Remote Control II

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Tunde: Main Character

Titi: Main Character/ Chief Onipe’s Lost Daughter

Jumoke: Chief Onipe’s second wife/All things evil

Chief Onipe: Tunde’s former boss/Murdered

Chief Onipe’s brother: Mysteriously dead/Possibly murdered

Soga: Titi’s now ex boyfriend. Not featured in Part 2. Only 1 so far

Sope: Titi’s bestfriend. Mentioned but not in focus yet.

 .   .   .   .    .   .

“Tunde! Tunde! Tundeeeeee!”

 “Huh!” I snapped back into reality! She had been calling me but my mind had drifted away.

 “What’s going on?” I asked.

 “I’ve been calling your name but you seem very distracted. Is it because you missed me so much?” I looked at her startled.  “Oya, let me show you how much I’ve missed you”.  She began kissing my head as I sat on the edge of the bed. From my forehead, she worked her way to my lips. My mind began to travel again.


How was Titi doing?

Since she stormed out of my apartment last week, I hadn’t heard from her. I was worried. She blocked me on all social networks and just left me with no idea of how to contact her besides going to her house or her work place. I also had to play it cool last Thursday when we all went out on the island because her boyfriend who is an acquaintance was there.

 What am I going to do?

I looked down as I lay on my back as this one pulled my pants down. She looked up and smiled at me, I faked a smile back. She pulled out my dick and noticed it was limp. I wasn’t focused. I wasn’t there. Sigh.

“You’re not happy to see me Tunde?” she queried with a hint of hurt in her voice.

“Noo babe, I am. I’m sorry. Just a lot on my mind” I said.

“I know! That’s why I’m here to set your mind at ease” she said with a wry smile on her face taking my slowly hardening member into her mouth. 

 Making it nasty was her MO. She knew what she was doing. Experience was her thing. I began to harden fast.  Up and down she slobbered on my member, teasing the tip as she put it into her cheek. It drove me nuts! I was now fully hard. She was stroking it with both hands while she worked her tongue all over it. Damn! She was good. Very good. The feeling went into overdrive when she took my balls into her mouth. Like a “real” man, I clutched the sheets trying to stay as quiet as possible but she knew how to work me. She started playing with them in her mouth; I began to let out gentle moans (my guys can relate). I wasn’t going to let her make me moan like a “pussy” but it was sooo good. She then moved back to the shaft and the speed was up. She worked her head up and down with such precision and pace as her lips clamped onto my manhood whilst she twirled my balls in her left hand. I was nearing it. 

 And then it happened! A couple of very manly grunts (trust me they were manly; I think) and I spilled out a full load into her wanting lips. She held still until I was done and then she did it. The one thing every guy hates after he has just dropped a load; she started sucking! I wanted to lose it but I had to keep it together. She was looking up at me as I had my mouth open in disbelief that she was doing this. I tried to push her head off me but she only clutched tighter and sucked harder as if to milk every drop out of me. I was running mad. 

 Then she got off me and proceeded to drop her panties. As I tried to get up and reach for a condom, she pushed me back onto the bed and said “I’m fucking you today” and then she positioned herself over it and slid it into her.  She gasped.

 Placing her hands squarely on my chest, she began to ride…Hard! Working her ass on my piece, up and down she went. I was looking for a way out but I couldn’t. I just laid there and let her work. She was fucking me harder than usual though, as if sending a message. I understood that in her other relationship she was probably not getting enough love and so I was the one she was taking all that aggression out on. It felt good but I wanted power. I looked into her eyes and they said “just lay there and let me get mine” she continued to pump harder, up and down as her breasts bounced in front of me. She was about to hit her climax and she put her hands back on my chest and began digging her nails into me. She held hard and bounced her lovebox on my dick harder and harder. Then she hit, she began to moan my name “Tundeeee…. Ahhh!!!! Yesssss!!!!” I just lay there wondering how I even contributed to this one that she’s yelling my name. Her legs were shaking and her eyes rolled back into her head as I felt fresh juices flowing out of her onto my dick.  

 Breathing heavily, she slowly got off me and asked if I wanted to cum again, I said “no.” She said okay as she walked into the bathroom to clean up. A few minutes later she emerged almost fully clothed, I was still laying in bed on my back with my limp dick tipped over to the right. She joked and said “He looks tired. He should rest, I’m going to need him tomorrow.” I looked at her in disbelief. She wanted more?!?! 

 What is wrong with this woman? 

She sat at the other end of the bed putting on her watch and earrings. She asked “how much was the thing?” My heart dipped. I responded “2.5” as I got up put on my clothes. She got up and handed me two cheques and said “The one for 4 million is yours. The other one for eight hundred thousand is for the hotel for the next 6 months. Give it to Dipo downstairs and tell them I asked for extra towels. Next time, I want enough towels” she kissed me on my forehead and continued, “Use the remaining 1.5 million to pay for your London ticket and shopping. I’ll see you tomorrow” and she left the room. I sat there with both cheques in my hand. What have I become? A boy toy? Sigh. This life is just a…

.   .   .   .   .  .

I had been working at the company for about 6 months when fate or the devil had brought Chief’s Onipe’s second wife into my life. Chief Onipe was my boss and owner of the stock broking company and my mentor. My cousin had gotten me the job and we worked together. It was decent pay for a new college graduate and I was grateful and then one day, everything changed. Chief Onipe was partners with his younger brother who the town believed was envious of him but since they both made a boat load from money laundering (moving and hiding money for the rich in the nation) it never seemed like it was a big deal. 

 On this god-forsaken night, I was leaving the office late as usual as I was worked like a dog when I heard two gunshots. The shots came from Chief’s office; I knew he was working late also so I ran in there to make sure he was okay. Running towards his office, I saw my cousin running out of his office. I immediately tried to stop him, but all he said was “run!” Till today, I feel like I ran in the wrong direction because I continued into chief’s office while my cousin ran away and in there, next to his coffee table lay chief Onipe; he had been shot twice in the chest area. I tried to put pressure onto the wounds but Chief couldn’t hold on much longer and he was gone. His blood on my hands, I stood up confused and looked around, the back door in his office was open suggesting that someone had gone out that way. I ran out of the office towards the front exit and there, standing outside the door was Chief’s brother and business partner. He had ordered the hit and wanted my cousin to be the fall guy but he had escaped and like I said earlier, fate or the devil caused me to walk into an unlucky situation.

 Chief’s brother held my hand and smiled. He said to his Hench men. “I guess he will have to do.” I was taken away and jailed for almost two months. On the day, I was put into prison, chief’s brother and now CEO of the company was there and asked the DPO (Divisional Police Officer) to keep my case on low as to not draw media attention to it. I was thrown into jail for a crime I did not commit and because it was a lawless land, I shut my mouth up and thanked God for the fact that I was still alive as they could have ordered a hit on me too to ensure I never spoke of what I saw that night.

 Miraculously, I was released on a Sunday afternoon about two months later. The DPO told me the case had been solved and I was free to go. I was confused but glad. My poor mother must have thought I was dead as I used to routinely contact her every week before I was jailed. 

 As I walked out into what I thought was freedom, there stood Chief’s second wife, Jumoke. She introduced herself but I already knew who she was. She had just married Chief Onipe about 5 months before I started the job. She motioned me to get into the back of her car which I did and then she began to speak telling me about how Chief’s brother had died in a car accident a few weeks prior and she had been “willed” the company by Chief Onipe when he died. I still wasn’t sure how my release came about though. I figured she had a hand in it but I didn’t know how or why. Then she pulled out a folder, in the folder it had my pictures of when I was jailed and information on both my mother and younger sister. It contained documentation from a successful heart surgery for my mom which I had been saving up for before I went to jail and how my sister was enrolled in a top university in London. All thanks to her generosity towards my family. She also explained that she had also secured me a job in another top firm for a position that came with a car and my own place. I kept thanking her but she stopped me and said , “I’m just doing my part and if you do yours, there is much more to come”. It made no sense to me, so I asked what she meant “ what do you mean ma?” I asked and she replied “I know you saw what happened that night and for the sake of your life and that of your family, you will never say anything to anyone about it. Okay sweetie?” She continued “You’re like a remote control in my hands, I press and you respond… You don’t well, I’ll take the batteries out of you”  


 I was done. What in the world was this? 

 I find out later on that she actually ordered the original hit on Chief Onipe in collaboration with his brother who she also later had killed to wrestle control of the company and all of Chief Onipe’s wealth. She told me that she was not afraid to kill and so if I make her happy I’d stay alive. 

Can you see my life?

.   .   .   .   .


That was all 2 years ago, I have continued to let her fuck me and use me as her boytoy whenever she wants because that’s the life I have now been given. I felt a new lease of life as I walked out of that jail cell that day but I realize that I walked into a life of pain. I have not been able to hold down a serious relationship because of the fear of what this woman would do to me. Even as much as I love and care about Titi, I’ve always had to keep her at arms length to avoid her knowing anything.

 I still hadn’t talked to Titi since she stormed out of my apartment that day when I was talking to Jumoke, Chief’s wife. She didn’t know the full story and I was ready to tell her because all of this had been depressing me. I had saved enough for us to run away and live in another country and avoid Jumoke’s wrath but she was still avoiding me. So I set out to get her back, I stopped by the store to buy some flowers and some shoes when I ran into Titi’s best friend and another friend. They walked up to me and the best friend enthusiastically said hi and hugged me. We chatted for a bit and when she began walking away I overheard her say “That was Titi’s guy. She wanted to leave her boyfriend and settle with this Tunde but she found out he’s a player. Cool, but shady guy” her friend said “And he’s handsome o… What a shame” I was stunned! Where in the world would she have gotten that? Oh wow! See these gossipy women. I made my way to Titi’s house and let myself in. I announced myself as she came to the balcony inside the house and said, “What are you doing here? What do you want?” I told her I just wanted to explain. She said there was nothing to explain and that I should leave. I didn’t listen and began walking up the stairs towards her. She said she was getting ready to meet with a client and this was not a good time. I begged to differ. I began to beg her as I tried to explain but she wasn’t having it, she continued to put on her make up in front of the bathroom mirror. I laid the flowers down on her bed, put the bag of shoes next to it and then walked into the bathroom, I held her from behind and I felt her soft body fill into mine. 


I got on my knees with her still facing forward and I began to pull her panties off. 


“No, no, no” she said. “You’re not going to sex your way out of this one.” She continued. I didn’t stop, planting kissing around her soft ass as I pulled it off. And then I bent her over the sink, and stuck my tongue into her already wet creampie. She began to moan, muttering no and yes in the same sentence. I was deep in it. Swirling my tongue inside her, my beard was soon covered in all her juices. I was apologizing. A few moments later I whipped out my package from inside my pants and smacked her ass with it. Then I began to put the condom on. “We don’t have time for this right now Tunde. We need to stoooooppp” she moaned as I slid into her. Making eye contact with her through the mirror, back and forth we went. I was holding her waist while kissing her cheeks as my rock hard member ploughed through her. She was moaning and smearing all her makeup all over my face and the mirror. I bent and held her down so I could ram into it more.  The view was perfect, her body at my mercy and me being able to see the work I was putting on her body was amazing.  A few minutes later, I was cumming. It was a quick one. She began putting her clothes on when the bell rang. “See! She’s already here and I’m late. I don’t even have my portfolio done yet” she snarled. “It will be okay sweetie, you got this” I told her and kissed her forehead. “Thanks, but you still have some explaining to do” she told me as she walked downstairs. I stood in front of the mirror and washed my face, making a note to wash my beard that was now covered in drying pussy juice properly. I flashed that signature smile every guy gives himself after putting a good one on a lady and then I left to the room.

 I could hear her meeting going on and she was talking to some lady and then her phone began to ring. She could hear it because she yelled out to me to please bring it down to her. I walked to her bedside to pick it up when I noticed a picture of Titi, her mother and what looked like a young Chief Onipe. I was taken aback! Wow!

Was she? Nooo, I thought to myself. It couldn’t be. Was she Chief’s only child that left with her mother when Chief kicked her out about 10 years ago? There had been rumors but none ever confirmed. My brain was racing. I began walking down the stairs to her when I glanced up and heard my name. “Tunde!” with surprise. It was Jumoke. She was the high profile meeting. I stood there stunned. 

 What in the world is going on?

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