Needs Wanted: Apply Here

Needs Wanted: Apply Here


It can feel like a dream

You wake up and you begin to replay the scenes 

Or a blur

The feelings here and gone

Before you can think

Miles before you can truly feel

One moment you think you want

The next you’re struggling with what you need

Remember when you were asked what you wanted for Christmas

But when you got it

It wasn’t what you thought it all to be

Then you discard it

And search for something else

But that toy that you never wanted

That random gift that checked all the boxes

Is the purple one you clutch to sleep


Celebrating fleeting attractions

Chasing glorified sensations 

We want what we feel

But fail to feel what we need

Many mistakes have been made in history

But the biggest can be forgetting that you have a unique story

So your choices and dreams

Are yours to keep

Memories and yours to feel

Needs yours wants should feed

And your actions should never cause you to lose your sleep


There will be many

Many stories

Different narratives

Glittering offerings

Many that leave you with holding unto sweet nothings

Bitter tastes

That remain long after a new attraction invades

Your heart becomes a hotel

Many for a few nights stay

Before they move on along on their way

The essentials will remain the same

Find what you need

And how to make it fill you up

Sustain you at every stop

Inspire you to never give up

Find what you truly need

And not what a new attraction can make you give up


There is no thesis. No head to this snake. 

Writing this on my phone. No edits. Just raw thoughts.

There no pills for this feeling.

I feel like I’m writing poetry again. 

Okay let me stop.


Today, I was accused of having a girlfriend. I denied the claim.

Well, i didn’t deny because I don’t have one. I know what love feels.

I feel it inside me.

I know what its capable of sparking in me but do I know if I’m ready for what it can really do to me.

I started thinking about what I want vs. what I need vs. what I have.

Like in the accounting class I’m currently taking, they speak to cash in hand.

Today, I have a healthy dose of attraction.

Some sustained, some fleeting, some tempting, some fake and some just empty.

I know I have that. I see it everyday.


From mothers who like my beard to ladies who can’t get enough of the words of “The Wordsmith”

But is that contributing to what I want or need?

I want a woman with a gorgeous smile. Something I can wake up to that brightens my day.

I want a woman that other men want and envy me because I have her.

I want a woman that compliments me.

I want a woman with a “phat” ass. One that I can smack and grab in public.

I want a woman with lips that make you feel things.

I want a career woman.

I want a woman that is friendly but distant enough that guys stay back.


You see, my list of wants are fair things that someone can confidently justify as requirements.

But they are just wants. They will fade, they will change.

My needs however, will remain the same or even morph into greater needs as they develop.

So what does one need,

I need a God fearing woman. Not a woman that knows her way around a church or how to navigate the church politics but someone who truly has a relationship with him that grows daily.

I need a woman that knows that plantain is above everything.

I need a woman that is not afraid to call my bluff.

I need a woman that prays for me even when I forget to pray about myself.

I need a woman who knows that in my eyes, she is everything.

I need a woman that challenges me and motivates me to be a better man daily.

I need a woman that makes having her feel like a gift.


I know what I need and unfortunately, much of what I have right now is not what I need.

I don’t need someone to offer me their body, stress me because I am not emotional enough for them or because I won’t engage in childish arguments.

I may want that on some level but I don’t need that.

I have realized that some want me or the idea of me but do not need me in the capacity they believe they do.

Sucks but its the truth.

See, I don’t need anyone to point me towards where what i may be. And you shouldn’t let anyone do that either.

I have always known that I want to rich but I continue to learn about myself daily that I now know that even if I am meant to be rich, I am not ready for God to give it to me yet.

So what you need may require you to work hard and prepare yourself.

See, all the things I need can be in the right woman but if I am not ready to appreciate her when she comes, I will miss her. Or she may leave.

That is a prayer I say everyday. 

I truly hope that as God works on me, he is working on her too. And we are in the same place at the same time, so it works according to his plan.

Patience is required as you wait for what you need.

No matter how much you need something, there is still due process that needs to be observed. 

It can get tiring as you begin to confuse what you want and need due to timing.

You feel like you have to get what you want now, whereas what you need, requires more work, time and growth.

I always say that regret is a harder feeling to sell to someone. 

The feeling of failure is painful and often hard to swallow when you finally get what you wanted and you realize that you NEED to give it up because you rushed.

Spend time sitting alone, analyze yourself and decide what you have in hand, want and need.

Address them in prayer and create a plan to outline what you want and need.

I’m not saying that you ignore your wants. Eat that bowl of Ice Cream because you want to. Work it off later.

But always keep your eyes on what you need.

What you need to be a better person.

A better son/daughter/lover/friend/confidant/WhatTheHeckMan supporter.

Your needs should be addressing your areas of growth and contributing towards your sustainability. 

You may want the perfect person by society standards but you need the best version of you and someone who brings that out of you.

I hope I made sense today. Like I said, there was no real thesis. 

Just a man with a platform speaking. 

It’s the #WordsOfWednesday on #WhatTheHeckMan by The Wordsmith. 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Needs Wanted: Apply Here

  1. This was a very open piece and a very much needed message. Something that has been on my mind and I am sure on the mind of many others lately. I love the way you can articulate your thoughts so perfectly and make them relatable to your readers. It’s important to decipher between what you want and what you actually need. It’s important to establish what you need and not be blind-sided by what you want . ‘ What you need is the best version of you and the person that brings that out of you ‘ .. I totally agree with this line ..To give the best of you , you have to be the best you . Thanks for another great #WordsOfWednesday post

  2. This was a nice reminder that sometimes what you think you “want” at the moment is not actually what you “need.” I think as humans we get bogged down in what society says we should “want” at certain stages of our lives, but we fail to realize that everyone is running their own race. You can’t run the same race as your neighbor. What’s good for them may not be good for you. So take out the time to be the best version of you so that you can appreciate your own progress and along the way, God will bring someone you can appreciate the journey with you. Thanks for the wise words dude! 😁

  3. This is absolutely very inspiring. Inspires one to address the real stuff. depth and content. Wants are very often not the same as needs. and we let society speak a little too loud. This is a call to consciousness and I find it quite intriguing how you process all this and just deliver. Thanks thanks. Never stop writing!

  4. Good writing as always, I also did not know the difference between a want and a need till i attended bible school, it is now becoming a norm in the world for us humans to prioritize our wants before our needs which leads to us accepting the abnormality as being normal, which is sad because that is what most of our peers are basing their live on. like i always stress to people around me or meet that be you!we have one shot at life we should live happily, positively and wisely!!
    Thank you and Thank you for blessing us with your gift, its so good to see that there are dudes like you who love God genuinely, and is not ashamed to share it with the world and knows what he needs 🙂 keep this passage in mind its my go to for now Proverbs 1:5

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