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It’s lunchtime. Long day but its only 12:42pm and I’m making my way out of my office, all I can think about is you, or maybe the lemon chicken pasta that I was hoping to have after I picked you up.

A short cab ride and a few extra blocks walked and there I was at the foot of your 35 story of office. “Thank God for elevators” I cursed under my breath. Little did I know that it would be a phrase that would become legendary to us forever… I texted you to let you know that I was there and you replied with “come up for a second baby I’m just finishing up a document here”. So I proceeded to enter one of the elevators, flanked by a couple of what I suppose were Chinese delivery men for a holiday party or something. A few stops later and we were on your floor. I stepped out and shared a smile with the lady going into the elevator. A quick catch up chat with your assistant Janet and there I was standing in the doorway of your office. “Hey baby” I whispered as I made my way around your table to plant a kiss on your forehead. You smiled as we locked into this short but inviting kiss. In our 8 months together, you had mastered the art of “giving” me little but accomplishing much because I needed that kiss in that horrible day. Our kiss broke and I leaned down to hug you, I got hit by your strong but soothing whiff of your perfume that led me to plant a kiss on your neck. I started kissing your neck till you said “stop it babe I’m at work” with a chuckle. I responded with “it won’t be the first time we’d have done it here”. You smiled as your mind quickly drifted to that memorable late late night that we shared on the very desk you sat on.  We proceeded to leave and as you gave your assistant late instructions, I shot a text to mine asking her to move my 2pm appointment to 3pm. We were heading towards the elevator and oh! The sight I was looking at. You were in that sexy pencil skirt that curved at the right places with those red heels from your birthday. All of it was complimenting you sexy blue blouse. I wanted you. I wanted you bad. I pushed the elevator button and turned around with a smirk on my face about a minute later, it opened up behind me; empty. That hardly ever happened whenever I came over to see you, there were always way too many people coming in and out of your building. As we stepped in, a quick dirty thought popped into my head. I drew you close with my right arm around your lower back and then I held the “door close” button right between floors 17-16. 16 floors was a long way to go but thankfully, the building had 3 elevators but I knew that this one was not going to be getting used today. I started to use to undress you with my tongue firmly patrolling down your neck and passionately searching your body my hands explored. I straddled you on me as my hands pulled up your skirt. Carrying you up and carefully lodging your right heel into the button to make sure the elevator stayed put. I then proceeded to move your panties and you looked deeply into my eyes; conflicted. You muttered with a thin line between begging and wanting “this is bad babe” and I thought to myself holding my smirk “not for us it wasn’t”. I held you up while I dropped down to my knees to taste the juices flowing out of you. I felt my mouth water as I approached your pink with my tongue and my nostrils sprayed hot air onto the insides of your thighs. You start to moan lightly uttering inaudible while trying to keep your voice in check. I began to eat deeper and you let out a loud moan as you glare at me to warn me to keep it in check. How I loved being down? It was so wet my beard, chin and lips soaked in all the goodness flowing out of you. Watching you try so hard not let go of the button as your other hand ran through my hair.

The pace gathered as you could not contain it. It was like hanging for dear life as your eyes rolled back into you head. Sweat dripping on my face as I was working hard to lap up every drop that flowed out of you. “Babe!!! This feels so good” I heard you finally put together but “please stop. Stop. It’s too much” you continued to say. I loved to hear you beg because you always talked a mean game before I laid my hands on you. With your hand still firmly on the button I turn you over and on your feet, I spread your legs apart and I slid my piece into you from behind. I slowly begin the daring journey into giving you every bit of pleasure. With each thrust came a moan as the thrusts became deeper and the stroked longer. The moans began to get louder and then you looked backed and said to me very slowly as “is that all you got, I need faster and deeper baby”. I felt like a tank of nitrogen had been released into my blood stream as I began to ram into your pink with precision and determination. Now your moans began to border on yelling in pleasure but I dared not stop or let up. I secretly began to fear that your sounds would travel through the elevator shaft and alert someone but we kept going and I turned you around. Now with your beautiful and flawless face facing me, I straddled you on top of me as I slid my rock hard member into you again. Up and down, I thrust as you were also grinding on my dick. Your hands around my neck tightly you clung on and moaned all sorts of profanities into my ear. I think the thrill and the shock in the fact that it was actually happening added to the heat that was coursing through you. Begging me not to stop, you were asking me to “fuck you harder” pleading for the safe handling rights of your pussy, you cursed and yelled out telling me not to “fucking stop”. Sweat dripping from my head to my back, your fingers dug deeper into my back cutting up my skin. The open “wounds” stung as sweat flowed into them as I cringed and maintained my composure as I held your butt cheeks in my hands as you hung around me mid air. As we both neared our climax you looked deeply into my eyes for a few seconds and then your began to kiss me passionately and rode that wave of pleasure as we both peaked. I exploded inside you while you received me into you like a favorite restaurant would welcome its patron with warm bread; my dick felt at home as it began to shrink from a full workout. I dropped you while locking into another kiss. We both chuckled as we put our clothes back on and straightened ourselves out and then it happened, the elevator started to move! Even with my hand firmly on the button! Fuck! Someone must have put the elevators into override and the security must have taken control of it to force it down. We rushed to put our clothes back on, straightened ourselves up and stood like nothing had happened even when the whole placed smelled of sex. The elevator traveled down as we smiled at each other

4→ 3→2→ → →

We locked into another kiss!

→ → → 1

The elevator door slid open and there in front of about 12 people eagerly trying to get onto the elevator we had held, we smiled and made our way past them. The guys at the security desk smiled at me and gave me a thumb up as if to congratulate me on my good works and then it hit me! The elevators had cameras! They had installed them about a month earlier. I told you as you turned and looked at me mortified to your bones. We made our way into the cab, I glanced at my watch; it was 1:37 pm. We had been in there for a full 48 minutes. I remember telling you next maybe we should have just taken the stairs. Oh well! The way I was feeling at that moment I’m pretty sure I would have taken you in that cab but hey, one heart attack was enough per day. I need your heart to be functioning when I take it to the next heights but for now, lemon chicken anyone? 🙂 





I heard my phone buzz and the text read “I want to make love to you on a balcony overlooking a city with night lights. Chilly wins hardening your nipples as my member, thrusting in and out of you provides burning heat between your legs. And your juices flow onto my dick as our thighs slam together. We’re in sync with thrust and pull like synchronized swimmers. Your knees start to buckle as I hold you by your waist to support as your ass checks bounce on my dick with every deeper thrust” It sent chills down my spine as I once again decided to get up and put my clothes on. I knew it was late but I was hooked. 


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