The Convenient Christian 2

The Convenient Christian 2


Do you even know who I am?

I have clothef myself in an identity that is not befitting

I carry your name

But when you call me by the names I claim

I fail to answer

Have I become comfortable in knowing about you

But not knowing you

Knowing you enough to find myself in you

People know me as a son of you

But am I really a bastard to you?


I just took a selfie

In the place of worship

I remember the outfit of that day

But the sermon

No way

There is a war going on in

My daily struggle to fight the hardship

But my current dilemma is whether or not I should post it

My order just arrived

New shoes


Malachi who?

It is so easy to save

To attend that rave

To be lost in the new wave

But all efforts to convince me to give to your house are in vain 


Dinner dates

Work retreats

Movies times

Bible reading 

Quiet time?

I’m too tired

You’ll go through 5 timelines to get the full gist

But bible reading continues to be met with fuss

Everything else in my life is on cue

But I’m only consistent in prayer to you when I need you

Who am I without you


The world may see a somebody

But without your favor and grace

Well who is anybody


The vanity

This thing that has led to a collective insanity

We have lost ourselves in the attempt to get others to like us

Two hours of make up 

A nice shape up

To hide the real work

Papering over the cracks

The scratches on our wall of character


We want more

More of the acceptance of the world than of you

Will he like me

Will she want me

The real question should be

Do I want him


The alarm goes off

I’ll drop down to the floor and strengthen my biceps

But my spiritual muscle is weak

I’ve been leaving myself defenseless

Against the trials of the world

The struggles untold

I’m holding onto a history that’s faded

Our correspondence is outdated

I’m like a lost child

I don’t call

I’ll be in your home and I won’t open my mouth to greet you

But when I need a ride to the next level

I begin to shout

Oh what have we become


Masks hide who you are

You highlight what you what the world to know

Advice for the broken

Sermons on Youtube

Gossip in private

Malice married with rage

Who are you?

A leader to the Lord

Or a leader of the lost

You claim to want to bring men closer to God

Yet you judge them as they attempt to know said Lord

Are you inviting them to his house

Or ultimately turning them away instead


Girls like men that serve the Lord

I know that

The end times says there will be a lot of false prophets

Not everyone of them will be wearing suits and ties

Many on Twitter and Instagram living lies

Carefully crated quotes and bible verses

Words like a sweet smelling savor people inhale

But they do not exhale the quality you sell

You know you know the Lord

So the women want to know you

Some reflect the Lord

Because they align with what they want to

Today there are men that claim to be of God

But you sit there licking your lips and your shirt is off

Vanity or leading to lust

Your voice is the gift from God

Worship on Sunday

Hands lifted up

But the rest of the week

Your melody is that your hotline isn’t blinging up

Like shopping through the clearance rack

Today Christians pick and choose

Believe that 

Abide by that

Ignore that

Reframe that

Oh that? I’m never guilty of that 


The kinds of Christians majority of us are today

Are simple

Know enough about the Lord

But fail to be challenged in his ways

Tested by his law

You compromise his words and his teachings

At work you’re silent

But your spiritual rights keep being taken

Now the household of Christ seems confused

Some conform to the world

And you agree too

His words are clear

But we try to manipulate the word to accommodate our sin

You and me

Are we completely submissive to his will

Many Christians today are like you and me

Probably going to read this and have it minister to you

But post this or share with your friends

Well that’s something you may never do

Who am I to blame you

I’m just as guilty as you

But who are we fooling

Your bio says “child of God”

He’s still smiling down

But you’re clearly ignoring the call

The End

Someone asked me recently what my purpose was. Simply put, this is it right here.
Well a key part of it. To use my words to inspire and empower people.

It took me years to embrace it but I am a writer, a believer, a work in progress and a child of God. There is sometimes a fear in saying that out loud on social media or in certain quarters out of fear of being judged, ridiculed or sometimes not even believing the words.

When I wrote Part 1 of Convenient Christian, I was actually sitting in a church at the back and it was probably my first time in church for about 3 or 4 months. And to be perfectly honest, I only went because I was beginning to have problems in certain relationships.

One thing I am still thankful to God for is that he can still convict me. Like I do certain things and immediately, I can tell I shouldn’t be doing it or I should be fixing that. Do I ignore his voice sometimes, yes but I am glad he hasn’t gone completely silent.

Recently, I have seen a wave of “new age ministers”. The beautiful and handsome ones with all the right quotes and bible verses for you to retweet or screenshot but I then asked myself, how many of them are truly reflecting God?
It is one thing to know of God but another entirely different thing to be known by God.

You give “great advice” to women, your fan base increases, then the message now involves your looks and it’s no longer about the message. You are doing a disservice to the household of God.
Drawing them in, only to eventually regress them.

I thought I had it figured out.
The vanities of life.
Yes, I cared about my pictures on Instagram, who liked me or wanted to invite me to their party, who was following me on Twitter, how big is this blog.
I got so lost in all that, I didn’t realize when I began to lose myself.

There are core values/assets in you that should never be compromised. The situations may change but who you are should be grounded.

There is a word in this piece for you. Have you found it?
Did you let it minister to you?

I am not a preacher. Nor do I believe that I am in a place to judge anyone regarding his or her relationship with God but this came to me.

There is so much of me in this piece; the constant struggle to balance it all. But more work needs to be done.

So I challenge you today to search your heart and find where you need him most and where you need to do more for God.

I challenge you to be a blessing to someone else today. This relationship with God shouldn’t be built out of convenience.
Whole heartedly serving him should lead to a life of convenience.

It’s the Wordsmith with #WordsOfWednesday on #WhatTheHeckMan

Don’t forget Smokescreen 2 comes out on Saturday!


5 thoughts on “The Convenient Christian 2

  1. I remember the outfit of that day
    But the sermon
    No way…..

    I enjoyed the truth to this…

  2. “The beautiful and handsome ones with all the right quotes and bible verses for you to retweet or screenshot but I then asked myself,”…

    The actuality of this. Last week I saw a video of a G.O riding a hoverboard to church in flashy suits and I begin to wander #WhatTheHeckMan!

    “They sell their appearances with the carefully crafted quotes & bible verses”.

    I’m guilty to some extent. I always wait for the punchlines, draft them and wait to get home so that my wifi can come up and my phone will deliver them to my various social networks.

    I like the veracity. ~MB

    1. Sighs. The graduated level is those that know the Lord and allow their know to influence their needs of the flesh.
      It scares me but we have all fallen short of his glory.
      Here mercy becomes important.

  3. Conviction . ” whole heartedly serving him , should lead to life of convenience ” .
    The way you walk, talk , live your life should be the main indicator of your faith . Not the amount of scripture / sermons you tweet or the fact that you attend church every Sunday .
    I always say everyone knows God but only a few truly know him . As Africans , being religious is part of our culture .. Let’s be honest . If you don’t go church on Sunday .. You will get a few side eyes . So , every Sunday we put on our ” Sunday best ” .. Ready to slay , but instead of actually listening to the word / worshiping . We are on our phones . Swiping through the number of selfies we took that morning , trying to pick that perfect picture that will get us the highest number of likes on Instagram .

    I’m a guilty of coming to him the most when I’m going through something . But we fail to realise that this walk is like any other relationship , it needs nurturing .. Constant communication . This is what I try to work on day by day . Talking to him through the good and the bad .

    Thank you for a great piece , as usual . I hope it ministers to people as it did to me .

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