Mirage 2

Mirage 2



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Arewa rushed into the garage with her finger over her mouth motioning me to keep the noise level down and head out through the side door. I was feeling crazy as she planted a quick kiss on my face and pushed me out of the house. It was a close call. I stayed at the side of the house and put my clothes on. Somewhere in all my nervousness I must have timed myself wrong because as I walked out the side gate to my car, Arewa’s father walked out the front door. We both stopped in our tracks, stared at each other.

“Good evening sir..”

I sheepishly muttered thinking I had been caught and my life was about to be over.

“What are you doing here?!”

He questioned with a hint of anger in his voice.

He seemed upset but it was evident that he didn’t know that I’d just come from inside his house.

“I heard Arewa was home sir, so I wanted to say hi…”

I replied.

“No she is not! Go home”

He snapped back at me. I bowed my head to fake disappointment and walked towards my car. A slow smile parted my face. I had escaped!

.    .    .    .    .    .

A few weeks later, Arewa told me about this internship program she had gotten in San Diego. She said it would last for 3 months and that her father had been pressuring her to do it. She expressed that it was clear that he was just trying to get her out of my vicinity, but she’d agreed to do it. The experience was going to be great for her but I was more concerned about the separation. I feared the effects of the distance. I was sure she would learn a lot but we were going to be losing a lot too. My biggest and most secure confidant being far away from me was something I was not prepared for but I was willing to show support because I loved her. It was truly hard.

I acted out and intentionally argued with her over everything. It was my way of expressing that I was nervous about her going even as much as I loved her. I think the fear I had stemmed from some form of insecurity that what if she found someone else where she was going or realized that she wanted more from a man that I could not give her.

The plans for her move continued to fall into place and soon she was ready to leave.

A few nights before, Arewa called and asked me to accompany her on the10 hour drive down to San Diego. I asked about her parents. She explained that she had convinced them that a friend (a girl) would be driving down with her. I was glad. I immediately booked a return ticket and began to pack. A few nights later, we were on the road. We were about 3 hours into the drive as Arewa was fast asleep. I could feel her waking up as I was beginning to doze off. I had the music on full blast to help keep myself awake. She reached for the volume knob and turned the music down wanting to have a conversation. It initially helped to keep me awake but then I began to fall asleep as she spoke. She noticed it and began to poke me. I absolutely hated being poked at or pinched. I looked towards her direction as she began to get frustrated at her failed attempts to keep me awake. I ran my hand along her cheek and assured her that it was not her fault and that I was just tired. The next song came on and I continued to fight the sleep. The next thing I knew, Arewa reached over and began to unbuckle my belt. I was confused but my member got the message loud and clear as he began to rise to the occasion.

She pulled my briefs down and pulled him out, taking all of him into her mouth. She was working her warm tongue all over my shaft. I was definitely awake now! The problem I was having now was trying to stay focused on the road. She was slurping her spit as she worked from tip to base caressing my balls in her hand as she worked. The car was swerving as I struggled to maintain focus. I didn’t even realize when I sped right under a bridge, straight past a highway patrol officer that was parked there. As soon as I drove past him, he hopped on the freeway and began following me. He tailed for a little over a mile before turning on his signal lights flashing us to stop. The only problem here was that I told Arewa and she did not stop. I was about to run mad. I pulled over to the side of the road. A mixture of the possibility that we would be caught plus the wonders her tongue was working on my hard member had me on the brink of ejaculating. The officer waited a few minutes before coming out of his car; he must have been running the plates. In that time, I exploded a full load of hot silk into Arewa’s wanting throat. The officer was now walking towards us. Arewa took on her last lick and quickly covered my pants with her sweater. The officer walked up to her side of the car and peered through the window. Arewa greeted him as she wiped her mouth of all the fluid. The officer realizing the situation smiled and asked us where we were headed. I told him and he smiled again. He told us to be careful and drive safe before walking back to his car. Arewa had the biggest “dirty girl” grin on her face. She knew she was bad and that was part of why I loved her. She planted a kiss on my cheek and whispered in my ear…


Bad Bad Bad – G.R.I.P Boiz


“Now stay awake or I’ll have to go back for round two.”

My member rose instantly.

.   .    .    .   .    .

It had been 3 months without my baby but she was back. Her internship was the success we all thought it would be but I was beyond pleased that she was home. We had missed dinner dates, movies, walks and cuddling. I loved cuddling with her when we locked our legs together as we slept. It just felt right!

That weekend, we decided to have dinner and a movie. I always hated the order of things when it came to that because I would eat dinner first and then sleep through the entire movie. So I asked for dinner to be after the movie and she agreed.  She was late as always getting ready for me to pick her up. We got to the movie theater later than scheduled and found out that the tickets for that particular showing time were sold out. The next movie started about 45minutes later. We basically had time to kill. Seeing as we hadn’t had any sex in a while we decided to go to the empty secluded parking lot next to the movie theater. The plan was to have a quickie and head back to watch the movie but I should have known better; it was Arewa after all, my undercover freak.

We pulled into the parking lot with the movie theater behind us and some residential homes to the right of us. I made sure we were parked closest to the wall to prevent the people on the second level in the home being able to look into the car.  It was a proper beat up 92 or 93 Lexus. The right rear side was bashed in from a hit and run she had been involved in a while back. The leather seats that burned butts and backs in the summer heat were the bed for the afternoon. We both crawled into the back seat without coming out of the car. I pushed the seats forward as she slid her sweat pants down preparing for me. She looked at me as I turned around as if to let me know that I had work to do. Her first kiss set the tone. It was wet, hot and inviting as her left hand pulled my head in towards her body that was now laying down into the back seat. I kissed back; my tongue swirling in her mouth as our body used our mouths as a mixer for the dicey cocktail it was preparing. I let my left hand head down south to drown in her wetness while my right hand travelled back to unhook her bra.  Every motion executed perfectly without breaking our now workout worthy make out session. I pulled back and looked deeply into her eyes. I was in love with Arewa. This wasn’t some Romeo and Juliet type of thing but it was damn near close. She was all I wanted and I was all she wanted. At least that was what our bodies were saying. I worked my left index finger in the fastest motion I could think of. She was moaning into my mouth as my lips trapped the sounds. I let my mouth go and placed her left breast in my mouth and gently nibbled on her rock hard nipples. I slowly kissed her navel as I worked my way down to her chocolate factory. I could hear the dripping, as I got closer. She was dripping and my tongue began to water. I planted kisses around her pink making sure to avoid her clit and then she did one of the sexiest things a woman had ever done to me. She placed both her hands behind my head and pressed it onto her clit forcing me to approach and begin to dominate. I twirled my tongue from side to side waiting to find my rhythm and then it came. I could feel her juices covering my barely visible moustache. She tasted so good. Like expensive milk chocolate that melted in your mouth on the first touch of the tongue. Sigh, it was magical.

After about 10 minutes of making her squirm and her yelling out how much she hated me because I was making her cum, I straightened up my body and slipped the condom on. I was ready to dig in.  I parted her legs and placed them on my shoulders as I guided my rock hard member into her. She moaned with her tone asking me to be gentle. I slowly went in and out covering my shaft with her wetness. Fully lubricated, I began to pace my thrusts. Each one deeper than the last, I was going to make her feel me in places she never knew possible. She was looking at me for dear life as I grabbed her neck with both hands and continued to dig into her totally dripping body. We were literally dripping in sweat at that point. She was yelling out obscenities, as she knew I was intentionally stroking deeper and deeper. I had her turn around for a change in position as she poked her ass up to me. I held both cheeks apart and slowly slid back in. She attempted to grab into the seat belt straps but I think she realized the waste of effort it would be as I was clearly driving her over the edge.  I wanted to cum so I began to pick up the pace. She wasn’t going to let that happen. She had me lay on my back and then she got on my member standing upright and began riding. Her booty clapping on my dick was beyond amazing and it was driving me nuts! I was saying all kinds of crazy shit and then she pulled my pulsing member out of her your pussy and started sucking it. All her pussy juices off my hard cock and she went on to suck my balls too! Oh yeah! She took me to the brink of explosion and then she rose up and positioned her wetness on my member and began riding again. I grabbed her hair while she screamed calling me “daddy” and telling me to “fuck her harder!”


She could tell that I was nearing my climax as I had both my hands on her waist as she continued to bounce up and down. She knew it was very close as I went completely silent to focus on my imminent explosion. She bounced her juicy ass with precision, ensuring that each stroke was full and deep as her juices flowed onto my balls. It only took a few more thrusts and then I heard her say,

“Cum inside me baby. Blow that load inside me! I want to feel you”

I exploded inside her just as she had asked. We lay there on the leather seats, drenched in sweat and barely fitting onto the seat. She placed her head on my chest as she complained about a cut she felt on her knee. It must have come from the seat belt clip when I had her on all fours. I apologized for it and promised her some frozen yogurt. The car windows were entirely fogged up as we joked that we couldn’t tell if it was still bright outside the car.  And then it dawned on both of us! We had forgotten entirely about our movie. But hell, we had just made the R-rated version and it was steamy.

.    .    .    .    .    .

Arewa by Sean Tizzle

Arewa and I had been fighting a lot lately. It was nearing the end of the semester and the stress was starting to get to both of us. We weren’t talking on the phone as much. A full day would pass and maybe one phone call would be exchanged between us. I was starting to feel under appreciated and somewhat forgotten. I found myself spending most of my nights speaking to Suzie; one of our mutual friends. We had gotten close after Arewa moved. Her boyfriend was in a different state and it seemed like we just got each other. I was never planning on having sexual relations with her but with time a lot of flirting drifted into our conversations. One day I accidentally sent a message intended for Suzie to Arewa. I played it cool and lied my way out of the situation but I knew Arewa was now suspicious of me and wanted to get to the bottom of things. Completely forgetting that she had the password to our joint phone account, Arewa logged on and documented my call logs with Suzie. Women snoop… they’re the greatest detectives alive! She confronted me and accused me of cheating. I was able to deny it because I knew she was speaking of physical cheating but I knew I was emotionally cheating. I felt bad about Arewa having to feel like there was another woman and I tried to cut off Suzie but it was hard. I was in too deep.

One afternoon, we were driving around town as Arewa was visiting. The conversation somehow led to my relationship with Suzie and how she knew that it had not ended, I vehemently denied it. The entire time, my phone was buzzing in my pocket. Arewa must have sensed something with that famed intuition of women and somehow she cornered me into having to prove to her that it was not Suzie texting me. I was screwed. I tried to give some flimsy excuse about how having to show her my phone meant she didn’t trust me. She was starting to buy my bs when my phone buzzed again, I knew it was Suzie. I just felt it in my bones. Arewa snatched the phone with speed.  She opened the message and her jaw dropped. She turned at me and glared. For about 10 seconds she didn’t say a single word and then right when I was about to start speaking, she threw my phone right at me and told me to get out. We were in the middle of nowhere and she asked me to leave. I walked out of her car with my briefcase and jacket. I opened the message as she sped away. I was right… It was Suzie. The message was enough to break a marriage.  It was an image with a message that was totally not needed and certainly unexpected. It read…

Suzie: 2:16pm “Here you go boo. I hope you are ready to pound this round ass. I can’t wait till she leaves so I can have you to myself. Hope to see you soon. XOXO”


I felt my knees give way under my body. I knew I was fucked.

Gbege by Charass


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  1. Hahahaha! Nice one and that’s how guys lose the really good girls. I think she’ll forgive him….????
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  2. First of all, I guess right from the last poll.
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  3. Jesusssssss, that was intense. I could feel the suspense in Arewa building. If she gives the relationship a chance you better get her more than frozen yogurt

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