Confessions of A Yoruba Demon

Confessions of A Yoruba Demon


Anointing ft. Sarkodie by Mr Eazi

Based loosely on true events.

My eyes traced her curves like a motion sensor.

Behind her, I counted each step as she walked in her heels ahead of me.

That sexy black number has resigned me to acting “sane” for most of the night.

At one point, I stopped midway through the hallway, staring at her and she walked on.

She soon realized I had stopped following her and turned around.

A big shy smile lit up the halls as she couldn’t hide her excitement as I took all of her in.

“What are you doing?”

She asked as she smiled and those round and jolly cheeks stood up to be counted.

I sighed, smiled, shook my head and began to walk towards her. She just stood still and smiled.

As I arrived in front of her, I slid my right hand around her waist and pulled her in.

A warm kiss for her lips as I smeared the remainder of her lipstick on my lips.

A chill went right down my spine.

I broke off the kiss and opened the door.

As she walked in ahead of me, I reached and firmly grabbed her right arm and spun her towards me in one swift motion.

I leaned into her and kissed her harder than I did seconds earlier.

I soon moved from her lips and started kissing her neck and I worked my way down. I began to reach for her zipper to remove her dress while she twisted and twirled, asking me

“Babe, what are you doing?”

I didn’t respond and I dropped to my knees as my lips kissed her now naked bum. She said

“You know your roommate is home right?”

I responded with

“so what?”

I turned her over to the counter.

From behind, I licked my lips as I slid my tongue into her wet.

It was warm.

Dripping as I tried to lap up every drop. I began to slurp as a few dripped out of my mouth and trickled on to my beard.

My left hand holding her steady, my right hand went around her as I placed my index finger on her clit and began to flicker. I could feel her shaking on my face while she attempted to drown her moans.

The water from the faucet was helping but we both knew with how loud she could get, it wasn’t going to be enough.

I turned her over and sat her up on the counter legs in the air, I got on my knees on the cold tiles as I took over with my tongue again. From left to right, it wagged at uncontrollable speed. I watched as she left her mouth wide open and no sounds came out. She continued to reach for something to grab on to as I licked. Full strokes with my tongue from bottom to the top, I could feel my beard soaking up.

A few minutes later, I came up and looked at her as she gasped and had this puzzled look on her face.

I began to take my pants off when she said

“babe, are you serious. What if your roommate comes out?”

I looked at her and said

“Then let’s get this going on then”

I walked up to her and kept her in my gaze. As I slowly slid my throbbing member inside her.



Her walls gripped every inch of me as I slid in and out. Her wetness covered all of my dick as my stroke loosened her tight pink.

In and out, I slid.

Watching her gasp for air, her eyes grew big as my member hit the ends of her walls. Her eyes cried for mercy but with each thrust I went for deep searching.

She placed her right hand around my neck as I thrust deeper, her cheeks hanging on my wooden counter. My heart beating out my chest, I could feel my dick firm up even more. Like a loaded gun ready to explode.

Her moans were louder, my thrusts harder.

I could feel her getting wetter, my piece just felt slippery as it went back in.

I was getting ready to let it all out. I was beginning to grunt and then the door opened…


I heard it but I didn’t stop.

She looked at me for confirmation that we were truly doing this. It was short and quick but I continued on.

She grabbed my neck tighter and gasped loader. Trying to contain her moans.

She whispered

“Cum for me baby”

And that was it.

I was grunting and squeezing my cheeks as I pumped my seed into her.

I stood there as we kissed passionately and my member began to shrink.

It slipped out of her as she climbed down from the counter.

As she walked away, I smacked her bum. She turned around and smiled, then disappeared into the shower.

As I walked into my bedroom, I heard my phone ringing.

It was mother.



“Good evening mummy”

I could hear the irritation in her voice.

“I called you twice already, why didn’t you answer?”

I rolled my eyes as I sat on the edge of my bed facing my window.

“Sorry mummy, I was out.

Is everything okay?”

You could tell that she wasn’t accepting my apology.

She continued

“Kola, you always do this. I will call and then you won’t answer.

God forbid something bad happens. That’s how we won’t be able to reach you.

Anyway… did you get a chance to meet up with the person I told you about?”

Oh Lord!

I knew where this conversation was going and I so was not ready for it.

“Mummy, I told you. I don’t want her.

I already talked to you about who I want and I’m working on it”

“Working on it?

What does working on it mean Kola?”

She chimed back at me

“You are going to be 28 next year for God’s sake. Do you think the world and all the good women out there will be waiting for you?

…there are equally good men waiting for them too. So why are you wasting time???”

She was right.

This was the reality, I wasn’t “old” but I also wasn’t getting any younger.

The door opened and Annette walked in from the shower.

She smiled at me.

I motioned to her with my finger across my lips to stay quiet.

My mother on the phone asked

“Is there someone there?”

I replied


She said okay and continued

“Kola, I am not one to pressure you this much but it has been a while since you last seriously dated and I think you need to get serious.

God has given you all you need, great health, a good job and family that loves you, what more?

All you need now is to be complete”

“I know mummy

And I promise, I am working on it”

That was my answer to get her off my back always.

She spent a few more minutes reporting my older sisters and my father to me before ending the call.

I placed the phone down on my bedside table and turned to my left to look at Annette who was still motioning her body.

“What did she say this time?”

She asked.

I tried to dismiss it by saying

“Oh nothing serious. She was just reporting my sisters to me”

Annette said

“Aww thats cute…

Kola, do you like me”


It felt like that came out of nowhere.

I looked at her stunned and in a few seconds, I gathered my composure and I reached for her hand

I pulled her close and said

“Annie, you know how I feel about you.

Thats no secret.

Look at the kind of night we just had. It was amazing.

I really like you. Truly”

She smiled and said


I heaved a huge sigh of relief inside.

I dodged one there.

As we curled into the bed that night, I turned over and picked up my phone again.

A message came in on Snapchat.

It was from a mutual friend of ours. I opened it and it was a message saying


I turned over and made sure Annie wasn’t looking and then I replied

“Hey you. What’s good?”

A few seconds later, she replied

“I’m horny”

I again gleaned back to make sure Annie wasn’t looking and then I said

“Oh word?”

She then said

“I want you inside me”

I placed my phone down and tried to fight the temptation.

She messaged again and said

“Are you there?”

I said


And then she said

“If I come there right now, can you make me cum?”

My member slowly began to rise.

Why was she doing this?!

“I’m not sure thats a good idea Taiwo”

She put a smiley emoji and said

“It will be when I come all over your d**k”

I was about to reply when Annie said

“Babe, put your phone away and hold me”

I dropped the phone and soon fell asleep.

There was something that needed to be sorted there but it would have to wait.

I just hoped it wouldn’t ruin me first.

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I turned and faced Annie

“Did you print out your resume?”

I nodded as she headed back into the kitchen.

She was making breakfast.

Eggs, toast, sausage and the likes.

I was starting my morning right before my interview.

Feeling great after waking up with my member in her mouth, I was now getting fed a proper breakfast before having to go and conquer the world.

We headed out of the apartment around 11:45am

My interview was at 1.

The plan was to stop at the bank and withdraw her rent before heading to my interview.

We got the money and arrived about 45minutes before my interview.

As we sat there talking, Annie continued to share how much she cared about me.

We sat there taking selfies and talking about an upcoming vacation we wanted to go on.

Time flew by and I had to head into my interview.

As I walked away, I realized that I had forgotten my phone in the car.

I turned around and headed back to the car.

As I pulled up the car, Annie hopped out and said

“Kola, why the fuck do you have nudes on your phone?”

I stood there.


She held the phone aloft and waved it in my face.


Fucking tell me why you have Taiwo’s nudes on your phone!”

I was speechless.

I must have been gone for less than 2 minutes!

My mind was racing as I tried to find the lie to get me out of this.

She threw my phone at me as she said

“Answer me!!!

…. So you have been fucking my friend this whole time?!”

I had finally gathered myself together as I moved closer to her and said

“Annie, let me explain.

No I’m not fucking Taiwo”

As I neared her, I tried to put my hands around her to calm her down.

Big mistake.

That only infuriated her further as she yelled

“Don’t fucking touch me! Don’t you put those filthy had on bye ever in your life!”

She was hysterical now and I was trying to hold her down.

“Kola, let go of me!

Don’t fucking touch me!!!”

I was done.

I was playing it all in my head at the speed of light.

What The Heck Man!

Less than a minute later, a police car pulled up.

They parked behind my car and stepped out.

Immediately, I moved away from her.

As they neared us, one of the officers called me aside and asked me what was going on.

One officer was talking to her and the other was asking me questions. I explained that she had seen something on my phone she didn’t like and gotten upset.

I didn’t realize when I said that I had put my hands on her to calm her down.

The officer immediately jumped on that and said

“Sir, I’m going to need you turn around…You’re not under arrest, but I’m going to handcuff you for both of our safety,”

He then had me sit on the sidewalk and went to talk to Annie

Minutes later he returned and asked me to move into the back of the cop car.

I asked


He said I should just follow protocol and all was fine and

I shouldn’t worry.

He closed the door and walked back to the other officer who was taking a statement from Annie.

Then someone who I would later find out to be an eye witness showed up.

I must have been in the back seat for about 30minutes. Suddenly I saw Annie burst out into tears.

I was confused.

At the same time, my mind was racing. What would my parents think?

What would my friends think?


I was supposed to have been in an interview!

My frustrations were rising and I couldn’t get the answers I needed.

The officers suddenly walked away from Annie and headed towards me.

I thought they were about to let me out but they got into the car and started the engine.

I asked them where we were going.

the officer in the passenger seat said

“The station”

I immediately asked why

The officer driving said

“She claims you assaulted her”

My mouth dropped.

I slowly turned around and I saw the eye witness person holding on to Annie.

Shit just got real.

What The Heck….
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  1. Welp. Life got real for him super fast. But it’s his fault since no one asked him to be a demon 🙂

  2. Slow smile………
    As far as I’m concerned he’s innocent until proven guilty, just cus you found nudes doesn’t mean he participated in the receiving of employment, what if your friend just likes to share. The missed interview is what’s painting me, in the trump brexit economy….. No body got time to be missing job opportunities
    Waiting on part two
    …. Whoooosh

  3. She’s so wrong for lying about him assaulting her, just because you’re mad you want to ruin somebody’s life?!?!
    Let this be a lesson: Always double check that you have your phone because most people WILL look at it.
    Can’t wait for part two!

  4. Lool at nobody needs to be missing interviews . I am so here for this series !! I almost want to feel for Kola but when you participate in demon activities you can’t expect to not get burned .. Off to read part 2

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