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Difficulty in Simplicity

The Difficulty


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Jika by Mi Casa

It’s like a game

With no winners

We act like we ain’t all the same

Yet we all sinners

I don’t think I’m better than you

I know I’m more damaged than you

But I know I love you

That’s the only way to remind myself that I can love me


I hate everything


We’re strangers on the same journey

I just want to get way

Not tell anyone where to

Be gone and recuperate

Work on appreciating life and people again


Eveyone and everything annoys me

I just need a break

Before I break

But I need to find peace

My happiness is at stake

Difficulty in Simplicity





Multigrain Crackers.

I have been munching on these for the better part of the afternoon asking myself the serious but confusing question “What The Heck Man?”

Basically pulling from the conversations and observations I have picked up in the last few months it became very clear to me that there is a certain difficulty in simplicity. Hold on, let me wipe my fingers and then follow me on this short journey so I can show you what I mean.

I have come to appreciate the view that as human being we are all innately selfish. Every single one of us; “ I don’t want kids” “I don’t want you” “I want you” “You must take this from me”. For whatever reason out there, we are all selfish. Now you just hope that along the way, you continue to run into more people that are selfish with good intentions. Kind of like, “I want to be rich so I can give back to the poor and not I want to be rich so I can stare at all my money”


Now let’s talk about HONESTY. What does that really mean in today’s age? Is it “Let me tell you what you need to hear alone?” or is it “regardless of how you feel, I will tell you everything”?

Sadly or brilliantly however you look at it, we have adopted the first part and accompanied it with “What you don’t know won’t kill you?”.

In speaking of honesty, I’m thinking about a guy. This guy has been dilly-dallying along by his lonesome. And then a woman shows up in his life. She says

“hey, I like you. I want you”.

As honestly as possible he responds by telling her

“look, I like you too but there are other people in my life that are currently with the same pitch you came with”

Right there, there are two options for the woman.

Option 1. SWERVE and forget him

Option 2: Ignore everything he said and remain determined to make him pick you.

This is the one picked by most women. And sadly, this option never ends well.


Then it graduates to SELLING DREAMS.

Here, she is telling you that whatever you have at the moment might be great but all she is here for is your genuine happiness. I just want you to be happy.

At this stage, she has feelings but the feelings are only for your wellbeing. The selfishness of wanting you only for her hasn’t kicked in yet. This happens when it becomes obvious that “YOUR OPTIONS” are quality people to compete with.

If a woman thinks another woman interested in you is not up to scratch, she will not pay her any mind but continue to do her. The moment she feels the attention is shared or the other girl(s) can actually take you from her. EVERYTHING CHANGES.

That you called her once every two days before now becomes a problem. She counts the hours when you’re tweeting instead of calling.

“How many times will you @ her?”

“Are you done talking to you women?”

The next thing you know. The arguments and fights she starts to pick come out of nowhere. Like traffic that comes out of nowhere; No accident no incident. Just random shit

“I told you that the bus was late and you didn’t even say anything”

You’re sitting there clutching your head like What The Heck Man?! Look you catch along fast. Anyways as carefully and spiritually vigilant as possible you navigate through it all. You finally decide in your mind that this is the woman I want to be with.

“I am ready”

Omo the moment you do that, it all changes again.

Then you face the SINGLE vs. TAKEN issues. Like when you were single, you had no worries. Did whatever you wanted whenever you want. Now, you’re taken and the arguments, fights, pettiness is on an all time high.

One of the worst things you can do to a man is intentionally be petty to get at him. From what I have seen and heard, it is just annoying af!

Basically, you’ve decided on the woman you want and it’s like switching lanes in traffic. Before picking you were all moving at a slow pace and her lane was the only one moving fast. The moment you switch lanes, everything stops! A

And you’re like…. Say it with me…. What The Heck Man!

But enough of what sounds like women bashing, let’s talk about the men. Men that have too many options but then cannot choose one. It’s like why do you have options? It’s sooooo you have more to choose from, not holding on to all.

Some of these men are DreamSellers too. They tell you, you’re important and you very well might be but they also make the other women feel important too and that can be very annoying and frustrating for the woman that truly wants you.

MEN make up your mind.

But women, be ready to take the potential L when he makes up his mind. Because it is possible that it might not be you.

Essentially, nothing from being single to in a relationship is entirely simple. There is difficulty even in simplicity. How do you balance it all?

Going from being single and enjoying someone’s company and being able to have them as an outlet to them now becoming one of your triggers. It can get complicated very easily.

What I will say to people is this, if someone is honest with you from the jump and not selling you dreams, don’t SEKEM your way into their lives trying to force your reality on them. It will only bring you heartache and potentially have you tweeting simp shit past midnight on the regular.

We are kolomentally trying to figure it all out. But e no easy e.

This concludes my What The Heck Man rant of the day. My chips have now finished and I am sad once again but God pass devil.

Please where is my cabin biscuit?

I’m out of that too?! What The Heck Man

Omo na to fry plantain remain o.

#WhatTheHeckMan Question: Do we complicate things by ourselves?  

Feel Good Posts for these coming late today even though it is still Wednesday. I apologize it has been a stressful week but I’ll update you all on my next #WhatTheHeckMan Rant.

#WhatTheHeckMan Rant Week 2

Fuck With You (18+) 

Stay Up!


The End

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