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In Terms of Love

In Terms Of Love


#WhatTheHeckMan Rants Christmas Edition by Adewus4real and F.M.S

There’s something about the bells

As they ring

The Christmas songs

Families’ sing

There is cheer around

And barely anyone with a frown

Eggnog and the sorrows drown

The mood is festive around the town

But no one really knows what I’m about

I’m sitting here while everyone feasts

But I’m that guy with nothing to eat


See I’m usually here

Well most of the year

Abandoned shortly after the New Year

People unintentionally forget about me

Until the month with 29 in the leap year

I’m hardly fed today

Everybody is happy


With their families they have gone away

But I try to keep my disappointment at bay




I beat like yours

Faster when I get nervous

Even worse when I’m anxious

There is so much to received but very little to given

The cards swipe

The coins clang

The wallets drain

But many are still in pain

I’m an empty heart



I pray

That someone will come my way

Someone will actually stay

From sadness I try to refrain

But I swear

It’s only a matter of time

When the lights come down

That I’m filled with pain again

The cheer is superficial

The heaviness is residual

People are not truly happy

But everything is in red

And there is Jollof rice

So make merry




Today the year comes to a close

When next I’ll feel this

I will not know

But for now

I’ll enjoy the Christmas glow

When we finally call each other

And sing a new carol

This is a happy time

But I know what comes after

And that makes me sad

Every time



It’s that time of the year again. When there is commercialized love. Everyone seems to be filled with smiles and happy thoughts. I want that to be it! Happiness all around! But we need to sustain the feelings.

We catch wind of what is happy for a few weeks and once the New Year rolls by, we all go back to our various hustles and forget the spreading of the love. People only remember the cheer and love because we eter the final two weeks of the year. Sad but true.

I’m keeping this short today. My #WordsOfWednesday to you is that you keep the love flowing at every opportunity you get. Go beyond the confines of “family” and spread and give love. TO EVERY AND ANYONE.

Reach out to those who have no one to share these festive days with and be present for them. You are a vessel of love. Let it flow through you always. Give always as the world will continue to replenish you.


Today I want to say, I love you all! Merry Christmas and know that if anything, you have one person who has real love for you out there; ME.

Merry Christmas #WhatTheHeckMan Family!!!!


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6 thoughts on “In Terms of Love

  1. Merry Christmas to you too and all the fellow #WhatTheHeckMan fans .. Got to spread love 365 days a year !! P.s I would buy you a birthday pressie if I could , but you know Christmas being so close to your birthday an all and I was blowing money fast as an IJGB .. Shey you will accept groundnut ??😝😝😁

  2. True it is important to sustain the love and happiness all year but like you said that’s not always the case. But the good news is that atleast there is that few days/ weeks of genuine happiness that people can look forward to. Exactly what makes Christmas unique and special, the genuine love and happiness that comes from/with it (and lowkey stress). Merry Christmas everyone ❤️💃💃.

  3. Very very important to keep the loving flowing. Not just during the “season” but also after the season.

  4. this love and happiness we speak of comes like the weather which shouldn’t be, but we all need to do well to make it unending..Merry christmas!

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