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The Will

The Will


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Blind Man’s Guitar Song by Kenny Kore


Let me talk to you about this thing

This thought that came and left like a summer fling

My way

This narrow and dark

And even sometimes scary way

You see I saw the signs

The directions in hand

And I ignored them all

I ended up here

In the midst of a crowd and a friend to no one

I was lost

And my inheritance I had traded for little to no cost


I once heard that you are the bright morning star

But I elected to stand and observe your greatness from afar .

Instead of standing on your promises

I went to battle defenseless

And I came out with bruises and scars.

So now I am sitting on this nurse’s table

Hoping time nurses me back to health

Pleading for mercy,

Returning from this empty search for worldly wealth



They continue to say i get

But that all stands for nothing,

Compared to the emptiness I feel in my chest

So much I have lost,

When he had actually given me all

By paying for it

With his life on the cross



He says bring all the tithes and offering in to the store house

But inside that house is a place where peace and happiness should abound

So listen to me when I tell you this

Don’t go searching for worldly pleasures

So your inheritance doesn’t go to waste or go amiss

So the likes might pile up

The comments will stack up

But what happens when your happiness is dried up

You are filled with regret and emptiness

And then you come back crawling like a prodigal’s son

Begging for newness

Begging for one more opportunity to taste of his mercies and goodness

Don’t give up your throne to join a pointless battle over who gets what stone

Because many will sing and chant for you

But to what glory is it,

When they sit there adoring you



He left it all for you and me

Blessings enough for the entire world to see

But many of us have elected to forsake our entitlements

And only settle for the crumbs

The world drops at our feet

He wrote your name in bold to enjoy from his will

But only if you follow his will

To the letter

His promises are to make your life and mine


So don’t settle for what’s left

Don’t sit to be second best

He knows East from West without the help of a GPS

Now don’t for once believe that following his will

Won’t propel you to greatness

To be honest with you

This is a message really for me

I tried to live my way

And got lost in the wind

You are not second best

You’re heir to his throne

Crowned with his blessings

With joy beyond the unknown

Live like you know your purpose

Live for him

And watch your life turn around

If you just obey his will.



Have you ever listened to your parents regarding something and still decided your way was better?

We all have.

But have you ever done something your way and ended up wrong?

Yeah, much harder to admit but we all have.


When someone wealthy dies, they usually leave behind a will. A will is a document filled with directions and instructions on how the wealth should be distributed or shared. But do people always follow “The Will”.
Some even make promises to follow the will while the person is alive but once they pass, it’s like they were never said those words.
God’s Will is superior to any view or notion you have or have ever had. Today, many of think we have it all figured out. The world is so interconnected, we think we can learn whatever we need by ourselves and that is true to some extent. But take it from me, I spent the last two years trying to find myself and I swear I had the best intentions but I did it by myself. I tried to use my knowledge to do it by myself.

I slipped. I can even go as far as saying I backslid. I let my morals drop and I began to be “okay” with mediocrity. It was actually really sad.
The sad thing is, if you’re falling towards mediocrity and you are surrounded by it, no one will warn you that you are fallen until your back breaks as you hit the ground hard.
Mediocrity certainly does not mean in career or intellect but I mean in your purpose for life.

The advantage to following The Will is that the preparer had spent time behind the scenes, creating it. The loopholes and obstacles are all things they would have taken into account.
You can attempt to solve the same issues on the fly but it will be harder.

My life, ladies and gentlemen was a mess. I lost my happiness, my connections with some friends, my verve and even my relationship. I was filled with regret and suicidal thoughts as they chased out the happiness in me.
I put my purpose on the backburner. Now I was so broken the last quarter of last year that I had to go back to God on my knees; begging for his mercy.
Don’t feel bad for me, it has only served to make me stronger and better man. BUT I still had to go back to his will, after doing it my own way.


Today on the first #WordsOfWednesday of 2015, I urge you to be happy but DO HIS WILL. Find out what he wants from you. I’m referring to your purpose in life and then ask him how to get there.

My number ONE prayer this year is “Lord, let your will be done in my life and even when my flesh does not want to accept it, force me to”.

Begging for increase is a different proposition to begging for mercy. Do it his way.
The easiest way to take control of your life, is to give all control to God.

God bless you all. Welcome to #WhatTheHeckMan 2015. It is going to be an exciting ride, I have sooooo much planned for all of you.

Please comment as usual but also use the hashtag #WordsOfWednesday on Twitter and share our posts on Facebook.

My stories and poems this year will make you cry, laugh, excited, angry, reflective, inspired, determined, focused, peaceful and they will be different.

#WhatTheHeckMan is my life, my words are my ministry and you all are my family. Read with me, grow with me and I pray this time next year, happiness will be in all our hearts.

Thank you for reading again.


Welcome to #WhatTheHeckMan 2015.

9 thoughts on “The Will

  1. Your music 👌👌 ‘The will’ love this title especially because it has different but extremely important definitions/descriptions to life. I sincerely hope to do ‘his will’ and pray that ‘his will’ be done in my life.
    Inspiring piece to start 2015 👏 Great work as always

  2. Great and Wonderful message. May God grant us all the courage to follow his Will in our lives this 2015!! Remain Blessed

  3. Amen Boss, this is flawless, wow @ a point its like u were talking abt me. May 2015 be a blessing to all of us. #WhatTheHeckMan

  4. Again, a message that speaks to my heart.. A reminder of the importance of God’s will to enable us stay afloat.. Merci beaucoup! meanwhile, you’ve got a really nice tie on there:)

  5. Lord let your will be done in my life this year and moving forward AMEN!! Am glad I ready this on a Sunday!

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