I used to feel untouchable
I was so confident in love
I used to wonder how those who got their hearts broken felt
I never knew it was like this
Like a bitter sore in the corner of one’s throat
It stung

When we first met
The things you told me I couldn’t believe
You told me you loved me and you told me you needed me
And that without me you couldn’t live eternally
Now the story is different
Now you don’t call
Texting on your full keyboard phone seems so hard
You don’t even remember how I used to make you feel

I only wonder how your feelings can change
So suddenly
I remember how my heart throbbed when I first said I love you
I remember the big smile I had on my face when you said it back
It was bliss
But what can we call this
This thing that has torn us apart
We seemed perfect
But now we struggle to make contact

I can’t sleep cos I see your smile
I can’t drink cos I thirst for your love
Is it me or am I asking much?
I gave my all and I expected the same in return
So how come I’m the only one having sleepless nights
How come I can’t stop thinking about you while you party with friends?
I don’t think I can ever feel again
What I felt for you

It only makes me wonder
Was it ever love
Or was I in a world of my own
I guess we’ll never know
It still baffles me
Was our love unbreakable
Did we have real love?
Cos I know for sure that I’m not calling you to find out
You broke me once and I won’t stand to hear it again
But you can Facebook me o!

Written April 2006

WhatTheHeckMan is 2. And all I can say is THANK GOD and THANK YOU ALL.