million times and he loves that shit. Hearing his name like he was the star player of a team that had just made the winning goal. The harder he pounded, the more I yelled his name. I could see him nearing explosion but I wasn’t done yet so I asked him to lay on his back and got on top of him. Squatting onto his rock hard package I let it all slide inside me, up and down that ass went on his member. I could tell he loved the view. My ass still bouncing on his hard dick, he placed his hands on my waist to control my movements and I knocked them off.  He was going to feel every corner of this pussy on his member. And then he did it, he pulled my hair while I was riding him, he pulled my hair! I was caught off guard but I kept on going. My head kicked back, my tits continued to bounce in the air as I worked on that wood.

Minutes later Tunde puts me into position on the bed on all fours. I grabbed the sheets tighter, feeling his dick in my gut. It was hitting all sorts of things that I could not explain. Deeper with each thrust, I lost all feelings in my legs. I was holding for dear life as he had one side of my waist in his right hand and my hair in the other. He absolutely loves that doggy position. Occasionally he would smack my ass to remind me who was working here. I placed my head into the pillows to drown out my moaning as I was going insane. This was it. This was one of the reasons why I wanted him so much. I needed every inch of him in me.

He was nearing his max as he put his long strong arms on my shoulders and started to thrust harder, like a scene out of the movie 300, he yelled “Argh!!!!!!” as he let out a full one inside his condom. He shot it all out. And it went limp, like a once powerful but now fallen empire, his package dropped out of me. Like a cheerful giver, he returned down to the scene of the damage he just caused and began massaging my clit with his tongue. The heat from his mouth on my pulsating clit was driving me insane. I was about to cum… Gahd!!!! I went silent as I neared my climax and he kept on going! His tongue was driving me crazy and then….


I let out in the loudest scream I have ever let out. I was weak, confused and satisfied. Fuck! Tunde came up and kissed me on my forehead and that’s all I remember.

. . . . . .

I smelled eggs. Sausages maybe? I could hear someone cooking. I slowly woke up and turned to my right side to check for Tunde, he wasn’t in bed. The sun was shinning into the room and from the 12th floor the city had a great view. It was 10:44am. I reached for my phone on the bedside and unlocked it while thinking about how I knocked out last night. Instagram notifications, twitter notifications, emails, texts but no missed calls. Great!

As I was putting the phone down and packing up my hair, Tunde walks in; he’s on the phone. He drops a tray he was holding in my lap. He’d made me breakfast in bed. I was beaming from left to right on my face when I heard him say to the person on the other end of the phone ‘babe, when are you coming over?”.  I was shocked. I had a piece of sausage in my mouth and I chewed like a sick child rejecting his food. What?!

He then looks at me and asks, “when are you leaving again?”. Still stunned I said soon. He responded with “Okay”.

So Tunde has a girlfriend?! Did he just kick me out in some way? I was angry. I couldn’t think straight. I packed my stuff and hurried out without saying bye. He tried to stop me, I think to explain some crap but I wasn’t having it. I cursed as I hurried down the flight of stairs. How could he be so cruel? And why the hell did this walk of shame have to start from 12 floors off the ground?!

I made it into my car and tears began rolling down my face. And then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, Soga, probably wondering where I was. I took a deep breath and then answered, “hey babe” I said trying to stay calm. “Morning my love, where are you? I’m outside your door and it’s locked” he said.

My heart sunk. Why today?!  Where do I start?!  What do I say?!

“Babe!!! Remember, I told you I was staying at my friend Sope’s house.” I lied. “I didn’t know you were coming” I continued “but I’ll be there in a bit okay?”

“Okay my love” he said.

I hung up and held my head in my hand. “What the fuck have I done?” I cursed under my breath.

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