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Savages 4

Savages 4

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Moving On by Asa

Even though we were outside, you could grill a full burger in the heat that was between all of us.
There was surprise on Ava’s ex’s face, Drew. He just stood there wondering what was going on.

You could see the flames beaming out of Ava’s eyes and Kiki was just looking for a place to hide but she had been caught out.
The Earth couldn’t open up quickly enough to consume her. Death at that time might have been a sweet relief for her.

Ava took a few steps towards Kiki and muttered,


You could see that Ava was only the wrong answer away from tears. She just couldn’t believe all that she had just heard.
Kiki stood still. The remorse and sadness was written along her face.
She wanted to say something but the words were trapped in there and it seemed like her mouth dried up faster than the trust Ava had for her disappeared.

“Kiki why?!
Tell me why!”

Ava yelled at her.
Ava raising her voice seemed to jolt Kiki into reality.
Kiki looked truly sad and apologetic. She took a step back and her head dropped.

What happened next surprised all of us, Kiki raised her head and said,

“”It’s not because you did anything to me.”

Ava swallowed hard as she still looked on the brink of a total meltdown. She replied.

“Then why Kiki. Why have you tried to hurt me like this?”

“You stopped being available!”

Kiki snapped back.
Her head high and sounding confident. She continued,

“You stopped being available. Trust me, it’s not that I wanted your man, I just wanted my friend back and I figured that if I remove all the men in your life, you would come to me for help.
You would come back to being my friend.”

A confused Ava replied,

“Kiki, when did I ever not make myself available to you as a friend? You were like a sister to me!”

Kiki straightened up and said,

“There was a time right when you first met Mono, I was going through it hard.
I had no one to talk to. I had called you on the phone the night before crying. You asked me to come over the next day after work which I did.
When I got to your place however, you were on the phone the whole time talking to Mono. I remember sitting on your couch thinking this call would only last a few minutes but you talked for hours till I fell asleep on the couch.
By the time I woke up, you had to leave for work.
That period was so hard for me and you barely had my time because of some guy that would easily have taken the pussy if I threw it at him the right way.

So that day after your party that you and Drew got into it, I saw Mono leaving and I thought, since he was being available for her, let me have him for myself.

I wasn’t trying to hurt you since I thought you didn’t want him like that. I am sorry if you were hurt but it was not my intention and I stand by that.”

Ava was already in tears. She remembered that day and I did too.
That still didn’t seem like fair “punishment” on Kiki’s part and she came towards Ava to hug her.

Ava pushed her away and said,

“No Kiki, you are wicked for this. For all that you did.
I might not have been there for you but it was never out of malice or trying to hurt you.
You are selfish.
You tried to hurt so many parties because of yourself.
I only even called Drew and started talking to him again because of you. Because you said so.
So how do you justify that too. By telling me that I caused that too.
Did you need my attention then too when you were trying to have sex with Mono?

We can’t be friends Kiki. I am truly scared of you”

Ava turned around and said to me as she walked towards Drew’s car,

“I’m sorry about all of this”

She walked around the car and took one more glance at Kiki who was now crying and entered the passenger’s side of Drew’s car.
I was taken back by what was happening as Drew lowered himself into the car and began putting his seatbelt on.

I hurriedly walked around the car and tapped the passenger side glass, Ava lowered the window and I asked,

“Ava are you really going to leave with him after all of this?”

She looked at me as she wiped her tears away and said,

“Mono, I am sorry”

That was it.
That’s all she said and started the car and drove off.
Nothing more.
I stood there for a few minutes in shock before I gathered myself.


Came out of my mouth as I walked towards my car. There was tears in my eyes now as I felt like I had been sucker punched.
I was about to get into my car when Kiki asked,

“Mono, can I please get a ride to my car, it’s parked on the other side”

I scanned her from top to bottom and let out a sarcastic laugh before saying,

“You have no fucking shame”

I started my car and drove off


The days dragged on.
Cloudy afternoons, cold nights and an empty heart; I just tried to fight the depression.
It felt like karma had come to hit me so hard.
There were times when I truly wanted to cry but I couldn’t even bring the tears out of my eyes.
Yet, my heart wailed.

I knew the feeling very well. That empty feeling.
It was fascinating to find that the feeling that meeting Ava had helped, had now returned because of her.
A different kind of emptiness. A sense of feeling wronged and cheated.
I just wanted to yell at her but show her that I loved her in the same breath.

It was about 9pm that evening and I was sitting on my balcony overlooking the beach when I heard a car pull into the driveway right below me, I looked down and it was a familiar face.
She looked up and said,

“Will you come down here and help me get some of these items into the house?”

It was my mother.

I made my way down and I exited the elevator.
When I reached her, I gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek like I always have since I was a boy.
She teased me and said,

“Aww, you kiss like your father when he is sad.
Come here son.”

She gave me a really big hug and I really liked it. But my macho self would have never asked for another one.
My mother had gone grocery shopping for me. As I made my way towards the elevator, struggling with all the bags because I didn’t want to have to come on a second trip to the car, she laughed and said,

“I know you’re probably not eating well since you’re busy crying over a girl that was never even your girlfriend”

I looked back at her and she shrugged.
That was my mother for you.

As I placed the bags on the counter, I said,

“Mom, you just won’t understand. Like I really thought she was the one”

She smiled as she put a bottle of our favorite wine in the freezer and said,

“She was just someone. And not the one.
Be glad you found that out now. Not two years down the road when you would have built your whole world around her.
It would have come tumbling down and you would have been crushed beyond repair.
It may not seem like it now but this was a win for you. So pick yourself up and get back out there.
She’s going to come back and beg you anyway.
Trust me.
And it’s only a matter of time before you find the one that will complement you and provide real security for your heart.

Till then, I have more than enough love for you. So come and help me chop these onions. Are you down for some curry and rice?”

She knew I was down, that was such a trick question. I nodded and she reached up to give me a hug with her short self.
She was right. This was a win for me and I just hadn’t seen it yet.
We talked for hours as we ate about everything and then I went into my room and made my bed, so she could sleep in it while I slept on the couch.
I returned to the living room and she had passed out. I covered her with a blanket and headed back into my room.
I sat down on my bed and wore my socks as I prepared to crawl into bed.

My phone buzzed.

I picked it up and it was a text from Ava. It read,

“Mono, are you up?
Can we talk please?”


I didn’t reply her that night.
Even though I had wanted to so badly.
I resisted the urge and kept to myself.

It had been two weeks since that night; and now roughly seven weeks since that day outside Ava’s apartment.
Things had somewhat turned for me. I had begun talking to someone new and I was starting to forget the Ava fiasco.
That Friday fateful evening, I was on my drive from work when I received a call from a “blocked” number. I answered out of curiosity.
It was Ava.

“Long time Mono, how have you been?”

I rolled my eyes and said,

“Good. Yourself?”

Small talk always irritated me but I tried to hide my irritation.
I didn’t want to have the conversation, I didn’t want to hear her side anymore. I wasn’t going to be drawn back into that mess with her. And I knew I still loved and cared for her. So I had to keep her at arms length.
I quickly said,

“Ava, I’m driving right now. Can we talk later?”

She replied,

“Oh okay. When is a good time?”

“I’m not sure but I’ll let you know though. Aight bye.”

Call ended.
I switched lanes and made my way down the freeway.
I was going to do everything in my power to avoid going back to her. Besides, I had a date I had to get ready for.
And I was really excited.


Knock Knock
Knock knock knock
Long pause.

I could hear the knocks in my head as I drifted towards consciousness. I could feel a cold but gentle tapping on my shoulder. I turned around and she said,

“There is someone at the door”

I sluggishly got up and stretched. My “morning wood” brought a smile to her face. I reached for my shorts and put them on, a shirt next to hide my failed attempt at a summer bod.
She went back into hiding under the sheets and I assumed to sleep.

I put on my slippers and made my way towards the door. I stopped as I entered the living room as I noticed clothes and her shoes laying all over the living room.

Flashbacks from the night before sailed through my head as I smiled. I remembered her taking me in on the couch and my returning the favor on the kitchen counter.
It was in that moment I remembered the carpet burn on my left knee from driving into her while the candles burned out.
It was a great night.
I smiled again as another round of knocks rung.
I arrived at the door and leaned towards the peephole and simultaneously said,

“Who is it?”

My answer was given before she could respond.
It was Ava.

“What was she doing here?”

I asked myself before she responded and said,

“It’s Ava.
Can I come in?”

My heart skipped a beat.
I actually became nervous for a second. I hadn’t seen her in weeks.
Seeing her was making my heart race now and I couldn’t contain it.
I didn’t know what to say next.
And then I remembered why we hadn’t seen each other in a week and the things I had heard about her and her situation,

“What do you want Ava?”

I asked.

She paused as I looked at her through the peephole and said,

“To be very honest Mono, I want you.
I just hope you would want me back”

I scoffed.
Want her?
Why would I want her?
Or would I want her?
I began to question myself as she continued,

“Mono, I realized that I made a mistake going back to Drew.
I should have stayed and waited for you.
Listened to you and worked things out. I was so blinded by the love I felt for him that I went back because Kiki made me believe that you were not worth it and I foolishly believed her.

Until I found out on Drew’s phone that they had been exchanging naked pictures and having sex”

I laughed and said,

“Oh that wasn’t clear to see that day. I could see from how he didn’t say a word that he wasn’t clean.
So Kiki got to him?
Now isn’t that a story to be told.”

I noticed her shuffle in the hallway as she said,

“Mono, I’m really sorry. Please open the door so we can talk.
I really want to work through this”

I replied

“Ava, a month ago, I might have cared but now, it’s too late.
I don’t care anymore.
Channel that energy into someone that cares, I am done. It’s too late”

“Mono, please. You know it’s not too late.
I know you still care deep down. Please open the door”

She was right.
I still cared.
That’s how I am. I wanted to open the door.
I was going to open the door. I had to forgive her.
She had truly made me happy at some point, so I knew I had to forgive her.
I placed my hand on the cold door knob as she said,

“Just open the door and look at me”

I knew what opening that door meant. Memories began to sail through my head as I placed my head on the door and thought to myself hard.
Was I making a mistake?

I began to fiddle with the keychain as I turned the door knob and through my open bedroom door, I heard her move.
I turned around and she was staring at me; hopeful.

“Mono, Kimon, please give me one more chance.
I promise I won’t treat you the way I did again.”

Ava said.
The girl in bed sat up and I twisted the knob to make sure it was shut properly.
I pushed away from the peephole. A smile appeared on her face, she had a clear view of the door the entire time from the bedroom.
A huge smile covered my face.

I walked back into the room, laid down and pulled her in for a kiss.
She said, do you want to talk about it?
I said,

It’s not important. Right now, you’re all that matters”

She leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips and she got up to make breakfast.
She stretched out her hand and said,

“I need a shirt, please”

Her breasts greeted me with the morning respect as my hardened member twitched in approval between my legs.
I pointed to the closest. She reached in and bent down, her lower lips showing for a brief moment.
I almost jumped out of the bed to devour her but I held still.
She smiled and headed out of the room closing the door behind her.
I sat there smiling as I had locked Ava out. It felt symbolic to my feelings towards her.
My phone began to ring and I picked up saying,

“Nate, what’s good bro?”

“I’m good fam. What are you up to?”

He asked. I smiled and said,

“Waiting for breakfast.”

He picked up on it and he said,

“Oh shit!
Who is this new one?”
“Her name is Ashley…. She is..”

I was replying when he cut in and said,

Doesn’t Ava have a cousin named Ashley that she mentioned before”

I paused and said,

“Ava just came to my place”


He replied and then continued to say,

“Did she see her cousin?”

I replied,
“Nah… They distant family friends. Haven’t seen each other in 5 years.
Besides, I didn’t even open the door for Ava. I almost did but I had to look to the future”

He said,

“True… true…. So how did you meet her?”
I sat up and said,
“She actually found me by fate at the community college when I went to sign up for piano classes.
We hit it off.
She told me she knows Ava and I was honest about our dealings and she still wanted me, so here we are.
I’m just going on the ride”
I could hear Nate laughing his head off as he said,

“Mono, you know you’re the greatest savage of all right?
Like wow.
So when are you going to tell Ava you’re dating her family or shall I say friend?”

I laughed and said,

“Family friend brother, family friend. And she invited me to their family reunion thing this weekend. Barbecue chicken and broken roasted hearts will be served.
Oh what fun we shall have”

Nate shook his head I could tell. He sounded like you sound now, as you say #WhatTheHeckMan

The call ended shortly after and I placed the phone down just as Ashley walked into the room with a tray of food she placed on my bedside and said,

“Was that Nate?”

I nodded.

She pulled the covers off and climbed into the bed.

She looked up at me as she pulled my shorts down. My member was at his hardest.
Slowly, she kissed up my thighs as she worked her way towards my hard member. She opened her mouth and her lips took me in.
I kicked my head back and a huge smile covered my face.
In most situations, you can avoid winners or losers but here, I was clearly winning.

And it felt good.
Revenge, I heard is best served slow, sloppy and warm. And Ava would eventually agree but till then….
It’s #WhatTheHeckMan


Savages need to feed. Don’t be their prey on the name of love.
There are Kiki’s, Ava’s, Drew’s, Nate’s and even Mono’s out there in the world today. Who are you?
haver you ever experienced one of those people or been one of those people?

I wrote “Savages” because of an experience watching and “emotional vulture” come into someone’s life and ruin it silently.
Kinda like Kiki but with the stealth of Drew.
You see, it is not everyone that smiles with you that brushed their teeth. And it’s not every person that you call friend that will bail you out if you ever got arrested.
The true character of those closest to you is something that you should always evaluate.
Even people with initially good intentions can become Savages.

There are good people in the world. But you already know what I feel about the concept of “good” people.
I’ll you conclude on Mono’s character but after his interaction with Ava and Kiki, he could claim justification to be a kind of way and begin collecting hearts.
But again, there is good in this world and it is our duty to grow, cherish and pass it on to others.

Oh the prey.
“Stay woke” they say. Because you are paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t following you.
Guard your happiness with all you have.
For whatever reason, there are people out there who can’t stand to you see you happy. To see you up.
Prayerful and concern yourself with reading between the lines. When it comes to your heart, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, not everything is meant to be shared with others.
And I implore you to concern yourself with the power you give people to affect your happiness by the things you allow them to hold in your life.

There are Savages everywhere and there might be one in you too, who knows?
My last piece of advice is that if you decide to prey on someone, make sure you “kill” them all the way. Because if they recover, you have just created a deadlier Savage and set them loose in the world and I’m sure we don’t need anymore than we have.

Above all Ladies and Gentlemen, keep your head up and do good.
It’s yours truly; The Wordsmith for #WhatTheHeckMan.
Till next week,

Stay Up!

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8 thoughts on “Savages 4

  1. Fadddaaaalauuuddd this ending !! I never esperrited it @ all . Her cousin / family friend though ??? Mono there was just no need ! He is definitely the greatest savage out of all them . To go to her family BBQ too , Lmaoo talk about pay back . Ava , smh how could she still leave with Drew ?? And Kiki .. That one .. Someone will deal with her , destroy relationships because you felt neglected ? Got to pray for protection from the savages on these streets .. Great story and the ” trailer ” for the next story looks great

  2. I am all the way done. Just savage life everywhere. Now Ava and Drew….mtcheeew. Like she didn’t realize she was clearly waking away from a good thing. Kiki was using that “neglected” as an excuse. I mean can she explain messing with Drew? Was she feeling neglected then too? 😔 I am sad at how Mono handled the aftermath, I mean Ashley is going to end up hurt in his “revenge” coz he doesn’t really want her.
    Hmm wordsmith advice to kill them dead…..noted.

  3. Wow. I mean Mono is entitled to be with whoever he pleases, at least she’s aware of Ava so nothing should take her unawares. But wow, story sef took a different turn! This is why I mess with #whattheheckman so heavy yo. Not being able to predict the way it ends is so dope.
    Great story Sanmi! Loveet!

  4. Lawd! This story went left fast! I swore Kiki was about to confess that she was in love with Ava or something! Lol but I think in the end everyone was a “savage”. Now whether or not their “savagery” is justifiable…..I’m not sure, but I will say when you’re broken hearted anger easily creeps in, and when you’re angry anything can be done. I don’t blame Mono for not caring. Dude just wants to be happy.
    This story got me looking at the people in my life real close. Lol great job Sanmi!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾

  5. But can I just bless the name of the Lord for Mono’s life?!?! I just want to thank God that he did not go back to Ava. She saw small opposition and difficulties and IMMEDIATELY ran back to her ex. That is NO BUENO. I would never want to be with someone who wouldn’t hear me out if something went wrong and then used the first opportunity they could to run back to their ex! Yes, I could forgive the person and look forward to the future, but what guarantee would I have that the person wouldn’t do it again?? That is not a gamble I’m willing to take. As for Mono dating Ashely.. Chai.. That will be a hard pill to swallow. I’m not sure if I agree with that move. I know myself and the type of craze I carry. It would be a deadly day for them both. #Facts Then again you can’t stop yourself from loving someone who brings out the best in you and appreciates you as a person. Sigh.. This story just made me right an essay of life. Smh. Lol! Grrreeaaat Story!! I voted for you by the way! You are a SAVAGE! 😋😁 #YouKnowImRight.

  6. well that most certainly wasn’t the ending i was expecting. damn. kiki ain’t shit but that’s nothing new but yo drew you too? very glad that mono respected himself and didn’t go back to ava. there’s times when you need to realize that a chapter must stay closed. i don’t think he’s a savage honestly well in this situation. he can’t help that he ended up with ashley. you truly have to be careful with who you consider a friend and the power you give them. this was great, thank you.

  7. hmm just read the entire series so this is what i have to say the stories seemed shorter this time, also what is wrong with people sef, that girl called kiki hian her own is plenty she would be fine at the end of the day and meet her match somewhere in the future.
    mehn its true what you said about people being savages those kind i fear the most,but i wouldn’t lie i have been one of those before because i was trying to get my friend out of an abusive relationship back in uni then, so we teamed up to try and get her to see the light before things got too bad, i was the one always instigating issues so she could break up with the guy but it didn’t work at all in fact none of our savage ways worked, long story short she learnt the hard way.
    but that does not justify our behavior i just learnt to each his own and at the end of the day like you rightly said its better to safe guard your heart than to be sorry with a broken heart and messed up mind.
    As always you wrote your heart out!nice 1 it was worth me reading it now sneakily at my desk in the office :p

    P.S sorry for not being active in a while was just transitioning through a stage to another 🙂

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