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Confessions of A Yoruba Demon 2


I could feel the cold from the metal bench stinging the lining of my skin as I waited in the holding cell.

There was nothing I had done to deserve this .

In many ways, I felt betrayed by Annie.

Now don’t get me wrong, there was probably something I could have done better in the situation with regards to Taiwo but the turn around time never gave me a chance.

But that still isn’t justify Annie basically lying to the police and threatening my career and future.

One of the officers was understanding as he knew that disagreements with partners can sometimes be over embellished.

Still that didn’t mean I was getting released.

I sat in the cell for more than 20 hours.

Each hour felt like a rerun of watching my favorite team losing the Championship in the  final seconds of a game; it sickened me.

There were knots in my stomach and I could feel my palms get really sweaty.

How could she do this to me?

I would occasionally drift to my parents, particularly my mother and what she would be feeling if she found out that I had been arrested.

Disappointment. Pain. Helplessness.

Where would I start to explain myself?

My parents sent me to school in the United States when I turned 16.

I had finished high school in Nigeria and my time at Atlantic Hall High School still remains one of my best experiences in life.

I loved growing up in Nigeria and I was extremely appreciative that I had parents that valued hard work and education.

A lot of what I needed was always provided by my parents and I could count on them for anything.

So how would they take this news?

My father never put his hands on my mother, so having to hear that his son was a wife beater?

I felt another knot in my stomach.


I managed to finally fall asleep when I heard someone calling out a name.

I wasn’t sure if it was mine or not.

Someone was calling and banging on the rails.

I opened my eyes and mouthed to the guy sitting next to me

“What’s going on?”

He looked at me and said

“is your name Coller?”

I looked away and at the officer still calling my name.

I got up and walked to the gate

He said

“Are you Coller?”

I replied

“Kola Osifeso”

He replied


I said

“Yes. That’s me”

He began to open the gate as he said

“You made bail”

I was surprised as I became more aware of my surroundings.

I walked out of the cell and began to think,

“who could it be?”

Reaching the front counter, I was really nervous. My palms became sweaty and I was second guessing showing my face.

What if it was my uncle that my parents sent?

I shuttle stepped and turned the corner, the officer pointed to the counter and asked me to sign a form as I received my personal effects from him in a bag.

After inspecting the bag, I nodded at him to confirm that all my items were present.

He looked down at the dashboard in front of him and pressed a button, the door behind me buzzed and I pushed it open and entered into the waiting room. Standing in the center of the waiting room, there she was; Taiwo.


The street lights were out on my right side.

I stared out of the window; no words said since she picked me up.

How did she know I was there?

I couldn’t bring myself to hold a conversation. Being that I was innocent regarding the pictures and all, I think I actually felt anger towards her.

Somewhere deep inside me, I felt like her recklessness led us up to that point.

She parked next to the curb and shut off the engine.

Her hand reached into the cup holder and picked up her charging phone. She fiddled with it for a few minutes as I watched her out of the corner of my eyes.

She placed her phone down and looked towards me and said

“Kola, are you going to say something?”

I refused to reply.

She waited a few seconds and said

“Kola, I am sorry.

I didn’t mean for all this to get crazy… I just wanted to let you know that I still had feelings for you.”

I looked at her and those eyes sucked me in.

Shit! I wasn’t supposed to look in her eyes.

So here is a quick flashback

Taiwo and I “dated” for a bit and this was way before Annie.

When I say dated, I mean we actually went on a couple of dates together with the hope of knowing each other.

To be honest, I can’t remember who started playing what games but I know we were both being unserious, so falling off was easy and soon enough, Annie came along.

Annie and I were about 7 months into dating when I was reintroduced to Taiwo.

Annie asked me for details and I told her everything she needed to know back then.

We had never had sex.

We hadn’t even kissed yet.

So in my mind, we never happened like that. But Taiwo and I had a connection, I worked in mental health for a company that studies patients with down syndrome.

Taiwo’s older brother was one of our first patients.

So on many days when when Annie and I were “together”, I would see Taiwo and grab lunch or whatever.

We became very close but I always now referred to her as Annie’s friend.

Our connection was always evident, I had a hand in her family and she had hers in mine.

I felt a cold hand on my left hand, jolting me back into the present.

I moved my hand away and said

“You caused all this”

She replied

“I know and I’m sorry”

A part of me was still frustrated.

I shifted my body and stared out of the window as I said

“How did you even know where I was?”

She leaned back and said

“When I didn’t hear from you, I got worried. So I called Annie.

She screened my calls or even blocked me… I figured something must have happened.

And after calling the hospitals in the area, I called the police department through my friend Cory, the Assistant District Attorney and she was able to help me locate you and I had to come and get you”

Impressed by the effort she had shown to find me and come, I still put up a front and said

“You wouldn’t have had to pick me up from the station if things had just stayed the way they were”

She chimed back

“But Kola, I am tired of the way they are… I am tired of dancing around you and pretending like I don’t love you or want you.

I am tired.

So forgive me for going after what I want but you always say it, regret is so much worse than failure”

I did say that.

That was my line.

I looked over at her and tried to fight a smile. She smiled and mouthed

“I’m sorry”

And that was it. The last bit of my flailing guard fell.

“I can’t even think straight”

I said.

She replied

“Would a drink help?”

as she pointed straight down the street at a flashing “Open” sign for a local bar.

I smiled and said

“I wouldn’t hurt”

We must have been in there for about two hours. But as we walked home, she held my hands. It was easily the most calming moment of a stressful couple of days.

We talked about what could have been if we had been serious when we first met.

When we reached her car, I motioned as if to get in.

I thought she would be taking me home. It was as I turned around, I saw her holding open the door that led to her apartment.

She said

“Lets go”

with some authority. I replied

“It’s kinda late tho”

Flashing my illuminated Fitbit near her face. 1:59am.

She smiled and said

“Exactly. It’s late and you know I don’t like to drive at night.

Aint nobody tryna get shot”

I walked in behind her and up the stairs.

Apartment 8A.

As we entered, I could smell recently cooked food.

Taiwo walked towards the kitchen area and on the dining table, there was a full outlay of food.

Efo riro (A vegetable dish with assorted meats), white rice, red beans and meat pie.

Taiwo went in.

She put some of the rice in the microwave and headed into her bedroom.

I walked around the dining table one more time. She emerged and handed me a towel and a white medium sized shirt.

I remember teasing her that she was making me wear the clothes of one of her lovers.

The shower was amazing.

I felt like I was washing away the filth and drama from the past two days.

It was then I realized that I hadn’t thought about Annie all night.

My insides were somehow filled with disgust again.

I washed myself down and headed out into the living room.

The sweet smelling scent of fried plantains filled the air, bringing joy only rivaled by a direct deposit alert.

The smell couldn’t mask my thirst for her.

She turned around as she removed the last batch of plantains from the hot oil.

As she moved the pan to an empty burner, I slid my right hand around her.

My hand firmly on her lower back, I pulled her in close.

My first kiss was the one that set open the doors.

Her full lips sang in unison with mine.

Weaving a story of love and lust as she placed both her hands around my neck.

Our tongues laced with a passion and a wanting of years passed, I kissed her hard.

I broke the kiss and took her left hand in mine and led her till we stood in front of the couch.

Her leather Kim Kardashian jacket hugged the arm rest.

Her eyes were glued to mine. The hairs behind my neck were standing and I leaned in and kissed her again.

She bit my bottom lip as I went in for more of hers.

She was wearing a vanilla top that sat just beneath her buttocks.

As I kissed her, my mind began to race.

How far did I want this to go?

Did I really want to do this? Now?

Maybe my mind communicated with hers via our spit but she suddenly moved my hand from her lower back to sit firmly on her left buttock.


Each piece of clothing came off, and we were soon bare as we came into this world but filled with lust that ravages people.

I slowly sat her down on the couch and kissed her succulent thighs.

Her tattoos carefully placed around her body like art on gallery wall of a painter.

My tongue long for her sweet; my eyes searched her soul.

I tried to find where I fit, as I licked her thighs and stared upwards at her.

Using my hands, I parted her legs. It was brief but telling sound as I heard her wet.

The kisses around the edges were sloppy like saving a wilting ice cream cone at the state fair.

This was all I had wanted.

As I passionately locked lips with her pink, I felt her muscles tense and then relax.

I looked up again at her perfectly sculpted breasts and her silver piercing that found home in her left breast.

Her back firmed up as she began to curse under her breath.

Her right hand found its way to the back of my neck as she battled with pushing my head away or keeping my tongue closer.

Gladly, my tongue moved hard on her pink.

I slurped and gulped as I struggled to keep up with the juice that was flowing on to my beard.

I continued to work my position.

Wagging from left to right and nibbling to soothing effects, Taiwo went silent.

I could tell what was coming.

She lifted her back off the leather couch, squeezed my arm and squealed.

A fresh squeeze of her filling, lined the cavities of my mouth.

I stood and smiled.

Like a warrior that conquered it’s prey.

I began to reach for my pants to pull out the condom housed in my wallet while she writhed across the couch.

I checked the first pocket I normally kept my condom and found nothing.

I panicked.

This was not the time to have lost or forgotten this.

I checked the second sleeve inside the wallet, nothing.

I knew I was fucked. I was just about to make up an excuse to not continue our activities when Taiwo tapped me.

I turned around and immediately dropped to her knees and took me in.

The entire time, her gaze was fixed on me.

She sucked on the head and juggled my balls in her right hand.

It was art.

The way she caressed and then stroked. The way she tugged and slapped it across her cheek like an expert, I feared that I might just explode without warning.

I gently pushed her head away, knowing fully well that another couple of minutes of that and I would be spreading my seed like a farmer before the first rain.

I slipped the condom on my wet shaft and sat down on the the couch.

She smiled as she saddled me.

This was where we stayed.

Her eyes on me, mine on her breasts.

She controlled the motions. Slowly.

There wasn’t a rush to it.

As she dripped on to me with each stroke, I could feel myself finding new depths wishing her.

She stayed close and kissed me. Her breasts bounced as motioned up and down.

I could feel myself tense up as I bit lightly into her nipple.

She moved faster with shorter strokes.

I felt it boiling up but she stayed the course.

Her cheeks slapping into my drenched sack as she moved on me.

I was trying to fight her but the softness of her skin, those big bold eyes, her lips, her wet, I couldn’t help it any longer.

I squeezed her cheeks in my hands and felt a tickle right inside my shaft.

A few muffled grunts and spurts , it was all out.

She stayed on me for a few seconds and leaned back.

Sweat dripped from underneath her weave and down her forehead. I smiled at her and leaned she in to kiss me.

As she broke the kiss, we smiled together like shy kids that had just touched our privates for the first time.

And then she said

“Will you eat now?”

I joked and replied


She slapped me across my chest, got up and headed into the bathroom. I watched her blessed frame wander off into the fluorescence of the bathroom.

The condom came off, my clothes came on and we ate.

As we sat there watching a movie that somewhat reminded me of the Legend of Tarzan, she placed her head on my lap and looked up at me.

I looked away fro the tv and at her as I said


She smiled and replied

“I know you don’t necessarily want to talk bout it.

I know you have a bunch of girls that want you but I just want you to know that I genuinely want you.

not all that nonsense we were doing years ago. I genuinely want you.

So take your time to figure it all out but know that all I want is you.”

It felt like long needed validation.

Like the words I wanted a jilted lover to express before they found peace.

I smiled at her.

“T, you know I have a lot going on but I hear you”

She smiled back and that was all we said.

We curled up next to each other that night and slept.


The next morning, we swung by the Tmobile store and I picked up a new phone.

Taiwo then took me towards the house. I asked her to drop me off by the corner so I could buy some plantains from the Chinese store, to go with the rest of the stew she gave me.

I was so glad that I did.

As I walked home, with my bags in hand and sun in my face, I thought I would feel better.

I felt good but like something was missing.

Someone was leaving the complex as I arrived, so they left the door open. I let myself in, picked up my mail and head into the elevator.

As the doors opened and I turned the corner, I looked up and with great surprise, there was someone standing in front of my apartment.

She was leaning on the wall with her back turned to me.

As I approached slowly, I noticed her luggage and I began to wonder.

A few more steps and she heard me.

Turning around, my face flushed with surprise and maybe even shock.

She smiled and said

“Hi Kola”

I stood there shocked.

“Cynthia, what are you doing here?”

She leaned in for a hug and said

“I told you I would be coming through”

I broke the hug and said

“But you never said anything about coming here or staying with me”

She rolled her eyes and stepped back

“Kola, are you going to let me in?”

I scoffed and reluctantly opened the door.

She smiled and moved her bags inside the apartment.

I stood by the door and asked again

“So Cynthia, why are you here?”

She looked a bit more serious as she approached me and said

“Kola, will you ease up.

You stopped calling me months ago. And because you called off the engagement, we can’t be friends?

You know I love you… so lets leave all that in the past.

I’m not here to take you from all your little girlfriends of which I could if I wanted because they have nothing on all this…. I’m here for a job.

I start in two weeks and until then, I have nowhere else to stay.

So whats for lunch?”

She walked past me and into the kitchen.

She bent down and her head disappeared behind the refrigerator door. As she stood up, she looked surprised and worried.

Slowly, she closed the door and said

“Kola, are you okay?”

I stood there and wondered what she was talking about as she was now walking towards me.

She said

“Kola, you’re bleeding”

I looked down at the puddle of blood forming between my feet.

I moved my right hand to my nose and felt blood dripping down.

The next thing I felt was Cynthia cushioning my fall.

And shouting my name

“Kola… Kolaaaaaa”

For the second time in two days, I felt the cold piercing my skin.

This time around, there was no rising.

Slowly my name went faint and my body went numb.

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