Triangle of Revenge Part III

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Denise, my ex fiancée and I had met up about two weeks ago over dinner to hear her explain her story. Going in, I wasn’t exactly sure how being under their fiancé’s “good friend” in a bed having sex could be explainable but she was willing to pay for dinner so I obliged. Hey! It’s free food. Everyone loves free food, right?!

Denise blamed the devil; took responsibility but seemed to push a bit of the fault on to me too. Kind of asked to be forgiven, also slightly suggested all was not done for us. Basically all the normal things someone says when they have been caught cheating or in the wrong in a relationship. I did a lot of reflective and active listening all night; I nodded, smiled and said very little all night. The bread was really good though. I remember going home cursing myself because I could feel myself starting to forgive her, start to imagine life with her. After all, the wedding had not been “officially” cancelled. Much of everything for the wedding had been paid already. Was this something I could look past and forgive her? Did I really w ant to spend the rest of my life without the love of my life? I remember asking myself. Tough questions, tougher times.

Denise and I first met when she was in Grad school. We met at birthday dinner for my brother. She was with her friend, Rachel. Yes, same one. No comment. She looked extremely beautiful. And I was unfit and, frankly, fat, so I second guessed myself and ended up not talking to her that night. A few months later I was privileged to run into her again at another event, a baby shower. You can say we hit it off and at the end of the night I remember asking for her number and she joked about not giving it to me. I knew I wanted her.

Of recent I have been hearing the saying on how a guy can tell whether he wants to be with a girl long term or not from the first few minutes of meeting her. Well, I couldn’t say that for the first meeting but the first time we talked, I knew she was it. Not necessarily the one but one of the ones. We all have various “The Ones” right? For some of us, every person we are with could be “The One” but I digress. Denise was beautiful; chocolate skin, standing at about 5’6’ to my 6’1. It was perfect. Her smile was, and still very much is, perfection. It lights up every room. She’s fluent in French and is a lawyer for the local school district, hardworking and driven even being from a wealthy family. The things I fell in love with her for were very simple things. Our initial dates, bar the first one, were very simple and mostly free. The bond we would later share were formed over things considered cliché but very special. I hold in high regard our fourth date where I made dinner for her at my apartment. We just ate, watched YouTube videos and eventually ended up on the roof watching the full moon. I have since developed a love for writing my tales under the moonlight.

We had our fair share of arguments and both very stubborn people, more so me, than her. I always seemed to want to be right or thought I was always right and it would occasionally cause tension between us. We grew and became stronger individuals and a more cohesive unit. The confidence in that unit led us down the path of the marriage and though, like every guy, I was terrified about spending my entire life with one person and leaving all my “sides”, I knew I wanted to take that chance and explore my entire future with her. I moved much closer to her job from previously living a full hour and half away from her to currently twenty five minutes, I stopped eating my favorite jalapeno burgers because she wanted me to eat healthy. I made big changes and so everything that happened recently only served to further annoy me but I guess such is life.


At the last dinner party I went to, everything was awkward. People seemed to be very nice to me for all that I had been through and simply polite to my ex Denise. I knew that in the place of social standing amongst my friends, I was the wounded cat and she had lost all the respect most of them had for her. Now, not all of my friends are saints and some at this very dinner were actively cheating on their partners or venturing through their “hoe” phases. We all knew we sinned and fell short of moral standards but it was just a case of “innocent until caught or exposed”.

I watched her from the corner of my eye as she carefully navigated through the night as best as she could, trying to avoid awkwardness. We did not say hi to each other at the dinner party, mostly because I didn’t want to in front of all the people present. I really did not want them to know much of what was going on. I am a firm believer in having people know of you but not about you and so the details of my relationship, good or bad, were mostly kept to ourselves. The part about her cheating on me with my friend did not even get out through either one of us. Kelvin did that all by himself, I wasn’t very surprised and as perfectly said by an award winning artist “niggas talk more than bitches these days”.

Denise left very early and I felt kind of bad about it. I wanted to go and help her feel better but I knew I couldn’t. These past few weeks must have been tough even if she did bring it upon herself. I wanted to fix it because of the love I had for her, but I had so much under lying anger also.

What she did to me was inconceivable especially after we had gotten to the point of marriage! I remember had various “slip ups” as we got together but I never actually cheated on her during our time together. Why? That had been my favorite question the past few weeks. I had things I needed to figure out, I needed answers. She had said a lot at dinner without saying much. She had explained why she felt she cheated and why it had to be with my friend Kelvin. I frankly wasn’t really paying attention as she seemed to make excuse after excuse but also because of the bread. I did tell you how good it was right? Warm as if freshly baked and all, I was glad. I heard most of the important things like, it was because she panicked about being tied down and Kelvin was convenient and because he had been coming on to her. I heard but I did not feel it was still enough reason to sleep with him but who was I to judge, right? I had just fucked her friend in revenge.  I remember leaving dinner with her that night asking for space and time to think. We tentatively had a wedding coming up in five months. “Let’s see how things play” I said to her as I left that night.



The leaves were growing, flowers blooming and there was sunshine, however little we got. It was spring time in Seattle. I had spent a lot of these past few months self-reflecting, reading, writing and growing as a man. After all, I was about to be married in a short while.

Denise and I had been working things out. Rachel had been shelved to the corner a bit after that nonsense of her asking me to “make us a thing”. These “side” males and females stay wanting full partner privileges like you in a relationship or something. I told her to kindly miss me with that mess.  We would occasionally meet up in the past few weeks and “catch up” with sex but she knew that once Denise was coming back into the picture, I was focused and my heart was truly only on her. My penis, though, I couldn’t say the same for. I still had trust issues but Denise and I were working things out slowly and we had agreed to go through with the wedding as long as we had counseling. I genuinely felt like we could do it and I was very optimistic. Finger food dates, picking out the cake, dance lessons and all that “boring” stuff were what my last few weeks had been about. I was about to be a married man. I had felt like Denise and I going through what was our big test… the one couples mostly go through after being married but I felt we were somewhat “privileged” to have the opportunity to experience this hurt now before I tied myself down for the rest of my life and I was able to confirm that Denise and I were it. We were the couple people looked up to. The couple people wanted to be like. I knew she was the one for me and I wanted her, and only her, for the rest of my life.

I was starting to feel that confidence again, that sense of security in our relationship, I knew that it would take time to get back to where our trust was pre the incident, but I was confident in the progress we had been making. I was craving more and more of her and I noticed she was doing more to win my heart over. I could not complain. I remember one Friday night while I was working late, I received a message from Denise asking me what I was doing. I responded that I was finishing up some work and was looking forward to heading home and crashing. She responded with her usual “Sorry babe. I know you’ve had a long week. Go home and rest”, which was exactly what I had planned to do. So I had come back from work on this Friday night knowing that I was going to be bored all night till fell asleep, which was usually around 2am in the morning. I hadn’t made any plans for the night or for the weekend.  I walked into my apartment, opened the fridge and was looking for something to eat. I took out some leftovers and as much as I hated leftovers, I was going to eat them because I was that tired and I wanted to just eat and go to sleep. I set the food on the counter and then went up to my room and hit the showers. I got done and came back out to eat … it turns out I was going to be eating something else. I suddenly heard my phone buzz and it was Denise, she told me that she was coming by to say hi as she headed to her friend’s house the next city over.  Ten minutes later she showed up with an overall coat on with it buttoned up and she let me know that it has been cold all the way up to my place. She asked me to get her a sweater so I ran upstairs and I’m guessing she then snuck out and got some wine with 2 glasses and set them out. “What’s going on?” I asked with a curious smile on my face. She gently said “Nothing babe”. We started drinking and it was just nice to have her there, just like old times.. As I started to get “high” after my fourth glass and our second bottle, she got up and dropped the coat. Under the coat, there was absolutely no clothing. Nothing; and I’m like “shit”! She started by asking me if I liked what I saw and I responded affirmatively. Oh yes! I fucking did! She started dancing for me and she knew how much I loved my own private show. Every woman should be her man’s private porn star. She was winding her body in her birthday suit and high heels, grinding on me and making me mad because I wasn’t allowed to touch and it was making my member very hard. I wanted to touch but she was strict about me not touching her, smacking my hands as I tried. She was fulfilling my dream of her taking control of me sometimes. She then dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts off. She started playing with my package and sucking on it and fuck!! I had to say, she handles my member better than anyone else!!! Then she walked away heading to my bedroom and motioned for me to follow her by signaling with one finger and follow her is what I did. We got into the room and she pushed me onto the bed, and continued on my dick. After a while she asked me what I wanted to do and I reminded her that she was in total control. She ordered me to lie on my back and then she saddled on my manhood and began riding like she was out horseback riding on the beach. Her big booty was clapping on my dick and fucking driving me crazy and I was saying all kinds of crazy shit and then she pulled my dick out of her chocolate factory and returned it to her mouth. All her juices were on my hard cock and she was sucking my balls too! “Oh yeah!” was all I could say! Then she commanded me to get on top of her and pound her lovebox, which I duly obliged. She was moaning and yelling out so many crazy things as I pounded her tight wet juicy creampie. Thinking about it now is getting me hard already and most ladies reading this are drippy right now. I then pulled out of her and without permission I descended on her chocolate factory, eating it out. From her clit all the way in and she moaned, scratched the wall, my back and my hair telling me not to stop and I didn’t fucking stop! And then I turned her over and started pounding her from the back with my balls hitting her clit with every thrust! She was grabbing the sheets and moaning. And I was grabbing her hair, loving the view of her big round butt from the back. She then took control again and started riding me and it was so good, I began singing different tunes. Then we went from the floor to the wall, the dining table, the bathroom, everywhere…and then back to the bed. I started pounding her again then I was ready to explode and she told me “cum for me baby”. I was like “I don’t have a condom on” and she yelled at me “Shoot that full load inside me, baby, I’m on fucking birth control!!!” and I pumped for a while and shot a full hot load inside her.  We both let out a joint moan as she reported feeling the heat of my load deep inside her. We both slumped and curled up naked next to each other. As I drifted to sleep, I couldn’t help but feel like something was off. “Birth control?” I thought.  We never decided on it while we were together. “Who had she been with and why is she still on it if we weren’t having sex?” I might not even want to know. I reminded myself.


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