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The Wordsmith 3

The Wordsmith 3


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The rest of dinner couldn’t go fast enough. I just wanted to get out of there.

Jasmine was being so tempted. Giving me dirty looks across the table whenever she got the opportunity.

My member was rock hard and not behaving. Asha was so oblivious to the whole thing and just chatting away.

We all took pictures and shared some cake.

About 45 minutes later, we were bolting out of the place.

I was driving home as quickly as possible and trying to play it cook with Asha and not be suspicious.


We arrived at the house and I reckon that Asha must have been really tired. I went into the bathroom and returned. Asha was fast asleep on the bed. I climbed the bed with one of her wipes and cleaned off her lipstick.

She hated sleeping with makeup on and she definitely was not going to smear my bed.

I waited a few minutes and then I left.


I slowly knocked on the door and waited for it to open. I leaned on my right hand.

My mind was racing.

I was having a quick conversation with myself on whether or not, I was going to do anything.

I knew what would happen if Jasmine opened the door but I tried to convince myself that it was just going to be me talking to her.

After all, I still needed answers for the last time she left.


I didn’t knock again the door slowly opened and there was Jasmine.

Black lace panties.



A cool breeze coming in from her balcony

I just stood there and stared at her. This woman was beautiful as always. I felt a twitch between my legs and I immediately began to regret coming down.

She sipped from her glass of wine and said


“Are you just going to stand there?”

I walked into the apartment and she closed the door behind me.

I never left that 10 feet radius.

I asked

“So what happened to you the last time Jasmine?”

No answer.

She came close and slid her hand down behind my belt and into my pants. Her hand was cold but the heat down there was rising.

She leaned in and kissed me hard. It was hot. Her lips were initially cold from the wine she was drinking but it quickly warmed up. She sucked on my lips so hard my bottom lip bled on the inside.

“No talking.”


She said

“Just fuck me”

I stopped and looked into her eyes. I had a split second there where I could have pulled out and made it home safe but I opted not to.

My eyes searched hers looking for answers.

For truth, for security, for new

But I found nothing and I still kissed her.

I turned her and pinned up against the back of her door.

The glass cup slipped out of her fingers and smashed on the floor.


I began to kiss down the back of her neck and then down her back. I spread her legs with my hands as my right index finger drenched itself in her wet.

I pulled my pants down with my left hand. Dropping to my knees, my member dangled in the air.


I so wanted to hear her moan. I wanted her to beg me.

For the sleepless nights she continued to give me. For making me feel like I was not good enough.


I slid into her. She gasped and scratched the back of the door.

It was rough and her being in her heels was a huge help in bringing her up off the ground and closer to me.

I continued to go as fast as I could and then she did that thing.

One of the few things that drove me into overdrive whenever she and I had sex.

She looked back as she moaned and said


“Fuck me, fuck me till I cry!

I know, I’ve been bad. I know Ive been a very bad girl.

I left and didn’t say by….

Fuck me!



Of course you know I went harder. Steadying her waist, I just kept going.

“Pull my hair Marsh!”

She yelled


I reached for it and continued to thrust.

She knew I was cumming as I began to grunt and I pulled out of her. You would expect that she would be tired but instead, she dropped into a squatting position.

She grabbed my member before I had a chance to run away and she slowly took it into her mouth, while she fingered herself.

I held my moans inside as she slurped and worked her way from tip to base.

I got my second wind shortly after and she didn’t let me out of her mouth until I continued to spray my seed into her mouth.


I staggered back and sat on the kitchen island, my pants still at my knees. She got up and fixed her panties while she licked off her fingers. I felt chills travel down my spine.

 “I know you have to get back to your woman.

So we’ll talk tomorrow”

She said as she picked up her dustpan to sweep up the broken glass.

I finished putting on my pants as I said

“Yeah, I do”

I walked to the door and she gave me a hug and for lack of a better word, she dismissed me.

I felt so used. I knew I had lost my leverage.

She wasn’t going to call me but something in me, made me believe that she would.


The drive home was short and I smoked a cigarette outside before crawling into bed with Asha. Incase she asked where I had been, I would lie that I took a long walk and smoked.

The smell of smoke masking that of sex.

I lay there awake till sleep visited me that night. I was a slave to Jasmine.

Something had to give.


.       .       .         .         .

 Everyone has that Leslie. That work confidant or gossip buddy. She was always there to listen to me and well talk about her problems whenever she had them.

Leslie was older and her advice proved invaluable time and time again.

“Leslie, you have to understand that she is also adopted. That might have played a factor, you know”

Leslie briefly lifted her head up and through the top of her glasses, she looked at me square in the face and said

“That’s just you making excuses for her as always.

How many years have you been doing this for

Women come into your lives. Great women. Women other men would give everything for. Yet you push them away because you are holding out for someone who clearly doesn’t have their stuff together to be everything for you”

I bowed my head and tried to not seem like the words hit me but they did.

“You know you’re family to me.”

Leslie continued

“But this situation with her is unhealthy. You can’t put your life and happiness on hold because of her. Neither should you be hinging your happiness to a person other than yourself anyways.

It’s time and I think after all these years, you know it too”


The truth they say is bitter.

I disagree. I believe that the truth is palatable but our taste buds want to hang to the familiarity that “lies” bring.

Leslie was not the first one to tell me all that she had just said but for some reason. It stuck that day.

That day, I connected with what needed to happen and I was prepared to do it.

Many beautiful and wonderful women had come into my life and I would continue to push them away.

It won’t like Jasmine was giving me anything. She was actually taking more from me.

I was now a man that thought it was okay to be unfaithful and not give my all to a woman who adored me.

It all needed to change.

I was sure of at least that.

How much things needed to change?

Well, I wasn’t sure about that yet.

I truly loved Asha and maybe I didn’t give myself enough time to explore her beauty.

And I was at least ready to give my heart to her.

It might be hard for some to understand how that single conversation with Leslie changed everything but it did.

But I remembered when I was younger and I would go on evangelism trips with my local church in the community.

I remember I would get frustrated when people that I gave flyers to, would throw them away right in front of me after I gave it to them. It was extremely difficult to watch.

But one Saturday afternoon, I was complaining to my pastor about the same thing and then he pulled me aside and said


“When you buy a car and you get a great deal, do you thank the people in the assembly line that put the car together?

Or do you remember the guy who actually handed you the keys?”

I pondered on it and said

“no one remembers the assembly line workers. I’ll only remember the guy”

My pastor smiled and said


“You are part of the assembly line. So keep on doing your part and hope that the last person in the line does their part.

Because your foundation work is just as important as them closing the deal at the end.”


That analogy stuck with me. Leslie was the last important piece in the chain. She closed the deal and she didn’t even know it.

I finally packed up to head out of the office.

Leslie looked at me and said

 “You okay over there hunny?”

I smiled and nodded. I said

“I’m okay Les.

I just know what I need to do now.

Thanks as always”

She smiled and nodded

.     .     .       .       .

 There was heaviness in my heart the whole ride home.

I pulled up in front of my apartment and I found parking a little down the street.

I parked my car and grabbed my laptop bag out of the passenger’s seat and headed towards my place.

I reached the door just as Asha was walking up.

She smiled and said

“Hey baby, how are you?”

as she placed her right hand on my cheek.

I forced a smile as I said

“It was good babe”

I asked how hers was and she said it was good too.

I opened the door and we walked towards the elevator to take us up to the 4th floor. Randomly Asha said,

“Oh babe, I can’t spend the night. They just called me in to work”

I was actually disappointed and a bit sad because the heaviness in my heart was because of the loaded conversation I wanted to have with her.

The plan had been for her to spend the night and we would eat dinner and talk but now I had to change things up a bit.

We got into the apartment and I sat on the edge of the bed as I began to take off my socks.

“Are you at least still spending the weekend here?”

I asked a bit salty

She smiled and sat next to me as she said

“Yes baby. Yes I am”

as she kissed the side of my face. Her lips so soft and warm I wanted more.

I turned and looked straight into her eyes and then I leaned in for another kiss and then another followed.


The strokes were long. The moans were longer. There were very few words being said. The complete opposite to what I had been hoping for when I arrived.

Unlike many men, that night was one of the few where I actually wanted to talk.

I won’t lie and say the sex wasn’t a good release. It was a short distraction from what I wanted to talk about. I didn’t last long either way.


She rolled over and began heading for the bathroom as I laid on the bed. I said

“Asha, I love you”

I think that must have been the sincerest I had ever been in saying that. That day, I just saw her in such a different light. I saw all her beauty and all her grace.

I felt something pull in my heart.

That statement might carry a bit more weight if I wasn’t explaining it to you after we had just had sex but it was so true in my heart.


She looked back and had the cutest smile on her face. Naked, she walked back towards me and said as she planted a kiss on my forehead

“Aww… baby. I love you too. You know that”

I nodded and she walked into the bathroom

And then she said

“Babe, did you remember to send me your measurements for Sue’s wedding so my aunt can start working on your tux at the shop?”

I realized I had forgotten to send them to her as my eyes grew big and I went silent.

She knew me and she knew I had forgotten

With a smile on her face from inside the bathroom, she said

 “Marsh, pick up your laptop now and send it to me”

There was even a slight chuckle as she finished up her statement. About a minute must have passed when she said

“Oh babe, go to the recent pictures on my phone and check out some of the designs my aunt sent to me earlier.

See which ones you liked”


I finished sending the email to her and then I reached for her phone on her side of the bed, pulling it up, I swiped right.

I was looking through the various designs when the top of her iPhone lit up and a message came through, it was from Ben.


The message scrolled through the top of the screen and it read

“I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

My heart skipped a pump. I felt my lungs close in.

I knew a Ben. It couldn’t be my Ben.

Fuck that! It shouldn’t be any Ben at all!


So I clicked on the message and without reading the details of other messages, I clicked on the contact icon.

I checked the number for the contact “Ben” and then I picked up my phone to see if the numbers corresponded.

“8…3…2…. 4…4…4”


The numbers matched.

I returned to the message on Asha’s phone and began reading through their conversation.

I am pretty sure I shed a tear when I read the text from Ben to her saying

“I think I’m in love with you”

And she responded with these emoji’s


I felt like I was being gutted in my stomach as I gasped out loud.

Asha heard it and said

 “Babe, what’s wrong?!”

I swallowed hard, got up and walked into the bathroom and said

“I’m just wondering why my friend Ben is saying he loves you”

The water went off in the behind the curtain at exactly the same time she yelled out



Asha, Marshall, Jasmine, Ben???? How does it all go down? Who will make sense of it all? Return for PART 4.

Now I know you want part 4. So comment and let’s get this going. It’s ready and waiting but YOU gotta give me something too! 

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