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The Wordsmith

The Wordsmith


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Waiting by Adrian Marcel

The words are easy to say

How you led me on my way

To fall for you each day

I have loved you in every single way

As a man

I’ve put down my pride

To keep the hope of you and I


But somehow you drift

Like a sinking ship at see

A lost cause

You choose this path that leaves pain

You came into my life and its never been the same

Twenty-three time I have asked why

I have drained all my tears

Looking upward

Far into the sky

One more time I had hope for you

But you left and made me feel

Like a glorified fool

Today, I take back me

I fight what I know will be true

The sad thing is you know me well

And no matter all the lies I tell

You own my heart

And it’s where I truly want you to dwell

I hope I wake up soon

From this coma filled with pain and darkness

Because you continue to leave with me heart

And one day

You’ll leave me truly heartless.


The Wordsmith


.     .     .     .     .


Everyday, I spend hours typing away watching a colorful variety of people visit the courthouse to appear before the job.

My job as a stenographer not only allowed me to fall in love with words but with people’s stories on a daily basis.

I saw anything from the 16-year-old juvenile who crashed his mom’s car on a drunken joyride night to a 69-year-old lady who had too much to drink at Bingo the night before.

I saw them all and for the most part, I ignored them all.


I consider myself a fairly attractive young man. This was my job during the day while I finished my public health management degree with a host of night classes.

I ran into my fair share of women as a result of work and my school. From hot Spring breaking 22yr olds to the hot newly crowned 32 yr old nurses.

I had my way with them. I have my way with words but what I have come to find is that once the words depart from you heart, they carry life and you cannot always control their effects on people.


I remember the day I met Jasmine. She was 5’4 with a gorgeous smile and a perfect booty. Don’t judge me.

Like almost any man out there, those were the things I noticed first.

I made it a point to never approach any woman I met through work. Well for one, it was messy. But it almost meant, they knew where and when I worked and how much I made (I work for the state and my salary is public record).

But that day, it must have been fate.


It was two years ago. Jasmine was there for a DUI case that involved five other cars. She was the passenger in the seat that caused the crash.

Normally, the crash wouldn’t have even concerned her but she was drunk and had an open container of alcohol right in her hands when the police showed up.

So she was ordered into AA classed, drug court and her license was suspended for a year.

She took it on the chin though and things kept on going. The next case came in after her but I remembered her smile very clearly.


Later that evening, I was making my way from my Chemistry class which had gotten out a full hour early. I was walking across the walk bridge by the levy when I heard a group of people laughing loudly through my headphones.

I took on ear out and turned around as they neared me and then one of them said


Aren’t you the guy from court!”

You guessed right. It was Jasmine.


Well, maybe tipsy.

.       .       .        .        .       .

I remembered her smile and well, she was still wearing the same clothes. I looked at her as I smiled and said

 “I’m pretty sure the judge told you to stay away from alcohol”

She laughed and then her friends joined as replied

“Yes. Yes, she did but are you going to arrest me”

I shook my head as I smiled at their foolishness and then she said

“You’re cute, you should come out with us. We’re going to hit a couple more bars….

And I promise, we will we walking the whole time.

No cars!”

Like I said, she was hot and remember the thing I said about fate?

Well, I followed the out that night.

And like the rest of out time together would be, I would continue chasing her because before the night was over, she had disappeared.

But she had left her phone in my blazer pocket, which she had used as a coat at one point during the night.

Her leaving her phone was my in.

Two years later, she’s still disappearing.


I hadn’t spoken to her in 6 months.

But to tell you I was in love with this woman was lie. I was in love with all of her existence.

She claimed to have been carted off to some out patient rehab facility in San Diego.

We had been through things over the last few years. A lot that I would share with you over time, but none more compelling than her disappearing acts.

It was like clockwork.

She would come into my life, establish herself and then when my hope would rise.



I wondered what I loved about her at one point but see it was the way she talked, how she swayed, how we played, the plans we made but the only problem was that she never stayed.

I stared at the computer screen while she finished her cereal. I giggled as she drained the milk out of her bowl before each bite. Such a waste, I thought to myself as I smiled and then she said



with a smile lighting up her face as she referred to the cereal.

“You know I don’t like milk”

she continued.

I nodded as she covered her mouth and chowed her Fiber One cereal down.

I just didn’t know what to say but I was happy. Finally being able to talk to her. The happiness couldn’t be contained and then I said

“I wish I was there with you”

She smiled and said

“I wish I was there with you… curled up in your arms”

I smiled and sat up straight in my bed.

Moving my computer from my left onto my lap. I looked at her and said

“What if you can?”

she didn’t catch what I said as she responded with a confused


I laughed and repeated myself.

“What if I buy your ticket and you can come here tomorrow?

Well later tonight?”

It was past midnight and in the early hours of Friday.

She still looked confused as she said

“Are you serious?”

I nodded and said

“I’ll buy your ticket and you can come here after work later today.”

Her face got serious as she noticed I wasn’t joking around.

“You know it’s going to be expensive right?”

“I want you here. That’s all that matters.

Don’t worry about the cost right now”

I replied.

She paused for a second and then a huge smile covered her face as she said

“Wow.. Okay!”

And that moment, I got on it

I opened a new tab and found the right flight with the return that would have given her enough time to make back for work on Monday with enough time.

There was an element of shock, excitement and surprise all written all over her face.


The whole process took about 45minutes but halfway through the planning was complete. There were two one-way tickets with her flying in from Chicago to San Diego and then back out on Monday. The hotel was booked and everything was ready to go.

I think the speed at which it all happened made her feel very connected. I could see it in her eyes. She put her bowl of cereal down and began packing.

I couldn’t contain my excitement either, I would have the woman that owned my heart in my arms by the end of the day and it felt so good.


.       .       .       .        .        .

Lost by Tay 

There was nothing I could focus on at work. I even sat down in front of my computer attempting to log on and that took me almost five minutes because I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

You know when you feel a connection with someone where your every thought aligns with him or her. You cannot seem to contain yourself or your excitement for the things that you would do together. That was exactly how I felt and trust the time to move as slowly as possible that day.

I remember a few times where she texted me and said

“Is this real?”

The experience was one of those few that would be etched in ones memory for a long time

I could tell that she was just as excited as I was.

That day, I left the courtroom and packed up my stuff into the back of my car.

I just couldn’t wait to have her in my arms.


I remember feeling so excited that I began to worry that if something went wrong, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I was only a few minutes away from the airport when I ran into traffic, I knew her flight had landed and I didn’t want to keep her waiting.

That area was notorious for traffic and I began to get upset.

“Why was this happening right now?”

I continued to ask myself. I truly just wanted to ram my car straight into the back of the car in front of me like an army tanker.

But I noticed the car pool lane was moving along just fine. I glanced at my phone and the time read 6:48pm.

Dinner reservations were at 7:30pm and there was absolutely no way I was going to make it in time if I stayed in the traffic.

So I checked my mirrors and moved over to the carpool lane.

I waited till I noticed a bus coming. My theory was that if I got into the lane before a bus. Then a police officer would not be able to go around me to catch me because the lanes next to the carpool lane were stagnant.

My thinking.

So I merged into the carpool lane. I must have gone about 6 miles at about 70 miles per hour and I was just a few exits shy of the airport when I noticed a bike cop, go around the bus

My heart skipped various beats and I was sure that I was about to die.

A ticket on a night like that!


I slowed down because I was not about to get a ticket for speeding and violating the carpool laws.

I was expect his lights to go off when the cop on the bike slowed down behind me.

I thought it was over at that point.

I was for sure getting a ticket.

Sad because I was also driving past another one of the signs that reminded folks that carpool was “TWO OR MORE PEOPLE during the hours of 3pm-7pm”

I had done this many times but why did this have to happen today.

A few seconds as I continued driving and the cops lights went on.

I cannot say I never esperred it because I did and at that point, it was all over Jackie.

But right then, the cop sped past me!


I was stunned with my heart still racing. He kept on going.

I couldn’t thank my stars enough. I was so shocked that I didn’t even realize when I had come up to my exit. I quickly signaled and merged to get off the highway.

I was still thanking my starts when Jasmine called my phone.

The next 6 minutes would be spent on the phone trying to direct her to the proper gate where I could pick her up.

You know how annoying it can be circling the airport waiting for the person you were there to pick up to finally make their way out. But I had to keep my feelings in check and not lose it today.


I was circling around for what must have been my 4th time when she said

“I think I see you”

I replied snottily

“It’s about time your big eyes saw something”

I pulled up to the curb and got out of the car and there she was.

Chocolate goodness.

In a white dress with teal shoes to match, her skin glowed. She was killing the dress and it was not asking for mercy.


I gave her a hug and squeezed her tight with my right hand making a point to take a handful of her soft buttocks on its way down.

She smelled heavenly and I could not stop smiling but we were going to be late.

I put her back on the back seat as she sat down and we took off.

We just laughed and talked about how crazy this was that she was here already.

We both knew that we had serious things to talk about but those would have to wait.

Tonight, it was just us two.


Dinner was amazing. And as you can imagine, I couldn’t stop staring.

The way she laughed. The way she looked at me.

I had missed her.

She chowed down her slice of plain cheesecake; her favorite. And then we headed home. She thought that I was taking her home but the real reason I was stuck in traffic earlier was because I was coming from the hotel.

I had checked in earlier and had the room set up. The music playing over my portable speakers, scented candles lighting up the room and the chocolate covered grapes were sitting on the bed side cabinet.


The bath was set and I walked her into the room. She could not stop smiling.

I told her to close her eyes as I walked her to her seat.

She gently sat down and her eyes remained closed. I placed a few of the chocolate covered grapes in her mouth and I planted a kiss on her lips. I pulled away and returned quickly to place some headphones over her ears.

She smiled and looked confused as to what was happening. I pulled away and sat down on the couch and I began to talk into the microphone. Her face lit up as my voice travelled between her ears.


Slowly, I gave her directions of how the night was going to go. The things I would do her and I gave her my warning for the night

“I won’t stop, no matter how much you beg”

 I sensed the chills travel through her spine as I said that. I placed the microphone down and walked over to her. Helping her off the seat, I had her standing as I slowly took off every piece of clothing on her bar her underwear.

Unlatching her bra with my teeth, I travelled further south to help her panties off with my tongue as the heat from my nostrils burned on her flesh.

Fully naked, I asked her to lie on the bed face down.

I opened the bottle of baby oil and sprayed it all over her back. She let out a moan as the warm oil covered her.

My strong hands went to work as I oiled her body up and massaged it into her already glistening skin.

It wasn’t helpful because I knew I wouldn’t last.

Her bare body in front of me and in my arms after all these months and I couldn’t contain myself.

The massage was deep as I worked my hands into the knots around her shoulders and in her lower back. She was almost falling asleep when I turned her over.

A very wet kiss followed and she wanted me to continue, I pulled her up and told her to follow me.

Into the bathroom we went and she was surprised at the candle lit bathroom and the bubble filled tub.

In she went and the warm water caressed her skin. I sat on the outside of the tub like a nurse washing up a wounded soldier. The washcloth helped as I washed the oil off her body.

She looked up at me with love and want. Like she just wanted to pounce on me for all I had done.

She was about to talk when with my free hand, I asked


As I shoved a couple down her mouth

She knew what I was doing and I wasn’t hiding it either.


I carried her out of the shower after rinsing her down and onto the bed.

My kisses were long and short. I wanted to enjoy every moment of taking her in.

There was a pause as I neared her waist and I looked up at her.

I could see her eyes closed, biting her lower lip as I loved so much. Her moans were still stifled but she belted out as I slowly kissed her pink.

She was turning slowly as my tongue explored the depths of her.

There was a way my face was drenched in her wetness that I had no other reason but to go for more as my beard soaked.

My licks like strokes of a painters brush over his canvas covered her clit as I picked up and slowed the pace at will.

Her echoes of “Yes and More” sailed into the room.

She clutched the sheets for dear life and I went in search for more, lapping up every drop as she flowed onto my tongue


Our fingers locked into each other’s as I rested over her. Sliding in, my thrusts were slow and I gazed into her eyes. The connection was one I cannot translate to you.

I just appreciated the beauty in her eyes as every inch of me was covered by her juices. Majority of the night was in that position and I felt no urge to force.

The night and the experience with her again was far more than any thing at that point. This was the woman I loved and her body, I had missed.

No words were exchanged.

And climaxes were duly shared. When I lay next to her with her head on my chest before we invited sleep between us, I placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered.

“I love you”

I looked down at her and as usual, she was fast asleep. No complaints from me.

She was in my arms again and that was enough for me.

I turned my head to the left and blew out the last candle. The darkness lit the room but my night with her had brightened up my world.



.        .        .        .          .         .

The blinds were still closed as I opened up my eyes. I had smile on my face that didn’t reflect my tiredness. I turned to my right where Jasmine had slept and she was gone.

A very familiar feeling covered my heart and I knew what was coming next.

The rollercoaster of emotions as I sat up straight, I stretched to flick on the lights.

On they went and I noticed her things had been packed and she was gone.

I couldn’t believe it but I think I was more upset that I had been fooled again.

To give the benefit of the doubt, I reached for my phone.

Unlooking it, I dialed her number and of course it went to voicemail. I was beginning to get angry because I had expected this time to be different. I thought we had gotten over her leaving me but I guess I had not gotten the memo.


I slid my legs out from under the covers and placed them on the ground and my phone buzzed. I briefly got excited as I thought it was her.

I looked down at the phone and it was Asha.

I answered it and said


She laughed on the other end and said

“Do we have to start begging you for you to call your girlfriend again?”

I placed my left hand on my head as I said



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